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Jun 9, 2014|

California Chrome finished 4th in The Belmont Stakes over the weekend and didn't win the Triple Crown. His owner, Steve Coburn said after the race that the other owners took "the coward's way out" by not running their horses in all 3 legs of the Triple Crown. He says the only horses that should run for the Triple Crown are horses that have been in all 3 races. Should the rules be changed? Scoot takes your calls and talks to 25 year horse owner, Bobby Asaro.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning I'm studio for Garland today through Thursday. Niger where it is to get a great weekend. I was a little on the warm side I walked through the got creole tomato festival at the French market so over the weekend. And I just could not wait to get in front of one of those one of those fans that as the missed. And those things are awesome when it's really odd but it was a nice weekend for whatever is that you wanted to do. We got a lot to talk about on the show ordered a comedian Tracy Morgan remains in critical condition. But he is responding that's what I heard earlier this morning he is responding at his limo bus. Now was involved in horrific accident on the Jersey turnpike over the weekend Kevin -- 35 years old was the driver of an eighteen Wheeler. They hit Tracy Morgan. And one to one person I believe was killed and several others are in critical condition. The driver of the eighteen Wheeler that he Tracy Morgan's. Limo bus. Apparently had been awake for 24 hours. So this really brings up an interesting question it's something I've experienced in my life. Is is driving tired. As dangerous. Less dangerous. Or more dangerous than driving drunk. And based on my experience. I'll be honest with. I think driving tired. Is even more dangerous than driving drunk. That is -- me than anybody should drive drunk. But we focus so much a driving drunk and there are people who get in accidents because. They're too tired and I can think of a couple of times when I have been on the road. And I have been dangerously tired. And I've I've because there's just nothing you can do mean not that you can really do anything injured when your drunk but you could be legally drunk and I think be better off. That if you are like totally tired so we'll talk about that on the show that's -- W if you -- -- general opinion poll. Is driving tired as dangerous. Less dangerous or more dangerous. Then driving drunk you wish your opinion are going to our website WWL dot com and we will track that poll want -- to sell or give an update coming up in just a few minutes. There was a shooting in Las Vegas over the weekend the couple that allegedly shot two police officers while they ate lunch at pizza parlor Vegas. And they walked across the street and shot a third person at Wal-Mart. They apparently had a suicide pact they were very coupled they're dead I understand it. She shot her husband and -- shot herself in the head. Reports indicate the couple had anti government. Anti law enforcement views. And they talked a lot about conspiracy theories. One witness said the couple shouted. This is a revolution. As they went from the pizza parlor. To Wal-Mart. To shoot somebody. People like this. Really scared. And apparently they were part of that whole confrontation where it's about a rancher. -- -- When the government showed up and told him that he wasn't here to keep allowing his cattle degrees and on government property apparently they were proud to have been involved in that. And there was a flight at the scene and they also found I never flags at their park and -- just the basics like -- don't tread on me and I heard somebody earlier try to say that they were they were linked to the Tea Party. You know. If they if they did feel like they -- Tea Party members it really isn't fair to judge all of the Tea Party by the mentality of these people. -- Tea Party really originally started out I'm talking about less government stand deeper for less government standing for. Lower taxes. And there have been people like Glenn Beck and among others. And who have tried to tie all these social anti government issues into the Tea Party and to the Tea Party now has another new image. But you know he initially -- I can't help particular time like this. Who are you more afraid enough. Anti government white supremacists. Foreign terrorist. Or street -- If you wanna join Russia with a comment about any of the stuff that we're gonna talk about today are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a tax numbers 877. Over the weekend the Texas Republican Party held meetings in Fort Worth they took a very hard line on immigration. And also gay rights and they put that in their platform they also support gay conversion therapy. I was talking about this 49 on this crucial. This this idea that they might support. Gay conversion therapy if it is technically possible. To turn a gay person into a street course. Then why would not be possible to turn a straight person. Into a -- purse. And is this