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6-9 12:10pm Scoot: driving while tired

Jun 9, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about driving impaired. Which is worse; driving while intoxicated or driving while tired? Scoot also talks about the Texas GOP's new push for gay conversion therapy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's I'm -- had a great weekend good afternoon I'm studio for -- today through Thursday and of course -- the vehicle via a think tank on Friday Bob Mitchell is doing -- show all this week thank you for. A fulfilling and they'll be back on the -- show Friday night. Here's what we're talking about issue again a couple of things going on -- I don't always. I do one topic per hour but here's -- we're talking about and Dave you can comment on anything we're talking about. Comedian Tracy Morgan remains in critical condition after his Mercedes limo bus was involved in an accident over the weekend. 35 year old Kevin -- the driver of the eighteen Wheeler. Has been charged with death by by auto and I think four counts of assault by auto. The driver of the truck apparently had been awake for over 24 hours. And that brings us to this question. Is driving tired as dangerous. Less dangerous or more dangerous. Than driving drunk in the neither one's good it. But we hear so much focus placed on tricky driving and and that's good. But I don't hear as much about driving while tired and I can think about the times in my life in the past. When I was stupid. And got behind the wheel car when it had too much to drink and I admit that that does something that I did in the past. Don't do that anymore and thank god nothing nothing happened but I think about the times that I was really tired and driving. And the idea of going completely unconscious. Behind the wheel to me. Make striving while extremely tired even more dangerous but you can give us your opinion by -- to our web -- WWL dot com at least we're talking about. On driving and an -- tired. I don't think it gets as much attention as it should because it's really dangerous and a lot of people really do try to push do you remember a time when you're driving and really tired. That what happened or what is it that you do if you're extremely tired. Don't drive just to pull over or don't get behind the wheel car. But what do you do if you are a long trip. That that helps keep you awake and helps keep you alert again beyond a certain point nothing is gonna help it is or something you do that helps helps keep you alert. If you enjoyed Russia would come at our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And it -- a -- seventy -- every -- -- talking about the Texas Republican Party holding meetings over the weekend in Fort Worth to set up their platform for 2014. Having taken a very hard line on immigration and gay rights and they put in their platforms support of gay conversion therapy. That means states they believe through therapy. You can turn gay person into a straight person. And if that will work. -- I don't see how you can argue that you could not turn a street person into a gay person with the right -- And as a heterosexual. I just don't think that's possible and I don't even know what that therapy would be. So is the Republican Party follows. The Texas Republican Party I just can't imagine them them winning the White House. I wrote a blog about this I don't believe it was a last week after the top Republican leaders met in New Orleans for the Republican leadership conference. And it was a message to the Republican Party -- it's this idea of getting involved in all of these social issues I just don't understand how this is going to help the party. And there are those like Ted Ted Cruz here's here's something that he said at the meetings over the weekend he said like never before. Our freedom is under assault again today Texans will stand up and lead the fight to defend our freedom that's not gonna win them the White House. I don't understand how anybody can argue that it that it would. I understand that we do have an immigration problem but what the Republican Party wants to do is also end in state college tuition for illegal immigrants. Well some of those illegal immigrants came here with their parents. And if they have the ambition to go to college. Isn't that better than some. Not but you have to go to college -- to be a contributing member society. But if somebody wants to go to college. Why wouldn't why would that be beneficial to all. It if you came here as an illegal immigrant as a child. You didn't make the decision to come here. But you're here. So what are we gonna do the best to do especially if you wanna be educated. -- go to school. The 2014 Republican platform also calls for a repeal of the voting rights act. On support open carry it's not a surprise. They supports repealing the minimum wage. So I guess to be no minimum wage at all. They they support the US withdrawing from the United Nations. They prohibit the sale of the morning after -- And this reminds me of the debates over birth control pills which were unconstitutional media legally were -- I believe. In a state of Connecticut I think that's the case that went to the Supreme Court to stated -- the case in the state of Connecticut. Where they actually passed a law. That made it illegal. To -- and -- birth control pills. So -- kind of reminds me that says that debate witches is over and they are demanding the repeal of obamacare the Affordable Care Act. Should the Republican Party move further. To the right should it be more conservative people like Ted Cruz who believe that if you wanna join our show with -- comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text number is 87870. We've also been talking about. I think is a sore loser Steve -- the owner of a California chrome. Immediately following his worst finishing