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Jun 9, 2014|

California Chrome finished 4th in The Belmont Stakes over the weekend and didn't win the Triple Crown. His owner, Steve Coburn said after the race that the other owners took "the coward's way out" by not running their horses in all 3 legs of the Triple Crown. He says the only horses that should run for the Triple Crown are horses that have been in all 3 races. Should the rules be changed? Is the owner of California Chrome a bad loser?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning I'm studio for -- today through Thursday Don Dubuque will be interesting take on Friday as he always is glacier where -- tonight. Comedian Tracy Morgan remains in critical condition but apparently he's responding and in doing a little better but still in critical condition. He's a Mercedes limo bus was involved in an accident over the weekend. A 35 year old can roper was the driver of the eighteen Wheeler who hit the vehicle -- to Tracy Morgan was in and he's been charged with death by auto and assault. By auto the driver apparently was very tired and had been up for close at 24 hours. Here's our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll is driving tired as dangerous. Less dangerous. Or more dangerous. Than driving drunk. -- a shipping in my going to our web site WW dot com we hear so much talk about driving drunk as we should and it is a very serious thing. But something that really isn't. I think focused on as much. Is -- -- tires and I can think -- at times when I have been tired and it was really really dangerous and I ended up pulling off the -- thank god. And and resting. But we don't focus enough on driving tired also supported product driving while texting is. The most dangerous thing you can do. And I I don't disagree with that and I'm I'm still amazed that I see so many people on on the pro driving while texting and I mention on the show the other day that I saw a woman in a very very heavy rainstorm he blinding rainstorm. And IT and close two -- 310 just passed Kennard. And this woman was in the center lane in a big issue -- As she had her flashing lights on while she was driving maybe 4050 miles an hour. She's driving with a hazard lights on no lights but hazard lights and she's texting while driving. The Texas Republican Party held its meetings over the weekend in Fort Worth and took a very hard line on immigration and gay rights and put in the platform support for gay conversion therapy. Now think about this if it is possible to take a gay person and turn them into a straight person. Then theoretically it would be possible to take a straight person. Turn into a gay person. With the right therapy. That would be music it would be bigotry it could -- clothes you needed clean. Would it have anything to do with. Broadly I mean I don't stereotyping here but I talked about this at the show Friday night. It just seems to me that it's ridiculous to think that you could turn gay person straight but a lot of people think -- choice. But if its choice to be gave his choice to be straight. And in the right therapy to turn somebody who strayed into somebody's game which I think really accentuates how ridiculous. -- told gay therapy conversion. The concept is. We're also talking about the shooting in Las Vegas over the weekend a married couple allegedly shot two police officers they were having lunch at a pizza parlor in Los Vegas. Shut them they have in what SE that takes up that takes a lot of courage. Somebody's having lunch and you shoot them -- having lunch. A third person was shot at a Wal-Mart across the street the couple apparently had a suicide pact they're both dead. And reports indicate the couple held anti government anti law enforcement views and talked a lot about conspiracy theories. When witnesses said the couple shouted this is a revolution. As they went from the pizza parlor to the Wal-Mart. These people scare me. If you wanna join our show with a comment about -- they were talking about we got a couple things going on this morning. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86 X eighty -- nearly seventy. And our text number is 87870. Over the weekend I was watching you might have been watching as well not a horse racing fans and yet it like horse racing it's beautiful I enjoy going to the fair grounds. I love the horses. But I am not an expert horse racing but I was really glued to the television Saturday afternoon. California chrome trying to win the Triple Crown nobody -- in 36 years in California chrome finish fourth in the Belmont. The owner Steve Colbert after the race said that the owners took the coward's way out by not running their horses and all three legs of the Triple Crown. And the first thing that I thought -- was OK so you don't we and so you wanna change the rules to make it easier. To win and I understand the concept of fresh horse is going gets a horse that his has -- indeed the first two legs of the Triple Crown. Also in addition to just winning those races. There's also traveling involved. A minute they don't go clear across the country but this traveling involved in the horses and that manifest fatigue. But if you change the rules. That doesn't that diminish went secretariat. Seattle slew and affirmed dated 97 and and every Triple Crown winner for that matter. If you change the rules isn't this part of this this mentality in America. Where we we lower standards. To get more winners. Let let me share with you part of what I I'm sure you've seen this on hitters but if you didn't miss it yourself part of what Stephen Colbert had to say. After his source law student in the preakness -- India Belmont Stakes. If you I don't wars. That earns more should run in the Kentucky Derby close -- winning -- -- the start of the decade for the only when he