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Jun 9, 2014|

Dave talks about Donald Duck turning 80, your favorite cartoons, and intelligent beauty queens

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this ninth of June 2014. Might yeah this weekend is officially now over. Thanks for money yes -- -- wanted to make sure that you were clear on the movement at a hearing now that alarm clock went off. Three whatever a Cam -- the weekend was officially over. Now well I had a and very very very busy weekend's iron mine area by air and off this -- yes that means that I was doing a whole lot more than I normally do which is nothing. Okay. And that was busy. William and move furniture right now. You're -- deal saying the for an in the deceit truly a big pain. Is that old friend is the -- rays have friends that need is truly a big pain hand that he needed me to helping move some stuff allies had to be moved you were a friend indeed. Yes that's me -- -- indeed. Knowing it at some point your leaders favor returned but he did out of the goodness that appear. -- and that yeah that's what logo idea CBS news there that Donald Duck turns eighty years old today. And look at -- over. Theory but -- That I can them okay -- Donald dot -- -- years -- Car. And. Didn't sound the same when he first that was the original that was the original effort now what are better when he gets angry because you don't know what exactly -- -- having a fit. Yeah I I actually do. I need to rehearses a -- on your but I actually dude -- Donald Duck oh cool boys. As -- my wife's favorite impressions and I'd really as a you do it also when you go first. That's not bad. -- Yeah affairs when he sneezed you heard Donald likes -- -- about it though you'll go. It. Well. But why now and this guys -- I did not -- Mike while I was going to be asking him -- duties best impersonation of Donald -- but it. Democrats think. For some weird reason that'll never understand. Them I was due and at Donald Duck in person nation many many years ago when my children there is little. And we -- -- truck with a toilet paper ran on the side. And I decided that they want to hear me say toilet paper rock. As Donald. Q this day. They ask me just out of the blue for no reason whatsoever -- -- that -- the papers clicked on top. Maybe I'll go -- any practice that wasn't ready for us you know obviously you know practices must be -- you do off. I will remember muscles and come in here and it's my wife's favorite. Her favorite so that your courage you always have Donald -- ready -- -- -- because many of husband pleaser on them. And you are laws in cities like your wife please. It will go that our ability -- doctor about fifteen minutes more traffic. Thank him like well that I'm Dave got that is not anything I thought we'd be talking about their position -- this morning -- It is what it is Donald -- eighty year results. Do you do it double -- arsenic. -- people if not an easy one. And who is your favorite cartoon character of all time is -- Donald is that somebody else text me and it's a 7870. Rain returns to the forecast we'll get a look at that after this you LL loses. And the series is even doubt foray. Make or break game with a trip to the World Series on the line today -- Menard has that -- tells what happened in last night's NBA. Finals game as well could they heat. Even up the series will find out from mark. In sports right after this. Buys a -- good morning I'm Dave cone at the early edition of WWS. Heard snippets. -- takes me 7873. Celebrate the eightieth birthday of Donald -- today. That's how old does that make -- he'd do we have Lou it. And I think that again up there in age again another person says my favorite cartoon characters Bugs Bunny beavis and blood and it. School says another one. And road runner. Says another one. I really need to stop that because I do the impersonation of some of the people. Some of the characters that are Texan in the law to be discriminating -- that text me your favorite cartoon character of all time as we celebrate. Donald box eightieth birth of overcast. We will see more heat building and today but it may feel even hotter with highs near 91. But that heat index as high as a hundred degrees later on today at 10% chance for a stray storm. Then we think better rain chances for Tuesday and Wednesday 40% chance Tuesday. 50% chance Wednesday and that to keep tents in the upper eighties. -- Eyewitness News forecast center meteorologist Clark tell. Right now we have mostly cloudy skies at the airport in -- south wind at six miles an hour relative humidity is 84% at 78. At the airport partly cloudy and 79. At the National Weather Service office in slide now I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news. Sports time now here at WWL mark Bernard do you have a favorite cartoon character of all time. Of all it's time today is Donald -- eightieth birthday. So we're celebrating back. That that is a very impressive Donald that is it is Mike weld -- well. Both are better than what I could do that I can promise you that. Donald -- is up their Daffy Duck was always up there for me on the while like the ducks I -- -- -- I was like. I was like the antagonist for -- And I'm not a Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny like elect the people on the others like