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Sports Talk 6-9 7:20pm, Randy Romero

Jun 9, 2014|

Join Deke & Bobby as they talk to: Randy Romero (Hall of Fame jockey) about California Chrome losing in the Belmont / the chase for a triple crown

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Have you quit talking cause racing who batted in as the in the hall of Famer. -- Merrill Jones is now Randy always a pleasure to have you on the program. I'm sure you look closely watching or at least paying attention to this past weekend. Belmont Stakes your thought on honesty -- on what you said did not. How difficult is it easy is it more difficult now -- was 36 years ago when the last horse did win a Triple Crown. He's not there for the dumb it is not like the race and everything. You know -- -- line and that means he means. I mean as a horse so we don't own it and I've been trying to win. I cannot take it and call for and now -- -- -- just. Eighty to a yesterday and not. What -- already couldn't be at the point and I and I take the approach that look at eleven cars that won the Triple Crown. And they are unbelievable their great -- and look in the seventies secretariat Seattle slew. A firm so I look at California chrome as in the hall of very good. And verses these cars is being great that he's very good but not on the level of a Triple Crown -- Yeah absolutely correct key interest on my name on it. He's a nice horse but doesn't know until addiction and it didn't make contention on the special -- it -- -- The real deal and down eating -- yesterday. Everybody -- still had you know I'm -- Community action. Render -- hall of fame jockey is those biscuits Randy I don't listen to the broadcasts in the -- to leave broadcasts this out of Tom Hammond had a different take on it one was that done did -- jockey Espinoza did everything he could on all was. How would try to come out and get the lead early as you look at their race from your your vantage point. How would how what how would you have run it I know it's easy to second guess but give -- -- -- -- wouldn't change a thing and he just short. -- so gently. He's all he did an -- almost. Yesterday. And now he lull me. I mean there's a lot of things and now I'm in the cut and and past two weeks so. He regional problem right now -- -- bring it out now. No no no doubt. About it well. Now Randy when you look at obviously this quick fix society these drive throughs aside there -- wants to see your Triple Crown winner. Like -- wanna see a North American heavyweight champion. You know you look at any days back -- Mohammed Ali and Joseph Fraser. When you look at. The rules and how they are now. Is this Sunday may be that week -- tweak with the rules on that saying. -- approach it and make every owner. -- run their hearts and all three that being the Kentucky Derby preakness and Belmont but what about maybe extending their races where Kentucky Derby. Starts where it's gonna start. But it's -- up five week period. Maybe six to eight weeks you think that maybe could become about it and I could change anything. That's a good grade and in the embellished -- friend of mine. And you'll be seeing that the spread out more you know. Racquet could. Because you know beat the horses in -- about it and now. -- America is -- special -- hall of fame jockey talking about the Belmont Stakes and everything it. Comes along with it radio -- around the time you regulate teams in in your twenties I'm looking here. There was 888 boom of Triple Crown winners and in the seventies and last month was affirmed in 78. Why ceramic glass so mean the end and why not so mean in town and will we get to a point. May be where we see around like that they had DNA could be cyclical where did all of us only have a decade -- we had a couple. Ultimately this is sort of them in the conduct in the game pretty strong. He would be strong and I'm in -- -- -- on 20% and sometimes they're not. He's not -- points -- dollar bill and it went compromises. And the couple hours in -- well. Randy Romero hall of fame. Jockey Randy is always a pleasure to visit with you know a lot of people Cuba with -- always down a hall of fame NASA museum racing. And hall of fame with what you Randy Romero up to these days. Want -- Time. I am I. Did it in the race is a couple horses and this company around him. And I already did you Kamal what a book I tell us what you book. What is is -- my life and I started enough. Com that was -- nine years -- technical problems and that didn't think our league. The book is called -- you -- unremarkable side pictures of motivational book and it. I think I put it one time to -- wants surgery yeah. I'm a lot of mountains Colts came and could very well. Rot on laundry and X 21 -- and -- -- different racetracks. It's a very good green I was suggestions in my read and move the the so I'm looking at some point California and now. And maybe that my equipment and could get done. Yeah well we wish him nothing but the best Randy always being kind we appreciate the visit you take care. Thanks Randy Romero all of means -- about via new -- that -- here who who Bennett and stick him in a jockey colony it's like. You know and that's why they got so confidently people actually a football question. You know elected apple Volquez I've been a pro locker room of experienced pro game -- well. I mean we key commented you fans of horse racing. You know and and trying gas. Car. Have an opinion about with the jockey things -- know you got to talk to jockey who's written who's -- and Al won the Belmont Stakes so -- thanks Randy Romero coming on. As a really enlighten us and I think that's when we get in them seeing. Because it is humane for the horses and and is -- a child. We're trying to be against a gentler society right as far as I could see them. Spreading their races -- Jim -- often yet via politically correct even animals and everything right that I cutesy. I haven't had no horse -- though what would love it now old school might say -- not a lot alienated in the library and it. It is if spread it out what would it keep with the to have ball -- Confidence. Yeah okay confident yanked it doesn't mean we've