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WWL>Topics>>06-07 - 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

06-07 - 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 7, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 -- cycles medium wave. Fifty quadrillion -- watts of power. Emanating across the use southern and eastern quarter of the United States and even farther than that night. To notify you will on the subject of living in New Orleans and the delights of the Euro. Stomped Morris with the second part of the food show it's a program of eating and drinking and restaurants and cooking. 2606302601872601870. And policy where where we George is here. George c'mon -- I'm doing great component parts. Tom thanks I don't suit -- you. Last week and asking for recommendations. Four commander's palace and a he got called back with a report well Alina we had a reservation for Atlanta Saturday night. And we were fortunate one of the members of both parties and area has -- -- Who it won't show up commanders and they'll get get a reservation Saturday evening -- had primetime. And she. That at a table arrange for tea and feed the menu for a full five Islam. -- a -- it was it was really nice. I have court. And other -- exquisite. We. Thought it was built Louisiana and crab and -- and Asian cameo or you'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh with lemon -- on -- option. But baby spinach salad candid new -- that upon the seasons the sugar -- regret. It. Real. Well it would you grade. If the recruit these are also. -- -- Optional in the yeah yeah -- yeah. In addition it a piece of black chrome. Golf -- should go. -- real competitor. Should. -- make it cool was probably lacquered six of -- I help rebuild it in real. Short. And and then we had. Simply -- at the same as desert. -- putting the player coach coach proper Arctic and oh. And it would exclude. The food was delicious the so close impeccable. Might -- commander. And we -- it which -- sit upstairs and downstairs. Down there and I guess -- one of the main dining room from bill that Entergy go into the rough. -- yeah and that's my favorite room to be in but that he. You can always start an argument about which is the best place to eat at commanders with something I love my wife loves it upstairs of course she does because I like it -- Yeah. That the beautiful Roman you know that the chandeliers beautiful and a it was a really nice experience. We will so fortunate to have that shall. Shut up who who knew well who should actually go on trial. But the quality so it's really good -- It's a lot of fun and warrior go back. Wonderful well I'm glad you called back with that. Full of information report it's it's wonderful -- -- -- -- -- It is it is -- -- actually case redemption and overheard talking earlier about pop restaurant. I don't remember. -- pop culture celebration the content really enjoyed. I'm sorry that than not you're. Yep me too you know we hardly have any German food at all anymore we only have one little restaurant in the quarter called Yeager -- house that's the only. Place I know in the city anyway this a couple of scattered out in the hinterlands but. Where -- -- Treated no dealer Bruce charges. It's same block as Bruce swords but live closer to -- golf fee and it's not all the way it looks like nothing from the outside and all -- and when you now walk in front reduce they would -- -- really arrest but inside -- was very nice it's small but it's nice and then their food is very good. Well. -- relate to generate my IQ of the recommendations and earnings call them it was. Treatment. And Indonesia. Spectacular. Thanks. It's the food show he went to commanders. Which is never a bad thing to do 260. 187. All right now you'll get right in believing that we were loaded up at the end of the ultimate talent always goes even a boat load at the at the news dwarf. -- that dwarf. What. -- Witnesses Ryan is that. -- Welcome. I'm doing component. It's not in my life well I would try to you know the on the -- got disconnected the enemy. Did fantastic yeah you know it operate. Yeah media interpret that it that it ships. But of course the menu at a really oyster with caviar are in divers out by the doubt that ever. Yeah they're they're really good with that that's a major specialty. We had a -- this draft deal and then in your wreckage. Outside. Pretty good -- -- -- but -- wine -- is really great but then. We were doing late but we're trying to bunt play he -- -- as Welker out there trying to put more dirt -- we try to emerald that it worked out by. We had to -- -- and that was one -- it -- describe. It out there and. It really -- sexy that's a fantastic. Rest. I really love it. We're really surprised with that and the waiter told us he gave us the cart any sort of about the new restaurant that just opened colts square root. And eighteen court Neil what -- -- around the ship actually never Gloria you know I bet yet. Know it it hasn't been open all that long and when Saba two or three months which