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Jun 9, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight. Some hot topics coming up: Should the U.S. give kids who illegally cross the border a break? The Obama administration is starting a program to provide lawyers for children facing deportation…as it scrambles to deal with the soaring number of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing the border from Mexico. Since October, more than 47,000 children traveling without parents have been caught trying to cross the southwest border. What would you do to solve this new immigration problem? PLUS: Should the rules for the Triple Crown change... so that any horse in the Belmont Stakes has to run all 3 races? We haven’t had a winner in 36 years…would that make the competition better or worse? California Chrome won the Derby and the Preakness, but lost to a 9-1 long shot Tonalist. Did you pick the winner? What’s the most you ever won either placing a bet or winning a contest? Are you one of these people that never wins anything? ALSO: Does anyone still watch the Miss USA pageant? Is it a good or bad thing to judge women mostly on looks? What kind of message are we sending to our your girls? If you want to represent your country you have to have a perfect body? AND: our WWL/Paretti Opinion poll: Is it animal cruelty for a jockey to use a whip in a horse race?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it -- -- Bobbitt told the real Robert Mitchell filling in for -- do tonight of the gates seventy WWL a couple of things on our. Menu to about on our top table but I wanna begin with a little bit but Bobby and the geek we're talking about. Should the rules for the Triple Crown beat change that any horse. In the Belmont lake faster run all three races and there anyway we can -- -- In -- -- the rules changed the system a little bit too crowned the Triple Crown winner and we have and the winner in 36 years. Would that make the company should better or -- California chrome on the derby and the preakness but lost to a nine to one long shot. Now we're also going to have a little fun this afternoon what's the most. You've either one. Place any bet or maybe winning that contest and he won. Women the you know at any large amount of money for May be the the power of a ball -- -- post poll. Just may be a casino bet. And also are you one of these people that never wins anything at all and as the afternoon -- all we're also gonna talk about. The have you ever lost a dump in -- some money challenger to the to do something and yeah you do them in really release stupid. But -- getting back to the to the triple well. And I'm also going to ask your Bill -- -- -- drag our opinion poll question is -- animal cruelty. For a jockey to use a whip. On a horse. During the race. To -- six year old -- 78668. It finally at seventy I'm going to begin to show -- my friend Bob Berman who Knowles. Everything terrorism but more swiftly. I don't know about. Maybe he could write a -- you did try to book the new Baltimore. Yes and and edit public so. It's a -- It might -- new years where that's happened. Bob first of all is isn't animal cruelty and you know it doesn't animal feed all the way up. Well not really you know there are 12100 pound I really believe you will see if you deal. Well you know it's a lot of difference between you know 12100 count -- All works. And it unexpectedly. You know -- -- Move on -- everywhere poem. Or some of them actually stopped. You know Robert -- you know. The Phillies knew where they'll actually. Just stop running and say it and it and earlier in the program to meet a few years back -- airports. He beat you could be aware. All on the -- could he cared about them of course would be even more so. You know there's it but most of them do in the Vegas land they it to -- each match are you know that's stricter. Our honey you determine if you hit them through the times. Well really now but he. Jockey agents tried to force get detention. Have to take that much. Oh in the dramatic real need to -- -- so. You know -- too much Stewart's take care of that they review every race and every -- and you know in the edit it and if they take it. He's been way too much -- Malia will plan jockey maybe spend. It it just seems a little oil barbaric to -- to have -- to whip these animals on I have to imagine they're going as fast as they can and in arming. I'm -- a couple of races and it just seems like committee. That -- some of these jockeys are really watching them. Well they are there there -- -- but it's it's did they know that the course is not. Gotten their catchy yet so that's why they're really hit they know that ports can run faster so. He just needs to be. -- -- you don't move more. Yeah about it. Oh analyst with your life a little