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Sports Talk 6-9 7:10pm, Joe Meyer

Jun 9, 2014|

Join Deke & Bobby as they talk to: Joe Meyers (TV Voice of the Pelicans / NRandy Romero (Hall of Fame jockey)BA / College football) about the NBA Finals tied at 1-1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports talk our number before the -- came about BA -- I'm Deke Bellavia talking about the Triple Crown be -- current rules are what you like to see him. Tweaked a bit it's coming at the California on the not win the Triple Crown this past week placing four. Let's go to now on line -- impatiently waiting out thank you voting on your on WW it. Anybody deeply. He brought -- -- -- country. I used to it and Tuesday. But all in check today which crosses the line on the team -- agent. -- walk or that fiscal and Jordan. And I'll is that more important horse racing here. It was. Well it must approach game or our associate that are threats. In that. Bracket those -- they print since the different instances. -- also get one quarter -- -- gross is good Monday eighty. Then -- Kapanen in our industry is. There's three races. There are right -- ask what is so different is because if you. Give us separation prospers and that you got to pressure company in it and -- Think it's not. I guess the problem the. These two gentlemen Arnold. Only called one. Deep pocket or did people come out you know the money. In. But about how you look at title with I -- his trainer and owner I was reading an interview. And they said that you talk about that mile and a half. That day you know he did not run obviously Kentucky Derby the preakness but he was almost. Like bred to run in the Belmont Stakes in that type Marreese and Oliver -- stride and and -- -- -- you probably may make it a little. It's encouraging. Those losses -- the first two races. Yes he. -- -- -- did that full hospitality in the first team. Yeah I know I agree agri DA and of the money that would that would be used all aware -- thank you for the call off. There's not a welcome in -- Myers to the radio total he is -- TV voice of the New Orleans pelicans -- in the Indy for many years and also college football for the big twelve among all the places. Joseph good to have you on the program to coaches hitting 25 million dollar pay days. Eight days with a lot of titles but no coaching experience -- foul on now Derek Fisher become -- to the New York in the. I think it's wild absolutely wild I probably would we have received as a football team would I mean. That is such a complex with 22 starters on the field. A basketball. Obviously a lot more simple because you don't have as many moving parts. But still. This trend is amazing. Get this kind of money -- guys that are proven. And for Steve Gregory he's got five guaranteed according to could be talking about with incentives and -- told that -- -- And the -- state team option for Derek Fisher. So instills some serious change -- by the opposing scholar. I really felt sorry for the melt -- of the week and for that order California pro anti publicly apologized and everything but. Is something should be instead of wise it would might be because. Five leases are three races over five weeks I'm really love horse racing and I love to watch the sport of kings but that's -- for -- you'll. You know what I -- -- -- defect that's why you saw the the the them melt down that mailed them but the hoopla made about Richard Sherman Massey you know -- They -- its people in the in the heat of the moment that's why they have in the NBA in the NFL history emotion that cooling off period I don't know you have it could appear but sometimes emotions it gets some flyer -- after the -- Yeah and I've felt bad for the guy because obviously it was dreamland for him to be out in front for those two races like he was and then to have that frustration. Pile up and I don't know how hot it was that day you know one York at Belmont park. But he caught up with the man -- then you kind of reiterated it was so hard so the next day. Before finally apologized. And saying how badly -- -- that I just as they've -- would you American NBA and -- and I look at it just shows you more how great. And as the reason you look in his seventies secretariat. Affirmed. You know eleven pars as having winning Triple -- and you look I think this instant fix society. We haven't seen anything in 36 years so we want suddenly become about it and -- listing in the approach while. That you really could force. You know these owners of these cars -- our our trainers to the run and every race. But why not maybe need be humane -- -- -- that a five weeks prolong it may lead to eight weeks where our the hearts along arrests. Oh I agree completely buy -- -- to stretch it out and -- -- a bit about the breeding. Maybe it's a bit watered down now maybe there was too much. And that's why we're not giving. And it's spread out and there's not as much. That we. And I have maybe there's too much actually but I think there's not as much -- to talk about bloodlines and the thing with these thoroughbreds. It's just there's so much in the mania in the bit and it's more off track. And he BG and you bet and all the other sites that are making money. So they need this product and it's not like they needed every day because most potentially open receivers Sunday anyway. But I still I'd love the sport. I can't believe what magnificent animals and athletes and the jockey is amazing they get up on things so. I hope they figure something about I agree with you -- -- spread it out give my