really the direction for the Republican Party what goes on in Texas could taint the image of the Republican Party nationally. But there are people who honestly believe the Republican Party needs to become more conservative that's something else to talk about the show. -- first up the owner of California chrome California chrome finish fourth in the Belmont Stakes over the weekend did not win the Triple Crown. The owner Steve Colbert said after the race that the other owners took the coward's way out. By not running their horses and all three legs. Of the Triple -- Over said it only horses did -- for the Triple Crown should have brought it all three races the Kentucky Derby the preakness and ultimately that. The Belmont Stakes. Now should the rules be -- I I heard before going on the -- that the -- Colbert has has apologized. And it looked as if his wife was trying to calm him down. Win the NBC reporters went to him right after the race -- California chrome losing the race was bigger news -- a long shot they want the race. -- apologize I guess this takes. On some of the sting out of it but frankly. I thought I thought the owner of California chrome was it was a cry -- I thought it was a poor loser. And I think this is just part of this mentality about changing the rules. To create winners. To me it's it's like social promotion at school. It's like everybody gets a trophy. If you change that if you change the rules of horse racing with that not diminish. The the horses that have won the Triple Crown before. That was a tarmac in the 1970s when they were there with a Triple Crown winners. Secretary won the Triple Crown in 1973 Seattle slew in 1977 and affirmed the next year in 1978. That purpose of people say a winning the Triple Crown is no longer challenge. Well -- through 36 years since a horse won the coveted Triple Crown. Understood blog on our website is -- California chrome owner is crybaby and I guess. I guess now these apologize that takes on. It takes a little bit -- out of my criticism of him but this instinct to wanna change the rules I think it is it is a mistake. I think it's I think it's a mistake to want change rules to create more winners it's a Google Talk about on the show today also coming up in just few minutes we'll talk to a Bobby -- he's over southern oaks plantation but he is also. Horse owner for 25 years has won twenty. Mistakes and has won world record. And we'll talk to him coming up in just a few minutes and I would get his city his view and it's I don't know about -- a friend of mine but I have no idea what is opinion this is going to be. If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. When he seventy. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number is it 77 I'm screwed in fort Garland California COLT finished fourth in the Belmont today in the Belmont Stakes of the weekend didn't win the Triple Crown. A the -- Colbern after the race said that the owners I took the coward's way out by not running their horses in all three legs of the Triple Crown. Here's a text a Triple Crown winners one and raised in all three races. Here's a text that says says scoot. I normally agree with you but totally disagree about what you're saying about changing the rules -- horse racing is the same as everybody wins mentality. Here is another text. The owner was a crybaby but he also had a great point why should a horse that has not. Raced one plague of the series be allowed to beat out horse. That has been grinding it out for every race I do understand his point and -- block is done is it is about -- it's about California chrome. -- owner being a crybaby and always apologize but I thought he was certainly on. -- a Porsche sport right after all this happen if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And -- tech's number is 877. Bodies Cheryl is owner of a southern oaks plantation is a friend of mine he spit or sober for 25 years Tony stakes wins. One world record Bobby welcome to the show. We haven't talked about this I have no idea what your opinion is going to be a party feel about their comments that were made by Steve Colbert on -- California chrome after the race. Well that first off you know the the gentlemen has -- been in the business. A long period counts but that's. He almost guys like -- people that have been in the business a long time would have been. Overwhelmed. With joy to -- it that's all our. And it is thing in the business we all call racing gods there watching him. Believe me and you have to be very grateful for what you have want to. And perceived and the business -- guess what -- guide built trial counsel him. Yet he made -- commented. I didn't really understand that this was true but he said that there are a lot of other owners that don't want a Triple Crown winner. Suggesting that people were putting their fresh horses in the race just to stop a Triple Crown winner. It is that something that's a true and in horse racing. Absolutely not we wanted the people that have been involved in this industry. Especially on why have we want to see you know