developed. Eligible to run and all three races this is the coward's way out. Height I understand the point he's making but I disagree in this group blog which is on our website at WWL dot com is really about not just this but it's about the much bigger picture of well let's let's let's change the rules so we have more winners the -- blog is -- California chrome owner. A crybaby I understand that he has now apologized. It looked as if his wife -- trying to hold him back wing and the reporter from NBC when he talked to him right after the race because. California chrome losing was a much bigger story than the longshot. Titlist. Winning the race. And I just I think it's wrong to talk about changing the rules. If you are join us with a comment about any of -- stuff we're talking about its numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven your tax numbers 87870. And we also were talking a lot this morning about two driving little tired here's a text -- -- I agree. In life no one should be awarded for losing. But it's. That assumes there's a level playing field in other words everything is equal. However in the Belmont everything does not equal a horse that has not run in the first two races. Where just the preakness should not be allowed to run especially if there's a horse that can be Triple Crown winner -- I disagree with that. Because part of the test of the bigger Triple Crown winner is winning the longest at the races. The Belmont Stakes. Even if you face fresh horses. And and since the since the owner Steve Colbert wasn't talking about this before the race. I think it's wrong for him to have said this immediately. After the race. A concerning. Driving while tired -- somebody suggest that you would that you eat sunflower seeds that's a good way to stay awake well first of all if you're too tired. You should not be behind the wheel car. Period. And and so much emphasis is placed on. Drinking and driving. And so little is said about. Driving tired. And from my personal experience. And I've done both in the past and I've admitted this on the show. I've had too much drinking got behind the wheel the car. I do not do that anymore it's been a long time. But I have done in the past. But I have also driven while tired and dropping -- tired seems to me to actually be more dangerous. The driving while intoxicated. From Atlanta Denis your and to -- WL. -- -- In it and not pretend to be dropped and up like -- -- when Ali. (%expletive) ain't sex marriage and -- -- to stop that problem on yeah. Political alternate ceremony. Will what is it like -- -- cheap and -- and all of I don't know I haven't been to a service yet. Maybe they are -- -- -- -- by no it's. It would probably. I don't. Forgot what -- somebody if somebody knows they give us a call I've I have not been too. I did do was some celebrations after gay marriages by -- never actually been to a formal gay ceremony. So as a woman -- I don't not. I get a lot of people keep listening and hopefully we'll get an answer. -- -- -- Don't agree for. Are we appreciate you listening in Atlanta. Here is a -- -- driving tired is more dangerous than driving drunk for the same reason you stated you go unconscious. When you fall asleep. From -- Rules -- WW well. Hey cool -- or good. Bet they'd probably be equally but metres -- are driving drunk and -- -- because. You'd -- and and you probably -- you it and -- -- You are UKQ were you going to Egypt is you can hurt so -- and curiouser or interests -- and both are equally. Now -- -- And I told us Yeltsin despite -- viewed as you've driven those drunken tired. Driven both broken bat and I I it I have to. I'm not at the same time. That have been dropped into a lot of withdrawal driving that I have been tired. And from your personal perspective which do you think is more dangerous if you had to pick one. I say I if I had to pick -- I'd have to say alcohol. Use and abuse you can you can become. Are abused dozens of venues they're at a did you get back on. That's a little or do you you wake up -- and he -- get the road you may constitute. -- what is. I think it drop you're not able so quickly make re yeah. When you when you hear those that when you hear those little reflective bumps in the middle of the road or the side of the road if you veer off just a little bit that can wake you up but that's actress over you. John Rutledge called it nationalistic I'm -- for Garland we are thrilled to have Angeles part of our radio -- WW she's got a great show coming up at 1 o'clock this will be interesting Orleans parish district attorney. -- -- -- I should get his take on the liberal justice system of metropolitan crime commission's report to consent decree. And the latest criticism. If the inspector general also the dismissal of the case against merit Landry and in the in the mirror and a bit at 2 o'clock a new report says Louisiana ranks at the bottom for working moms. Why is that what are we missing that at 3 o'clock and shall talk about the dark squad. Wired doctors nationwide choosing not to take insurance. And operates solely. On a cash basis. And you get a better deal. Joining Angela hale an open mind with the legendary Angela hill this afternoon and weekdays one to fort here on WWL. For New Orleans Stephen welcome to our show. Eight about this horse racing you know my family and I agreed at that zone. Radio Kentucky Derby winner with my father had resources but resources that other professional athletes work out every day. Mean he might not do the total. Every day but they were on every day they're actually -- every day. You don't think patent doesn't throw the football on a regular basis I mean he doesn't just do it from. From August 2. To January. So to say there out of -- they're out of that because they -- Three races that are leeches is it's absolutely ridiculous. -- as -- deciphered the owners say that and I knew I wanted to talk about this I -- I thought he was just reacting in a very. On sportsman like classless way by saying that if there's fresh tortures of the race it's it's unfair I understand the point he's making. But you can't really change the rules now because there are other Triple Crown winners who had to face the same challenges. And and -- of our drivers are my professional driver broke several on Tuesday. But what a start he ought to go home and used dispatchers so just do one more do one more than just. And it's like Nolan chart wanna go well. And then of course they would punish you not only would you not make that extra for that -- but the next day -- And that maybe you're either all or give you at the work that you would normally yet. And it it's it's all about the dollar and it is her eating. Our you know when tiger. Cheers and recliner except. You know you get that will he get that food coma but yeah we're not talking about having. You know -- Freddie Cheaney Alfredo or meat and spaghetti behind the -- part Turkey. The guy I've noticed that if if I've had in the past when I've taken long trips and do it now but in the passwords had long trips of Thomas a feeding him and ends -- that. And can be somebody suggested ice in the that was in the suggestion of sunflower seeds but nothing is good if you really time. But it on top of that. Sunflower seeds you're distracted pleasure people and that he -- -- at the shell. And I'm just a little bit too much of Indy 321 all season my car. Well now I mean yeah that's that's true -- -- it is not you know that's right. -- a little early show when I drive carefully out there here is attacks that read since the Mother's Day accident bus drivers can drive. Up to fifteen hours 58 minutes and have to sleep eight hours. Try -- try praying and singing. To stay -- You know the -- partners a good idea even if you're not. Even if you're not tired his tech's Triple Crown winners one and -- three races how does that diminish the win well if the rules changed now. And from now on. No Triple Crown winner would be challenged by any fresh horses they did not run in either both -- at least one of the way exited the Triple Crown before the Belmont Stakes. And that I think woods would taint the the accomplishments of the -- Triple Crown winners of the past. From -- Danny you're WL. They've screwed you don't. True and all the talk about the stunning loss it is you know this thing -- about it first sort of police culture should do it -- anybody. Ever get killed when. In certain circumstances like this. What you do so than what most people don't realize what state police department they are notoriously. One of the most. Brutal police departments in the nation they trample on people's rights every single day -- up without. Also against them mentality. They create animosity within the community. And you know and and like many police spot in the awards was notorious for this. In -- many many years no it's it's abated somewhat recent years. You know I mean. Just recently hit the incident -- -- guy -- police because his brother was strip and suicide to corruption -- up and -- his brother to death that he has got in this last. In on the cup civic got pulled to go on -- mean you know. When you can't start the police work for our openly and you when you're out you know there's nothing. You know that nothing that nature if you sort out what has to be in the hands of the police Wednesday. This -- that you done something wrong and you know nothing you can do worse is going to alleviate this situation. And I can imagine what that we deal like I've never been in that situation but I do agree with you that there has to be trust in the group that is supposed to be protecting the citizens. However Danny -- what happened in Las Vegas. I don't think it's fair to justify what this that this couple did and by killing these two police officers and and killing somebody else at Wal-Mart across the street for the pizza parlor. They haven't solved the problem. -- circling and that's what -- -- or situation. You know what is that. You all -- -- out trying to get a point is that unless unless there -- real laws enacted number one to control guns. And number two to make police more accountable for things that they do. You know -- -- and situations pop up like is because people get frustrated that point. You know -- the way they lash out. And and you know us as it is as long as it is and we'll continue to happen as long as. You know as long as -- and we have so many guns society would be. Police have against them mentality and that we see in this city everyday and -- back and so it will this law. And at least due to citizens. Is is equally law is actually part of the problem in of people don't realize that the -- police treat citizens. It's part of the situation that the court -- -- -- -- -- will be no solution look at things from all sides and say. Danny I I appreciate -- showing got to get -- news break however there's no justification for shooting police officers or innocent people because this year your frustrated. Mean I guess you could argue Timothy McVeigh was frustrated with the government so he he -- a lot of innocent people including kids. He had a great weekend I cruised through the creole tomato festival the French market it was a little warm yesterday but it was it still nice to be -- and walked up along the at the river nice breeze off the river -- hope you had a a great weekend here's a quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll. Is driving tired. As dangerous. Less dangerous or more dangerous. The driving drunk. 70% say it is as dangerous. That's that's a majority 70%. Of those responding to the polls say that driving tired is as dangerous as driving drunk. I agree with. 11% say it's less dangerous and only 19% say it's more dangerous. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- dot com and while you're there at the Disco blog is about changing the rules of horse racing the California chrome. -- owner I think it's a crybaby I think he's apologized I haven't heard the official apology but it's my understanding that he did apologize for saying that all the other owners in the race. We're taking the coward's way out because they had fresh horses running against his source. And he did win the Triple Crown and I thought it was a sore looser and that was bad sportsmanship. But this is this is part of the mentality in this country where you know everybody gets the trophy or where. -- if if somebody doesn't win -- if it's hard to win let's make it easier to win. No let's don't make it easier to win anything. Let's keep the standards where they are where they are and get people to. To work harder and it's achieving their goals. If you -- join our show with comics are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- amber is 87870. I we've also been talking about the Texas Republican Party they held meetings at their convention over the weekend in Fort Worth. And the seem to wanna take the party to the right. Is this the best direction for the Republican Party right now as we get closer to the mid terms. Later this year November. And the the 2016 presidential election should the Republican Party be more conservative. I've talked about this a lot of dispute -- indict your WB will end the conversation continues. And it was an interesting conversation when Republican leaders were here for the Republican leadership conference which was held today in new -- system went a week or so ago. And I wrote a blog it was simply a message to the Republican Party. And if the Republican Party pays attention. To -- this message. I think they can win the White House in 2016. If they continue to. To focus on social issues. They're not gonna win and if they continue to departed to the right in my opinion I don't see how they can win over all of the voters that the -- the Republican Party. Conservative young voters are not necessarily happy with the Republican establishment. To join our short numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. And a text amber is -- 78 him from Covington John you're on WW well. A good morning how are -- John. I'm I'm just I'm gonna answered that gentleman that called about whether it's two men. I'm when their Mary called pretty much different thing is heterosexual marriage -- why -- caller on the partner in -- There's no -- no guidelines and never got pine tree calling your white a white four by turning a fun thing. Oh okay so are you are human relationship John. I am OK and and you refer to what would you be the white for the husband in the relationship and I hope I'm not -- hope that some derogatory way to phrase it. Well don't classify a -- you know want and so there's two Latvian which probably would call her partner in life pro life and what are you don't want. Mean I attack in portrait with too much thought into -- input on. In your probably right Micah you're in a -- and when people are slated dancing who leads you know -- I don't care. But did that some people asked that question. -- -- and then -- further sweeten things I think you know where people are your brief search aren't you know. On is actually falling asleep or not sleeping and out from behind the real entertainment driving. I'm I'm able. That we look at. So -- don't know their their their I understand the tortured making and I talked about this earlier and it's it's a good time to bring this up again. They're both very dangerous and they're both bad it's just that there's so much emphasis placed on drinking and driving as there should be. I think there should be more emphasis placed on driving while tired and we don't hear. We don't hear campaigns in crusades about that because it does it fit into the it doesn't fit into the political agenda in the social agenda of those who are opposed to drinking and driving. I think that they should just actually tackled the issue that you -- doing anything while operating a motor vehicle. There should be a crime -- and I'm you watch women put on makeup -- dragging down the road I've seen your card you're not paying attention. I've seen John -- political Michelle thanks listing. If you wanna join us with your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And check separates a 7870 here's attacks it reads if you are falling asleep sunflower seeds are the best thing you can do to keep awake. You could be falling asleep dead tired you put you use you put a mouthful of sunflower seeds in your mouth and it's instant await. Here's another text. Who in the world -- sunflower -- with their hands LO well. You put him in your mouth and then you spit out the shells. And it's not something that we're doing. I. Hear is attacks. This is about. About gun ownership that's good that's why open carry. -- doesn't. Really matter because those. Who know walking into a place. They want to they would did they want to shoot the cops. Who got killed and guns I love this this text did you skate and the fact that the words gay conversion therapy. Where even uttered in a government building shows exactly what's wrong with the Republican Party. I've done a lot of talking about this and actually I've ice pick talking about the mistakes Republican Party was making. Before the election of 2012. And it right after the election a lot of Republican leaders were saying exactly what I was saying before the election. And then they they drift offered and then in many rally around people like at ten -- in the government shut down which winners in fact I I think even even Limbaugh said. It was an embarrassment to the Republican Party. I