fourth and not winning -- the Triple Crown the Belmont Stakes over the weekend. The owner of a horse said the other owners took the coward's way out because they put fresh horses in the race. And he believes they did it to prevent a Triple Crown winner and he says it's not fair. And I understand his point. But is it fair to change the rules now. Here's a text that reads. I just like the horse of the owner lacks breeding. I understand their point is well here's the tax -- on the Triple Crown thing the owner is mistaken to compare the Triple Crown to a triathlon. It's three separate champions. Take on all challengers. And if you do that I -- deserved world recognition. And a winner of three. Winner of three triple crowns. Against any challengers it's amazing. It's an amazing accomplishment. Spanish and should remain so here is another text California chrome owner. Did bring up the advantages and disadvantages before the last race he made sure. That this he made sure that this was an issue. And he's nature that this was an issue for quite some time. And -- I had heard much talk about this before. But the winners. Rallying. Them the crowd to. -- as cowboy hat to be getting by each year entered to chanted. On the guys excited he's on the verge of winning the Triple Crown and now a lot of people thought California home was gonna win. But this is that -- to be this is a bigger issue than just horse racing it's really abouts in mentality. In this country. That. Instinctively wants to lower standards. To make it easier to win. And I think you can even broaden that into everybody gets a trophy. Everybody's a winner. I got a text a moment ago saying that the the Belmont Stakes is already considering. A putting off the race until July. More distance between the races. Well then does that make the accomplishments of the modern winners like. Secretariat. Seattle slew and affirmed does that make their accomplishments even greater would -- be -- gastric by. The date very good news at Triple Crown winners it why lower the standards. I don't think that's. I don't think that's fair but yet that's what some people in America wanted to do. Now I understand I haven't heard the apology but I understand that Stephen Colbert has apologized. For saying what he said about the owners taken and the coward's way out. I don't know with an apology was. But in the beginning he was I thought it was a sore loser and -- blog today is set title California chrome owner -- a crybaby. He definitely was a crybaby after that ration. I don't think issued again I I'm I'm I'm bothered by the idea of changing the rules. -- also we have a -- talking about the shooting that took place in Las Vegas over the weekend apparently this married couple was tied to white supremacist mentality. And anti government and anti law enforcement to views and talked a lot about conspiracy theories those kind of people really scared me. I'm student for Garland if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. A text numbers 87870. More viewer comments coming up next on WWL I hope you had a great weekend good afternoon I'm screwed in fort Garland. Here's attacks today it's says said the NFL has no problems changing rules based on what the saints are doing why not for horse racing. Here is attacks do you know the percentage of horses in previous Triple Crown winning races. Also competed in the Kentucky Derby and the preakness. And also says mr. Coburn has apologized for his -- yet we did mention that he apologized and I've actually heard the apology yet. In -- in the 1970s there were three winners Triple Crown winners secretariat 73 Seattle slew of 77 affirm the very next year is 78 which -- some people say. Winning the Triple Crown is not as big -- challenge as it once once. But it's now been 36 years. And the owner of off California chrome. Immediately after the race said it wasn't fair the other owners were taking the coward's way out by putting fresh horses in the race against his source. I did a little research over the weekend in 2004 horsemen Smarty Jones did not win the Triple Crown finishing second to -- stone. -- still ran in the Kentucky Derby but skipped the preakness. To rest in between Kentucky Derby and the preakness. In 2003 funny side won the first two legs of the Triple Crown but lost to empire maker in the Belmont Stakes. Empire maker finished second to funny side in the derby. But rested during the preakness. The point is. There have always been fresh horses in the final race or it may be just in in one of the races I do understand. Steve -- point. But I think if you change the rules it does lower standards and it is to some degree diminishes what. What the other horses have done up to this point here's a text about the Republican agenda and it don't agree with all the Republican agenda and but aren't they voicing opinions and standing up for their beliefs and rights White House or not. Is -- stroke. But he few holds. If you hold these police have a candidate who stands for. These particular positions on. A conservative social issues. I don't see how you can win the White House. And I think it through the gaps gonna get even wider than it was in 2000. 