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Jun 9, 2014|

The Obama administration is starting a program to provide lawyers for children facing deportation…as it scrambles to deal with the soaring number of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing the border from Mexico. Since October, more than 47,000 children traveling without parents have been caught trying to cross the southwest border. What would you do to solve this new immigration problem?

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And it has -- Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell Carolina and for us -- tonight. This is really a problem -- -- it immigration of courses but the problem in this country in one of the things that. One of the reasons that now the the main reason -- the problems because we just we just don't enforce the laws. But I I don't know if if you have been ball -- this is something that's totally different and whenever I come up with something for the show while always ask myself I can answer the question. But this is one that I truly can't answer. The Obama administration. Is starting a program of blood lawyers for children. Mason deportation as it scrambles to deal. With the shoring number of -- company miners illegally crossing the border from Mexico. Now let's plan the federal government would issue about two million dollars in grants to enroll about a hundred lawyers and paralegals to -- percent. The immigrant children make their way through the immigration courts just. The way I understand this happens is the fact that you you'd come here illegally and then. They don't just necessarily set you back -- you have to have like this hearing reportedly and you bet right now the administration. Is trying to cope with a surge of unaccompanied children that is just simply overwhelmed border officials. As well as the nation's friendly and immigration courts will be. Initiative that was announced. I believe was passed Friday is intended to help children. Under the age of sixteen who've already received a pork noticed -- here for deportation understand that. Those are kids that are already here. And and end and they want to send them back now since October. More than 47000. Children 47000. Children. Traveling with -- parents have been caught trying to cross the sultan was born -- Many of these kids have survived -- hazardous journey to arrive here many of these are getting away from. Companies like a countries like Honduras and substance -- or Guatemala. A lot of them or or or -- in a country where where there are being treated cruelly so. Would only do what we do with these kids they estimate. That by September. The number to reach may be ninety miles it's 90000. So what -- -- do with these children Halloween treat these children that we treat them as illegal immigrants. Are refugees that we take it and draw a line -- sail there I don't care -- going through which sending you back on -- on the other hand you know this country if if their kids. -- Or not doing well in the country's -- we have a tendency to wanna take care of them so what would you do and how would you handle. This immigration problem. I'd I'd love to hear your thoughts on it to six year old -- somebody. 8668890. It's simply because I quite frankly don't know the answer to note that their kids. And you know you'd you'd go seek and deserve these kids militaristic and turn these kids back over and send them back it up a part of the problem too is. When they come from Mexico they can pretty much put them on a bus. And send it back but when they come from some of these other countries. Then we have to -- and fly them back to those countries and that presents a country so a problem rather to six Euro -- late 7866890. It's seventy. What do you wanna do. These miners these these young children these minor children who or illegally crossing the border to come in to our country. Do we treat them. As illegal immigrants now on some their parents were already hear them their parents about two we treat them as illegal immigrants. Or -- treat them as refugees and an open our doors open borders. And take them back let's go to that's go to Brian. Brian how are you tonight. Until well on. A problem that the Redskins dating. But I think the problem really hear it political correctness like you and you know we used to be it society it was logical -- rational. We would say things that aren't apologetic because they needed to be. Economist with bank and city. And now you have a situation where you considered this person's feelings that feeling it and you know it has really -- out -- become problem. With decline of social social the view. Brian Patrick in a speaking of social issue -- -- a strange the subject this hour. What what would be your solution. To all of these kids that that the new thing that's happening now all our borders. Or kids implement kids -- of the ages sixteen or just coming into this country and just record numbers. What do we do that we treat them as illegal immigrants -- we treat them as refugees. Well I think you have to go to public on the books I mean there is certain regulation and everyone's got to follow to get into country. -- -- -- -- You know and I can't think I understand why it's happening yeah. The -- want the government to allow the happening is because. There -- A lack of population problems and and and pretty much all last night made -- And I think the government allowed to have been the kind of sort that. You know they promise from the neck injury. Which hasn't existed in my opinion in almost seven either. And they come -- they did and they get into the country. And you click -- Positive vote as well. But what do we do it would what do they do at