I was -- absolutely root for California crawl. But in all fairness. -- I do understand the -- -- point. You know where I felt like they should anticipate all three races spot. The way it's gone over the past oh -- on. -- can even think how many years there's been this way. That's the difficult part of the achieve. You're gonna have people coming in with fresh forces cell count to try to try not to change alters our care. Shall. Catch it on every race that I race then it doesn't matter who wore what type of race people trying to end. But I would think that that's the true challenge does he of the Triple Crown is winning all three even if you go up against fresh races a first horse races because. As secretariat. Seattle slew and affirmed all the 1970s. They've had to face the same challenges. Absolutely and that's what makes the call rebel movement the test of champions and that's the reason why it's so long race it's -- model and and of course like California -- kid -- and many many times before interest rates. So the course was you know it was not as fresh as the ones that want it that's correct and that is the tough part about winning the Belmont. You have that yeah. Did you know of course it will take extol on them brought in three very big races inside a five week period. And people in the business -- and that's why it is as the gentleman that -- partially. You know acting that way on national television. It's. They want and probably this thing to do we all should be held comments and maybe later. And maybe Asia -- -- conversation. Toward the race. Knowing that that that it would be a possibility. And how basically to hit yourself in the on the national stage. Yeah and I I thought that that was another interesting aspect of this he didn't talk about the rules -- talk about facing fresh horses before the race he only talked about it after the race. And against his activities but you know I do. But he too in the is that I think he doesn't he doesn't quite get it there -- been people in different industries in the next four years and years that would just. Absolutely. So thankful to participate in the Triple Crown race much less wing too late it took him. Shell in that regard we want positive positive side. Our friends out there and with a lot of the negative press with some of the this. This thing that -- -- and immediately we. It it would have been nice if if we would and it's such a little bit -- a little bit of black guy with that would kinetic activity that went on after the. Well he he's kind of a on a crass individual and and -- and -- Refined shall I say accept a a lot of orders him you know he was so open it up with the the crowd he became kind of an instant pop culture. Icon and and celebrity's whooping it up with -- -- of his cowboys had before them -- I don't think he ever considered he might lose. Let me tell you that we talked about that force alone is that have been -- while. Most of us will never say oh we're gonna win and you know the old children. It -- like guarantee the Super Bowl when you're in horse -- you start making those kind of comments at all also. But I do understand his excitement and I was going to totally amateur years ago. I had that same excitement and and very much. -- -- -- -- -- You know you'd think -- have been prepared just in case you don't win. Because. The cameras roll. And people watched every movie makes you wanna try at which it with as much class as she can. -- obvious -- or similar for 25 years twenty steak wins one world record of southern exploitation and different my thanks -- -- Lewis thank you always a pleasure pleasure here's a text -- -- says the owner is a sore loser a good thing I would have been to add more. Wait to horses who did not run it all a Triple Crown races here's another -- California chrome was and had an amazing season. It's a shame to tarnish that record. By being a sore loser. Who makes terrible analogies and and I can't help but think that this is this is part of a much bigger. Phenomena and -- in America. And that is changing the rules. If if somebody doesn't win bullets it's not a suddenly it's not fair because my my horse lost because the other horses. I didn't all running and in all legs of the Triple Crown but that's the challenge of the Triple Crown that's why they are so few winners of the Triple Crown race and to change the rules of racing. Again like it I think it's like I think it's like school. Social promotion I think it's it's like every every kid gets a trophy. Well if you change the rules and start to reward everybody. Then does that not diminish the accomplishments. Of those who played by the rules and won before. It in athletics. I was terrible in school. I wasn't good it was fast. And I had a few. Glaring moments but you know I didn't get medals I didn't get a lot of trophies rewards. And other kids did and it just it taught me okay well you know what I'm gonna find what I'm good -- I'm gonna do what I can do best this is -- that I'm gonna find what I can do best. And sometimes we learn. Actually quite often we learn from. Are failures we learn more from failure that we do from -- for success. If you wanna join us with a comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. And our -- number is 87870. Here's a text don't change the rules after the race should've been brought up before the race yeah I -- I did I just had mentioned that a moment I think that's a really good point this guy wasn't complaining about the rules of fresh horse is coming into the race before the race. Only complained after the race. In 2004 horse named Smarty Jones did not win the Triple Crown finish separate two -- stone. -- still ran into Kentucky Derby but skipped the preakness. 