is not long enough -- medio go there. Right but it's on my its its interest in you know what you've probably been told the prices something like hundred half. Right right. And we'll see. If we have enough people who are up to bat or who or visitors who Europe that. But it's due soon I think it's too soon -- Takes awhile to -- -- you're doing especially when it's something is revolutionaries that that's re you a year -- they're out on that the plane go by themselves. He's gonna say the that the little -- it was but it actually advocate Korean. You know like a little one bit outrageous to split view the current short lived back -- -- it was exactly you know got -- What we're used to say you know being actual -- it was actually it was really just being you know like ice -- I think with you know. Care -- -- popcorn. That there was. Did that that there's nothing that they do it root that is normal. Right you go there for. Excitement and new ideas and they. A lot of it sounds crazy if you talk about it -- they're just playing with foods is that what it sounds like but the reality is this guy is. Why should -- he's one of the one of the most inventive and and skilled. Guys around Philip Lopez and he's just turns out wonderful food I love that please. Well. -- hearing from you see the the food show he's here on the big 870 WW WWO 15 point three FM. And over here is mark mark welcome. They come which referenced square root he is he right right courts merchant during the week that aren't always that right okay yet. To start out that way. I don't think so but talk to a yes -- all -- all. Happens the yeah yeah I remember back in the eighties we had a restaurant called -- scale. It was where Louie the sixteenth -- -- in the U Saint Louis hotel which is still there but a different name. And when they first opened they only had two choices you can get the 75 dollar dinner which in 1985. Would equate to something like. A 150 guests maybe more than that. Or you can get the 95 dollar dinner which was even more so. And all they did -- fail quickly. It was not the I don't think they were open a whole year. Good -- I had the pleasure to go to -- -- -- -- back in that in. Or early seventies and I would say out of dictionary and you. Don't want. The other that's right bill that's very common in a lot of other places in Europe you see it everywhere you. Places that just have. Of a basic set menu and that's what to -- is that way for most of its history. I'd just walk in sit down here comes the food. Yeah our top story. A -- story good let's hear it in 1970 warned the prevailing wage -- approaches work at dollars sixty. But I got it to a to a column we're -- lately. Please pick a dollar sixty. An hour -- -- and and what year was this right here. Damn I was working at the time saver for a dollar forty at that time. -- -- -- Only one. -- anyway got invited to rob you wanted to cops. So so we -- out onstage all -- -- into and out she orders and avocado salad but about nine -- Which is for that. Portion -- you. Took one bite at. Well. Wait -- minute. Let me see if I can guess you did not marry this -- You got married early -- did not go well you know I have -- ourselves and how -- Or in Alaska. That somebody got someone that will wind up ordering. I don't recall but they're eating out there until that. Yeah well that's what happens -- -- What -- yeah well you know it's the you've got to act like an adult that you might not be ready to do that. All right got to thank Elvis stories. I wealth CO the food show Yates. The big 870 WWL. Let's see here Kelly. Is Kelly yes -- welcome sir how are you doing good. But today should vote him out -- -- for thirty series. -- And I don't think the way quote worked. Our Mercury computer Europe are all yeah well it's -- I written. So it's it's somewhere. Whole time I hated it would like to -- I -- low we were motivated few weeks ago we are we wanted to do restaurant in the -- You know. Okay I'll take a look deliberate I have been there. For those who who don't know it's an interesting story there there is -- restaurant in that space. For about a hundred years maybe even longer than that. Just a lot of different restaurants most recently it was -- Mike Anderson's until the hurricane it then it was just sit thereafter that. And the opportunity to came up they came up for -- -- which is owned by a man who's got -- to spare change. And he just bought the building. And this was a very good thing for gallop -- because scallop tours as famous as it is is really kind of a small restaurant they never. Really had enough room to do any serious private party business which is very important to a restaurant and -- don't think so. They got this building it's one like a lot of buildings in the French Quarter it's share as a wall. With the building next to it and -- so it was easy to just cut through in and put. Dining rooms. But they didn't want to make the bottom floor part of the gallon -- or anything like so they did the steakhouse idea which I thought was a great idea. The bar in