bit. Yeah. I should should the rules for the -- crew will be changed. Though they've they've been doing it for a 140 years. And for this -- -- did go off. Bank account statement. A lot of times horses are three years lol so they're young it and they're not developed so. The only way they can get generates might be -- and so if if that's in the end. -- race is always we expect the Kentucky Derby so. If they can't get into the preakness is about Belmont. And a lot of my two wore down -- track that's on -- or so well. EO -- Giambi or -- second rants like it to them and lately area. A triple on the track. And the Kentucky Derby goers. Chrome is didn't have the opportunity that didn't work out. Now what it would derby. Any thought to doing something like this I know in the NASCAR and things like that all of our legal file will hold on from. From what I understand -- you get certain number of points. For certain number of races could they not take these three races and say that any horse. That is in all three. Maybe you give a short number of points maybe you could take the full time that they ran each race and I guess financially is the fact that you -- ground I don't know what you'd call the Triple Crown. But if you -- to figure out something where maybe you took the time the total time they ran in all three races. And they be the horse with the the best the amount of time. In those three races could get some type of social award with something like that work. -- that -- Saturday and nurtured. That committee's right -- Triple Crown races. That. They're always open -- Jose do that opponents in the world to -- so it would probably be very difficult or come up with some prisoners at all the course horsemen who would like so. -- who who would just go out complaint. You know this chart rate Jeremy to support loser and a teacher at a known more into the circuit all the sources we're gonna support him in you know that's got to -- cigar. They are undefeated sixteen. Races in a row and a you know I want to traders started to court Tuesday morning with the rabbit. In India escape from Iraq and you know -- so you know this -- -- forever so. It's gets -- owned horses so I get -- it's not. Don't have the the information go the other posters so. And I can't I can't imagine that that's what another owner would like to do the the words play the part of the spoiler. Right oh yeah in in. And they feel bad you know that your team might have noticed jockey was coming back you know he was not the most excited -- in the world order rate. -- Kind of a little bit it's and you know he had debate -- of course you know. You know they're all trying to win I mean it's a lot like 800000 dollars just for the war. So well put some breeding rights and and like so there's a lot of reasons that you or rare winter breaks like so. In essence it seems to me it it has no different than. You -- you have a team that lets say as baby. Plane for a sharp at the embassy -- championship. And you're playing against the team that -- one about two games. And they want to play the part of the sport that they want to beat the team reaches college I -- have to imagine. It's the same time the situation. Right like NFL football partner two in sport keen to thirteen team a commune that week of the year. -- Well enough -- They're contained so. Its opinion of it they just -- That's her actual result as it's you which of course that released him gently -- him the winner of it is right side. Really pulling for help or call my commute into his -- shouldn't really -- Are doubtful because. No. California -- has ever won the Triple Crown so yeah a 140 years of racing. And -- three horse races that you have to win. And a California Brittany is history. Does repeat itself you know so it it's not going to be something bad. Is that he didn't just from. A breeding rights so long. -- California Brit. Beat Kentucky -- that is very difficult. You know and in three races so. In Kentucky's where they're there's you know California might be second floor IPSec. Right up there and -- it and might beat. We're down -- and maybe American rhetoric that pretty straight I opera. That that nobody's gonna touch consortium are. And let me ask you this question what when a human trains for Rachel a human bull run X number of miles. But as you get closer to erased a you do -- a certain amount of time off so you can nurture your body recharged. Do they do the same thing with -- it is there a possibility in races like this that navy. The week or so -- the two weeks -- -- before that probably took some of these forces get over trained. Well the and in India also. You know they'll they'll stretch -- -- -- and -- -- to problem -- probably should have scratch spectacular -- the year that he -- To racism in the lap racing. That was