to -- poke and prod and drive the other characters -- right that does not surprise me -- -- we'll leave it at that allow you to do sports here on WWL sounds like a plant runs or at a premium last night in Lafayette. As a raging cajun as host at old miss for game two of the NCAA super regional series. The game was tied 22 in the eighth inning. When a drop on a relatively easy pop up in right center field -- the rebels to get a rally going in Ole miss managed to engineer five to two victory over ULL. Louisiana Lafayette coach Tony roper shows says his guys made a mistake and the rebels capitalized. We just kind of gave the little crack -- crawl through it game that's people close to. The result is a series tied up one game apiece setting up a deciding game three tonight at fatigue in Lafayette. It'll be at 6 PM first pitch when you LL host Ole miss for the winner advancing to the college World Series. Two teams advanced into eighteen college World Series yesterday. The Vanderbilt commodores blew out Stanford for a 125 win in the deciding game three in Texas Tech got a second consecutive one nothing victory. To sweep their series against the College of Charleston. The red raiders are making their first ever trip to the CWS. -- Texas Tech joined Texas mobile and UC Irvine. We can only three spots available aside from new oil well -- all missed two other game three to decide the remaining participants today. TCU both Pepperdine at 3 PM while Virginia host Maryland at six. And in more series actually NBA finals have been evened up one game apiece after the Miami heat's victory in San Antonio last night over the spurs. Chris Bosh hit the go ahead three pointer thanks to a key assist from Lavar. LeBron James king James says he caught Tim Duncan -- For us to develop the whole time. And I want to -- put some pressure. Tours around an -- cause some golf and country and a middle group and though there were fires in rear -- corner one is. No favors very responsible for anybody knock it down. He came away with a 98 to 96 -- to even up the series game three will be in Miami Tuesday night. And a Rafael Nadal has reached. Rarefied air among the tennis -- could win at the French Open yesterday made him only the third tennis player in history to win a single Grand Slam title nine different times. Nadal dispatched Novak Djokovic in fourth set to improve to 66 and one all time at Roland Garros with a win Nadal will take over as number one player in the world to. I'm mark north that is your early look at sports five point two days. On -- Bernard with you helping you get throughout Monday morning as the weekend is officially over and we get back to work. Man out there forecast coming up it's changing the way changing where you well miles. Fortunes last night out generally we definitely say that -- slip away and they watched it completely dissolve. Late in the game on an error in the outfield. As so it crucial game three to decide who goes to the college World Series tonight I feel like the raging cajun chances. Their chances -- always like their chances. It was a real pitching duel last night you know both both teams had. Great -- up there on the mound Carson Barrett with a thirteen all American for you allow and Christian Trent definitely did the job for Ole miss as well. You know you'll actually never led in this game they were down 10 they tied -- that's tied it twice yeah and then they were down 21 and they tied it an -- tied it in the top of the eighth with a with -- home run and it looked like they were kind of making a move and then. That pop up in the in the out in the outfield but they dropped an Ole miss open the door and got three runs -- and all the sudden it was the top of the ninth annual how was not the home team. And they had to try to get it done and they just couldn't and so it was at their field by the way it. Our series works yet heavyweight team for the second games right but they'll be the home team tonight and and I I expect them to get it done. All misses is definitely quality competition you remember this the only super regional were both favorites made the super regional. In the collar immune in in the playoffs last week and there are so many upsets in -- the only one that played out like the expected to or -- of the quality ballclub they're the number eleven seed basically. But I think tonight the season -- for the rebels and the raging cajun is go to the college World Series for the second time in -- Thank you -- talked about point climates and work we'll talk about the NBA finals and what's gone on over there and that LeBron avoid the cramps. I -- that he's he seems like he did a cable talk about it that -- Maybe maybe they should turn off the air conditioning every night in and it's -- when -- back and equipment worth to be honest -- I. Did not watch every pitch of that game flipping back and forth between. I miss USA pageant and the bass -- One was happening boundaries one and Lafayette says felt like -- had to watch the pageant because it was happening here state. In -- pretty girls. 