for a so if you're waiting for a table at gala toys you can go there and have a drink instead of you know the the little -- they used him upstairs -- an uncomfortable. And the build restaurant is in the back commit the move them if you go there and you see anything that you remember eating -- -- tourist. Either don't get it or forget that you ever had -- because they do everything a little differently. Even things like oysters Rockefeller which you would think would never change too much or. The stakes are very good they -- they're buying. US TA prime beef I don't think it's dry age I don't get dry -- taste out of it anyway but the quality is without. You know is beyond. Reproach it's very good. End of the side dishes are. I think they could do a little more work on the side dish let's just leave it at that. And the appetizers a lot of them are very good -- to the point where you could put together a -- of the -- appetizers if you wanted to. Nice looking place it's not too noisy the lighting is kind of -- and sort of sexy. Off I'd go there again my wife likes it so that's good enough reason for me and again the stakes are but the chops are really good the last time -- -- -- ahead. Lamb chops which were. Re great and it's wonderful. Colorado lamb chops best in the business. It'll -- a great -- have a lot locked -- little. -- -- an overwhelming you know -- -- in August there's not my bag particularly with they probably do. All right -- -- certain. Bank thank you. We will come back with more of the food show in just a moment but first please that is below it is the food show it's the big 870 WWL and Steve. Is here hello Steve welcome. Yeah. The awards at that acts as personal -- real and that. I have not but -- have -- other places like that the the most famous one. Around the country's place called. National company now. I'll have to ask my wife -- -- looked at but the best I ever went to. Is a place cultural Roscoe re apply to warm in in. New York City. It's this is a Brazilian steakhouse where they have. Really the meal is into ports they have -- for lack of a better name salad bar but that's that that's captured -- a million other things to eat. All cold and then they bring you all the meets in the Clark and off at the table off of these sort of sword looking things. And right on to the plate and it's an all you can eat proposition it is not sheep. Next last time it seems to me it was in the fifty dollar range I don't know what it is these days. It's those things you ought to do once. Or twice may be by the third time if you're not bored by it and you just like eating a lot of food is no opinion on any. Joke. You know -- -- little idea. I really don't know. -- church one -- like on Sunday morning here -- WT IX the show was let's talk it over. Internet in -- Well -- you know here. I never met him I'd like to I'd like to talk to -- feast they'll round because of I'm in in about. Four years from now -- will reach the point where it's conceivable that I will have the longest running talk show in the history of New Orleans radio. And I don't know he might have been on longer than that but I'm not sure I don't think so but. I'm -- broad -- that I don't know maybe somebody listen. I thought maybe somebody listening to about one in Mecklenburg Joker real at all. Well. I talk to people who have been there and and these folks big go to the statehouses where they travel you find him in major cities snow all over America. -- go to chow that's the name of the of The -- believing change their they tend to be chain restaurants I'm pretty sure that that -- They go there once I mean definitely go there are at least once and you might go there a second time but it talent yet it's it's just the mass feed that's what it's. Right thank you. It is time for a Don aims to step forward. Hello hello it's the food show and they gave seventy WWL -- WWO 105 point three FM. This is Tom that's -- it's great to be here talking about food and restaurants and stuff. Our numbers 260187. People right now you get Reagan believe it or not we've been busy. But not rated the second so what would you like -- But if you're looking for a certain kind of restaurant. Call me and I'll tell you what's out there. And you can tell me what you love to infect. There's a question I wish every one listing to me right now would answer it's never gonna happen because. Police something like one or 2% of people who listen to radio. Talk shows ever call into them that's a shame because you have all this great information I would love to hear for example. To simply what is your favorite restaurant. That that wouldn't be the same as what you think is the best restaurant in town and if you think about that this for a second you know I'm telling the truth. Your favorite restaurant -- may well be a poor boy shop or Vietnamese restaurant tour. Or might be a big grand deal or Arab or -- bistro or anything in between. Your favorite restaurant and you love it for -- deeply personal reasons. -- give you an example of how this works with