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06-09 11pm Scoot/ Teenage illegal aliens

Jun 10, 2014|

Bob Mitchell continues to talk about: increasing amounts of teenage illegal aliens are crossing the U.S./Mexican border. Should the U.S. government treat them leniently and provide them with attorneys?

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No play Bob Mitchell -- rivers do and I'll be doing the -- show the entire week as he fills in Nazi for Garland Robinette -- -- the -- Pills and Monday for Angela get to the polls look -- do you running Ngo and and just the second. And for those viewers just joining the show all lay out to you whatsoever WWL talked able to this last hour of the show. But I wanna remind you how would you like to treat your dead or the dead in your -- to a round of golf for four. Including a golf cart at stone bridge country club and -- Does play RW WL four dead. Where you at -- Tuesday content. Listen atomic Parker weekday mornings between six and ten which sports talk between four and Nate will tell -- the name of a golf course the new tools which state or country. It is and Bruce wonder Colin and other right -- that's -- Plus we'll give you another way to win and go to WWL radio FaceBook page will probably four -- dead. Where you at all Tuesday contests like dust and register to -- randomly picked to on line winners Sunday. June the fifteenth had been done and Tommy will amount to the next morning good luck from the station that loves -- WWL. -- here's what we're talking about this'll last hour which it's just. It's alarming it it it if if you if you go on line and and sees them all the pictures and and read the details of a -- we are stacking some of these children up in plastic. Carts of all just just solely to sleep since October more than 47000. Children probably without parents. And been caught trying to cross the sultan was orderly predict that number could be up to ninety holes and by September so. What would you do to solve this new immigration problem and would you -- kids in legal immigrants. Or refugees let's deter our old -- to -- in part to how are you tonight running. -- I had. I'm sure that your GQ the -- about. I'm not sure anymore Cubans and and by boat. -- you -- When we talk to my children here. Sure okay. Well I'm I'm I'm not sure. Amanda I think that'll make it happens anymore but it it did happen at one time and if it does and I don't think it is it's a no it's not as none of this. And -- not debt and they did you know. I don't know what you allow change but that would be -- comparison there -- -- -- into the. Well it's illegal we know that but I mean there are. You treat them as illegal immigrants -- -- and such children. Under the age of a sixteen and under or do you treat them as. As refugees. Orchestrator and -- you know you go out there. Trouble free lunch in Mexico -- yeah yeah. -- around there were recovered for a literature -- -- maverick lately go home -- in right. You know you're you know the mortgage won't make you frank about it. Yeah all right -- thank you for calling it may read this. Text message and a lot of those suppose children or older teenagers. Old enough to commit crimes of old enough to cause problems with no education. How they contribute to all our society. Here's another one of real while those children to study the numbers will triple. Probably exploded genome coming -- Covington geno what's what's your response to this. Now. And oh. Yeah. -- -- So all. -- -- And JJ. Should you should star. Right now not all of these kids are from Mexico a lot of them have come through. Next to pork but Mexico but actually the large percentage about 75%. Promote -- and Salvador and Guatemala. But that doesn't come through the Mexican border. -- yeah. So. Score launched. Its recent. She. Sure you want. -- -- Oh yeah. A bit. And -- -- They treat. Well what they won't the government is doing now is as they're they're actually putting putting money into it because the main. Understand where you're coming from that we we it would have to send them back if that's to say and but we do have to take care of them while -- here while we process them before we do send them. -- -- -- It won't eat. It. Sold all the charm. What do we do have the ones who are already here who have already crossed because the border. At a listen I agreement Q at this point our country does not enforce the border -- a look at this point. We obviously do not have enough people to watch the board. I guess what I'm saying is effective today. The of these these these immigrants are finding. Holes in the war. Now what do we do once once there what do we do -- those that are here what do we do but the 47000. Kids that are here. We have to feed them we have the halls that we have to take care of them. -- -- It. Didn't stop and you. Want. -- -- -- -- Q2. -- And -- All right British magical we have to go to Marion -- how are you married. Just. I wanted to send them and the -- The Agriculture Department in Washington and once again wide. What the count them and -- -- on country that will. Teach them how to how to grow crops opinion that people. The same kind of thing would work but something -- recent. Group. Uncontrollable. But I don't think anybody -- really put them and did that kind. Of -- And evidence that. And that's -- -- to admit that -- have to pay people can