2003 funny side won the first two legs of the Triple Crown but lost empire maker in the Belmont Stakes empire maker finished second to funny side in the derby. But rested during the preakness. So part of the challenge you'll always be that you face fresh horses in the Belmont Stakes which is the longest of the races. Here's our W if you are pretty jaguar opinion poll is driving tired. As dangerous. Less dangerous. Or more dangerous. Than driving -- The driver of the eighteen Wheeler did -- Tracy Morgan's Mercedes limousine bus. He's a critical condition but apparently he is responding. Over the weekend on the New Jersey Turnpike has been charged -- one person's -- -- charged with I think four counts of assault by auto. He apparently was very tired and falling asleep. And I got a text and some -- said to somebody actually tried to. Treadway came out but I think was a talk tollbooth operator and they've got you know tollbooth operators on to something and Anderson turned -- There should be a lot of focus put on driving while tired. I don't know about you but I have been tired behind that we deal. And I know how dangerous it is thank god nothing ever happened but there were few times that I had to pull over interest in an -- rest. That's -- thing to do because I think driving. Tires. Really tired. Is actually more dangerous than driving drunk not -- I'm endorsing driving drunk like to join our show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Told 38668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 877 there was a shooting in Las Vegas over the weekend and the couple. It allegedly shot two police officers they are having -- at a at a pizza place. And then walked across the street shot a third person at Wal-Mart and it was an apparent suicide pact after the shootings. The wife apparently killed the husband and then shot herself. There are reports indicating that this couple had anti government and anti law enforcement views and talked about conspiracy theories. See these people scare me a lot. When witness said the couple shouted this is a revolution. As they went into. Did the Wal-Mart area from the pizza parlor. Who are you more -- -- anti government white supremacists. Foreign terrorist. Or street -- If you wanna join our show with a -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text Amber's late seventies every. Also we're talking about the Texas Republican Party holding meetings over the weekend in Fort Worth that took a very hard line on immigration and gay rights. Other but things as well in the platform. So these things are now part of the platform. And they do support the Republicans in Texas do you support gay conversion therapy which. As far as I know most reputable middle health. Organizations. Denounce it as something is really dangerous effect the state of New Jersey and the state of California have both passed laws banning. Gay conversion therapy. And I think it's really interesting because those who support gay conversion therapy -- must think that that being gay is a choice. Will then that would do would also mean that being straight is a choice. So if you could turn homosexual into heterosexual. Then it makes sense to turn. You could if you did the right therapy I don't know you don't listen to a lot of on Broadway Show tunes and things like that he'd do you know you need to clean you got nice clothes. Actually I'm stereotyping here but we're just having fun with it but if it's possible -- gay person straight and why would not be possible to turn. A straight person -- with the right -- repeat. Here is a text -- you're definitely right on this one it makes sense that if you can convert a straight person the opposite. A seems obvious -- and I don't think anybody who is straight. Would believe that any amount of therapy. Would turn them into a gay person I mean I can only speak for -- myself. That wouldn't happen for me not that there's anything wrong with that but I just like I know -- I -- Here is a text about two or driving. And being tired I have dozed off I dozed off once. One time and knocked my side mirror off. Thank god he wasn't a person. I hit a soaring poll the truck driver broke the law. There's a law that only allows drivers to drive. No more than ten hours if you wanna join our show with your comment about anything we're talking about this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's Saturday in a text numbers like 77 here's a quick update on our WWL -- -- opinion poll. He's driving tired as dangerous. Less dangerous. Or more dangerous than driving drunk. 