me I am always getting flak from people. Wonder why -- say that and once is my favorite restaurant. It's not the best restaurant in town in terms of food prices have -- -- anything really mean I wouldn't say leads in the category but it's still. My favorite restaurant. And I go there every chance I get because whenever I go there. I feel. Fulfill. -- New Orleans guy and I'm a cliche. To warm when -- guys born on morning. I was delivered by jazz musician I grew up in true may mean all of these things red beans and rice every money you know every cliche you can think of about a New Orleans -- that. And when I go to and one's. I feel I feel. The power that it is something about it the waiters cooks. I -- -- -- going -- long long time. And I always very surprised and kind of pleased when my son told me my son's getting married this December. He at first he wanted to do the whole wedding reception and ones. Now he's. He's talking about doing the during the rehearsal dinner. The reason he couldn't do the receptionist and then once was full -- to a lot of that kind of thing if you're looking for a place to a private party can't beat them. What a place you'll never see another restaurant like that anywhere in the world. 713 Saint Louis street the French Quarter in all all one more thing before -- go. And it and they are open for lunch right now and they have a lunch special that runs every day Monday through Saturday. That consists of three courses with three choices in each course. For twenty dollars and fourteen cents with 25 cents specialty cocktails. 713 to illustrate the French Quarter and all the world there is only one and ones and here. It is Steve Steve welcome. -- -- There I want to share with your listeners. So -- Russia and -- sent out this morning. Oh yeah he's doing a he's bringing back is early evening dinners but doing a lot of the food from Charlie's. Well not under reprimanded. A place amber and boots. Up to reflect what are we talked about he. He says that they are making now. Creole. Tomato and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Other for example today of all night I had about six racial samples are double rounds in this -- That's what -- it is what it westerners. Bryson recommends it -- and -- times and this new sausage. -- later on chicken it is the best. Eagle on our listeners check it out you so. Bad it got about eight isn't actually -- I am I know you. He is he's a nice guy. Of talk tool but has been afraid he's the guest on the show before but. He has a lot of really unusual meets in -- -- and don't get anything you want for if -- -- gourmet meat place very tiny place it looks like -- that's right across the street from. From smiley face but a good Iowa well thanks for alerting system that. And we roll right along here is -- re welcome. Knowing. They. What shall call -- to challenge did think of it. But yeah that was it that was you know have you ever been there. Yeah. -- get a -- you don't see anything new way after that and it's it's just you know my -- and in. And Morgan. Your child. And enjoying a bit of love what. We're out at that there's. Well pollute other than the -- I would say well with the exception of this place in New York that my kids and I knew in my wife went to. Gosh it's a long time ago. They call plot to form a sure Roscoe Rio which is the generic name for a restaurant like that. Roscoe -- plot the form that first one I'd ever been through and I thought that was really spectacular. And an unusual. And then we went to -- go to challenge I think my wife and daughter still will go to any folk -- -- they pass in front. I've had enough. I don't question you know we're about to decide to -- that. But at that location you'll probably go. On -- on August era call restore wrote that you want. Brewster wrote it Ole Ole yeah. -- it's on the tip of my time it starts with we -- And England is the second of a -- but it is because you're asking me about it you realize that I can't -- him. On. Hang on hang on -- -- -- of this for you momentarily it's a great restaurant open Pardo is part news. Pardo -- have you ever been. Well it's -- were terrific the food it's very inventive. First class quality everything. -- kind of a younger crowds interest and and pretty affluent but younger crowd great service great wine list. That's a fantastic rest. Ma -- -- -- three years I'd -- bureau longer than that it is certainly long enough. That. That's definitely a lot of each don't know does that. Don't -- suddenly now they're like how multiple. The other on me yeah. Yeah. They are again give it a try that is a very good restaurant and the guy who owns it. Came out in morals and I think he I think he worked for Ruth's Chris for a while too I'm not sure of that street but but he's a very skillful restrictor. Played the -- news -- -- name but it's on highway 21. In Covington. Sort of across the highway from the target. Stores that big shopping center over the -- on the other side highway. JE joins us. Hello there welcome. Jay you there. And -- I'm