525. Back with some of your favorite cartoon characters of all time and you're changing forecast for an activist. One person texting us today 7870 saying Fred Flintstones. Is their favorite. Cartoon character all time this week asking that question here on the eightieth birthday of Donald doc who is your favorite cartoon character knows -- mighty mouse analysis droopy dog. -- -- -- Ren and stimpy says and the text message to date 7870. And the chicken hawk and the -- can't remember the name because it'll play in. I'll tell you the name coming up after your forecast here on WW. The -- -- -- this Monday highs of 91 and only 10% rain chance at that -- our -- he writes that day but begin tomorrow. Rain chances begin to increase 40% for Tuesday. 50%. For Wednesday keeping tents in the upper eighties. For the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist flop. Sell I'd say I'd say it's foghorn -- hallmark. Right now 78 degrees and mostly cloudy the according -- 79 and partly cloudy in the slide down. Where your favorite cartoon characters while time talk more about that coming up. After this we'll get the latest from CBS news. Cops ambushed and killed. But -- means as a favorite character in -- slow poke Gregory yes but he's speedy Gonzales aside your personal more of an. 36 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news Mike it here and it's the ninth it's 2014. Sorry what you did that Al slow but you're going to your baseball mode is June is the ninth and were at the bottom of the seventh now -- -- I've never announced. That would be kind of cool I think you begin that narrative of all the sports to announce baseball might not be my time I falsely. -- tried to to increase pollen announcing just. This summary long boring night matches I think history when they had the seventh inning strips of letting him get back up that you -- the gates that's a stretch your legs from sitting so long it's his weight that -- cities. All right so it's been very interesting people have been texting estimates 78 Saturday on the -- inadvertent conversation we began CBS news telling us is Donald -- Eightieth birthday today using it today the first album art and debuted and so it just got us thinking about who our favorite cartoon characters are more people texting a sedate them needs them the heat -- -- black -- foghorn -- and you do it you do that with. I'm not as good as I'd like tunes in my eyebrow but I can do impersonation but I have to practice yet as to listen to them in categories. If but it is any -- you wanna share on the way please feel free scoop reduces another person who really Kia. Captain cave man. All my I'm gonna find its rocky and bullwinkle. Somebody that just for you. Folders -- -- the school we didn't do unload wood to the -- recorder the tree or. It that out of that slow poke Rodriguez. -- one was the -- beady is comical that the -- that the fairly speedy cousins that that accident he did he record on -- when the cast -- -- would you like to grant who would you rather be speedy Gonzales Jerusalem Pope Pope Gregory. Speedy Gonzales of course and other persons. Speed Racer Fat Albert Johnny quest. 80 my he man. And the masters of the universe it's a little gas Pinky and the Brain and some of that you remember quick. Draw McGraw home like as his Alter ego -- -- bong. Yes. -- girl the girl used to do it this road -- -- let me bubble -- he -- Of my favorite. And also. All time with Sylvester the cat and his son when they did remake of restaurants on -- you know. Sylvester -- I guess he was a Sylvester junior but. He has to talk like this other. It's like one he's like they were doing the what was he -- -- -- has asked that fit exactly. So it was in my -- long term interests and -- -- tells me on this policy you to write this they were doing the thing about goldilocks but they did it with a mouse instead he's like. Fully asleep on what we do with cats birds eat birds. And Gilbert -- father what are -- Campbell. But they're cats it. That's that was a joke. It. You read over my -- it idea I did not remember quick draw McGraw much but I do remember. -- -- -- -- You never issue a rabbit yes I did all right I'll share more text messages coming up here and will be WL. And that an attack -- thank you Mike we appreciate all of your impersonation anyway and any you'd like to leave us with of your favorite cartoon characters. The one -- get requested the most. It would be. Also South Park and that would be -- keep an appropriate. Nike and it would inaccurate got to keep their products do well. Obviously with. -- -- -- -- my act like well and back with more traffic at about one in -- here -- WW. And to map that and I can keep the text messages coming in 87870. As we celebrate Donald ducks. Eightieth birthday. Those lines let's go like that depicted the Eyewitness News forecast -- they get more today. It's Monday this. -- meteorologist Laura about doubled we kick it to Friday if we don't have Monday right. The -- -- And looking at money never comes on the damn about -- responsible. It's just it's just rough we get a good words adequate bills yet. In. When a lottery day why you play. A at -- it. Yet. The there have been one and on certain forward and wanted to hear all of that although less power Wallis doesn't like what she's 79. -- -- -- seven that the -- 57. It could be hired -- And either way it's a lot of money -- in the online -- out. Good luck keep on keep it on -- but -- I wish -- much like in that effort and if you don't play by Affleck have a chance of winning even if you do play