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Jun 9, 2014|

: Should the rules for the Triple Crown change... so that any horse in the Belmont Stakes has to run all 3 races? We haven’t had a winner in 36 years…would that make the competition better or worse? California Chrome won the Derby and the Preakness, but lost to a 9-1 long shot Tonalist. Did you pick the winner? What’s the most you ever won either placing a bet or winning a contest? Are you one of these people that never wins anything? ALSO: Does anyone still watch the Miss USA pageant? Is it a good or bad thing to judge women mostly on looks? What kind of message are we sending to our your girls? If you want to represent your country you have to have a perfect body?

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And I'm Bob Mitchell in the first look. I'll be here all this week filling in for studio puts on our WWL talk tables we take the show to a midnight tonight that any of guys -- watched the miss USA pageant. And is that a good or bad thing to judge women mostly on looked especially. In this so incredibly. Off base politically correct world that we -- in what do you think about the little kitty. Beauty contest those they'll want -- to drug they just totally off the wall. And if you are racing fans of the rules of the Triple Crown train -- -- and the horse in the Belmont -- has to run all three races. We haven't had a winner in 36 years that are brigade seventy ready jaguar opinion poll question. Is -- animal cruelty for a jockey to use the whip and a horse race could call me to secure a -- seventy. 8668 point 90 -- family let's go to a big day big deal are you tonight. Big deal there. Big. I'm buying. Want the same thing on with the stupid -- you made -- -- kind of a dead in the way. You -- easily change its state park between now. Leave the united him at all he would they have the Tories -- And then you put your money in and then the thing comes down -- to tie up. Claw machine just right. Well it's like fifty years old. And I mean that it would that the command detonated it Britain -- pulling money thing pouring money money money and put -- -- picked up a thing an analyst. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right -- -- etiquette that I'm -- -- ever win anything big or -- these people that just never win anything. Little hand -- -- -- one thing I want in particular sure that the about polity at the tuchman went to the outbreak -- And will pocket -- economy attendant says. Two on number one and number one number two. And my plan is laughing and laughing and carrying on I'll bet that the man and -- The back then -- now probably more about 300 you know you but I win -- -- I mean like just. Handing people aren't you don't make Tibet human element the net and put a lot at all about ten minutes. Product and you know what I don't think great sending it from me I mean. Not that gave them money away and thought they -- now. I'm not cut out for the counting. Let me ask you one more question do you think. It's animal cruelty for a -- a -- used a weapon or forest. What would happen and they blew an idiot. That ethnic. Ethnic and I don't know I guess you know. I don't know now so if someone -- in your ear what to make you run faster. Until they met -- and that they are a. All right Mary thank you so much. All right let's put a big deal in Slidell big deal about deals and animal cruelty for a dropped him to use the whip and -- horse forest. They've bowed to be -- I don't know that -- well you'll know. Carson Alito won't be -- any training -- do you agree to a -- action so that the the church should be -- the question talking about tonight. As the injustice good enough so go and those native Americans. Like keeping that redskin saying. I think that need to change about. You think the Washington Redskins should change their name. Yes sir -- do line. -- -- who like you just so it's different in just visit that the small population. -- well. Hundred years ago but I think the small population of rubble that should be urban would be on. So you you you think that. -- -- I've never heard. Any one complain -- I've never heard anyone up up and never heard anyone call the show and say no I'm a native American. And the Redskins -- in the wood about liked Louisiana Lafayette by the way. Who is losing five to four in the eighth inning right now about what about the raging cajun is cajun so offensive I mean I'm a cajun and you know -- up until I mean. I don't know whether raging cajun is is complementary or not. How -- -- can't really comment -- -- and the I'd honestly. -- I'm sure. Well what about what about like the Atlanta Braves or. Well actually when other I'm I'm I'm I'm trying to think of any other Indian teams to order -- An old right. They kept it achieves intensity -- they changed to -- No I don't agree that should change -- there -- and that is that Barack or even though native American. Well I tell you what I'll do I'll I'll I'll open up the phones and since you brought the subject up what will open up the -- -- -- view. Agreed. Or disagree. With big duties that the Washington. Redskins. Is offensive it's it's not politically correct and upper big