well publicized as a but he -- Or step on -- you can -- -- scratching and you're. You wouldn't. -- 100%. In he showed you know currency lost. And I got them. -- call -- and but no loser here. Very close. You know that that was enough -- -- -- markers. Conform. -- well Bob -- is negotiable ahead. -- and it's always good. Is the Big Three racism. And next year the other good thing about it is. -- although -- it's gonna be there for next year for the birdie seventeen year that nobody's. Eager crowd so. You know in in one respect you know that's gonna make -- or even more exciting next year just ignore it kind of monitored this year product. In Libya exciting next year. Thank you Bob for being part of the show. Great one thank you. Okay should the rules for the Triple Crown trained so that any horse in the Belmont Stakes past the run all three races that we haven't had a winner. -- 36 years would detonate the competition better or worse in other words you if you you have to run all three race you have to commit all three races. California chrome won the derby and the preakness lost to a 921. Long shot nobody comes just to gambling. In general I wanna know what's the most. You've ever -- on either by placing a bet. Or winning a condom that hey maybe you want -- radio content may be one of these confidence that you you put your name and it in a big barrel. Or are you well these people that never wins anything I'm looking for people that denied -- won anything at all powerball. Office pool casino but it may be maybe you have a favorite of slot machine you play maybe get at some people have slot machine. Well what they call the methods and stuff like that so what's the most. That you've ever won and have you ever lost. A real. Dom. Bet I'll give you -- only come back but here's our poll number 26 Irwin late seventy. 8668890. Late seventy most of ever -- or -- -- won everything and they -- and usual and our big -- seventy pretty jaguar opinion poll question. Is that animal cruelty for attracted you to whip -- a horse race on Bob Mitchell improved duke on WWL I'm Bobbitt shall in for us due to matter phone numbers 2601 -- 78668890. Its evolution of the rules. Probably Triple Crown will be changed a bit and the horse in the Belmont Stakes -- to run. All three races and a 10 what's the most you've ever want either placing a bet or winning a contest to be an economic contest. And Ali go on and off was full power ball. And did you ever lose it real dumb down I got a text message and this dive right -- was offended apply. The life off the wall comment about about spanking your life and I shouldn't of said that and the guy brings a great point there's -- bush domestic abuse. In this culture and that comment only serve to perpetuate the problem you -- right I was just be in. There's extra stupid that's all -- go to smiley and arrogant power he has violated. My little buddies voluble than anything really big. -- it -- now back with a little jubilant. If you try effective than. I believe back. To John McCain remember of course Maine native dance -- it sell it good. I can't secretariat. He'll -- one rate at that point one races. And he loses patent -- -- Shouldn't he hit tepid mild -- -- causation change that -- program. -- -- Korea the losses incurred a one -- program. Are spectacular bid had been champion in his front -- and he -- -- For a lunchtime and go home and you know Belmont. -- and so -- want to put dates which Japanese they wanted any download. But the last square root -- and so and match race. And it's going to be all why. Can't think of the name and hold to that -- -- -- -- victory -- beat him middle as you know. Well would have worked if you. Where in all three races and you've got some type of point system or something for where you finish in each race -- the at the end. Of the third race then they crowned some type of winner because that way you can actually win two out of three races and still get an award with something like that work. Don't don't really think so I think let it go as he goes discussed was -- a little too much. Telephone call -- qualified -- a couple of weeks of forward. The -- So that was two races in two weeks. Then the greatness. That was two weeks later -- three races in eight days policy direct. So should they spread the race results some. Think they ought to leave and go to the way it goes that you got very weak what the now and that's a -- race that some talent and I. As dollar racetrack kept things that they here's Obama at sun belt on brings all the big boys up there. An athletic clothes that they go up to Saratoga. So I don't stay up -- demand should be part -- police. Right now is that animal cruelty for a jockey to use the -- And a horse race. I don't think so they give Mark Few taps but -- ought to take a chill