2012. When a lot of people could not bring themselves to to vote for Mitt Romney. And they voted for Obama and I think 21 of the reasons that did Romney was that attractive is that the that the Republican Party tried to put into the right. And I just don't understand the wisdom and from. -- -- a year under the WL. Hello Brenda -- Did you hear me. Okay go ahead with. Well. I think that well and I'll -- Hey how. Are you here he. Yes we. We -- we don't have a -- let me put on hold for a minute let's see if we can get a better a better connection with you from -- -- -- under the WL. -- and school to be in good scoring. Don't want to comment on a couple of in short ball. Oh I agree with the rules witty or well or streets in. Open it looked to -- suspect animal wouldn't the army abuse animals not -- it all -- own interest and we idiot but continued. Going into just -- Well you should do -- we will indeed be viewed or it's just -- -- that's a good point. In the Lenovo. You couldn't -- for particular store. You know. It's just we all ought not what -- want. -- -- Illegal immigrants in. The -- school system and loan. Industry and wait. But it -- deterrent you usual but. It's. And that's all for the legal immigrants here GO. It's something -- potentially -- -- is here will be all right well. It -- -- standards and most people not follow. Or -- is. Europe's tendency -- under your approach it. People. -- people immigrants. So if you want to get into the system and has become. Legal immigrants and -- -- I I would agree that you should become. He should become legal in this country. What about those -- -- it's my understanding that it's not that easy to become a citizen you have to go through us to a lot which I'm not opposed to you know this living up to certain standards and and going to a lot. But how do you feel about those who were brought to this country. As kids they didn't make the decision to come here illegally but they're here illegally what do you do with them. Well. To get real we assistant -- support stricter. Oh what would you do it -- -- I mean you know look -- So you send somebody -- somebody who was in the military who is an illegal immigrant. Somebody was in the military or who is going to school you would kick them out of our country. -- there -- illegal immigrant or an illegal. Distribution to OP. Orbit aren't something else categorize something else and you need to do that or whatever. -- -- Goals it ought to -- Type correlate and I'm sure a lot of people agree I know a lot of people agree with you saw in the budget called. Well -- look. -- -- international or a bit of work it. Out some good trends loans that are. -- -- people and he can't wouldn't from the US in a new. Quote to a growing cautious picture you just -- -- I know. -- these people are. Or Virginia when people and and it's difficult and took a year. Well I think and circumstance like this -- is there a little religiously and -- -- it. In -- -- started to. Create some solutions that address about what it would do what we -- shall frustrated which is -- Well people come into the country that are illegal immigrants that knowledge. You know eventually. Well there are a lot of people come to this country just to give into this country but there are people who come here to to work and -- today. As far as I know they continue to seek jobs that some Americans still walked. And then now you got the Republican Party in Texas talking about. Abandoning. The minimum wage. So that would did mean to somebody who worked for even less than minimally or you could be you can get away with paying somebody for even less than minimum wage. How would an illegal immigrants be more likely to do that that an American citizen. Little national. Seed in the lead or your or did you noted. -- that scoring won't even need to handle they are portion. Shouldn't torture it in -- not seeing our upstate at you until -- changed as the and you need to be interest -- the York. And and it's actually -- benchmark Korea will didn't you know bill that government's -- deleted their dresses or do as people. And intruded you know we have assistant police to fit -- well. Which is -- They did Coker or some genuine people communion from -- according to and other countries. That don't wanna be productive and do you want. -- -- people in the system do you want to contribute. -- the only goal should be to become legal -- I'm gonna have to get to a break but I appreciate called the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The of -- Koppel. Being anti government and -- Anti law enforcement apparently tied to white supremacy. This text reads that's a pretty broad brush. To paint describing people that scare you. Well there are other people who scare me. But white supremacist. On anti government anti law enforcement fanatics. They scare the hell out of me. And look what apparently. That mentality led to in Las Vegas. -- studio for -- -- be right back with more here's -- of the WWL news updates with Don -- well it's -- -- be another warm -- -- -- it's no surprise it's June then we're in this part of a country where -- can't really -- it was a it was a very sultry weekend and I've collected the French market -- the real debate a festive. -- -- -- and this stifling but that just walked up along the river back to in my apartment and river walked and it was really nice simple in the -- it was a and a nice priest I'm -- for -- if you wanna join us for the comment about any of the stuff we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text number is 877. Here's a Texan -- say it's wrong about changing rules. About horse racing but in the next breath. You put down someone saying we should follow the rules. About. Illegal aliens in the US make up your mind I see the point dispersants trying to make. When you set standards in sports I think the standards Fisher holds. On what I talk about illegal immigrants. I'm specifically talking about not people who were jumping over the border. Are specifically talking about what do you do with those people who were in this country. And they're contributing. Because let's be honest there are a lot of Americans who are born American citizens who don't do a damn thing to this country. They're lazy and do anything they take from the country. I'd rather get rid of them and keep the productive illegal immigrants in this country but this has become one of those fear factor topics. Like like race and other at an end the Republican Party has its. Conjured up this this fear that you're going to lose your job because of