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6-9 8:45am Tommy, stay-at-home dads

Jun 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Al Watts, the President of the National At-Home Dad Network, about stay-at-home dads

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy tiger Monday June 9. And that means Sunday is going to be Father's Day and retirement stay at home dance again a couple of text they command. -- is generally speaking I think women are better care -- the young kids than men. Allowances stay at home dads are stripped of their manhood to wimps netherlands' Tommy. -- culture is determined to Alter what the good lord created and -- in merged the two sexes. Into one Nance from -- -- and a would be good lord would tell you to do if your wife was a successful attorney make end. Well into six figures and and you for whatever reason were an English major not that there's anything wrong with English majors but. You know you're topping out at 60000 a year Al watch joins us right now president of the national at home. A dead network stay at home dad for eleven years -- now. I'm very well Tommy whom you stayed at home win. I have four kids straight as well nine. Seven instant. Mom will would you say to somebody that wonders if women are inherently better caregivers to younger kids than men. Well I would say it. The haven't met the right man yet her. Because you know -- -- just as capable take care of children -- Women are we're just is capable of being nurturing to reach surged back at a he and you know we. Don't we do is we can't stretched eaten can't person they otherwise. All the other tasks are are very horrible and I mean I don't know like you that -- so my daughter -- first time. Certainly didn't want anybody ever so. That connection was right there on this. Post I'm just beginning and that and his completes -- so it's. -- -- -- terms have not given birth and not being able breast -- I think we got the better part of the deal on you. Yeah. Tell me calm about what it was that led you to become a stay at home dad. Well it is much like which are talking about earlier about yet attorney situation and an attorney she is -- the eager to -- person. And at a time -- our start was born workers were earning seem out of money. But she got Mota and it's a issuer or at a lot more production in the east and beyond that so -- -- that. We can live on gesturing to come and is worked out very well on China's secret about. It debt and a home that do well when you kind of breakthrough that glass ceiling -- market now vice president. Accompanying her salary is quote social start to call and -- image would indicate we're doing that. You know on her own and you know the -- so that. While the other question about that is. And now you've brought it. To -- brought me to it is that even has stayed home dad for eleven years and you've been out of the workforce so how tough would it be for you to get -- into it and the junior wife realize OK with thrown -- hand over the ball here and chances are is to be tough for me to go back. Well that's true I mean -- dealer and the kind of money she's -- away. But you know money never. You know and that is just my wife is able to make it income that support are scrambling. Then you know what I need to work. -- -- and I get dad but I just me I don't know what you did reliving did you realize that you're you're in essence. I hate not retiring gives -- your busier and at home chances aren't you in a -- say about your life politically in the for a clean this up anybody that ever inherited housework. And cook in and cleaning it knows that that's as hard as any job you could have entered the reason I guess all I'm trying to askew is. Not that you were retiring but retiring from the workforce to perhaps take on more work at home did you look at it is that type of decision. No idea I looked at at the moment so what are and we needed it at that time. And I don't look at the future -- -- -- think about my career all because the working at -- -- but Tibet. For my daughter right now and it was a wanna look to the home and I happened either one. -- career wasn't going to be take out. Mike -- and and I look at it on that because you know the north of old you know you just don't know and so. Yeah I mean I don't have a I probably won't be in the same time -- paint job now. -- I get too much work. It. Did in the homes leads Megan's school and things. That don't. Screw it I'm not I'm not that patience so now they're -- -- the Christian school as a in the first year where. Eight at apple execs -- belt and apparently happening it was so close. You know. And I thought it would be able to so I'm not bored at all feel it in terms of housework. Are yet to calm you know. Just basically. To sort of record in school so optional compact brought -- -- later. Wrote a book so I kind of just took my time to. In terms of presenting it to you children and on and -- they come home -- L do you stay at home. Billy's mom stays at home or both Billy's mom and what the whatever and dead were -- any questions from you kids there. The the different ideas -- had to deal with from them. You know it they stopped at my mom -- my life as they mom and stable and then and we sit -- and didn't -- And like the little. -- So. Due to implement them all the time. And you know it is not usual there have been no other -- that involved in. In local groups so in all of recently lit so. It'll hundreds of -- that as well as well and you. I'd -- -- -- -- to comb his Watson -- Canada I don't know what I'm doing here audience put a lot. Thank you out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She would call me rattled one bit of my time like Gerald public you know so. Yeah Allan appreciate your time happy Father's Day today yeah I think you event.