in the -- And they get scared -- -- Iran. About a minute it seems likely that some of those jockeys were flat panels -- pretty hard. Do you wish they always say do it. But how can solicit generosity comments somebody's. You never tolls how much money you won on the big trifecta. On got it back big active I had was. About sixty under pool that's pretty good. You know but it went 111001. Down while. That one lays -- -- bought me a lot of course solely to him and it did that -- get that bag that's good that your. You know thank you smiling all right bay Cuba normal. On countless -- thank you -- -- sure. Did you happen on -- K how remember him when I was and -- is so used to come on it would black hair and and you know it. He used to do the -- -- should demand it didn't -- -- -- one of the best chance. Our that was what I was kind of -- -- yeah I -- iffy and our rights our right. Calculated. All right tonight on all on the light side of things I thought we -- it would take some phone calls on you know on betting. And what's what's the most. You've ever will you'd have ever won any type of content national even some illegal and radio content that that we always to play. Have you won a whole bunch of money at the casino you you have a favorite game. Then you like to play a favorite way of gambling and what about the have you ever lost a real dumb -- the dumbest bit. The -- -- your poll numbers 26 year old -- 78668890. -- -- and also tonight. We wanna talk about those anyone. Still watched the miss USA -- I mean is that a good or a bad thing to judge women mostly on looks. I would kind of message are we sending to our young girls that you. What if you wanna represent the country you have to have a a perfect body would there be a better way. Of finding. Who should be miss USA. Who's the general late 7866890. It's Sunday. I'd I'd love to hear -- from someone you guys that but gamble -- you know maybe you play cards may -- to play the slot machines and to. Europe the favorite way that you have. Vote -- but the craziest bit but I never lost I was I was very very young. And very very stupid. And I was hanging out with a left -- A bunch of -- navy guys. And I mean these these guys would drink and I I was. Very small -- OK I mean strictly no more than. May be a little wine every now and then dinner in the list and even a social drinker. And they bet me. That I could not drink they put six shots. Of tequila and the -- made this this huge. Market -- And Bettany that I could not drink well. I attempted to drink it. And just totally. Passed out and and and hit before it's probably the stupidest bit. That of collaborative that was a long long time ago and thank god that I got. Cents and they'll do that anymore to secure 170. 866 and it -- So what kind of what kind of crazy bets would be lost. And what's the most. You've ever won -- and have to be in horse racing. On on on any type of game mean of that. 260 -- 7866. And it finally it's -- -- -- How are you Paul. I'm umpire Paul first of all is an animal cruelty for a -- he'd used a whip -- reports. New Year's annulled the music for years but you know that -- rule. Now. You don't think the horses feel that. There. Yeah but I don't know how many and it did that unfolded in -- you can and to me the -- enjoys it and I don't know about a -- -- -- just around Orlando I mean I understand what you say and you know they they -- the horse to make the horse go faster but that doesn't really make it right doesn't. Without a doubt now outward which you don't know -- all right truly change the rules of the Triple Crown. Now now -- permanent. You know they'll work for eighty years in this way you know what they bought by or which aren't. Yeah. What about you most of ever won making -- -- -- Oh. You remember the year through in the are there like late eighties. I want opt out now football and I'll. I hit the water a general and and it will combat street. And it circle thought it would -- out right now. What me micro and the -- -- -- -- look at the when he started at cheap cocktail then. Welcome -- The boy and the -- or shut all that but -- attention of one or water out so well. Well it cable and -- took 43 album -- on. Alert now. -- the humidity really stupid bets. Now known as. Just -- seeing. Him. -- to watch the issue a statement. -- well. Do you caught it. And she did do you think Cleveland still need that. -- We should it it's things to me that if we're gonna have miss USA. And someone who was representing the United States of America and we you know we should have I don't know -- -- -- to have just. A regular woman just but a typical American America because all these women to me lookalike. They all tell him. Perfectly perfect -- perfect body you know. I. Thank you Paul. You do I'm Bob Dylan and art villain in