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06-07 - 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 7, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Welcome back it. It's the third -- Of the food show on thirteen fifty -- no it isn't wedeman I don't know. On the big 870 WWL and WWO 105 point three FM. This is on its warrants yet passing as a culture person. And every afternoon probably every Saturday afternoon especially this time of year we don't get interrupted by -- baseball football soccer soccer soccer I wouldn't say hockey and soccer came out. -- -- Having had a good and hawkers hockey lately anyway. All we do is talk about food here and we would love to do that we view. And every time we take a break everybody leaves so you can come right out of the break with the a clear panel you'll get right on 260. 1870. I finished something. This morning that I should've done along time ago. Because all the meat of it was there and I just had never built the skeleton to hang in all alone whether it's -- world. Comparisons. Anyway I have a list. That I did a couple years ago originally. Probably longer than that I think it up and but I'm constantly updating it it is a list of the 500 best issues in new war. Have raided them. Three to five stars I would give to a restaurant. A dish to stars a one star are no stars but this is the top 500 and I figure we have at least 20000. Different issues. So this is the top one or 2%. Or two or 3% of those. And they are all on one page of people have been asking me to do this for forever and it's always this kind of mindless stuff sitting here in. Doing computer programming but it's it's ready it's there if you go to -- and you dot com and you click on lists. You'll see. Soviets as the 500 best dishes and you click on that and then you go there there all the five Starwood first and then the four stars -- -- three stars. And you just click on any of them and you go to an article about why I think it's so good and in a lot of cases we have pictures of the fall of the -- do so. This is what I always shot in the face of anyone who repeats. And I just don't understand why anybody would say this to begin with that New Orleans as a a town full of restaurants and only when he issues not true. Not true at all. 260187. Somebody calling in here and dissect them get them I guess we have any club dinner coming up this week. Whereabouts all is -- we are sold on it but I always get a couple of cancellations at the last minute so -- and you I'd be willing to take your reservation. You almost certainly get him. Not for very many you know like to afford the most. We're going to Tunisia -- And if you're rich if -- if you register well what you can too much to a dinner to Asia -- because all they have is the brisket and entrepreneur Leo. That's not true -- never was true. But I see where you're coming from -- it was a very limited menu for a long time. The current owner who's the son of a guy who has been running for the last 31 years he passed away this year and what's his son has taken it over. And has done a fantastic. Job I mean I I couldn't have wished for better they redid the dining room they left the bar alone coups in the Bart. Deserves to be left alone it's great -- and everybody loves -- so that with that but the dining room is a lot right here. The menu has been tremendously. Enhanced you can still go they -- get the brisket -- those things you love to Asia expert. Anyway we're doing any club of some of the new issues this Wednesday night it's 75 dollars that includes tax tip -- all night long we're doing a six course dinner. And that should be -- good. And if you'd like to look over the menu and maybe even make a reservation for -- go to -- menu dot com click on eat club in all the info is there. We've been doing these dinners every week more or less for a vote one piece of years now and we a lot of fun and I will sit down and talk to you. If you let me and if you don't let me I'll just move -- and okay where are we here EJ appears to be present on the gold phone. EJ welcome. -- find the money. We'll eventually get in the but it didn't play all a very big banner. Okay all you want you want to give you. Okay what part of you. On the west wing C 100 on the west bank. -- OK and whose birthdays. All your birthdays -- you taking yourself out to dinner. It what do you what do you like to -- and even more importantly she liked the because even though it's your birthday she's -- have first. Yeah okay. Let's see. A lot of Italian -- on the west. -- -- -- and to town. We have a lot of fun. Police it's it's in the French Quarter but it's easy to write off canal street when he called. Camp EG upon. It and the as the summertime special series -- feed media where these and you a lot of small portions of a lot of different issues. -- and they have singers and they opera singers who walk around mixing of the stuff the opera to the it's really nice -- -- you know the good drinks they have a good it's a nice looking very New Orleans kind of place. Like -- -- on indicator right off canal street. Was the Italian side view will be happy. -- let me now. Thank you see you in the food show in here is Alan -- Alan -- you there. Alan oh wait a minute wait I TVs didn't go down with can I do. There we are -- come on