sorry a push the wrong -- David David sorry c'mon. Any. Wonder whatever happened to that. Shortly -- -- Praying that the guy. Yeah. If you went to another place so that our plate that they got kicked out or have a. Well he did get kicked out exactly the age he just couldn't strike a deal that he felt good about with the landlord mats that you know that happened. That's that's frank writes in who is one of the best bistro -- in the city his he has had -- -- -- Eight in the riverbend section for -- like 27 years so we you know even before Charlie's. He did that the main reason he opened Charlie's is that he grew up in that neighborhood -- couldn't stand procedurally -- sitting there so we've reopened it. It went on for a by three years he was there and then the question about the rent came up. And he decided that that's it I've had enough of this he just went back to his regular restaurant. And editor and it it's in river -- it's on -- -- on the corner now and it's in the middle block actually of -- street that's two blocks from Carrollton right all of maple. And this is. A really really fine restaurants with a very casual in style it's in an old house that they renovated. But this guy base is as good as it gets for that kind of cooking and would. Rights and -- bright BR IG TSE. And know each and it. Very good make a reservation don't even thinkable and they are without. Without that having a reservation -- he has a lot of regulars in its not all that big restaurant but always great. All right thank you -- we will come back. With more in a moment but first please -- it's the food show on thirteen fifty. Three WO. All I did it again that night we can't help but here is why. Every day from those same time as -- -- now noon till three. On thirteen fifty. Hours ago other station three WL. I do the same show same kinds of questions and answers seem focus on food and eating around town. And it's just that is the only differences that. It's not. On Saturday it's on Monday through Friday and the audience. Strange. And of nuclear really understood this is almost totally different from what I have won this Chicago. I think the weekday show is better. But maybe ocean it's only about. Anywhere number -- 260. 187. Well at all it proves I'm always telling you the truth or think I am 260. 187 he he during the week if you don't have time to listen at that time which is the main reason thank you wouldn't. We I publish. The daily newsletter Monday through Friday. Each one has five or six articles and it. I write it all myself I don't I don't use any outside stuff that'll. And if there reviews of restaurants very detailed ratings. Long lists of of this in that group. Dish that he who does the best of it around town. Also have a list of every single restaurant in New Orleans that's open with ratings and links to reviews. We have a different recipe every day a new recipe all tested in my kitchen. And a whole lot of other things. And it's free all you need to do is go to no menu NO ME and you dot com click on the word welcome you'll see you know at the top of the page. And then no one of the things it'll drop down as -- thing that says subscribe. To the daily newsletter free. And that's it. And there's no downside to it I don't use the the list of names for anything else but that and they certainly don't give it to anybody else who worry -- your privacy is secured. 260. When -- seventy here is Billy. Says -- Now welcome to the foods. And my. Commanders. You on board yeah. You know. And he. I got him it's like you. Yeah -- you know about. You're not gonna. Get the -- What's that. -- I -- I don't understand. That place and all I don't think it's very good. We got. You it. It. I do -- I'd been using. -- dead -- didn't strike me I don't remember that by the -- how much was. -- It was a really. Out of this -- -- -- You know ties. Are like. -- out of did you like how to make sure it was right. -- Unbelievable on the -- number. -- All of that -- so. Called slab that's a lot OK thank you. Regular reports CO. Yeah I don't doesn't move me you know will come back with more in a moment but first -- -- -- it's the food show legacy. Let's -- punch up over here on the blue phone and -- you who it is. Karl Karl. I don't think you call. Well -- Upper. Right are they secret tempo on the grow. That's a great way to go absolutely. Do. It's red snapper is so fantastic. A -- that the less you do to it the better it is and putting it on top of -- -- and growing with this -- and everything you know you wanna clean of course. But other than. You know Russia with a little blunder maybe a little marinade. Something in Jerusalem line. Some herbs may be. But just go for that -- you it's almost impossible to go wrong unless you cook it too long -- don't do. Block red snapper one of the great great finish in the gulf. He hated it on FM on HD on skyway and on line this is WWL. Radio New Orleans. And WWL FM. HD one at a New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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