dispute let's go to to -- -- Amy. -- -- It I'm calling in to comment on your -- it's got about and -- they had. Okay is that good or bad thing to judge women mostly on looks and are we sending a message to a young girls that. You know if you wanna represent our your country have to have this perfect body. -- -- UC because I'm out in near by and compete and at that. Organization that -- in our date and I feel that. It's not just about beauty it it gives them and at and dot com. And it's not yet at luck at all and -- a majority of yours or is based on talent. And -- there in years. And then all personality. And you know -- they are pretty cute in June. Lovely she'd -- And great body. Chimney had more than baggage. It's about that Brittany Umar and I unfortunately can't match the pleasure meeting that meeting that -- had -- Wonder about her and she budget down to earth earth and let's not yet to meet -- -- that in all no she should go out and structured data and you know get down and -- -- -- -- -- isn't there a lot of pressure on these women like for instance in in and I've I've just watched a portion of the its seems to me. That each one of them has perfect teeth and I would be surprised. If they didn't have some dental work -- is that there are a lot of pressure on them to. To starve themselves and get her body in perfect condition. And and and do whatever it takes even if it's cosmetic surgery to look a certain point. And you know cosmetics. And maybe I hear it they. I don't use. Urgent out and it ain't like I -- intact and they are being. -- in -- and mini GO. Thank you MP a -- I'll eat. It channel. Q you. Now we're. Very. Sir. It's great to make it -- -- -- I guess I'm I'm I'm not listen I'm not and I'm not against cosmetic surgery I'm not again I'm not against that at all today in fact I'm thinking of him in some them getting old in the face is starting to say. Might -- at the plastic surgeon I'm I'm I'm not against that at all I find that. In in this world of all of everybody trying to be shall politically correct. I'd I'd just wonder if if the time has come to do something other than the miss USA -- I think a lot later respect. Don't really do it. People say it burner yeah pumping out I can't tell you -- -- -- at. That. It is. On that he's not elect the wrong intentions that your goal is to walk out of there on your match you. -- -- Are you walk in the intentions haven't been -- and he went in and make friends -- -- I. You're gonna walk out of there you're locked out there bringing them. One more question how young is too young to be in these -- I think that any contest throughout the -- I can agree with you -- act out I -- Yeah. Let's think I think that girl should be able to compete on -- it's old and up to day. I wanna be apart. On wage mommy -- yet because on the one QB in the transport and trying to get agreement. And I am a mom that daughter and she prayed and gotten any yet to be the little that every and yet. The reason why I am but you know -- she grows and it's growing and about the -- On her personality that maturity at that -- her got embarking. On current. But I think there's any age age should young back to -- I -- attitude that they want to make at the end and it is a lot of and to get there and eat -- and it. It pretty good that we can't get pretty right that every day which really cute now. Not be jacked up and need a change in -- you. Hello I love your attitude Amy thank you so much for -- an okay Iraq. All right 260 late 78668890878. Does anyone still watch the miss USA pageant is that good or bad hoping the judge women mostly on looks and what kind of message. Are we sending to our young girls if you wanna represent the country have to look a perfect. It appears that the message and how youngest what do you think about the -- content of one big having the miss USA country. But what are your opinions of these skiddie contest but it seems like the mothers. Orders pushing their kids into it too sick generally 7866890. It's heavily on Bob Mitchell and for boot. WWL. I'm Bob patrol in the first go to by phone numbers to basic zero late 7866889. Point 77. 866889. Point seven I'm surprised. But I'm not getting more calls on this question here is an animal cruelty for a jockey to use it whip. In a horse race senator -- seventy for a drag our opinion poll question -- -- slow surprised that the results -- this point 78%. Saying no. Only 2%. Say yes what do you flight to as a general -- seventy. 