illegal immigrants. And they they are taking -- -- and -- I don't know anybody who supports people just coming across the border. But what do you do with the young people who came here as children. It wasn't their choice to come here illegally. They're here. And their contribute. Why not make it easier for them to become American citizens. And I've realized that technically they're illegal. By its common sense tells you these people should be allowed to stay in our country. If you wanna join us our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And it takes a receipt seventy separate from Slidell Greg here and a VW or good afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At a discount. That's like -- -- and years ago. There Richard Allen and I Lamar and ought congress or I'll I'll remember that. And that cost and -- -- -- -- some there chariot. And anyway and net -- in the Triple Crown races and unfortunately it ought gun and you -- traffic jam in the Kentucky Derby and the derby. But yet and the preakness -- -- -- and -- in the Belmont he want a -- like very you know as you know so. Four the deterrent factor -- street race is over. The retreat period of time I mean I mean -- that -- Tuesday you know crush the bill feel. Import. Keating at Triple Crown when it would be an immediate he'll go. -- -- straight on. On on the comments that were made -- -- when you chrome. Greg I'm I'm I'm going to call. And you know nobody usually brought up yet that the rye I thought the jockey should of stayed on the rail and I know they'll always be controversy -- the -- right I'm not an expert in horse racing but. I thought moving. California crawled to the outside. Was -- a good move immunity to lose a couple of -- at that point I would of stayed on the rail but he was afraid aggressive getting jammed in there and again I'm not a jockey seller assuming they knew what they were doing. But but life isn't fair nobody wins everything. And I was just I was so struck by what the owner of California -- it right after the race when he talked about how wasn't fair because there were fresh horses in the race and what about the other horses to win the Triple Crown. From New Orleans -- year and to be WL. Can't go. Enjoy you still look I was like in that race and an ad that when he came out of the game. It's got to let him go put the derailed the horses outside in runner he doesn't run against the rail up all the Jack. The next thing and. Bet the Triple Crown like a triathlon. He's. The Kentucky Derby is not a two out Pimlico with about a two mile race he has to be indoor. He didn't have been doing it but it got that allowed him to be away from the -- he went eight. And when it came around the earth aren't -- -- -- the -- the timing with little little. Yeah I remember that I don't understand that but still. And another opening up you could try. New you in my mind that the horse wasn't great but maybe next you be ready. Who knows but I think ought that it can't be. -- -- beat. But he can't win the Kentucky he can't run news Triple Crown and for the Triple Crown again next year. Mr. probably. -- Joseph I'd I'd appreciate you calling are showing it to you bring up an interesting point there's always a lot of strategy that goes into. Two -- racing but to me what what touched me about what the -- says it was just again are a reflection. What goes on sometimes in this country with. But standards so lowering standards everybody gets everybody gets a trophy everybody wins known and everybody wins. And if you if you don't win and some deals did win. Well he still might have a really really great horse but he just it when the Triple Crown. I'm -- if a girl and if your little statement -- -- your calls attacks coming up next on tubby if you well. I think that's going a little far I'm a loser baby so -- utility. When his song was really reflective of that hold -- is shown of the nineties. From Barack. -- believe a guy would be irritated just one name Barack means like what he could have a last name I'm scoot. It for Carly. To devour your text here and I just a moment. You know our thoughts and prayers are with a comedian and actor Tracy Morgan who remains in critical condition after his Mercedes limo bus was involved in -- a really terrible accident on the New Jersey turnpike over the weekend. A 35 year old Kevin roper was the driver of the eighteen Wheeler. And he has been charged with death by auto and four counts of assault by auto driver was apparently awake for 24 hours. So that brings distort -- -- -- a pretty general opinion poll. He's driving tired as dangerous. Less dangerous. Or more dangerous. Then driving drunk. Right now 68%. Say it is as dangerous. 13% say is less dangerous 18% say it's more dangerous. So what -- do the math here 68. And eighteen look I'm not real fast you know it was a really good at math at nine days that he shares of high school. Sixteen carried to the line so that means that day 86%. 86% of those responding to a poll think that driving while tired is as dangerous or more dangerous. They're driving -- while intoxicated. Me neither one's good but I think more emphasis needs to be placed on driving. I try to grow tired here is a text. That it's reads to the illegals are sending their money to Mexico. Well some are. But why is this the controversy with Mexicans. This is what Vietnamese people -- Vietnamese people came to this country and they sent money home to to their families. You -- you see how with with the Mexicans. It's turned into this this fear factor in politics. There's hysteria. And this is one of the this is one of the reasons that a political party the Republican Party is opposed to this. Because they want to in steel panic and fear in people. And that will make people vote for I don't think it's gonna work but that's that's what their goal and again. There have been other groups