it was a wanna put down on attracted dale mark you know about saint. Yeah who is I don't care I don't care how old you all how you know you you can be hard you can shoot deer in you know. In a book in our crowd and signed -- outdoorsman. But when you watch him a thoroughbred you watch and Horace and an owner tricky C is -- -- you know what's happen. You know -- -- -- that's the -- That's emotional mean an hour because he's people they were looking at old women I know they make a lot of money off of yes sure we do but this is is a lot more to the net. I mean he's jockeys that they they have to know these animals like they know people that family. We house do you know the tendencies of an animal -- an animal and do what you wanted to do and go we and now and movement. It's weighed more strategy -- is horse race that it is all he's just the fastest one. Our hope -- -- era and realize that you a little bit more open minded thinking the fastest horse always wings let us not -- -- it. Yet Degan and that's why among bring heaven maybe you liked about the horse that that suffered an injury. And you look at that you know you gotta get to a point where when you get your hopes and you look at the last 36 years after. You know you -- comes about one the only after another. And at times brain in that time -- you look at thirteen horses gave you hope what they won the derby and the preakness. In all of they'll start of the Triple -- you look real quiet in 1998. Did barely lost. -- in Sunday solace in 1989 they lost by distance and you look at the injured a big brown. In nineteen in in 2008 it was a big brown and the talking about navy. This I'm just looking in my know somebody's -- Bob world all OK okay Indian bit to get injured big -- in stumbling at the start. War emblem on him that India ours almost fell down. So you look at it twelve morris'. The B that's why. That the race for the Triple Crown the Belmont nine. Of those twelve in the blues to -- -- that didn't compete -- -- the derby and preakness in nets -- made. When you look at it title is so dominant you know because and I guess that would I was the reading was that he was actually bred for that mile and a half -- that race. Analysis -- they would never ever dinner raised his cars in and now Kentucky Derby art of pre and his -- the Belmont well the. Ohno was -- moments moments after. California prompt came in fourth at the Belmont Stakes Steve Coleman. Spoke with in BC on Saturday he would later apologized but here is what he apologized full. An incredible run pristine -- Vernon Carey mark and all those with California home. Throughout it all Steve it's been an amazing ride while -- your thoughts as it turned for home. Well I thought is gaining ground and he didn't have -- -- apparently do you know why he's been in three this is just very very big race there -- -- horses they always set amount. Set amount trying to upset top card I'll never say I'm 61 years old -- never see. In my lifetime I'll never see another Triple Crown winner because the way they do this it's not fair to these sources. That have been in the game since day one. Earlier this way if you can make enough points didn't Kentucky Derby you can running the other two races. Floyd you had your way you would say you've got to run the Triple Crown. All you cannot come up in the Belmont NB a fresh horse that's right it's all or nothing it's all or nothing. Because this is not fair to these sources but a big run in the guts out for these people for the people that -- We'll have somebody come up like this is the coward's way out in my opinion this is a coward's way out. So you think they came right after your horse that was the plan just like they have other potential trouble exactly. Horse had a target on his back everybody else lays out -- Well they won't run in the Kentucky Derby -- preakness they'll wait -- the Belmont. You know what if you've got awards joining in all three if you've got awards they can get it done if you've got a horse. That -- points to run in the Kentucky Derby goes to when he horses this darn -- decade -- -- only twenty FL. Eligible to run and all three races this is the coward's way out. That is honesty -- now and and when the interview was over -- fuel watching in BC on Saturday. You could see kind of turned and his wife I don't know exactly say maybe about com now you should the city. Yeah he's count -- At all won't hear it you know just frustrated so I even made us a Jewish targets and he may he may -- -- more cup. Suitable he made even more comments yesterday which propping him today him being all rout of California crowned the Covert. To make an apology. On the morning there. -- bonus points to. Very ashamed of myself Bruce shouldn't. Need to apologize -- -- team. Including my -- current. First of all of my. I need to apologize -- They've got a beautiful race. Both emotional on the race through these. Apologize to him. Everybody associated with. It's. His trainer mr. command it's. Sincerely apologize. I don't know apologize to. Yeah illustration in the world. I'm still fresh in my life -- Boost she was literally stood behind me since we started this journey. Couldn't tell your husband on Saturday April. Going to be honest I don't. Remember exactly what I said I just know we know it's an emotional I was trying to calm him down. Apologize so our Sherman who can come trainers and everybody who's been sure for us. And I need to apologize who. And America. Our fans. There -- written us. -- so much support. So -- All right Steve Coleman getting emotional there at the end of course it's of the each individual about you know in his question. It's almost like you know when you what you were little of course people who now -- pants and when you you need to apologize and in. It becomes to be was the apology sincere or is it not that's that's there -- to judge in I mean at the end if they only could do -- -- was dead. Is it really did the right thing is in his life yet again his line Nazis she twisted his arm. But she's saying you -- line and and and he apologized important once the -- of years it apology. He's apologize to everybody Ellsbury broke his wife's name