are very good they're almost as good if you don't play as if -- who went. -- -- -- Why not this meteorologist Laura but now. Well in the meantime appears Monday hot hot and hot again today. And he had even the heat indexes but up there are hundreds you know just above a hundred over the weekend and that he how they get 91 for a high but feeling more like a hundred this after. Who have we hit a hundred for the heat index yet yeah. Yeah I -- it felt like it out there bat that we are never trust the wind field is and always -- honored to be that currently and ask our diets heat index above 100 today but tomorrow we get a little changed. You know we have some rain around for Tuesday and Wednesday scattered downpours at that scene and so that's an act to keep the heat down a little and it's back in the -- anything major cool part way upper eighties that I -- But every every couple degrees -- helps your air at cloud cover I would mind and a cloud cover cloud cover babies in baby shower downpour you know. It's bad now you know we've had a lot of rain we had that week we're like solid -- all week long but I came this summer time yet downpours at least cool off the Clinton. Today hot no rain. Heat index above 100 tomorrow and and yes better shot -- -- not quite as and then back to the crazy happens Thursday. Yeah I mean you know won't say about 89 or ninety for the rest that we. Average you know after this time any exposed to be. Hi this time and indeed indeed nothing -- on the tropics now all is quiet golf Caribbean Atlantic that they go on I'd like it I love it I want some more of it. At least the quietness in the -- Favorite cartoon character -- -- did you know today is Donald -- eightieth birthday at. If you look at -- media. It Huey Dewey and -- must be in the sixties for a fifth. And and now with the grandfather's names of the meet quack -- Anyway you must be just you know 200 yet what my favorite the. In -- all. I it but it was my pleasure favorite cartoon character of all. All. I guess how they -- and I think he -- the. Give -- any pageants. The area did you ever try -- -- -- never -- want to be that it may not want to its equipment that he did play Barbie. All right time to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know doing all this other stuff and then they save right at the end now we're gonna ask you a challenging question about politics or world class. Now dues you're immediately answer on either maybe people would agree with you or them minutes. Risky situation I think that's where miss Louisiana that kind of fell down they asked her what -- thought about the soldiers swap. Right that freed in America in exchange for five Taliban man and -- that's that one well and that's just took it just seems so weird to me. Either way that you're you are you've been struck around your bikini have been shot off your body all night now suddenly. What do you think about swapping an American soldier for five pounds. -- -- she tried she just really couldn't vocalize your thoughts on it and I think that which. Are you going to be difficult quite yet to -- Come up with something to do I want our beauty queens to be. Intelligent about world politics and. And on board with how how the pressure I am not concerned with what they're answers fairly. As -- how -- Response. Yeah I -- wealth -- their -- What I like about the question and answers that kind of like NASCAR you went for the big crash over the years someone really just royal mess is enough. It's on national. It's an error that now. Well he's going to be packed -- Votes I mean -- -- I -- while cases at all that you do it anyway. It's really work with the girls. Get them ready especially for the inner works. Well I throw you curve balls all the time you handle them very well so I think you begin -- that just keep the other part of the what it's part of that all the other evening gown -- beautiful hair. I'll come on -- great damage meteorologist Laura but now went back -- when it's -- -- -- -- -- we'd -- At least at least. I sells one segment that was all about that to him and I crossed off and for his quarter tech. Web nation at the governor's mansion they showed the whole capital they showed the casino. I'm just thinking about forming on day. At factories and all. Crosby's not quite well but people. Were -- Now across the country now than an hour we are close enough that they -- lazy label called reliance on one big happy Louisiana thing I just took ought to crawfish. -- -- Thank you Laura. You to learn about them alive and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast center back with sports. When we were to talk about what happened and -- last night it was also big to do on national television Lafayette. Out of occasions do in their quest to get to the college World Series. Mark when ours get that and everything else in sports -- favorite cartoon characters coming up as well. Symantec estimated 7870 says I'm just passing the sign now it's 257. Million for powerball Wednesday again thank you for clarifying that I'd appreciate it text messages. At 87870. Also about your favorite cartoon characters of all time. As it is the eightieth birthday today of Donald Duck one person says their favorite Wiley Coyote -- eight. I pay Tom and -- the power puff girls my kids love them. Yosemite Sam