that have done this particular Vietnamese. Sending money back home. Why was that -- -- controversy in a for Norah OC's Chris you're under the WL. You know what -- and only be legally spent in America as a peace -- dom de Mexico Vietnam and have to come back to America and the exchange process. So it's really not all that big of a deal as the conservatives make it out to be now real quickly about the Belmont you ought to simply not that Ramon half. The owner of California called -- -- several races even before the derby Austin have been hard. Long before the derby. I don't think the competition was all that great and according to read the big deal today if the all of California -- would -- had his way -- -- three losses in the Belmont. And not a lot of batters were going to race and batted out of that money. On and a race with three losses so. Chris if you if you change the rules wrong what does that do to the accomplishments of the other horses that have -- -- -- of those Triple Crown. Well I agree -- also -- by having more NFL games that don't want what does that say about running back. Playing eighteen games is that a sixteen -- more yards but I wanna talk about this morning out of guilt you. It's so ironic Republicans are against food stamps they -- as you said eliminate the minimum wage. That there against obamacare at the exit that they can't see expand that. Medicaid under Obama kept a low income working people and at this -- from the wanna double woman how to control of reproductive system. Now if they're truly concerned about pro life as a former AFL CIO union shops to what. When a woman at the office was pregnant she got six months guaranteed. Our job guarantees for six months. She received six weeks maternity leave pay plots the union contract provided excellent health care -- to care. Hospital care now the Republicans hate unions so that with the not a lot of people union representation. And that's -- the woman. She can't get food stamps or reduce the food stamps she can't get health -- if you have to work before Ronald and all of you can't take the morning up. The pill or choose an abortion that that's insight into that take -- spot and that's why I have always said. I'd rather have a system worked at the canal street brothel the amount of -- family belonged to Republican vote. Chris simpler to call the show thanks soliciting if you are -- stay -- this let me take a break here -- get right back with the -- your comments they got a text here and it is a challenging me. On saying on video which is -- because -- -- a California shooting. A witness said that this is the start of a revolution. Challenging beyond that claiming that it's it's inaccurate. No that's -- a witness said I don't know how you interpret that -- that doesn't mean it's a factor in the same way that we say things like allegedly. And we dissent. There are people who will defend. I don't know if this person is that there are people who will defend. The white supremacist. The couple that was involved in anti government anti law enforcement stuff. -- actually defend them thinking that the police and citizens at Portsmouth coming to those people in this country -- the point -- in the I'm scoots over coming back on -- -- -- well. Welcome back to the show I'm screwed in fort Garland this week. You know I I got a text from somebody who I is really had the setting me straight it's something I'm -- -- a moment dollars to stack and doing this this map here. WBO project opinion Paula Sybil you know I'm not really that good at math because -- -- -- shivers and and this text brings -- a really good point. It was an AJ it was a student. And that's absolutely true it was me because there were a lot of brilliant people who are really good in man to graduate from east Jefferson. So I need to stop saying that it was in the school. It was indeed the student. I hear is attacks to good point I'm a huge critic of the infiltration of Vietnamese in this country. Neither group. A symbol which some I think they -- assimilate. Into America as they should. Everybody comes to this country should similarly you can maintain your culture but you should assimilate. Into America various flight out here and have a WO. Good afternoon I'll call -- that way in my opinion. I'll be -- opinion bowl you know about trouble driving at an equal to try and tired. I would say that it in Spain and all a lot in our personal and so -- all work one day. Well -- talk all they can now. And I felt we are reluctant woke up and it -- -- -- in -- like. Well -- -- and that usually it to sell or my ideal. Just got out of being responsible about make sure that that that predate. Yeah and I did I wanna be careful how I say this because I don't wanna record for anybody to drink and drive which I very much opposed. But what I think about both experiences that I've had in my past having it too much to drink and got behind the wheel of the car and being tired. Hi my brother has had too much to drink then did than be too tired and I think we need to talk more about being being tired behind the wheel -- took a political -- gonna have to get to. Get to the and to show here Angeles coming up next dived she starts off at 1 o'clock coming up next -- Orleans parish district attorney in tennis hero. There is a lot to talk about with the event at 2 o'clock a new report says Louisiana ranks at the bottom with working -- financial talk about the ducks squad at 3 o'clock. Why doctors nationwide are choosing not to take insurance and operates solely. On a cash basis. Angeles coming up next every -- day it's Angela with the legendary mentally -- an open mind and Angela. -- -- one -- diet Newman our executive producer -- since Kenny associate producer and Shelden Williams and -- ransom. A studio producers today I have a great afternoon I scoots. Doctor Garland tomorrow. One in New Orleans.