twice right. So that -- behind closed doors open wheel to wreck because that's the reunion that missed the -- been regal. How long you -- should compete in the adult now. Although I I think you are saying they need now I don't think -- no no no wipe the slate clean everything is cool. Like everything's just are right now and gain an inning and smile on ain't no way maintain any. Only above all elites in east wing or she came holed out on that thing it too well I don't know about there there's sex lies and then Luka companies who knows. How was she reward them. I'm pretty -- And B I don't think she's old analogy he's in DC you guarding them tonight they want him blueberry pies who you are a thousand bill for mr. Richard thank you for calling them you know. Big -- lead that cost that was put down on that was that it would match raged between this -- And out that they rough Ian -- and that was in the heart that was in that. On a track -- -- deeply yet that's about right -- that's about right I remember one Bob Berroa went down they went to him but he was later. You know with the whole world was following the surgery and progress and all that Rocco is he still I don't well ambulance you know -- do you know of them Richard you think he's bring in at the right -- right now but. This horse did make it all -- Right it was a match race between you know our staff that get it -- Won the Kentucky Derby preakness did it when -- Yeah I was an -- broke broke he's and they ignored -- -- race and they keep on keep -- right now via a -- -- they keep running mean to jockeys can pull up on it -- but they stayed Iran problem that affected everyone. And and watching. The rates Saturday. You're watching -- who were older talking. About -- as wide. Mark -- touched him on the actual but it can't thank him that way. About no doubt he kept Dawkins. Yeah he you -- Yeah -- she said you're getting a little louder honey yeah. Yes gang you know as it may be twenty minutes -- you may have to walk out the track and whatever else it is anything Montana said the same thing but the you know that's. That's a NBC's. The north got a responsibility when they care to be racist they gained instant reaction from a -- You know that Davey answer reacts in the story was not from tallest the storm was on the lose and not the one. That's usually what happens on that on a third made especially if you got a horse -- two and -- Wideout -- -- -- how about this and think about you know who's part of it you know trainer owner of the jockey actual cars. How about to get so close with so far would Espinoza. He missed -- -- of a problem the second time he memory of 2002. -- in the Belmont aboard. Would that -- and opponents on the war emblem. And then the coach memories stumbled. And finished in the finished an eight. -- an asset as like now like Jim Kelly you know the bills get their fourth on the -- Barrett onetime -- yeah absolutely he has to be pressured to be so close and. Yeah turning it around and and and -- -- it and all of you know traded they would meet -- best -- could yet. Did it have you noticed very good -- it anybody's -- second period Seattle slew of for -- whatever yet. Mean -- especially on anyone you know a Triple Crown winner. Richard thank you so much Havoc on you know think about -- about it. When you think about things and you go OK if I told you so and twelve times. And twelve times I was right you'd probably say equally you know Spezza and -- at the same thing. You'd say well applicable goal of the things he's been right to a -- And if I told you that the 36 years some had happened. In his liking ill wind that go with it train and what I mean is that. The Miami Heat. What will no. After a loss in the postseason they don't lose like that don't lose back to back so why not pass Michael like would be if anybody asked you to -- some was twelve and -- -- and I am assuming you would be bitten on the team with twelve -- know not all the -- regardless in this same thing by bit. The Hawks even though Hossa was favorite it's going to Triple Crown with a 36 years the -- -- -- 36 -- -- along those lines what -- -- argue with that and that would that it scared you to -- If ought to tell you this birds at 18 street post season home games about fifteen or more that that's NBA record right. So you know how you know and you start sagging against as eight straight postseason games eighth street post season old -- you know hold game home -- -- -- morning after -- record and you know when he simply don't that the heat. Thank you know yet. Nobody has a because. Monologue about lie metal -- -- -- that UN that you win. With the heat because that laws back to back that's right now all you know I hope now and I UN anti California grown ID you know I had the rest of the field yeah like when you know Tiger Woods is the favorite to masters. You can have tackled -- and -- -- and you take the field. It's a World Cup -- you know exactly right but just from them -- and you don't Boca train. And I really I don't care decisions like but I hope he moves -- -- -- clock could be fourteen. Law since you say so proactive activity going over a year when maybe they've they have laws back to back holiday. 1213 in the -- the -- Actually his pars NC she said the Spurs -- seven I'm kind of like -- morning LeBron now that three peak of their Boise known. Yeah that's a -- during they do know go out there are my favorite team does it make what you gotta give LeBron credit. On -- and have an -- don't get arrested immediately an outstanding citizen now in our if I -- I somebody. You know it's almost that that's that's acceptable to say when I just don't like -- act and it would that. But don't come -- say -- he's acquittal is not good that meant that some I don't know don't know. And -- -- coming out during is all of his -- Landis and his hate hate hate hate. 33 of the top of the fifth between old -- and the raising kegs of Louisiana Lafayette the winner will go to the college World Series in on Sunday night. They will more than likely play Marilyn Marilyn in the Virginia has blown opening game against Maryland six to zero. In the middle innings this is sports -- on WW.