67%. Say it is as dangerous. Only 13% say it's less dangerous. Between 1% say it's more dangerous give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com protects his Howard here on WW on good morning. Back -- -- you think they let my day off in the wallet and joked with national courtroom Biloxi. And until today don't remember I knew how not to like and want to -- that the total collected the basic English richest woman told it will be up. Until today I don't know car got there and he told me you don't on the road. And it's like that truly is if you leave them on the police got swept the two ultimately vitriol. But still today I don't remember dropping from the want to basic Lewis now and steal a -- Texas disturbed -- therapy. So why not common sense there -- people politicians. -- while we meet common sense conversion therapy BNSF. Yeah and and I'm I'm here in Texas and they want to you know take all the published in the -- will drop trucks went -- Soviet spit tobacco. Indeed there it is. I'm really I think politicians who have stepped it guilt -- relations. And -- proved that in the country's infrastructure somewhere about a person's gender gender. Power actually agreement I'm glad you were going to called also the Texas Republican Party. Protesters took a hard stand on. Repealing. Voting rights they want to repeal the voting rights act. They support open carry firearms that's not a surprise. They support a repeal. Of the minimum wage. So is that a talking about increasing the minimum -- what they would do away with the minimum wage. The Republican Convention putting -- a platform together this is the Texas Republican Party a condition for worth over the weekend. The -- and they support the US withdrawing from the United Nations. That's isolationists mentality. That is ferry ferry. Aligned with very far right wing thinking people. Are they also on support. The prohibition. The morning after -- And they are demanding a repeal of the Affordable Care Act known as obamacare. So the Texas Republican Party. Is taking the party to the right. Is this. The right direction for the Republican Party. If you -- Russia would comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. A -- -- 877. I can take. Take the time when you were really really tired of driving I mean so -- got tired of driving -- so tired that it was actually dangerous our thoughts and prayers remain with Tracy Morgan the actor and Saturday Night Live cast member from the past. He was involved in terrible accidents on the New Jersey Turnpike over the weekend -- -- witnessing. His Mercedes limousine boss was it was hit by eighteen Wheeler. And the kind eighteen Wheeler apparently was tired and it may be good enough force for 24 hours that's that's one report. I don't think there's enough emphasis in this country place -- driving while tired. Here's a WW a party general opinion poll is driving tired as dangerous less dangerous or more dangerous than driving drunk. Here's an update 72% say it's as dangerous. 10% say less dangerous. And 17% say it's more dangerous. If your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. I had an appearance to make years ago in their -- you know and I forget what it once it does some festival or something and they they got a hotel room for. And I was with my wife at the time and another couple. And they they got a hotel room -- I remember after the event I went and the hotel over to the hotel we checked and and can -- their thinking well you know I mean we're this close to New Orleans. Let's just go home. I vividly remember being on parts of two lane highway. Coming back from Delhi and a and a couple of times almost going off the -- And yet I continue to drive. And that was not the right decision. I remember another time when I was in Miami I was driving back and visit my son in New Orleans. I was driving back to Miami. And to my girlfriend at the time and I had stopped at fort. Fort Walton to see some friends so badly delayed a trip. By the time we got passed a deep -- Central Florida area still Central Florida. I was so old tired. I just pulled over like I told us that I've got to -- she got a couple of drinks she was a good drive. Edison project I've got a couple over. And I do it so what do you do when you're really tired. They get a text from somebody said that they they like to eat. It'd take a bite to eat that's as good is as resting and I remember one thing that I used to do to fight -- overly long trips. I don't do this anymore in particular trip for a while but nice to eat evidence. It is wintertime. Beat Eminem's just gonna -- the candy off so we take a while to eat it. And that was something that idea it is there something you do when you're driving and you're really tired. And I think more emphasis should be placed on driving while tired and we talk about driving. -- drunken here here's our poll with 72% saying that driving while tired is