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6-9 5:35pm Sports Talk: Saints Mini Camp

Jun 9, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Former Saints Offensive Lineman and Co-Host of WWL's Fans First Take Steve Korte about Saints Mini Camp and the upcoming 2014 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk Saints mini camp 2014. Begins tomorrow. Practices open to the public. Gates open at 10 in the morning and our product practiced on time is eleven. At the sensitivity on airline drive former saint -- of our sports -- -- post on Spain's first take. Steve court Johnson is now cold thank you so much for the time how big was it. Last week for the Saints to bring in a guy that in the last four years. He was playing at a Super Bowl winning it. Playing in the NFC championship game. Playing in a Super Bowl in the and again last year playing in the NFC championship game Bob -- -- and we don't think any any player in the league is please -- games. As -- Ordonez over the course of the last foresee that. Those are some. The ulcers that -- notoriety. -- games right there playing time. You know you can't there's no substitute for experience. You know I think this is horrible things were saw I was hoping it was gonna happen you know I think we. At all sort of alluded to it that it might happen and I think he would -- little earlier. You know I I think it was one of those things where I think he'd probably came back into it occurred as the other shot for -- here. In the -- by and solidify this result it's different you don't get the stability along operative line I think I think it's gonna help the tackles. You know I think it's gonna help jar replay attacker and -- you know and grown ups are really think that. Police in these sort of solidifying force there that you Olympic break some chemistry there and obviously has some experience and Obama -- stabilizing factor cube we'll also. I think it was the best candidate -- long dark. Well as the when you say though that. It's a ten lead those job to lose that would mean by net. They go in it's almost like she -- policy. Cash on rather quickly at 235. Years of age. Sign one year contract so it. I'm not saying only a stop gap is only human but when your contract the next -- committee. They gonna have -- waiting in the wings and the ability to respond to give him every opportunity. And and I look at it if he works out good and you guys John Minko waiting in the wings is -- Dan. And it even if he wouldn't work out. But he's -- be discouraged because. You know it's hard to games at guard and could be maybe a learning expert I think it's a win win what will they don't feel are a lethal starts. Well out a trade this and obviously when you bring a guy like that it's gonna sort a lot of -- and -- -- they're saying look you look. We cut in the old course right here that can pretty much stay upright in here and not miss a beat at same time. You know. You it is sort of a funny thing you know and obviously look Ito's got so at this point that. But he -- handicap be as well in certain situations so we have a guy. You know electric jobs recruitment income and and and you can ladies and probably Julius he's gonna try to make that kid the best player he could be an -- could not gonna. A beacon of shining return Mawae I think he's really gonna help him I think he's a key player I think that it's sort of what you see is is sort of -- coach on that -- that -- well. So it's kind of nice to have a guy is that much of a veteran that much experience. So watch your back and say hey you know you you mr. and you know those at -- step you know it was a you know. You got a different read on next to look at me -- kind of different ways you can look at that so. The fact is that it's something. It does happen where we're -- okay get it done and they've used feel pretty good about because you have been there and -- -- to -- garlic. I mean they can't. Well being -- because with the locals -- now everybody's been taking care -- pretty good but nevertheless. You know other 35 guided this sort of been their skill and physical players. That's -- trip to -- He should be occurred stabilizing force little -- Now was -- -- to the fans. Listen the more you can do obviously place in a garden carts sinner. -- and and you look at John ago when he's done both the run blocking and pass block when the center position. But you look at alive gained him the lead fills the -- guard. On the talk about with him now. Playing senator. And now I guess you come all the boy gotta make sure you get the snap furs then you run block and we just talk about the difference. To the fans of the wood and nation about playing. Guard and Sanders far different techniques in the running game and also pass block. The first on line experience because along with playing the center spot in that they did you know it's. They obviously didn't use small doses into you'd be able to sort of collectively. You know help your hotline now without sort of make in the call that it did mr. prediction trouble so. You know blocking scheme which you have to adjust to and -- fact that. Bobby when I was playing in predominantly the defense did in the week -- 34 defense is that they primarily did. So that they could put me on an island against the nose tackle and so like to have sort of a one on one matchup with the nose tackle in they would have to. I guess wasted -- Helping me you know with that that felt like they get it done you know single and so. I think defected. You don't guard a little bit different little bit more -- ballistic position where -- take obviously it would keep -- They'll backers that are out Friday 45 yards deep so. And yet it's a lot of -- English players were starters on at that time was more like a wrestling match. But I think the mental aspect of it goes along but there -- times I know we had carts that were there were injured and commanded and now have the sort of -- these guys on the fly come Sunday. You -- -- -- culpable level you know we we we called plays on -- we break it and it would be like. Okay court what do about it -- it right guard -- kick or what you. I affected they'll start and then I did the middle but you know we're going to play pitcher not a good snap count because I had it to tell these guys that do so at that. Come Tuesday at the party you're checkered party your chip it -- but but yet that was that was the more important deal with the that just comes with experience and I think that. You know any time that it's it's not a war by our position brought to -- the ball to complete session. Whining now now and Steve quotes the book from twelve to thirteen the Saints turned things around now considered -- they were before but a consistent. Contending ballclub. One thing either side of the ball intangibles. One -- going into this offseason mini camp training camp. But the team has to give -- all -- all take it jumped to give back to where they wanna be with his ultimate Super Bowl. One thing turnover ratio. -- way to go if we can get more balls -- certainly. Benefit that's gonna make a huge difference in the whole outcome of the game. He's our very own Steve -- -- -- at the corner myself we're enjoying some great Stanley Cup finals what he loves the lobbies. He's -- and -- -- so yeah. Black how well he's going to get -- it's as if this is Steve is the obvious these. It's been able to get this thing is they yell like this that nothing like this that king's era. To -- -- the Rangers do you know they've never led in regulation. Yeah they have never. -- -- he is -- thing to New -- unleaded regular -- and whoever is solid and making the last few years. New yards got to where they won't and I used to lead in theory right era in the organizers the Oceanic and with -- -- I actually watched game two. That your real -- like anything New York so I'll I'll point you on your debut on the same page. Well actually watch they -- two I mean I was an outrageous jab what. Those third periods been in the ring has been sunk in yet to goal -- went to a three times and they still lose well every democratic candidate this uncharacteristic fumble -- the -- they don't really you to gear this right. And that I was. If you're at united -- -- watch it get somebody to teach you to some of the basic rule I'll tell -- it's. -- -- yeah I mean it really -- it's that's the fastest physical insidious game to watch that. And develop -- probably not not all people understood that but it is such. It is our own Steve call Jumbo thank you ma'am we'll talk again soon. Are right he's the Kasey -- embody fair Deke Bellavia this is sports talk to them about sports team to -- the court here on WW.