WWL>Topics>>6-9 4:10pm Sports Talk: Steve Coburn's Post Loss Rant

6-9 4:10pm Sports Talk: Steve Coburn's Post Loss Rant

Jun 9, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about California Chrome's Co-Owner Steve Coburn's post race loss rant calling for a rules change.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports are maintenance and came through the studio was nice and clean for us. And we hope you all had any wonderful week here welcome the sports operate at 8 PMDs in a lot happened this past week you were continuing to see. A classic NHL finals the first two games on and overtime and double overtime. Very good start to the NBA finals spit up the first two games so we have a series now audio. The logic is a series and began to the road team went on the home team's court what we've already got -- theories as -- win last night. Down the stretch over the San Antonio Spurs and of course. Another shot at a Triple Crown. On Knoblauch's California -- did not want a Triple Crown should every horse in the final race. Ever on all three races meaning you had to have run all Ron when you come into the Belmont. You -- the derby and the preakness. Or should it -- if remain the saint. Cast your vote on line. At WWL. Dot com or Bobby Steve -- who was one of the owners of California -- was call and now this is why. We TOU in the National Football League in the NBA. There is a cooling off period they have a fifteen minute twenty and anyone know from the time the game goes final. To win reports and go to the locker room why. Of people calmed down and emotions out sit side some speaking gather yourself. Most recently Richard sermon which saw him get very emotional after game. All the players coaches have gotten emotional after the game immediately after and to reform in BC caught up with the cauldron. Moments after California -- title for. In the Belmont here is what he told -- BC sport. An incredible run -- -- Coburn and -- Marten and all those with California home. Throughout it all Steve it's been an amazing ride what are your thoughts as it turned for home. Well I thought is gaining ground but. He didn't have -- -- apparently do you know why he's been in three this is just very very big race these other horses they always set amount. -- not trying to upset top card I'll never say I'm 61 years old mound never see. In my lifetime I'll never see another Triple Crown winner because the way they do this it's not fair to these sources. Then have been in the game since day one. Earlier this way if you can make enough points didn't Kentucky Derby you -- running the other two races. -- you had your way you would say you've got to run the Triple Crown. All you cannot come up in the Belmont NB a fragile -- that's right it's all or nothing it's all or nothing. Because this is not fair to these sources but they run in the guts out for these people and for the people that believe in them. Perhaps somebody didn't come up like this is the coward's way out in my opinion this is a coward's way out. -- you think they came right after your horse that was the plan just like they have other potential trouble exactly. Horse had a target on his back everybody else lays out why and what they won't run in the Kentucky Derby -- the preakness they'll wait -- the Belmont. You know what if you've got -- -- in all three if you've got -- horse -- can dad -- if you got a horse. Different sports running of the Kentucky Derby. Most -- -- of the start of the decade for the only twenty available for the -- -- -- run and all three races this is the coward's way out. That was Steve -- tanning in BC sports on a Saturday afternoon and -- my new York at the Belmont right after. The -- Belmont in his cars did not win tallest one. The year 2014. Belmont California home in went off -- -- came in fifth but then later he tied for fourth. At the Belmont Bobby since that point I'm -- having -- it's gonna finest. Mister -- made an appearance on a Good Morning America and made an apology. He was -- it was bitterly upset he was most upset and we felt like a bitter old hate the -- he you know what if he would've stopped. After he said the points for the Kentucky Derby. Point well taken now understand the and he's the east -- -- and you know most of and a -- and I'm not in the in the back that's you know. I can see this guy like Korver and watching. The NEC chanted UNC Richard Sherman insane our he came -- I can -- you come on you got to control he's -- but when when when you're in that when you in that element in your emotions are running out. -- it again and that's why they have these cool monopoly heavyweight 1520 minutes again himself the first half what he said. I have been to agree you're not differ on that in regret they would both make valid points. But at the end yet it came