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6-9 9:10am Tommy, food stamps and soda

Jun 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Marlene Schwartz, the Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, about a study saying banning soda purchases with food stamps would cut obesity rates

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And a lot of you have a lot of opinions on what you should be able to get with food stamps. They called on the federal government did Stanford to -- banned the purchase of sugar sweetened drinks with food stamps. And they set a study shows such an effort could lead to a reduction of type two diabetes. And obesity Melanie -- -- rather Schwartz joins is director of the Rudd senator. For food policy and obesity good morning -- -- I guess I shouldn't tell you my secret about the baked goods now. I want you yell at the secret is honestly is still -- and house in the first place. So when it comes to sugary drinks and food stamps. Is that part of the of the philosophy of the theory here that if if if people that receive food stamps first you don't need it and secondly it'll actually keep them healthier and guests -- Correct one. Clear it pieces about it and -- -- is that sugary drinks are console when it comes to obesity and type two diabetes so in mind. Mind it's not even taxes. And the purpose. Map is to provide nutrition for people who are struggling to put food on the table and it makes sense for them to spend money on actual food. So along those lines if it's. For nutrition. Action items like twinkies so far heavily processed foods. Did cheese pizzas I know how do you draw the line and. An interesting question because they had to federal food programs take opposite approach -- -- quick program eliminated potential to program. Actually tells women exactly what. At the side that we connect -- use that -- -- -- you know for eight from the government. And snapped the -- in the opposite and then we're stuck with this sort of slippery slope because we started with allowing everything. I think that the research -- clearest and sugary drinks so I feel comfortable drawing the line there. On it's possible at some point to research will be clear in another category as well -- -- -- sugary drinks -- a class. Themselves as a product that is associated with the negative health outcomes let -- -- during. You know diet drink it's really their next richter tarmac in terms. Calories obviously you're better off having a diet drink. I can I think a diet drinks. -- A way of helping someone is feel like they can't stop drinking so -- switched to diet to at least help them make that transition. But I don't recommend people start drinking diet drinks that they don't drink them. In I gotta tell you between the money to buy him. Watch in money go on sale. Put him in a basket painful and taken them home Kerry and inside I wish my alene that I could get off for the Diet Coke. Because often think you know -- if I would just drink water. Out of the -- there there wouldn't be any of this going on but yet. Occasionally I'll have a regular coaches you know -- treat but. A lot of people dude take in far too many like myself of these diet drinks. I think it's that interest thing Billy that you wish she could stop I think a lot of people really feel like they're addicted to that diet drinks so it'll be interesting to see as a research. Involved at the F some of these products are actually get. Had I not heard things about other products being addictive and that the added is that they put in a lot of processed foods that. Did kind of make -- you crave -- almost become addicted to -- There there have been -- search looking at. Particularly shortstop. And that -- combination and that people do experience that as -- -- yet. It's you know there's that line of research on and I think a lot more. Years. That I think people really need to stick with real food you know did you recognize and the ingredients that are. Going to be. I left when using you recognized because sometimes kids eat you know whatever it is sour gummy and and it's it doesn't even look like -- it looks like hawk. What are on the bathroom or the ultimate windows it's not that. And when it comes to sugary drinks and when it comes to heavily processed foods if in fact. Snap is to provide people with food so they announced arm. And some of those foods can actually make you hungrier -- and seems like. A flawed plan from the beginning. I I think that's true I mean I think that it who would we really need to figure out a way to help people use their tax dollars and the best way possible and I think education can get a part of the way there. But I think that you we also need to think about some policy changes that will really help people get that nutrition that they need. -- when it comes of that -- the politics then factor into it where all of a sudden you have the soft drink lobby going crazy you have the that the processed food go on -- industry lobby going crazy. That people would make baked goods governments in whoa hang on a minute now before we start out on chocolate donuts. Let's think about that is. Absolutely this becomes incredibly political and what -- kind of funny is the politics are different and you see in and other situations a lot of time. There are politicians who are more comfortable setting limits on snap where is. Being me you know they may feel differently when it comes to other types of government intervention. And is that does that have a lot to do with lobbying as well as. He constituents who have votes and and all of a sudden and I can be very happy when it comes to. Bullied you say they were more likely to do with snapper more willing to. Think it. Definitely have to get a lot I think does the industry -- -- power on I think that they do lobby congress. And and fight against policies such as you can get the national school lunch program you know I think that really are very much common that. I think which interestingly that -- conversation is that the con advocates who are really anti hunger advocates -- tend to be more liberal side of the spectrum. I'm actually don't like the idea of limited snapped a doll. Get a -- and comes in ask. Molina of cheesecake is real food. Even yeah. And the like gas on sugars naturally and it. You know I think it really you know come down to you know something that you make at home something that you know what the ingredients are I think that's what we need to keep in mind that secretly get into trouble is. When -- purchase foods that have been processed and packaged and been sitting on the shelf for a week that's where I think we are eating things that really aren't giving -- -- and nutrition we need. Yeah I get a taxi comes in don't get food stamps also by red bullet three times -- -- of a soda. And I I would think you would feel the same way about Red Bull as you do about sugary soft drinks -- and ask about coffee because. Both -- stimulants. Label though it's tree says that you can't you snapped about. Hi. Energy drink as long as they're considered drinks and not supplement which is a little gets a little bit tricky. And copy if you would be would be allowable on and I do you know. I do agree that you know caffeine is this stimulant. -- you know there's a lot of other like advocates like peas and copied and things like that which. But that it -- are considered high. It is hard to draw that line on. Yes absolutely I appreciate your time I really deal we get to talk to you again found dead thank you bet -- Schwartz director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity so.

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