866889. Point 78 were also talking about the the the Triple Crown rules should they be changed. So that any horse in the Belmont Stakes past two run. All three races but we haven't had a winner in 36. Years so that may -- competition better. Or worse California chrome on the derby and the preakness lost two lost to a -- the one long shot. What are the things that that I was wondering about this was. Oh would it work now I'm I'm not a horse racing fan so I don't know a whole bunch of bothered -- got involved in and watching this race. And -- talking about the situation. But could you do the same time the system that you. Used and in NASCAR and stuff like that where you got X number of points for depending on your time. That you ran in each -- racism in other words if you beat you ran all three races but does you know naturally if you. Win -- you know when the third you know when the triple -- public but he figure out some kind of way to where maybe they took the time. That the horse ran and each individual race and where possibly the -- did win two of the three races and and still win the crown would something like that work. And cultural I'm looking for you people. That in any way and have won anything big you know maybe you want something in the powerball. And and and have you ever lost. A really really -- -- -- and it's when I was on the merchant Ream. I won 4700. Dollars plane AC -- -- have no idea what AC DC -- I'm assuming that it's a card game. Or something like that so if you won the -- if you're one. -- -- -- Maybe play in the slots the powerball office pool. -- -- me call and let me know how much you won at too secure one late 78668. At nine awaits them but he content to be in its 78 from the war. Are you all these people that. You never win anything at all and is it time to get rid of the miss USA pat. Isn't it good or band being the judge women mostly on their looks. And what is what is the minimum age -- thing that little girls should get involved in some of these beauty and I mean some awful. I think these kids are so yeah. And you know vote the parents appears to be. Living through that Obama I'm against these little little kid beauty pageant what about you reform or against them to a six -- only seventy. 866889. 0870. We have some lines open obviously anymore. -- -- personal -- that you will read to you. I would say it's not animal cruelty because the horse to suffer long term injury. Yeah but the horses still getting -- but the I mean if if you took that attitude could -- if -- Canada. To whip your dog I would I would never do anything like that to a six year old -- 78668890. It's seventy Williams -- to break. And then we will get right back to your phone calls is a look at the calls green we do have a couple of lines open so people and we can get you. Right up I'm Bob Mitchell and the root of the brigades seventy WWL AM implement dot com blog about the show I'm Bob Mitchell -- -- -- phone numbers to -- -- -- 7866890. It's seventy. What do they were talking about it what is your favorite game. Of chance to like betting on the horses like -- down on football games slot machines targets which -- -- your favorite game of chance. And have you ever won any big about a money let's go to rich in -- power you're rich. Do a lot of bad beat jackpot here on the cold ones. Seven hearts and roll. And the other guy to McKean and the other panel diamond street books as one way bulletin or bird -- -- So we're -- -- straight losses he kept raise them -- them. Saw it and a girl called Marie's. Elect couldn't lose you know sometimes -- bad beat jackpot scope of -- thousand dollar. -- about -- know each player that tables at fifty dollar you. So -- thousand dollars playing cards. Technical. I believe there it and going to it. You follow the horse racing and all you know or who's bought the dumb animals that are news except for trigger and you'll. It's at at at at what what do you think is that animal cruelty for -- used whip and horse -- are sure you know. You know that they should do that. Now all of it might. Just whisper in the carrier. -- -- All right Richard appreciate your call in okay. Are all right 260178668. At nine point 78 here's what we are starting -- -- show will tonight. Does anyone still watch the miss USA pageant and is that good or bad thing to judge women. On these shows -- mostly by it looks and what do you think is too young. Thabeet and these beauty passages from argue for or against these these kids. Veteran beauty pageants and I've found a lot of times it's. It seems to me that it's the mothers but one of the of the -- and you know that there they're not in shape -- they put their. Kids at it here's a text message Miss America should be judged. Be in an academic scholar high intellect maturity. And if they happen to -- a party. Oh well should be like. Michelle Obama Condoleezza Rice or Hillary Clinton -- who who miss USA should be. 260 late 786688908. But he should the rules of the Triple Crown will be trains with a and the horse. In the Belmont Stakes -- -- all three races to stick durable late 78668890870. Bob Mitchell and let's go to WW well.