it. -- I've come a lot will be in Slidell tomorrow and want to know if you could not recommend a place to have much. There's not a lot of brunch in Slidell. We're going to one place I do you a speakerphone by any chance. -- -- -- -- Probably the best place to go -- It's on Nathan's. It's well. You know war is OK -- will they do. I am pretty sure they do Sunday brunch there and I know over the years they have gone back and forth on that. But I'm pretty sure they they are running that now. Another place if you would you feel about driving them to look home. We know -- -- reaction. Well. -- of months. Does a brunch every week and it's to reflect the prices are more affordable you know this is one of the best restaurants and. It's a business built on organization so yeah but why when I saw -- -- flat bill and Monica we would think about the true. Yeah -- certainly worth the trip. Always aired just two weeks ago and had maybe the best meal I've ever had there. They have a 28 dollar. Three course menu. Available and you know they do the -- they do a lot of the brunch he kind of stuff early but as. That they they goes on they just they they are the entire day they -- they started I think noon or something and they -- -- 7 or 8 o'clock at night. It's a beautiful restaurant service is terrific it's just I looked. And they're then they're few times and so it's very. The -- -- but they're very dependable. Yes I -- better bet more so now than ever. But they'd let me mention one other thing to you all week we were in town. And look at replaced to have lunch and we called you you told us about. The maple street lot test Arabia obviously it. All the other but he's a -- likelihood put one on Earhart boulevard we weren't good and it was yeah. It was like. Oh good yeah -- just opened its its been open about a week. Beautiful place. This is not a real elaborate places sandwiches and salads. But the quality of the food and so that was terrific can -- real pretty and really -- people. -- -- people who -- that are really bakers the there were original location was pastry shop -- in his shop they're still doing all that to put that this is a little more of an expansion with a little more to eat. Very. Well good thank you for that report yeah I'm not gonna go there for awhile yet. What recommend anybody Intel looking for a sandwich. Well thank you are things like that. So calling that's the maple street. -- he's three and bistro its on air hard -- waiting on maple street. Two blocks. Off of Carol and heading toward Jefferson. Let's see. Bush is on the phone over here on the orange phone. As if you know I can hardly tell the difference between your phone in the and he. Gold phone. And why is this not coming up. What are you there yet. There we are here I'm here and I'm doing -- -- I would agree that the prepared coming -- well our next week Hillary and she want you to tinker -- you get some church here dream. -- well. She like tonight Kraft cocktail. So it probably the vote would be great. Part of town you win in. And what will resist lunch or dinner. To be dinner remember over in Algiers point let you know we beat out Camelot or you know the lake front yeah I think. Don't think you know find a lot of that on the west thank you for any. Who is the the first place I can think of and this is the place I would go if it were me and I had the feeling I'm one of those things yeah del Monaco. -- and morals don't Monaco -- they thought you know the short you -- trend is something that started. How it's about ten years ago -- interview was just wanted to places now this seems like everybody wants to do it. But they've been doing it as long as anybody in neighboring out -- board. Of sausages and putt -- and cured meats. That is just fantastic. It's it's really as good there as I've had anywhere else and there are bar makes wonderful cocktails. And it's only in kind of a play that's a really great looking restaurant I've always what I've always loved that place. I. Do appreciate. It enjoyed give me a report if you go if you got time well I would like to hear that. Michael that's a del Monaco in saint Charles -- Michael joins us over here on the move the phone Michael. -- -- Our. Rule Sunday. -- don't go to. Yeah on cafe Geovany is open on Sunday although sometimes during the summer they'll cut back but I don't think they've cut back yet he he's -- Most of the time seven days a week. And -- No they just do dinner. Just -- and they need the dress code is you know it's actually everything's casual now except -- pars that's the only place with a dress code anymore you know if it were me. Jacket. For me but I'm an -- Not vote -- like. But. Or make it up there right. They they have the opera singer is on Wednesday's Thursday's and Friday's. Laporte. Yeah yeah that's good that's very entertaining their extremely good those singers. Than they can really make the windows shake some of them have fantastic voices we will come back with more of the food show in just a moment but first if you will hello there it's the food show it's the big -- big 870 WWL and WWO 105 point three FM this is Tom Fitzmorris -- live from the cool water ranch today where it's anything but cool. It this is the second day this year if that has gone up and above ninety degrees. And what's to listen to this for