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6-9 6:15am Tommy, open carry

Jun 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ladd Everitt, the Director of Communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, about whether open carry laws are good or bad

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Some ten business in Texas over people walking in the restaurants with shotguns and and long guns story is there otherwise known rifles. But that's legal according to Texas -- now John. Stewart if you've been on the line you know that the he's been ten and it up with. Open carry laws and stand your ground laws in the same state being a recipe for disaster. He would always handing Kerry. Along gunning carry a side arm whatever you want open -- that's not against the law announced specific businesses wanna. Prevent you from coming in they can do that. Led Everett joins us right now look technical glitch -- we've got it fixed is the director of communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence in the morning led. Banks have taken time tell me about your organization and what it means to do. Yes sure we we're an organization that they expect in 1974 when we were founded and you know the basic mission is to reduce gun deaths and injury in this country. You know we're a country that continues to have more than 30000. Gun deaths a year and that's from all causes homicide. Suicide and accidental deaths. So what is it you would like to see done. Well I mean that's exactly what we exceed and we want to see that figure reduced its say you know that 30000 figures and figures that two way out of whack with every other essentially high income nation and the world. Armed and we also have scientifically a higher overall homicide rate and other democracies and and we don't think that that's acceptable we think that our nation is exceptional. And that that statistic into -- I I guess I should eventually -- how do you how would you like to see that done or. Yeah yeah I mean there's certain laws that we don't have on the books settlement of free countries do have on the books that are just basic staples. You know a system that regulates firearms. One thing would be of course background checks on all gun sales you know we still in the country where in the overwhelming majority of states. You can buy -- through private sale of firearms without any background check. Whatsoever which is basically a free pass certainly. Criminal or dangerous individual to get done without screening. And then discreetly on those checks he could be a little bit more rigorous and we've seen far too often mass shooters. Exhibiting obvious signs of severe mental illness by guns and pass those checks because the screening for mental health and so shall. Which are gonna lead -- director of communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and led you know -- the Internet it's gone crazy with Jon Stewart and open Kerry. States where they allow you to stand your ground as well he thinks is. A recipe for disaster waiting to happen where where do you all stand I think I know buttered the position on open carry and stand your ground or do you have a position on the second one. Well what it would be open carry them and I think I think what's upsetting people so much about that is that you know we do live. Today in an era of mass shootings and you know we just -- another horrific shooting yesterday. In Las Vegas and I think what upsets people about open carry is you know when you see that guy toting an ER fifteen down your block. There is no way in the world for you to discern in that moment whether that person is a quote unquote good guys or bad guys. And I think the thing to be cognizant about was helping carry. Is that in most states that allow it and it includes Texas there is no permanent. Screening or training necessary to open carry in public. So you know what you're seeing that guy out in public toting echoed down your street. You know you don't know what that person news. The best person in the world or guy that literally just kill someone. They're literally is no way to tell because there is no screening required to engage in that behavior. That's what's upsetting people it's perfectly natural because again legion park legally -- in this country without a mass shooting. But signal Las Vegas incident for example and for those that don't know to police officers killed day ambush Hillary and pizza pizza shop. Then these these two people go across to Wal-Mart. Kill one person across street I presume it wasn't proximity of the pizza shop kill one person. Then one turns it down on the other and and kills themselves. How would any laws prevent that from happening if these people were hell bent on get in and done given the number of guns that are out there right now. Well at target -- because we don't know how they got their guns yet I think it's a little bit premature I'd like to find out first how they acquired the firearms used in the shooting. On the -- but what we do know. They both let's -- both options. Will want is that they acquired them -- seconds that they did. Right well I mean. Eat it if your basic argument is that we can't stop bad guys from getting guns I have to tell you that every other free country in the world is doing quite effectively sell. After the amount of guns Lenin and his you know -- -- -- and bank. After after the in other countries they had the same amount guns out on the streets it was as easy to get -- done any other countries and then they changed it. There there are some other democracies that apple and a large number of guns and circulation of UV two examples real quick Finland and Switzerland. Having very large number of guns in circulation and astronomically lower rate of -- -- that we do because they have suffered gun laws. I think I think what we lack which is critical when you do that -- in circulation. Is laws preventing the transfer of those firearms without background checks and again that. Beckett back to the issue of private -- farms with no background checks whatsoever. And also screened at the point of purchase is much to offer -- the country's. Particularly in terms -- screening for mental health and and and also violent criminal history that might also involved. I would misdemeanor convictions which research shows us are clear risk for future violence. So yeah I mean I think we can do heck of a lot more than we're doing now are certainly not arguing that there is that a perfect law was ever created I think millions. Well certainly aware that fact. But what can beat you a lot more to stop people like. Apparently these white supremacist who wanted to kill -- from getting guns yeah we're not trying to do anything right -- it's it's unacceptable. Real quick just take -- Politics hyperbole out of it what have in -- go to Joseph Biden's example with a shotgun and he said. That's what everybody should own it the same guy in your example was walking down the street with a shotgun as opposed to when they are fifteen would anything change. In your opinion. Yeah I think it which still scared -- that's an -- and nothing would change. I think the point would open carry is there's no permit or screaming necessary to do. You know look I mean -- -- looked out my window today and I see a guy walking down the shock and was on my street on the well and Lindsay I'm not gonna take action to let anyone take action. And I get that the only reason I brought it up is sometimes when people use or hear the phrase they are fifteen. It's -- down a different path but that's not what you're saying you're saying even a shotgun would be disturbing. Well let's be very clear typically what these guys are carrying our military style rifles they are carrying a cane and -- yards. That is typically what they're doing but you know to your point you know I'm not gonna mess around with that regardless. Because we're helping carry you just YouTube bite -- back -- know nothing about their background. You know these people could be child molesters criminals you just don't know so I mean I I think he'd be putting yourself significantly risk to not called on world. And when you say these guys you dogma of people that believe in open carry. Metro area absolutely they don't let up -- got to go to news -- appreciate your time I really do. Thank you sir I'd led ever director of communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

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