day and what do you think until Bobby and he talked about this -- one day last week so. I give you a chance to Poland. And big. It's offensive -- in this world is getting entirely true crazy when it comes and trying to beat. Politically correct thank you big -- let's go to let's go to Dexter in Texas extra power you. -- Now what do you do you think the term Redskins is a coincidence changed. I. Don't point that there. Time to think you'll enter our opinion poll Bush's animal cruelty. Or judge did you -- and a horse race. Well. You should. Or should. The thing. That. -- Extra do you still -- miss USA -- -- -- It I get up at the war but later that. The -- that would come -- grown as a society. -- People -- You know that these people yeah I think that it. What do you think about these little -- confidential data book. -- Are all right extra restricted colleagues. Off all right to -- Cyril late 7866. Payday nine only seven and we didn't have it on our. Our -- table tonight but a senseless subject was brought up -- Will take a couple phone calls if you wanna respond to it in old there's been some pressure put on the Washington Redskins. The change their name because. Native Americans or. It's assumed that a certain group of native Americans think that it's offensive and and they want it changed. What do you think about that to securely seventy. 8668908. Family. We're also talking about via the Triple Crown should the rules for the crippled. Of the Triple Crown will be trained so that any horse in the Belmont Stakes -- to run all. Three races and I thought it would be fun tonight to take a phone calls -- on things. Bet you have one so what's the most that that they've ever -- and what is your favorite game of chances at them. Slot machines as the powerball. All those rules. Is that this horse racing isn't boxes of football. 26 or 18788668. At 90870. Let's see here of a text message for for big. That the Redskins was offensive and it should be changed Big Dig it's appealing to obviously grow up and be a man it's just the name. Here's another tight -- they were named to honor native Americans. A very small minority of native Americans or bothered by it it should not be -- so. What do you think showed the is is the Redskins -- of odd element anyway I just don't in any way. By and that opponents let's go to Rufus Rufus how are you tonight. Fine -- his little buddy list. Should the Washington Redskins be forced to change their name. Probably not tradition now and break it I think epic epic called the little insensitive. Don't just think this is a country where too sensitive. Yes in fact that brings me to my wife called the first -- to the question about the horses that would probably is kind of pulled the animals that look myself. I would do that. -- I'd like I would never think of of whipping my dog to try to train my dog or anything like that in on my -- my title piece of paper. And touch him on its new but the I I would never think of of of with bean -- my animals trained them. Right but -- main topic that that might actually be more controversial I'm sure it'll offend some people -- almost welcome it but. The beauty pageants -- in a negative impact on young women you -- girls. I don't know. It could dispute southern thing but if you walk around enough. There's so many overweight people in general. I don't know how we can have a negative impact it but if there was more evidence. Eating eating reporters around here I would be with you but. Well I think I think the thing that. That bothers me. Is these little kids that that parents get them involved. Whose beauty contest when they're when they're just children. And I imagine that the the whole point is to to train them to eventually. Grow up to be in two a big beauty contest and I mean it just doesn't. And I I personally think that almost borders on child cruelty -- -- -- when they have these these little bitty kids. In in beauty pageants. I would agree with that they interrupted pageant. I was talking more along the lines you adult women pageants maybe even this Keeneland but. You could make the target Bellotti and get plastic surgery day to go out of their way to be in great shape but it. I almost think maybe we need more then because it is if you walk around -- there's about seven to eight. Almost obese -- young women to every. We sit and -- a little. We've been anymore and they. And we're very restrictive that society apparently. You've got it did you got a good point there's a -- especially here in new whirling attack -- our food our food the and so -- the the temptation -- here is is just unbelievable. It is it's. I don't think that that'll be it is being in a big issues for his. -- a bad and Eric -- paper you -- looking around. Truth is that everyone anything. Big government big -- Yeah yet. Black jacket Katrina almost did you lose. What. What they've got 3000 line. That's not want him home. We're -- I have. A solid guy playing blackjack and I go to the conceal a little bit I enjoyed and putt putt putt they get more as a if you go there what the fault that you're going to win. You you can't do that you have to delete the thought that it's just entertainment okay. And I saw a guy