sponge Bob I can actually watch Monday -- up with my kids and get them enjoyment of Beavis and Butthead. I used to amity Sam this marks the list goes on I'll share more active sports with mark Menard and mark I Dave. If they -- cartoon character again is. Bill would Daffy Duck that in a -- that it's fun he takes a lot of it is. He does always on the president thing but never gives up he never gives up and and I think that's that's the motto for the morning never give up be like -- that they ego indicated -- -- -- it is one more game than they could be on the way -- -- realtors I don't think they're given up but they did have a setback last night. You LL he's Carson -- and Christian tradable this book -- beauties last night leading to a YouTube ball game in the eighth inning he field in Lafayette but of course something had to give. Unfortunately the raging -- that's something with a long fly ball to right center field that's not Harrison got a glove on but couldn't hang on to allowing the rebels the plate the go ahead run. Where it it was over all this and added two insurance runs leading to a 52 win and a series evened up at a game apiece you'll coach Tony -- show on that fateful eighth inning. Things -- a bit out of control what time we got off the field. You know they've they've gone through rooms that's that's -- and try to pitch against entertaining to do it. So there will be 1 morning a baseball at the -- Lafayette with a trip to Omaha on the line the raging -- host the rebels at six tonight. Winner take all at other College Baseball news Vanderbilt is headed to the college World Series after a 125 win over Stanford as is Texas Tech who got a second straight one nothing win to sweep the College of Charleston. They joint field they already included global Texas and UC Irvine. Two more game threes are on tap today decide the rest of the field Pepperdine visit TCU three and Virginia host Maryland at six. LeBron James went viral in game one of the NBA finals thanks to those infamous cramps but apparently he was well hydrated last night. He made a difference late morning Chris -- for the three pointer that put the heat on topping game cute but cute the two time defending champs stolen 99 -- to win. From the spurs in San Antonio and head back home looking to take control -- 11 series spurs' Manu Ginobili says they now have the unenviable task of the of needing to get one in South Beach. We -- in a good -- good spot. We've we've -- out an okay game not perfect but we were right there. And we it's the fairway. Now we aren't that tough situation because we. We've got to go to. Miami. We've got to get one. Game three between the spurs and the heat is Tuesday night I'm mark -- that if -- early look at sports tonight very told that you think you can agents can. Pull it off tonight and go to the college World Series what about spurs and he -- alike in this one tied up one game appease. I like the spurs. I always like this Perkins because I grew up kind of a spurs fans think they do things right away. Last you last year they suffered that setback in the finals against the heat in the came away on the losing end. And I just I think that they'll get the job done this year I think it's probably probably gonna get a -- -- seven games but. I look for the spurs the win this -- I think Santonio should have turned off the air conditioning and -- it got LeBron all cramped up and everything would have been fine thank you what hockey at fifteen meant to more sports. He's mark an -- I'm Dave Cohen thanks for being a party early edition of WWL offers is more favorite cartoon characters in your forecast next. Once again happy eightieth birthday to Donald -- here texting me your favorite. Cartoon characters of all times. Commercial enough says one person and this is what he would tiger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Snoopy and Tiggers tonight combination. Absolute best road runner and coyote but about George Jackson and his dog -- thorough. The Antony are -- and relive like that back in the day as well mortgage text messages coming up now you forecast. Your Monday outlook looks warm again with 91 later today and just like the weekend only 10% chance for a straight storm. Although I think begin to change tomorrow it's for some more downpours in the afternoon 40% chance. That keep -- the upper eighties on Tuesday and by Wednesday at 50% chance for rain with highs of 87. From the Eyewitness News forecast honor I urologist -- now. At the National Weather Service office in slide now down Texas some text says that's hard that. And I sex somebody else at 8787. In orbit Pluto fans that goofy Donald. -- On people loudest so and get prix -- road runner Daffy Duck Bugs Bunny doctor quest I presume Speed Racer. Elmer five. Bugs Bunny cat dog Jessica Rabbit. Bugs Bunny what's up Adam and I'd forgotten about Adam and little beauty superhero. The super friends speaking of superheroes and scooby doobie -- -- another attack -- and 87879. Gave Allan thank you so much. For being a part of the early edition of WWL first news hope we can make you Monday a little better end up my apologies for any bad impersonation of cartoon character that it. Again I can do some but usually need to practice approximate without.

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