think it -- if the Republican Party follows the lead of Texas and focuses on far right issues I don't see how they're gonna win the White House again. I mean it's it's really it's their choice. But to for the 2000 Republican plot 2014 Republican platform in the state of Texas after this weekend's meeting. They're calling for a repeal of the voting rights act they support open carry firearms to understand that. They support repealing the minimum wage. Just moving the minimum -- -- somebody can work for whatever. They support. The US withdrawing for the United Nations -- a brilliant move. That isolation and stuff is a far right ideology. And it really isn't isn't gonna work. -- also they prohibits the sale of the morning after -- And yet they're demanding the repeal of the Affordable Care Act -- obamacare so. In one way they are involved in healthcare but didn't wanna be they don't they don't want the government -- and healthcare but that they want the government involved in. On -- banning the sale of the morning after pill. What -- -- debates like this site I just I look back at history. And how I see the battle that took place in the late fifties and early sixties over the birth control pill. And had gotten to the point where the US Supreme Court had to rule. That banning birth control pills was unconstitutional. There was a moral majority in this country that was trying to ban birth control pills because that the theory was. If people don't have to worry about pregnancy then there's going to be more promiscuous sex. Getting on a more text about drinking and driving and -- driving while tired also support text about. The owner if California chrome a Steve Colbert who I thought was a poor loser after the race by saying that. The other horse owners took the coward's way out by putting fresh horses to run against his -- a from -- -- -- on WWL. Trade at one time. I think demanded child rape. Theoretically. If -- -- quote. Triggered the everybody else it's -- restricted. Because -- -- wanted origin. -- that they can't report. There. Or should it. For all of our problem. I eat chicken. At that point in four. -- in and week or actual content age -- And they're. -- -- But so so what would TV -- -- -- Win -- -- but don't. Should note dirt like extra. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Trying to you hear it right. In jail which war. Woody I don't know I don't I don't think there I don't think you're able to I don't think you're able to hear me I'm glad you made that point and I appreciate you calling. However if other horses have won the Triple Crown. Then -- change the rules now. Isn't this part of lowering standards so they're more winners is it failure that there are a fresh horses in the race against a horse that has run. Bullets at three -- three times in in five weeks and travels. I guess that's not fair technically. But it's not against the rules and if you change the rules now and understand the owner's point but he changed the rules now. To me this is so lowering standards. So there will be more winners and that would diminish. The accomplishments. Of course is like secretariat. Seattle -- And affirmed. All Triple Crown winners in the 1970s. Which caused some people -- to say pay winning the Triple Crown is not the biggest challenge is used to be. Now it's been 36 years since who had to crown winner and the first reaction of the horse did it failed to accomplish winning the Triple Crown says. It wasn't fair that owners put fresh horses in the race against his his horse I understand his point but you can't change the rules. On security for garlic we're gonna get to abort your -- coming up here in just a moment here's quick update on our WWL party -- opinion polls. Do you think driving tired is as dangerous. Less dangerous or more dangerous than driving drunk 68%. Say it is as dangerous. But yet we don't hear much talk about it -- 14% say it's less dangerous 18% say it is more dangerous. Somewhere on the causeway Charles here on WW. I Olmert comment on the old or short -- I'll. It it to the horse that triple core I don't. Hitting. Tight horse. Than that the horse will run like secretariat here in about thirty each. You can -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the preakness and if you -- back. Our whole hours that it structural triple or are now on our horse a horse or outrun that -- and our. And that dollar dollars it thank you buy dot. -- Charles and I'm going to call the Kentucky Derby is I don't know exactly how long it is but. It's. It's longer than the preakness the -- as more of a sprint and then the Belmont Stakes is certainly a mile and a half and that's the longest. So to win the Triple Crown and you've got to be able to win the Kentucky Derby. Then we had more -- a sprint race in the preakness. And then win a longer race in the Belmont Stakes. And the owner of California chrome. Steve -- was upset has said that the rules should be changed. And I disagree with I don't think -- I don't think we change rules because somebody is is disappointed that they didn't win I mean the standards percent. And you need to live up to the standards or you lose and to suddenly say that you what the rules change because you lose. I think that makes you -- looser. Here is attacks that -- says so in fact I think the rules have changed. By its earlier. I said do you don't cry. You know cry about it after the race she should bring it to everybody's attention before the race well I agree I think it was draw from to bring in about the but he should've been bringing this up before the race. Here's a text about the shootings in Las Vegas. Astute anytime people do mass or. -- shootings it's an ambush so even if you had a gun. In the open and they would have still taken you by surprise I'm studio for Garland and we'll be back after the news.