off as a rant and I think some of the good things he's saying it and some of the points he -- got a got lost in his right. Well. I don't know yet to be a great -- to be it from a crown winner there's -- team very good and great. I mean to what you gonna change the rules of midstream. I mean if you look at Ellis in the early seventies is see the 7272. At 50% of the horses. That you know. They don't even run that's run the Belmont than Gary and run the Kentucky's -- derby the preakness so. It -- the around all three races ride so to me that would take away. From the great horses that have won the Triple Crown. And now and have I've been able to and of the challenges a mile and a -- even though they might be going against a horse like countless. Whose only run one race. If you look at analyzed 36 years. Have brought one failure after another in this quick fixes side everybody wants. With the lady on my lifetime us in trouble crown winner and did you wanna do whatever they can write because bad drive -- -- they -- instant fix no it's. Hard to win the Triple Crown and I go it if you look at that time 36 years. Thirteen horses won the derby and the preakness all fell short of the Triple Crown. And some even lose them by a whisker when you look at their real quiet 1998. Votes on these silent by distance 1989 you could break down big brown. War emblem all -- -- disappoint. A twelve horses. That race for a Triple Crown the Belmont. Nine loss to horses nine iron to twelve they had not competed in both the derby and the preakness so what about the other three. So I'll look at it it's taken away to me when you look at the great. Seattle slew. Citation if they were to change affirm yes right because then I OK you look at citation as ninety party eight minutes Seattle slew and affirmed a big and I bet that's in the seventies. You look at that pin parsed it in the field that -- no heart says one to drove a problem. Facing more than seven rivals. You know you think it makes a difference how many cars actually running -- not the ones who didn't. Beaten mortenson and -- Seattle slew of citation that I replied no it is slightly different I mean that you could be the pure football perspective. I'm a Louisiana hall of Famer. I am I think hall of Famer but I'm not a pro football game there's a different line between being be a very good and being in. I was like Canada and and I think you make an honest look at -- what Dan Marino idiot. Burress would Drew Brees and Tom Brady right. And we can look at what was done. In a fourteen team great receivers -- it -- vs sixteen -- exec tells. So running and has so I I think it is there's a happy medium somewhere where you look at this thing you can look at look why why has football changed now watch those -- safety. We talk about how to say to these animals out here right at him and talk about that so. It doesn't lessen. What affirmed in the rest those that did it makes it there isn't any -- it makes it that much -- in it -- This was before this was put into place dislike them I -- -- he had he had Africa what you wasn't in Chicago bay yearbook. Instant replay when he reversed the call on dammit am accounts he threw a toast he made -- put it after but no we lost his game. Is there replay I mean it can be bad movement for I don't they get less than what you -- -- What did they do says that what they -- -- was even greater Hawkeye if they record the -- Good how hammy and they were recorded sacks and deacon Jones play. How many when he hit okay did that thing yet it McCarty -- -- -- Edmonton and also he had the work it's -- and the putback by now but that guy that tried dog that was -- give it thickness of the day and it's like yeah you might not some plays and make good good solid yet exactly but I guess. If you look at it's all about is blue correctness and actually. Humane society you're about animals are -- they are just -- the end. Now Timmy does it warm remarkable -- in five weeks and no more weeks yes -- So so doing they -- workouts on the six to eight weeks you know that you can have -- three big races but -- -- to force. Are you gotta be in it and all the traffic that traffic isn't the right term good of the all of -- Triple Crown races and no I don't think it should change that. The maybe if you wanna gig I was on the east end the period and aren't I don't think -- in our league. I sat with you because of the numbers the ultimate numbers to me is would. The deficit it. And all the easiest Hossa has never won a trouble crown since 78 affirmed and Nolan always going up against the field. This talks this -- say California it was -- overwhelming favorite court to the odds for a five. You are on facing a bit fat to win four right the next one -- -- with a strong with three to one. So he would always say it goes