these children remain at the book we're talking about. In oh what is 37 to move up 47000. And they think that that number could reach 90000. In in in the next few months. Oh what they -- of these children there they're coming here unaccompanied you know. What do you do when you fund like a six or seven year old child over here -- you send them back. -- I think bill thank you. I don't think you can keep calling -- legal immigrants. Into the income coming -- -- -- want to leave the -- let's say let's say. What they. It's like where the currency was going. On a lot of evidence that say that despite going to be very bad place for the next forty years. I want to get out mail. Let's go to another country illegally. Good welcome there. No they want but what would you honestly have a heart to trade and lets the let sailor thought a ten year old that it is now. In this country brought here illegally would would you have the heart to to send them back they're not even knowing whether we're going. I think -- back according to law. I mean it's hard decision to make that. You know or are you like -- that I believe people would have the same opinion about it. All what he didn't follow the rules. So why should we let that person in the country. In Amin. The problem and I think I think it is going to be somewhat of it's a gamble for the future -- -- You allow people Internet that are illegal conduct so you know. The job problem in the country. He got the big com joblessness. You guys I mean it that that's the way they've got to deal. Thomas yeah illegal immigrants they're gonna promise from the American dream and make a comment. At a rapid amount of people leave the United States. And since 2010 and a rapid amount of people have left. I just don't know bomb. I just -- -- -- turn the children women I can understand if if if a child is here with their parent if if you catch if you catch a family. Trying to cross the border sure absolutely shut them down. But odd adult lol if if if I would have the heart of it all right now there that they're trying to plan places the halls all these children. I don't know I'm I'm I'm not able to take in at this point say. That we should treat them like illegal immigrants on. I'm more at this point of warning to treat them like like refugees but. I'd I'd definitely understand where a year where you're coming from a one point you got to draw a line and say enough you know. Right a man that don't know me it's a tough situation coming out really don't know. What the situation why so many coming here I don't know -- economic from Mexico. Well they're coming from -- some -- coming from Mexico but a lot of coming from Guatemala from Honduras and from El Salvador. And I think I think what happens is the fact that these these these kids our. Or sold on the fact that it's okay to come here you know. GAAP net it is not the top that the cup thing to deal I mean I don't I don't really know. The right solution and penalties. Would is that we go with what a lot of coma. Only fair. All right Brian I appreciate your call -- okay. All right let's go to a Farley Farley -- are you. I don't are there are currently know what would look would you consider these kids illegal immigrants or refugees at this point. In their current OK and. I mean because -- image itself. If we would go to another concert. And you're saying that they are saying that. He would have no documents about what we'd be considered if we were children. -- about that there. And think about the nationality or are you kidding the doll and he would turn that I'm working on TV announcing it to -- but -- -- So I mean I don't understand that you know -- -- on the and begin to actually -- and if we don't stop and now it's gonna keep warm and keep on and you gotta stop there. So you're saying kid or no -- -- even if kids -- America's that we -- and among children here with all. I understand. On the -- -- through America is. The treatment choice on the stand and beat him out there is largely did not consider it. AmeriCares and continue as you do illegal immigrants when you caught the ball. How long. Considered under the law Austin the boy unity. Okay so you're saying that no matter no matter what the ages send them back. -- -- backbeat could restart but nobody. Even though they're not with their Arch Coal but you know. They're not making note sent our. All right Farley thank you for calling in OK art all right 2601878668. At 90870. And coming right back up what he calls as a look at the calls -- we have a -- Some -- calls open and I'd love to hear from him basically. What we're talking about what now since October more than 47000. Children traveling without their parents. Have been caught crossing the border illegally. Halloween treat them as illegal immigrants. Or as refugees to we send the children back there who have no parents here. Or do we -- -- To secure one late 7866890. It's so heavily on Bob Mitchell in -- on WWL and if you take part of the show tonight. This will be a good night because the phones are not jammed up below the conjecture right on that 260 late seventy. 866889087. -- things we all are talking about since October. More than 47000. Children at 47000. Children but children that means. 816 and under traveling with -- parents. Have been trying have been caught trying to across the southwest border of our country. Now what would you do to solve this do immigration problem. And do you consider these children. Illegal immigrants. Or refugees do -- just turn them back. The Regis -- on the back where they came from. With without parents. Or do we consider the refugees and victim -- to secure wanted somebody. 