especially for a mile and a four. I mean. These are -- -- just turned four in the first the year so. There's got to and made his meltdown won't help the sports. In the big picture let's look at it that way. Now -- Joseph. Two part question -- American NBA. And I didn't realize -- you're gonna dominance of the Spurs and what they've done in the post season at home as of late. That they had won eight straight post season home games -- fifteen points or more not -- -- anymore that was an NBA record. And then along those lines talk about a impressive that is in what do you think. About. The offseason decision but in game now that it's you know you look it's one to one. About navy to return to championship the series 222111. Format instead of that 232 scheme. That'd be any place since 1985. Know who does that favor and know what what are you thing's gonna is that going to be the way of the future. Well it's going to be and -- should've been that long ago so quickly and trades. It's amazing that it took this long thirty years later. After 232 for too long because everybody get around them and now with the technology and it's so easy in the advances we've made. I mean. -- -- So I'm glad that and so the first thing they did was go to Tutu won. It favors the team that the best record all season long that's what it is also to joke. That that would have the World Series home -- it for the World Series. And it's determined by an exhibition. I mean that the it's the pocket and take it seriously when they do something like that. I laugh about it -- thing about it but -- -- your original. The first part. San Antonio the home team they would the best road team in the -- that would have proved that now but to. To be remembered by Jimmy has not lost at home so far. In the post season. And it's amazing that I'm 47 games guys in the playoffs without back to back losses. That's pretty incredible that third best in NBA history penalty spot on Chicago Portland when they -- it was 52 games like that. San Antonio -- the big picture it's that the bench -- been great for them. But they've got to get their bench together. Angel because to me to struggle anyway and in the last game the but it went six for 21 from the field. I can't -- happen not talk it about three of the guys. For the original because he couldn't play his starters minutes is going to be on the floor but on target about the other three guys which is DO Belinelli. And Patty Mills took the streak is one problem has to pick up the good points have been there but not production. You know political what you want birdies -- the game to not fought for 45 he's an average. And then the one guy more than anybody feels resentment of the typical of the way and overtake Miami. -- -- Co pilot who was phenomenal all year long that he hasn't been aggressive to get our problems. There's no question about it Bob last night's game but it. Can't scored nine points and I have two rebounds. It took the first two games in the right. It -- I have pursued double double in the finals in his second season with the San Antonio Spurs or. More than anything else while that are that are picked up have to pick it up for San Antonio. And now Joseph boy -- -- the part I look at -- of the game was unfolding. And blogs like the Spurs can be controlled. -- -- -- -- -- The Tony Parker did they missed four straight free throw with six miserable I'd sit and make things really changed after that. Good thing that stood out Bobby. The port street free throws -- six and have to play. You're up by the two with the time. Actually would've done -- and them money even if he -- up for Europe I've been in an upset expert -- still applies to LeBron goes back and it's that ignited about one. Fourth straight misses and the other key component in it in there and there was an. India to the point that he's. With Ford and possibly the first half Dwyane Wade that would probably -- at the official Olympics so that. And that's what -- was flat to the ball Dwyane Wade acted like he got it affects. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So these you know -- that happen but that would bat off which public network. As opposed to -- leaders of the deal's off the bench but it went to a lot -- Torre even at 43. So that. San Antonio's gonna get their act after the prequel which ultimately -- -- 60% the fourth best during the regular season the free throw line and they're not quite that. Okay they're really not that good at the free throw line overall but the right guys what destroyed during the regular season. So what I think 78%. That's a surprise to me 2% Antonio finished that high during the regular season. But they can't go twelve for Torre's do you bring that up -- -- took a lot of the of the -- and also forty minutes to close out that out without -- should public. He's the voice TV voice of the New Orleans pelicans covering the NBA and of course that will be along we embark on a new era in college football with a fourteen play -- beginning. All jolt my -- is always a pleasant -- hope you enjoy the rest of the NBA post. I've been guys who you favor. Look at it too much to play golf it would be that have played for seven months. Get a straight. It's very you've got to go take air it out right will come back hall of fame jockey Randy Romero jones'. Keeping up with the regional in Louisiana Lafayette. Right now the bottom of the fourth with one out. And a man on its Ole miss three the raising Cade Louisiana Lafayette won the winner moves on to the college. World Series this -- sports talk on WW.