completely give to mr. wooden -- to -- saying I agree with something sees it. Because. They -- thought he was the favorite. -- -- a costly even though he was going to begin to feel what caused that hadn't run before. And not just expect agreed against him the best at some of the best I've -- saint -- -- was I was bad to feel I bet the -- -- are -- at the feelings for a five. I'm will bet the field. In stated this horse will not -- it to me there's a lot of people -- -- 36 years and you got 36 and no bogeys. That big a lot of experts that that I heard a lot like Q along those lines you know -- later track nor -- the horses and and thought like this is a very good horse but not a great horse and that night that the tireless. Was prepared to run the -- -- he was bred ovals the strides in the when I was tweeting -- for this race. Hey don't win but it just keep it a win and as we can talk to the people. And they've made it sound like it was -- strong. Row row don't Carlin and -- will be wanted to want anyone to be -- when he was I think he was like eight along yeah yeah they want. So we'll come back out lock to -- also we have a giveaway I would like to treat it all the Daniel to a round of golf before including a golf course it's all agree it's. Country club -- -- I'll take him off coming up after the break this -- sports talk on WW. California crowned and now -- in the Triple -- to every horse in the final race and run those two previous the derby the preakness. -- -- look at it from a Stan -- into one run rates and of course is this situation -- -- maybe Egypt. -- cannot participate in one but it is in the -- us in the final race should to the rules -- this thing. Does it make what. -- like a firm being in 78. That much more special as -- online at W did you know downtown well follows days coming up this Sunday I'd like to -- today at all the dead in a lot to around the golf before. Including a golf course at stone bridge country club at -- Join our WWL. Fought dead weight at Father's Day concerts. Check out by the time it took it weekday mornings from six to -- and then in the about it sports talk from for an eight. Tommy weekday mornings you'll peavy in the name of a golf course Bobby and now well as well did you tell us what state alt country. That golf course is in. The first one McCauley and get it right wins it's daddy plus we give you another way to win this go to WW a radio FaceBook page. Look for the forward gateway yet -- they content like this and register to win will randomly pick two on I want to Saturday Saturday sixty team. And midnight and time to announce the lucky winners the next morning. On June 16 which is that Monday after Father's Day good luck from the station that most days it's. WW. 26018786688. Nines here it's him me and Kasey Kahne and -- more on. Yet I don't although I think far beating you you know those are just thing and it is whose candidate Jim Kelly against the jockeys you know Jim Kelly one of four schools in Ireland now winning. Now Laguna the Vikings being at Joseph cap and -- target since villages when individual running we do look at I guess kind of the Jim Kelly jockeys Espinoza. -- Thursday that -- to be so close with so far he missed out on the Triple Crown but a second time. In 2002. He pulled it at a Belmont aboard the derby and preakness winner war emblem. -- -- war emblem. But every he had stumbled probably been the starting in the finish in eight California chrome finish fourths of the here. He was aboard to ours is in and that's the name recognition war emblem in California -- and winning -- -- -- preakness but. Following chart when it came time for the Belmont. I'm Bobby weeks -- we heard dusty Coleman won all those of California -- kind of all his logic on the way to Triple Crown should be why he was upset with it. Now today he was on Good Morning America and he made this apology. If you're talking we did yesterday morning's. Here in the morning America and he asked if he had no regrets what you said he knew that emphatically said no no no regrets how do you feel this morning's team. Very ashamed of myself. Very -- I need to apologize for a lot of people including my wife Carolyn. First flawed but I need to apologize to. The winners. They run a beautiful race to a forceful in the race they deserve that. I did not mean to take anything away from them so. I want to apologize to everybody associated who has. -- This trainer -- -- I sincerely apologize. I don't know apologize to. All the bush -- in the world. Don't apologize to my wife -- Boost she is literally stood behind me since we started this journey. Wanna apologize to my partner -- Mormon mission and me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll come back market Pass Christian wants to talk to or studied at a news that his fourth 