8668890870. Expo two is major wrong to have leopard ultra right. Yes it is sure to look we do you students. At -- we -- -- -- partner. It's illegal -- -- yeah it to New York -- who committed. Words or mistreat it doesn't matter how you feel. They would -- picked. For what we do and we should animal this year. Hey. That they need to deal with their government and let him shadow so to connect back with their parents because. You know the war and it might be -- now but they brought in in chapter here. To be oh yeah and how tracked down. Will be going -- -- that -- charities would you know. You know army quote. Or because -- -- -- split. You know if you tracked down and that could be used you know carriers DO -- You know at home people. Yeah oh -- your. Help. You know that under funded. So your thought is to make contact what with the government of these countries and -- That we're not to put up with us and we're gonna send -- led -- actually when knew what. What would compound the problem. Is that when they come here from Mexico. Then all you've got to do is put them on a bus and some bad but when they come on that but what what they're doing they're they're going from countries like Honduras El Salvador Guatemala. And that they're there they're going through Mexico to come -- so that when we send them back to their country it begins flying them back to their country. There. Yeah. Little maybe you should shall and -- -- country. You know to. -- somehow transported. Back or have them come and -- -- You know lord -- in a while there. You know. About -- who in their country illegally you. All because it cost the -- OK listen listen to this text message and see if that makes you. Feel any differently. If a kid is sent back to Honduras. Their options are death. -- working with the Mexican cartel Honduras hasn't totally correct government and Salvador is not much better. So do we send kids back in harm's way. Well. Well. Amateur partners oh. -- we can't treat the world. Yeah. You know understand we shall Apollo we -- great nation and we do you know where it. Great power comes great responsibility. -- at some point we have to auto war chants street the world. I'll go out and put more pressure all these other countries. To do better. You know. You know try to not all of these court trails and things like that barrier. You know. You know mortgage for. You know. Or want to be much break. You know all pulled off you go -- you also did you spike the ball cart trails. -- the simple solution is just guard the borders -- and that's that that's the simple solution right there. And you like that you like a sore right but I think they already put a lot to court orders. You know I don't think you can cover every. Let's put it like -- if if they're doing a good job. Guarding the borders 47000. Kids. Have come here and they expect expect that number to drop by jump to about 90000. By September. So look at that that was done that it that it must be room for a lot of improvement there. Yeah. I appreciate your putting anything -- -- went ahead. -- -- sure sure sure all right thank you so much as the press in Slidell hallelujah chorus. I'm on good thank. Umpire and what what are your thoughts on on -- these children. -- To address the question at hand. I'm -- -- definition do something. As much care and need to take care of the children with -- about the children. Listen at this text message and tell me if you agree but this if the united. What -- the united states of the Christian nation like so many people say we are these children would not be sent pat do you agree with that. -- -- And here's another one would happen to give us your huddled masses and other things from the statue of liberty the USA is the greatest nation anything is better. Then where the people came from. And give one more I'll read differently -- the -- finished these children -- illegal they need to be sent back also we need to be mindful that. These only the ones that have been caught -- right. So to what do we do ha ha ha ha ha how -- we solve this problem. Eloquently talked about chill out there is we should do everything that we possibly can do. Particular -- children's defense yeah that's. On the other more make sure that we talk about illegal immigrant which -- not just talking about. People come from Mexico all. People -- Latino descent. No we're talking about Mexico Honduras Salvador Guatemala. I can't actually doubles also. Illegal immigration this controversial. -- like Yemen Pakistan. But these are the ones these are the ones that are flooding the borders ago. You know the one that affordable right its primary. Focus. The conversation. Of these immigrants a little low to normal illegal. Immigrant children tonight. Yeah I'm okay go ahead go ahead and I'm right. But debt that's harder. What and followed -- in the children that future blew through it and thank you -- in the short -- children. And absolutely and her stay right a lot of people without firm. -- taxpayer dollar object that is that a lot and she. But we talk about. Architects. Meaning the Korean military there. That rhetoric here you. OK so it's not tax dollars. Have a between La tech -- Particular children that have come across the border granite. Illegal against the law or Panama textiles -- Dan to shore. That -- a multibillion dollar compilation and on the. Got to -- -- let's go to Reggie Reggie thank you calling WW ultimately. Reggie what do they do teach children that we treat them as illegal immigrants certainly keep them treat them as refugees and take care. Barbara Gault -- -- ought and accept -- creepy to leave him grow better right. You talk -- children Ernie out of school and yes there is that true. Our world from itself and -- welcome all stall. -- -- Well battery out and called marker or hard court order