play and like Jack and I felt so sorry form. He did he had one like a thousand dollars immediately. We huge stack of green chipped in front of him and he decided that table limit was 500 dollars and it was betting. You know 510. Tornado if it decided the -- 500 dollars on one hand. Going for the gold okay. He lost. And then he says. It happened twice in a row. At it actually a term that what's the -- -- Yeah like that'll be -- here. Yeah that's. What he. That hopefully Cliff Lee and -- -- eighty cases money it. -- gave it all back. And Bob thank you wrote to us by a right to secure 178668. At 90 had some -- take a break and we when we come back. As an animal cruelty for -- to use whipped in a horse race. How do you feel about beauty pageant is a positive. Or -- negative affect on young girls especially what do you think about these these kitty. Contest and we added this to -- on. The talk table -- for the next few minutes or so. The Washington Redskins -- being pressured. To change their name to change the Redskins because that is offensive. To native Americans do you think it's offensive. 26 year old -- 7866889. A -- family. I'm Bob Mitchell and bestowed on WWL and I'm Bob met -- and for us to tonight I'll get to the polls in just the second so Max hold on. 260 late 78668. At 90 assembly tomorrow on sports talk. Well Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia saints head coach Sean Payton plus player from the first plea of many here creating turnovers is a major focus of improvement. Where most of the black and -- need to get better plus game three of the NBA finals in the spurs regained momentum on the Bronx home court. Or will be -- -- San Antonio huddle with the pros weekdays from port eight Oklahoma the saints L issue of the pelicans. WW. Let's go to the -- it would go to. Max. Some people are talking about maybe changing the triple of the Triple Crown. What are your thoughts on the. -- Climax. Meg sure the rules of the Triple Crown being trained for that any horse in the Belmont Stakes have to run all three races. Now I think that overshot maybe at a week it's still in between races that you beat five. Baghdad why would change arose now how many is that they've been doing it this way amounts owed you one thing we -- -- -- you -- You wanna change the rules. You think you'll be better to just spread the race is -- -- but more. Maybe a couple of weeks in between the traits yeah. Before that would that would fit him pretty good about it in the program in little more -- Do you play the -- is much -- What what's the biggest amount of money took over one. A much. Music. Well right after a couple of years that the Katrina hit the 141000. -- -- -- -- -- get that was that on one race. One race with 101000 night it would because. That aren't out simple fact that four losses. It is -- -- needing California. And -- along Shaq. And now the pre world. Certainly the one. And a bit at -- out straight needed 101000. That's great Max let me ask you do you think it's animal cruelty for the drug can use the whip and torturous. Now -- there's a lot of people complain about it a lot of people -- kissing me good enough. You got -- twelve of fourteen are clown around one think -- can get through much of what. I don't know movement then that -- I don't know you know I'm I'm I'm an animal lover and I guess I look at the forced the way I'd look at them like pets I've I would never I would never -- -- a strap or whipped and in my pants. What I spartans pulled it means you know it's -- Situation in Iraq ought. Like you've seen -- that would. When chrome and I mean you know that Jack is they like it was it. -- -- so we -- a Lister called in about a half hour ago. And was talking about the Washington redskin position though there there's some rusher on the Washington Redskins to change their nicknamed -- and that is it is offensive to native Americans would what are your thoughts about subject. But let me my parents raised Cherokee and -- In the large family. And they've all thought about it and they actually. Laughed about it because they've gotten the wrong. About hundred try and live anything like. I've got a great text messenger. If I wore an Indian I would not want Washington to be a part of that name means that. Our our our. Last. Why is -- opinions that the state thought -- two and there are quite -- long. Not have a five cents and actually kind of fun and amusing because you know. They they have -- -- it means. -- some of the nicest people in this world you know they do anything for you in bands but it. When you know what we've just gotten to Seoul. Over the border when it comes to be in politically correct to go I'm I'm so I'm surprised that someone doesn't complain about. The Pittsburgh Pirates and that a month on the Somali pirates somewhere in on it it's a New York is just nuts. And it didn't and a then appointed Jean you've pretty much have the white churches. You know you don't. Thank you Max. And not to -- I think and weaknesses you're actually got -- one news at 101000 and it should try to shake it one on. It came about 141000 for the -- That was exciting as the owner you know. If people really think it's that you mean it could