stupid group block. We've we've had -- we've known we've had this for quite awhile some sort of little problem with the air conditioner here in house. But it wasn't so bad that we couldn't function especially since it's been a very cool spring. And infect the last summer remember it being a problem was around Thanksgiving. So we we just what you say. It. Will -- seem cool to me. We knew we had to we -- days and like April that -- went on the forty over here it's that's crazy. Well anyway. We were. -- we we knew we had to get this fixed and then all of a sudden here's a little bit of a heat wave. And so we called the air conditioner guy. And would you believe. He came out. Like within an hour. And fix that and was gone before two hours were out. Here's something -- not gonna one -- Free. Is skyrocketing. Price. Well we used a 185. Dollars worth. Fifty dollars upon. The thought of freon. There is something that you buy by the pound -- that's for tomatoes and potatoes and stuff -- never heard of buying freon by the public assessment they do it. No that is a deadly poisons the stuff gets in the year you won't pictures -- it deteriorates almost immediately but it's. Every now and then somebody who works -- that stuff the ghetto a little with a bit saying that's it -- Bad stuff. 260. -- wonderful for air conditioning to six except for the -- own thing which is another story and we don't talk about that kind so don't call me about that. 260636826. OO MBE in the EU. Alice is those sitting over here on the pink phone and it's a really brilliant pain I don't know I don't know how to explain this. A brilliant pink. Welcome. -- -- -- -- Error you are talking about -- action yes. And that -- me in mind. And -- should. Still do. Okay it. Yeah that's that's a delicious dish if you love gore. -- -- it's basically half the chicken. With garlic and potatoes and and sell -- parsley. And it's wonderful. But you better your date that are also get a -- she won't be close to one. Okay. No. Chicken and. Well anybody hardly anybody does -- at all you see it every now and then claimed he says I don't know -- they have and all the time I don't think. It's a and it's ones will do it if you give them a special order but the way they make it -- a little different it's. No little more kind of almost rustic at his peak in their recipes it's. There -- but it's it's good. -- Eat it's easier to make it home the way to -- does it. You know they fruit that you can but they don't put a -- of any kind no coding at all to salt pepper and the deep fry. -- they -- potatoes and then they cook you know a little bit of butter in the garlic in the parsley together in the dump that on top two. -- -- it it. Yeah it's the least I didn't hit it in the right now they actually deep -- I know that yeah. That. Won't want to look good luck with that thank you think by. It's the food show we need another break already and we just take a break. Keep going okay. Our. Let's see what do we have going on each club dinner next week at Tunisia which is what triggered her -- And then the week after that. We're going to be at the Bombay club. Which has had an interest in years to put it mildly because. Last year their longtime owner in the guy who really set the style for the rest -- for what twenty years long -- Passed away -- wasn't an old guy just counsel Nancy. Got him. And they're very sad. But his wife. And his management team. Were ready. For this. And so they really importantly missed a beat they they are back doing what they've always done which is to be a kind of a classy restaurant. They don't officially have a dress code but it food. I always have the feeling that if I'm there without a jacket and I feel like I'm -- London dressed but did people you don't have you make of your own mind about that. We're doing a five course dinner winds were having Martinis at the beginning and at the end because this is the restaurant that made Martinis. Cool again matter I remember there was a time when we were all drinking white wine by the glass. And nobody was drinking cocktails let alone Martinis they were so out of vogue. And then all of a sudden this place opens up and they make Martinis their specialty. And they still I would say have the best in town really want. So anyway it's. Five course dinner it's 85 dollars that's inclusive of text and everything and they also live music over there every night. And we are gonna. But take advantage of that in fact strange coincidence. I went to this this place called the little gem I think I talked about it last week that little -- salute and it's on. -- right at the corner of rampart. In the old jazz quarter of New Orleans and there's a lot of history that was made right fair and they had this musician. Young guy. Name of his last name is Davenport I can't remember his first name at the moment. But anyway got to talking with -- -- -- such as purely by coincidence. He was gonna be playing that night we're doing our. I've heard tell that it's going to be enhanced a little bit because that so that that's terrific that should be really fun evening I'm looking forward to that. So this is what we do we know we don't just talk about going out to restaurants we actually do go to restaurants and I loved meeting you in all the other people that come. If you would