order order and go all due to educate them Biederman out of -- Pete and -- have to yes. -- -- -- I mean sure it would have more broadly in the in -- About one the ran it go in Branson have a -- you'd think it would accept world at all. No they probably wouldn't but you know we're supposed to be the better country and what do we do. You can't. Are you don't want to order form in the political situation with court even mean all -- it all -- tomorrow open some of the good of the world -- like probably not all our top. Well now that's so great secret that all the way to go. And don't seem right would be reasonable. To reach out all but one god -- -- goes around an area. You know it it's it's a tough thing and as I mentioned earlier normally when I put my show together. Always say all right. Let's see how -- will answer the question -- I can answer the question than my audience should be able to answer the question. And I don't know on this one this would really has made because. I I realize one thing. Realize that it in if if we don't start taking better care. Of our people in our country there may not be a country here in the future so I'm I'm I'm among that's but then. On the other side. That the beat beat these children some come from. From countries word you know where were they treating treated terribly and have not been either in their dying and and they come here and so there's there's part of me that wants to open my heart. And say. I wanna take care of these kids that -- -- I don't know I don't I don't really know the answer I have to deal with I don't I don't know. I concede both sides of this. And -- going to be all but what loser in this country or else -- Google that. But we -- we -- weakened treat them better and and at least. Give them good medical care and leave them here. All shall could be according to -- -- 010. Should we contacted government pay you to act together -- And -- to leave people that principle can be a -- or should I would. Yeah but I don't know -- -- all these other countries are not necessarily democracy issues. -- all right Reggie I appreciate -- phoning and tonight okay. Thank you so much of go to teeth. -- power you. I don't know odd that this that this that this subsequently has many. Bouncing back and forth like a ball release has me confused as as part of me that says that we that we should take care of these kids the other part of me says that the illegal. And you know at at what point. Do we as a country become over well you know what we mean these these are just kids in and we have some of the other. The illegals here and you and I both know that there. Our arson drums of the illegals do that we don't do their their -- businesses the that. Of the the illegals definitely. Help but -- on the other. Part of this is when do we reached that point that we have been saturated and just can't take anymore about hurting ourselves. Well I think any human any normal human what -- action on it and then about it and to see him as he's been treated as. As humanly possible. However. And in the end when -- when people talk about. They're just kids issue what you know there's a lot of kids in Africa. Who really. Really been treated. Really really I would say probably -- lot worse in the world. And then. But won back to your main question. If there aren't that many it streaming across the border -- our systematic. There there is a systematic approach. And methodology to what is occurring. And it's and it's. Aren't there they're Laettner the classified as Billy. Well. And yet -- need to be. And and you know on unfortunately and that it does the and other. I just thought I have on the situation. Is once once the kids are here. Even even though they hear about their parents. You know the next step is -- -- -- the parents are gonna say. My kids are there -- need to be reunited with kids. Well and that and that's probably true but again it it's systematic. It's not. An accident. So whatever the process whatever the reason whatever this system I don't know -- can explain -- you even have a sudden influx. You know that it's systematic and there's there's a reason or so. Again. Like one of your intelligent a lot of callers and ends -- on -- he can't save the world. In this country can only be strong. If it and that's that the country. And -- and rules and compassion. By if this country has to stay strong in order to be able to help the world and we have methodologies. Of funding. And pressuring and helping other governments do the right thing. And we do it and legal constructive. Sought out. Way and that is what needs and we -- now. Because someone has figured out away push a button. Casey if you agree with this text message. We are not the caretakers of the world these children have parents who are responsible for them but government's first responsibility is to its own citizens I don't think we need to have hearings for them. We just have to go back. It's -- -- it's it's cold -- -- but it's hard to disagree with because they're. The person tapping a good one. They're number one responsibility at this government in this country is to take care. And -- And of that nature and if we ports borders that's not accomplish that goal got to we. -- -- structured. Well our our system of bringing. People from all over the world into the country how. Help those people but -- metered and it's monitored so that we can maintain and help them to their own. Ian and saying being strong country we have to be -- Make -- -- phoning him. All right if -- take part our conversation tonight it's to secure a 18788668890. Its revenue hit a few lines -- open Rhonda. And Lucas -- it to you and just the second since October more than 47000. Children traveling with out parents