32 time the first news to go to jail and so. And welcome back operated jaguar opinion -- California crown did -- -- -- Triple Crown honesty Coleman thinks that the Hawks -- at the run all those races should -- Or should everything remained the same when trying to pursue one of the hardest streets to obtain in the history of sports. The Triple Crown can -- vote online at WW dot com -- -- Saints mini camp coverage beginning tomorrow I'll keep you up on line. When analysis from a growth OK guys I'm Bobbi bit tomorrow we have sports talk. From Saints training camp right here on WW radio breaking down all online sports team. Here on WW to the final to go let's go to a mid city for Allen Allen thank you for calling WW ago. -- -- I don't think this game is being. The Mercury. Being in New York go -- for all of them. It was a oh very easy feat to -- Age went. The boundaries. Area and road champion or not knowing that I experience. -- -- And Allen -- -- -- I'm. I'm I'm like cute at that makes me appreciate more. You know Seattle slew. A firm. I mean at that think about what we did it change if they change it and it would lessen that he would make it is greater the well I mean just like some of someone when people talk about the 5000 passing yard mark. Wouldn't say don't de -- called Marino. Well yeah yeah. Compared to like Dan Marino did it in two reasons I'm rating though I mean the way the rules where like covered and Marino ahead of his time. Would ever want you wanna call. -- another where you'd drop there. Okay if you weren't gonna tweak it to me it's not. It's a minor tweak a you don't need to. I think. Now they took -- humane society as far as the horses. Eggs in the race that have five weeks. The media if you can do that six to eight weeks here and that period. You being you don't need to force him like him as we could you -- yet so you don't have to force all the horses to run all three race -- promise you one thing they won't do. Was that they won't ever change what the first leg of the race on. So when I get rid of our ability and instead -- -- -- they might get back -- -- -- -- six knowledge and I dug in their -- -- won't always -- on the first yet. But I am saying I concede yet the preakness and and the Belmont that you push in that back maybe -- weeks you know do with the and that into -- yeah yeah -- -- -- getting the main theory is that it -- in June so that would be yeah admitted to media I think you. Have to force force and owner right horse owners don't know -- veteran and all the race -- -- -- -- qualify. Now you don't you could. You know statement is -- opinion ice owners. Tennessee -- and every Marreese because they'll order of the horse who won top analysts here he said that if this is Ernie was -- for the Vilma. What would entice owners may be. To it to run a series Kentucky preakness. And and it in the Belmont. I think have some kind of site deal yeah like. It was a -- races of the three are no but you put. Because -- put a lot of running on to a degree but both put a pot of money on the side it's -- -- always motivated money right like almost like Calcutta when you -- DC position you know all of the cap reasonable he'll put a big pile of money all the all -- -- I'd winner take all you know kind of thing and and you could divide it maybe. That in film -- -- goes back to charity. You know on -- is a lot of things you could -- this without really. Making it where. You know we'll have a Triple Crown winner and every three or four years but I always feel. Obviously if it's just being a top my Haiti will be okay. Whoever -- option Triple Crown -- that's a process itself. But of the three races who wins the most on the you go about who who've had a best finishes in oh. Who finished a win is also and yeah there's a lot of things I could -- this happen -- put public interest of an idea banning him bow I mean you know money in their visual yet -- -- about the evil always part of it spikes and accuracy for sure okay. If you want to win a round of golf for tickets out including a golf course it's stone bridge country club. Yeah I mean where this golf course idiots. The country club. Pick up the -- Final 4260. Winds 5014609467. Now. The first person who calls it the correct answer wins with WW congratulations to Bobby Richardson Mississippi. Bobby picks up on that golf. Prize -- Opportunity pickup on the golf prize back. And we're gonna get way more of the gate to listen during Tommy took in the morning to six the team and to sports talk from 48 week he's here. As in making the Father's Day week a little nice. Welcome back California crowd did not win the Triple Crown. Should the horses that participate in the Triple Crown have to run each Triple Crown race. Or should all -- cart rules remain the -- occasional line. At WWL. Dot com