as dangerous. Is driving drunk you can join our show with your comment to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- tech's number 87870. Here's text about the Texas Republican Party they're against government involvement in health care. Yet they want the government involved in health care by banning morning after pills therein lies further hypocrisy. Here's a text I drove tiger once I drove from -- to oak lawn on veterans. Woke up and didn't remember how I got there. From wagon and David George WWL. Yes you're -- -- opt out -- thanks -- Pot -- don't drop and drop a track stratus 31. And I used to teach China a young drivers come -- into the industry. And -- cardinal rule book it's your time I'll hit it I'm that we owe a Yugo out while out on the road -- depth chart he'd pull over. About the truck walk around. Or simply just go back eventually -- and go to -- Now. Situation. Will -- these companies out there are the very dark speak today. The new rules regulations. That relate to it affects. Our. -- -- -- -- Saying that you grow richer -- I mean you work out very. You drive all night there are all very delivered picking out rate -- which -- received 700 miles. October. So the current with the cart rule you can drop elaborate Richard Paris we -- And I'm happy to orders under the new rule deal rule and I like the word adult and you could. Record your hard. Actually it would it would McAllister. Fourteen hour day. Like. -- Look at that you and and and it just was tired issues simply stopped made a phone call and he reached at what is important and not talk. David do you think do you think driving tired is as dangerous as driving drunk -- Listen I'm not I'm not trying to invite people to drive drunk but you know if you if you are legally drunk in your behind the wheel. I think you're better off and again I need to be careful I say this I think you're better off than if you're tired because if you're tired you've go unconscious. Correct it and even even -- a truck educate our common goal he should even be on will be president's -- Richard brought. It impaired a parachute. On -- you're what -- draw was. You know ordered the first vehicle tolerance to draw the opulent errors that -- that -- -- here. And -- -- -- diamond tapped I shouldn't be on the road. I mean I took an -- I took a child's portion of diamond -- something like that I should be on the road. David a drive safely and appreciate you calling her show here is a text -- -- when I was seventeen driving back to Seattle from Canada. I fell asleep and drove down the median through construction signs. Luckily it was 3 AM. If you wanna join assured your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- right seventy. Attacks -- -- 7878 also we're talking about the Texas Republican Party holding meetings to work out their platform. I'd this year for 2014 admitted for -- over the weekend. They're moving the party to the right is that good for the Republican Party nationally. There's a new law that's taking effect in Louisiana which will bans cell phone use in some school zones that we can't even get everybody to slow down and get into a -- -- you can ask him to put down their cellphones. I hope nobody would be using their cellphone and -- school's own anyway but unfortunately they will and even though you pass laws that doesn't necessarily change behavior. There's no specific law I guess against I don't know -- you would define it there's no specific law against driving. While tired. And the guy who's driving the eighteen Wheeler that crashed into the limousine bus. It put Tracy Morgan and hospital in critical condition. Has been charged with one death -- four counts of assault by auto he apparently was tired of getting a lot of text about driving while tired -- good to all of those coming up right after the news. But from -- Tony you're under the WL. Yet delicate point in reference in reference to the yeah. Driving while tired -- recently published drive me. Approximately. About a year. And that the problem which -- and eating and the man you lose at the very short lived. Meant keeping you keeping up. -- absolute best but you can do despite a big collapse of couple IE and she -- -- what -- the -- -- your stand out and secondly it -- cool your core. And the and it has the tendency to -- real waking you as far as you know that tired which. And I just read a text or during the the last break of about today about eating ice it and see that would be less fattening so that would be a better thing to do anyway. Well that that's the issue what -- what -- wanna comment on -- there's a question absolutely. The biggest concern we had to say texting while driving I cannot -- how many times have been pulled up behind the -- extracting and mr. So dangerous. And I think that we really need to focus our attention on them and secondly the card spot on I joined I actually has the absolute best -- can do. Good advice of Mexico specialist. -- will continue talk about driving while tired also the platform the Republican Convention night in and Texas all that next.