have been caught. Try on the cross our southwest border what would you do to solve this new immigration problem do you consider these children illegal immigrants. Or do you consider them refugees are really wanna hear your thoughts on this statistic generally -- 8668890. -- that missiles dutrow. Bob that children preschool on WWL. I had to take part in our discussion tonight it's 260 late 7866889. Point seven you can text me. And 87870. I'm Bob Mitchell and for us to tonight we'll things that we have on our WWL talk table since October. More than 47000. Children traveling well parents have been caught tried and 2 crossed the southwest border of the United States and they think that number could jump to 90000. By September. What do you do you treat these children as refugees. Party treat them as illegal immigrants let's go to Lucas Lucas Oreo. Question. Is always a tree down statute that. Actually on our on the bottom of that it does something to the effect of the real or you -- -- oh man -- to be sure. Of that. And that invitation. Is. No longer welcome to animals follow those being children. There and it's not autocracy -- you -- that month. It would not it would go to Chinese children away. There's much to be consistent at all or give it back in the mortgage it would not. It was an awful situation to these true -- the most vulnerable there and partnership now and then shouldn't be there. Will Lucas should there come a time that we draw a line and say no more we just can't take anymore -- Just landed just continue but it now they're now understand that the number could jump to 90000. By September and listen. I don't know where I stand on this I just don't think I can turn the children run but there has to come a time. Where I have to say enough so enough. And win win is that time. I don't know -- -- -- -- You -- it was a child -- away. We cannot call so the -- you know we blend of -- children. I mean we can have war have the other. And although borders. Be exclusive. And day though he would look go back to -- -- well. Torture chamber. But we cannot lot we cannot have that monument in arbor and call themselves. The beacon of freedom in the greatest hope and so well you know we'll get that 10 yeah. So why are at play here to say and we need to start doing. Is. In in in all these countries that just broadcast messages a drop fliers do derailed due to say that. You no longer welcome in the United States. Well ultimately. OB at least know these children to flee to America. They didn't reflect America because. At a certain point and certain timeline we advertised. Itself as you got on illegal or you're tired your huddled mass unity QB. Well you're you're absolutely right because one of the things that today that they're saying is that one of the reasons they believe that so many of these children are coming here is because. Around the world and in these countries they believe exactly what you do said that. If I can just get away from my country I will be welcomed in America. And -- -- -- there need to be consistent and that message. The message that our immigration. Well don't like to. She -- like a stage where you think you itching showing what they try. There -- that distinction between legal and more like. So I'm. I don't have questioned by China which is actually what -- These children what. Light and -- moon -- So perhaps shouldn't thousands of miles crossed out. Crossed over what has really just an imaginary line. By the state -- broke a law that no one. -- all right look to separation to -- -- I'm Bob Mitchell committee led by their phone calls in the big date seventy WWL AM at that man dot com I'm Bob Mitchell let's go right to run in mid city rounder what are your thoughts are with these children in legal immigrants or refugees. It. All I'm sorry. Thank you so. Thank you so much -- technical. Illegal immigrants or refugees. I I don't look at it and it either. Apple heart. Sociology. And I don't think pretty much. To control its forty he would not want. Number actually we and America. Share -- parts to check for instance. Eighteen. Pull up these children or should we should we send them back to the countries that came from or should we welcome them here. Well. Well the law would be -- illegal and send them back. Like to -- is what you say you know as -- -- they -- -- tactical back. All right so one you say. Whether there with parents are not just just turn them back. I mean I actually -- are -- -- like Q out of this and get the state not only been a hot deals this really mean because I was -- You know and it's that simple once you guess what I think it would not end. Well -- that they walked today that. I'm I'm I'm I'm not sure what mode of transportation that you -- today. They did make it to the border and cross the border illegally. All -- and I -- it is horrible my heart goes out to a bunch -- got a -- back. It he would you know get -- legal. All right thank you run that Riley -- a big favor and and hang on and only been a little for a few minutes but of I've got to go to a news on the top Leo our I don't have time the Detroit right now a really wanna hear what you have to say. And would like to hear commute to have some -- lines open if you wanna. Call during the news you can do that job that your ready to -- Bob back on the air with the right after the top of the hour. 2601 late 786688908. Assembly. Since October more than 47. Collison children problem parents. Have been caught trying to cross our border and they predict by September the number -- jumped to a 90000. What would you do to solve this new immigration problem and do you do you treat these kids. As illegal immigrants party treat them as refugees I'm Bob Mitchell interest -- on WWO.