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WWL>Topics>>6-9 7:15am Tommy, shopping at Walmart

6-9 7:15am Tommy, shopping at Walmart

Jun 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Greg Leroy, the Executive Director of Good Jobs First, about the subsidies Walmart receives

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Which I'm a Wal-Mart the stock prices down sales are down protest are up about how much Wal-Mart pays people. And we're asking you -- pretty jaguar opinion poll. Do you like shopping at Wal-Mart. Or not when you shop there. Greg -- joins us right now the executive director of good jobs first morning Greg. Where atomic everywhere thanks for taking the time tell me about Jordan's nation and which is trying to do. Sure weren't a nonprofit nonpartisan watchdog group. But tracking economic development incentives like property tax abatements or revenue bunch of things like that state and local governments. That spent about seventy billion dollars a year in the name of economic development including some of the Wal-Mart. Along those lines I got a list here in Louisiana. Wal-Mart subsidies following cities Saturday bill. One point six million Alexander -- -- go beg your pardon Alexandria 2.5 million. On new long ones an estimated seven million apple loses 33 million. Is it I hope this isn't per year there's a one time subsidy that they get to build the store. Then hit the publicists the resize that's a thirty year property tax break and that's the estimated value long period of time. Okay and all of these are numbers over time or you did. As best we can determine sometimes it's hard to estimate exactly that's what -- used were estimated that a few cases but. But often there's like and that's what amounts spent for new infrastructure you know. From offering and -- from a highway were -- sewer line. Property assemblage. In other cases it's -- property tax forgiveness and you can estimate that the value based on the assessed value of the property. On the overall numbers that have been published in news reports were released by official government agencies. Greg guy you know I've been asked for a long time when it comes tax credits on David's film industry -- care of its oil I don't care if it's. What Wal-Mart at what point -- the crunch the numbers and see whether or not it's a good deal for the taxpayers sort. If you are. Did indeed make indicated these concessions to businesses and what responsibility do they have when it comes paying their employees and I guess you're talking about the the pay in their employees part of it. We certainly think that -- companies that get economic development experts from government should be held to a higher standard that they should be paying good wages and full time hours and benefits that's part of our model legislation that we voted for a long time. There's actually thirty cities were identified in the Louisiana including ten that are not on the -- -- reading from the gun enterprise zone tax breaks. And the total value of the deals in those thirty cities exceeds 102 million dollars. You know it's interesting when you talk about a school system when you talk about. States and the federal government of push -- make an argument for what the federal government is returning the money that the states gives them but where -- states like Louisiana the -- a lot better with the federal aid that comes down in the payment. My only point in all of this is if you're gonna say that. The federal government shouldn't have. Hand in what you do in terms of local government or that. Local government shouldn't have say in what you do with your business but if you take money from them mental equation and it changes done. I think it's true and I mean the other big beef that we had with the Wal-Mart is that you know. All worked comic Greg Moore has a very aggressive marketshare plan they're they're gonna come they're gonna build new warehouses the Serb news source. And we don't think in most cases that these -- really made any difference. As we were ever critical of many other retailers to get subsidies as well Cabela's bass pro target and you named them. You know what you really solving the problem in the neighborhood like -- bringing of course restored to a food desert or revitalizing neighborhoods relax your basic retail amenities. We don't think retail the -- subsidies at all because retail and retail take care of itself. If people have good paychecks they've got a -- disposable income. I would have picked us up here we come back and when you said that it made me think for a second. Gone back to the marketing days that you know that. Muni at the five piece of marketing and and focus and re search in traffic and Wal-Mart is not gonna built a store based on. Seven million dollar. Tax break or seven million dollar subsidy because I guess Stewart self that is what was across build -- Wal-Mart multi millions. And then they're going to be there for a long long time so. What you're saying and is -- like if it's a viable location Wal-Mart thinks they're gonna. Make money there they're gonna build it there without having negate some concessions and taxpayers. Correct Dutch. A 722 -- conversation Greg -- executive director of good jobs first. If you work for Wal-Mart I'd love to hear from me if you shop there I would love to hear from me and if you're concerned about given -- name. Jordan -- number under the color protection. Plan right now 722 time look at traffic and for that we go to -- problems. Well Michael -- 727 Tommy Tucker talking -- Greg -- executive director good jobs driver's seat. And a couple of points in case you're just joining this one is in exchange for the tax breaks Wal-Mart should have an obligation to pay their employees more in the second one is. And of crazy uses wal mart's common anyway and that really made a -- people golf in my head because. They're not gonna build multimillion dollar store based on a couple of million dollars tax credits I don't think they want I think if if they they they do the research to determine -- the community. Has enough dollars around supported they determine if the traffic patterns okay. If if it's a good location of -- -- a builder regardless at least that's what I think Greg Tommy would tell me when it comes to. Employees in wages and get a text that comes in and says they don't read the vendors very well either. What it is that you found in what it is that you group wants. What we recommend again that they be held to a higher standard in terms of paying them market based wages for retail and full time hours and health care. I'm there's another kind of -- position goes your -- taxpayers that you talked about federal government that's subsidies and Louisiana doing better by them. What was is true and this is Wal-Mart is another beneficiary of this system study was done at the federal level. -- looking specifically Wisconsin and number would be a little bit different your statements saying. Based on the number Wal-Mart employees the depend on federal safety -- help like snap for the food stamp program. The earned income tax credits for low income heating assistance program. And other programs like that picking -- an estimate of more than 900000. Dollars per super center of per year in federal safety -- subsidies. Going to Wal-Mart and obviously those. Safety net benefits help the company paid people last because they're getting a little bit more local -- Greg Gibson that a lot of times if you know monitor when industry it is if that's what's going on a new federally subsidized in the guy. It's like and shows the woman in check and people you subsidize in the stockholders in the company are how how likely is it that. We will tell you what when you total market value with some other retail outlets.

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