network hazing -- -- you know we were little back in the day on Monday be -- entail. I mean they did to detail but I have some new shows this past week with it was birdie -- six already six years ago. Was and I see you in icu and I didn't know she was blue in the face on Long Island. I'm not the sharpest knife in the draw about new film of all right but you make along those -- six salary so it awards and fan you know all. Took a birthday. -- was yesterday at a Richmond so therefore. Yeah it's mainly like I don't know you see them tonight and I'll pull and version of land mole and yeah well in this class line in the house land that ended the -- can't -- that -- eleven isn't Flacco to beat columnist army. Well when you read it yet the media at the ponies who honorees at the cronies and yet. You know like opponent mommy Theres no like I feed the goats and darkness I don't know the animal feed them. But anyways so we go and the last couple of months. They've been showing all these old school guys have on the so to garrison and you look at kids that I love whatever you broke. Some go on and -- I'm -- -- and you look at in any CAA habitat for the new time -- girls. -- -- that it got that would you see him right now is New Orleans. It's more intense that's scary -- -- don't look more like a -- sort of Rex kind of treaty and down so anyway we go. And -- yes that name on our right -- the first shown it can -- and by ability where I was pleased -- -- Photos who I got them a move in like a meat that now it should have been a little I liked seeing the mollified it was -- Costas in. Wait you probably more scared than -- -- always jump them now we won't even with the I was I was -- like but it was 30. -- and it may have been may look like gods of the with like hero at the end -- -- from Tokyo -- -- wide right always San Francisco I mean they made the circuit it won't tour. And in Gaza would eat it at the door open he jumped in the C went back out there but this one. This gods of the was on the he would he would like to see a little more -- but he's the -- -- meant as a with a -- -- bowl. And -- this is really exist on the movie topic again influence of the movement. Probably I'm not a big scifi guy and like keep on Tivo isn't all pianist. That the level of this exit tomorrow with Tom Cruise probably the best scifi movie I've ever seen. Real China the and a Omega -- Aliens whenever it is pretty intent. And so Wednesday Clemens came out -- alien like them yet -- whoever can exceed the World Cup and you never cumulative story line I recommend -- -- I think ties bikini on the line up again like you or four stars Hillary pretty good while not outstanding like French is -- only -- -- stars of the you know. I mean tonight he about average folk hit it to me it was easy it was unique. Movie -- it can't -- attention. And I mean I've -- you know. Some it was -- -- but not really that four pitch guy do you think analog so I had to tomorrow and the results that there's some stuff I do and Jones might judge them alive does not like scifi at all on a sheet and she while this move him. Always demanding I'm sitting in between image accuracy while watching the movie it yankees in game. Eat the dinosaurs used to be here they were real but -- it was never real. That's right they've got them but boy the -- no -- -- -- coming out of artillery down and out he grabbed it -- at tackle -- would think. And toy among the -- him applause thought I don't know that -- He's -- tune in at the dole for not I think -- of the morning and I cut them in the economy in Netherlands and there have been a couple of them this is it means it is what sixteen more Friday the team the B yeah which you are right the quick it is we can talk -- -- -- -- -- there. He's -- game Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia should be. Triple Crown Rose status -- all should the horses have to participate in all through the race all of California -- the Colvin said that. But then again you apology and dictating also would talk about the French Open raffia Altman the mass of clay well -- I'm only 66 and -- the improvement -- his body -- Tuesday. He is one of the greatest level come back it's sports talk on WW. All right what talk coming up next hour set the bracket which teams have already advanced to the 2014. College World Series. A couple of teen China posted tickets and I haven't Lafayette regional Ole miss. And be Louisiana raging case we'll talk about that laws are all. Steve Cole cohost the first taken from a Saints offensive lineman talked about the Lyon. Coming up in Saints mean he -- He's a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia should be rooms of the Triple Crown stay the same -- the horses -- on all three legs. All the crap he's Bobby -- bill it as a sports talk on WW.