take what you ought to stand on it there at the fairgrounds and raised in what he saw some parameters. And it used in -- -- only about forty yards from the hole. And you can listen don't go to where you can -- -- used to -- some Jack he is from Jack he's done. And I really don't think it's well before in our brown mountains don't feel that much it's gonna hurt. You've ever been on ought to put a whip for me you know what it's about. Is it just started school. They bought the sport on the. Gotcha all right. All right Max I appreciate your call -- okay. All right 26 or 187866889. -- seventy. Looks that he hears and all the -- budget would vote by native Americans be fair. In deciding the team name I guess so I'm not quite sure how are you would down. Put a a vote like that together. Should the rules the Triple Crown trains -- that and the horse in the Belmont they just run all three races. And I'm I'm looking for people thought that I'd have thought would be a fun subject actually thought -- get. A home. A few more calls on this and I'm looking for people that. I have ever won a contest. You know and what's your favorite game of chance to play what type of book contest do you like to play the like to play. The power ball -- the powerball do you play you're you're office pool. How many of you go to casino what's what's your favorite casino -- and anyone. -- anyone ever lose. You know a real. Dumb dumb vent to a six year old late 78668908. Family let's go to a John in Slidell laureate John. -- you know at some people are -- Everett in our own well. I just don't know what to do that out but I do wanna throw that it actually. I am adopted. I don't know my record field of animal other recently -- quite a bit Indian -- yeah -- per year. You know with people -- in the where a lot I don't know about you know it just depends on how many people are true and good morning it is model. Chris you were talking about political correct correct -- -- ridiculous yeah. What about. Catholics. Partly here you can't quit cold -- non. Who -- -- -- or put a team being in the wind probably a lot of them are not sure he can call. Well I think when that name was first frozen out -- I believe that some Catholics were offended and that's. That is that is a very very good point because to Catholics. There are saints are are very sacred and that actually literally means something to them. And I could see where Catholics could say that his offensive bureau late that this whole political correct stunning. It just gets crazier and crazier you have to be so careful of anything you say to anyone you have to be very very careful. About trying to kid around and and and joke with anyone because you just never know when it's going to backfire with you about. Well on. Have been the student of the Bible and a better. -- put a little nuts and play Christian believer in inner sanctum with biggest net. People who have been. Right I'm -- on their profit and cap went wrong. You know tightly guarded -- people looked at the plate but anyway. I mean I just -- that the -- entry I would know what to say about it what are truly a lot of people offended by. Then in May be something they're in great should be changed that. -- -- thank you know world. He can take it to a point where. Everything to people and by turning in. And that's why -- one of the sites during an era I think it would be pretty radical. Want to thank you entered into little. Little tongue in cheek and what -- life. And and and -- out and I love this text message not now what do you think is more offensive. To the native Americans being called the Redskins are there name tied in with Washington. But at that. That's a great great at. A Delaware and Washington court. -- -- be. May be maybe that's what they're offended by more than Redskins will be in tonight that would Washington. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Carolina or you. You doing. I bet that winning. A -- Big winner. And -- twelve. And my husband. And there with an ancient bar. You. I record. -- And world court and injured one. And may be and why. We can achieve that. It. And yeah. Yeah well -- -- You know it it reminds me of a promotional I was doing I was. Doing a remote broadcasts from from a car dealership and we were giving giving a car away. And and people were registering. Like for about two months took to win this car. And they had this huge huge -- mean that that might have been 101000. And treason. And this guy walks in about five minutes before the time limits out. Is this true story and he says that he says to -- that time a century ago. And he put his Damon there and then your round and round and ran toward the ground. In our region. And -- read the name guys does the committee yesterday. It laws. You beat people. -- -- -- -- Like the beginning of the great. And I. Went. So wait where you're lucky to get him if your husband. Great to. End -- at. Any. -- really -- Out that. Yes you know. Great how great. -- Currently. Let me ask you as as the lady. What do you think of the miss USA pageant. Oh. -- -- But the challenge. It our all our rob me it pageantry. It doubly. But ultimately. To -- may. -- being. Here you know pretty. That she. Numbering and she -- In. The world. And to. Answer. Might. Mean that it. -- -- But the one thing. And what you want. A record. -- -- -- More than. One. Hour -- -- But don't today most of them are judged strictly on the beauty. -- -- -- You know I -- Yeah. It. But our viewers. -- -- I. I would do. Will Carly I appreciate your -- and then thank you so much. I was glad I'm thinking yeah. All right okay well and we had come back we have Thomas we have starlight may have a room for you to call in at 260. -- 26017866. An 89 a late seventy and you can text -- 87870. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- go to WW well. I'm Bob mentally approach due to -- Gar Heard about this. A bakery in England. Is making headlines with its unique choice. Of -- -- -- Kenya you know week we have jelly doughnuts and Kreme doughnuts. These people marketed donut filled with spam. And to show you how bad food must be in that country obviously it's flying off the shelves. Spam. Filled. -- -- brigades seven -- a drag our opinion poll question is an animal cruelty for jockey to use a whip in horse -- I'm really surprised by this response. I'm I'm just done by 86%. Say no 14% say yes let's go to Thomas Thomas Howard you tonight. What about you -- is an animal cruelty for jockeys to use whips and the -- trees. Well let's -- you know we looked at what the counselors can. Focus on the problem that -- -- it is critical Narnia book you got it gobble. A lot of red -- And yet event -- The open up our hope and about that yeah well law expert it. What -- -- that there bulked up so cool to keep fit and being -- brown called bitter -- -- -- -- And he you know so I mean army I mean we thought it was going on. About of course we talk about the lions on the bears -- the falcons and stuff like that well what they're saying is the Redskins is offensive to native Americans. -- -- Well apparently. Yes well I don't know. I don't know you know. Okay we'll go over there. Yeah he and the leaders. Oh. But with it -- for the tried to open yeah they're like category blow off. Ontario court -- premiere you know -- lot -- well. Look through -- the whole problem if you come here. All right Thomas thank you so much about -- -- all of those teams. And can can be offensive that the reason. That some group's virtually and that the Washington Redskins as defensive. Is that it it it depends. Native Americans to six year old late 7866. And 90 it's 72 having a month but -- will break for the -- I'm not an in pixels look at the clots and laughed at too much time -- alright to figure of one late 78668. At nine point 78. Here is a a xmas if you were talking about content issue one before the law accused of ever been a -- powerball. Just a power ball on the -- at the other numbers at -- all right 2601786689. Point 7 AM Bob Mitchell in pursuit. Coming right back on the big it's seventy WWL AMF and and dot com we come back. When you start talking about immigration. And should the US of the kids who illegally crossed the border bright business. This is going to be -- touching the subject -- talk about I'm coming right back I'm Bob excellent student on WW welcome back the show was the dutrow on -- to be real Robert shall filling in for -- tonight. As we go to the 10 o'clock hour we could add this George WWL talked tables in in. All of the news programs afternoon during the day. Should the United States should the United States give kids who illegally crossed the border a break. The Obama administration is starting a program provide lawyers for children placed in deportation. As -- scramble to deal with the soaring number of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing the border from Mexico but since October. This is just October okay more than 47000. Children traveling without parents. And been caught trying to cross the southwest border. -- what would you do to solve this new immigration problem. And do you consider these children illegal immigrants. Or refugees. The dramatic shift. Is just -- -- with what George because Hondurans. Salvadorians and while Marlins make up 75%. Of those caught. In south Texas. The Obama administration. This is starting a program to provide lawyers for the children. It's gonna cost about about two million dollars but. How do you consider this and how would how would you solve what would you do the solve this new immigration problem is immigration is. -- such an idea of a hot topic in this country but you know these are kids dial. -- mean think about that 47. Dollars and children traveling with -- parents. And in all of their their -- calls them. They're having to give them medical treatment it's just it's just all overwhelming right now. You know I mean if if there's any proof that we need to do something to close the borders the -- -- -- but now. Holloway -- handle these children well what would you do. What would you do to solve this new immigration problem and that the the top question here. Is do you consider these children. Illegal immigrants. Or refugees. You can call me right now at 26018786688908. Somebody the news was that called during the news. And John -- set to go up left of the top of the hour Bob Mitchell and -- on WW well.