ever wanna come to one of our dinners just go to no menu dot com. And take a look at what we have coming up. And hope to see is some day and then though all those things that you have not called me on the air about. What that you've always wanted to ask me but you won't call me on the air about it. You can ask me to my face right there and I would invite that hopefully it happens one of these days soon I hope. 2606368. Oops excuse me did it again to a 601870. It's the food show. And if you all right you know you get right in. Going to talk with you bottle that. On the currency. And event going on tomorrow that I don't quite understand my wife is trying to get me to go to. It's in Baton Rouge. We're at the miss USA pageant is taking place. In some way -- other she's involved in this. And I don't know why she wants me out there. But I don't either. Although I'm I'm -- harmless and mean you know that's. The way that goes. 2601878. Tennessee who's over here on the green phone rule though the -- Justice. Help. But the green for the green phone is getting prepared it's being. It's being resurfaced it's being OK here we go it's Preston Preston welcome. Doing -- at the moment. And nobody. Restaurant that. Are really pictured in the video. That they are on the -- -- cult like short back like I don't remember. I've got the picture Richard somebody remember him. Richards -- that's right -- Sure it does -- field. I don't know it. It chicken -- Silvio is a dish that he's it has a different name here in new more violence we've we've never use that the camera you're only one to restaurants and service. Here we call pretty much the same exact age she and Ron. She your -- he -- sometimes one a year and sometimes -- The pants the fate as police board is Moscow it's almost really they say. But I would say a better place for getting that. The news. Now let's see was just on the typically tugged him. And hand -- 00 yeah yeah yeah. The yellow brick oven pizza in -- strangely and can in fact I think it's even on the menu is -- in this to deal. So right. But it's a great did she have some sausage in some and of course the chick in the bell peppers in the unions and all that with a lot of butter and cook it down and it's really good taste pretty good -- to go to. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah look like -- -- will there you don't they. Q chicken with Silvio. I always a month ago I was standing on the on the slope of Mount Vesuvius. Mark welcome to the -- ago. Thank god thank -- I live in the amend -- bill Covington -- -- -- you call live. At. I didn't ultimately it. I am looking are or in restaurant. Yeah and credit got a the line that. Yeah have you been to part -- We'll go there. That's that's the best new restaurant opened on the North Shore in a long time -- on. On when he won. Across the highway it's in a little L shape actually pretty good sized L shaped. Strip mall. Right across the highway from target news in the movie theater and all that stuff. -- and that. Make a reservation it is popular but -- terrific wine list. He really good food very very sophisticated. Me. It's the kind of restaurant we haven't had very many of them with. Yeah what are yeah yeah -- -- -- said hello as we whenever we go -- we -- we really enjoyed. Okay. Thank you the second time that Grossman has come up today and I think the time before that was six months ago. Gregory Gregory welcome. That the interior. The year well what -- one. Cool ranch right. Stock. Actually. Well. That it yesterday view I couldn't call it. But I that you're you're you touched on. -- don't -- -- experience. And you know I found it a little lacking too and what you're. Seventy year old -- and are at the trend and I hope that something will change about it being. The royal street's role in particular. That seemed to be as good as ever but the streets stroll. It lost. Lost something that was just don't like this new idea. I bought the deplored. Probably heard loud and clear and hopefully you know they'll be countries I think just count or not opt that I could back to a man. -- promote them from being open and happened you know upn. The wind maker and just like you say it is from caller on the line don't hear me. What's what's the same as well most of the food is in you know being done by restaurants in the street and it. But the ones. That you standing in lines -- on to get it. Things. It's it's all on Google party and stand in line. I. That the line doing Mary and pebble I had to. Admit to an. Agreement they think we're quite actually. From -- from. -- by -- toward real always a pleasure beat him. Out of that. Smoke dot com. From the what -- -- -- that. Political. -- -- Of course the -- and go. Are always in the middle of things always have put his winds up there. It is intertwined with just and certainly looked at the Buick you mentioned it took so much for the city and I -- armed second part of keep people want to have a better advocate people operating went fishing the day a paid me. Did -- and -- wreckage last year's. That he kitchen spears. And well what I'll be back. All of those -- can't happen doesn't -- these huge red peppers. An opt out want. -- -- And I just jump it up in the for the record -- equity current and go in that speech Alicia. What I would really like a pretty good all the Victoria port people won't want to finish. -- -- They. -- and you can. -- -- any big job in -- You know yeah my suggestion is don't do that. It's a bad way to go oh but it's. Are you broiling it is a forum for red snapper that whenever I think about really fine -- like pop and knoller really good -- you know anything that's at the top of the list. And in red snapper is certainly near the top of the list. I think simple direct little bloody little olive oil little herbs will solve will peppered him that's about it. You know topic -- -- are opting out and warning that -- -- It ought to keep him. You don't. I would do that for a lesser finish and we -- at four. Yeah for something like -- Jack who were mighty mighty -- would you good fisherman trying to put her I don't know. Where is it it's just such a great fish I might temptation is just. -- -- Oh bull butter salt pepper believes the order. Book better -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll let you know do do ship Andre is looming. For a fourth cup of olive oil fourth cup of white -- Dashes. Was this year -- at the -- deals with squeeze and Jews and I put little -- listen to exit. Hungary could be. Are. It was one of being human. My pleasure it's was nice being seen and will return with more of the food show after first police this it's the food show on and the big -- seven AW WLA here is. -- -- Are you Benedict excellent. You know slightly -- -- normal limit Mobile, Alabama in -- it definitely. Pay Brothers. The community partners. And and normally we get a place like Katie. You know mortgage capital play -- endowed. Get him back again a couple weeks and -- -- for a little different. And now it's weren't in yet. So. Are you thinking of something that's in the general category -- eighties has seen them rest or are you looking for something in that price range. Or are -- totally different. Probably more than category. We normally can probably quarter kind of wood doors straps. -- -- you know again. Yeah. For every tourist -- in the quarters their five restaurants agree. Hundred. And why this comes to my mind he used a -- like. There's a wonderful little restaurant called hoops the -- In the AT ERY. These -- Aaron that remembers. -- yankees' first. -- he's been running restaurants he's been a shift for awhile and have a couple of different rest strengthens this he did on his own. And he makes all of his own meets he does all -- -- -- -- and all of that stuff is brilliant but he also has a full menu seafood he has a whole lot of things. It's a charming little adjustments -- -- blocks from city pork. You know easy to get to and and and different. And very good fund. There's one. Out in Metairie. If you don't mind go out there -- on. And -- road at will be far. Ralph Brennan as a restaurant that I think I -- better than any of his for the rest tonight Michael's -- restaurants a lot. It's called cafe -- There are doing that crab -- thing right now. That I remember having very vividly about a year ago when in the you know was there thank god it was it was mind blowing good. And every mile had their actually has been really really good. -- -- And people don't talk about it too much I don't know why but might look there's been fantastic and it's it. Good looking place -- pointless very good service at Ralph always takes care it's. -- -- Robert. Much. -- it's Isaak I knew it was a news Isaak -- And -- it's some it's a name that has to -- -- that's. What is so that's why I think if you -- All right. Well good luck with that where to go on -- all the battery and needed the column. Nathan welcome. -- Member -- you're. There on her hand. Or. Are our future. -- think -- Or you know. Unfortunately. Let on some growers through -- and it it just brings. It yeah. I -- here are strong work as saying -- I will not go to war here -- there. Just. People my -- is it okay I have little problems and but right. Been there before he should that was very good. You know what you recommend. Well. Make -- a pretty regularly. He and I because I aluminum Peter sprigs. And it's it's a cool looking place they really have done a nice job. I think their soups are very good. They -- -- good seafood platters you know they do all the fried stuff that you terrific -- Boise put out a real good played a red beans and rice it's that kind of and you. Yeah but it's a big menu so they have a little bit everything in Italian food they have seafood pasta dishes. Hope most of it is fairly inexpensive straightforward and world seats. Now over here in the -- You know I'll vote pro or worse. -- one player can get away from cal logo is you know familiar kept finish yeah well they have got. Yeah there aren't that low that they were very curable they're sitting there. And I'm sorry I'm sorry to tell you this but I have run out of time and I've got to I've got to go but a call me again I appreciate you calling today. We will be back with more in a moment but first -- this -- gosh we've come to the end of the show. But now we'll be back next Saturday. And every day. From noon till three and thirteen fifty. The same show same idea just on during the week. But this is on the big 87 EW WL radio New Orleans and WWL. FM HD one -- New Orleans where the news -- next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.