go to. Google and second guessing and say we can't afford to pay. Just not. The children. It's -- -- government. All the countries of course would have to have -- the country to have to invite us there we couldn't just go there that do data to be invited by the other vegetables. To come to get him to come into camp and and content. Becomes huge. So much in -- -- -- -- apartment so we have been. Come. On haven't. Been. You know I'm just. Yeah -- Have been an -- and children. I know but what I'm says that we you know we can't order other countries. To stop having children we we can't do. You can go into. It. So what do -- do what do we do have these children that are already here do week that we. Security can't get in particular but. Not in the back and didn't know and -- like yeah. -- -- And got. About -- and different and it's the stop people from heaven and compliment don't spread the good -- the -- All right Mary appreciate. Our. Panel right I appreciate your calling -- that would be a different approach. The receiver get this name right it's been -- -- -- of our love that names and door. -- The long and then later on. Met who want to roll action now -- Fall meant it. Should become a matter of written and better and tracking the part that your -- you send me here. -- Boarding and as a matter adamantly regional. I'm not really short Tuesday. Are saying. And an actor because that you there remains. Calm it. OK Annie Annie all right any Mexican becomes the US citizens. Remains. A Mexican citizen all right not but. Simple and discarded -- -- -- People in her old California. National popular. -- want people out there. They would let talking about what what I wanna know is what do we do at these children. What you want that. -- like remember. You pull out -- written. -- or -- There will. Rule. People. Who ordered. -- you know what that cooling -- People. -- Poor -- oh. Yeah. Hit. It. All right so they have been too many kids I dot GO. When you take a break Elizabeth you're going to be neck Steve TJ and Chris hang on or read this quick done. Text message we go to the break we need to do a vote and it would need to make Mexico our 51 date the -- does NB one -- All right I'm Bob Mitchell and for go to WW -- right back with your phone -- welcome back to the show hum Bob Mitchell -- for dude on WWL. It's did back to our -- let's go to let's go to Elizabeth Elizabeth since October more than 47000. Children traveling. Well parents have been caught try and across the southwest border of our country do you consider these children legal immigrants or refugees. Well it -- the papers say you know there's you know basic good answer to that rat tail you but to go back two days. What year was. -- -- -- -- -- That into the polar part ever openly that they. You -- the -- yeah -- competent what you say -- you got me. Well a long time ago exactly. But I would think that they him. That man you know put people to come relatively united stay. Not content. And content that would come to order for the support of the bill that they don't country noncombat cop out that's mining. But when people came then it was done legally. But that's -- came and our process right. Yes but I don't bank we can handle. More than what that he has been with people and I country and I am tired. They -- it so how did you have that would bar it. Widget that keep our in our. All right so you say children are no children send them back. -- -- that horrible but at that. Bad now it comes down to it now day. All right Elizabeth appreciate your voting and let's go to a Chris colon remembers how are you Chris. And -- -- on -- to do well. -- I'm at a point something out article four section four. Of the constitution of the United States. The United States shall guarantee to -- state in this union a Republican form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion. And on application and the legislature. Or of the executive when the legislature cannot be convened against domestic violence. What is the problem that we have. We. Drug cartels. And we have all kinds of people coming across the border. Illegally. And they're also violence on the border. Now live and that's what appointed itself Bob. If you or I will go on an eighteen Wheeler across the border and bring people cross. The border into the United States you and I would go to jail -- as we would. And and the problem and I think you text earlier you look at some of these kids the kids news 1718. Year old. All know that the kids were talking of an. Okay well but the thing but the thing -- out there have been educated. And are not now achieved yeah that problem with this. Bob. The game and it's well known that they are bringing. -- and diseases. Out there and vaccinated. Not. What should they argue that should should lead. -- we get the medically fit before we send them back. I would say that. Would be humane -- to. Start out at them and start making war battered the state government and an excuse to keep. Think this -- support about Obama administration. But this is doing something that. By congress that guy. Just like India would trade what is the main could be and I think the main mechanism and that he can. -- and look at me and don't want that cheated Peter Pace he would fail. -- Republicans like -- You know well it's not just Republicans that are upset about this. Many many people in this country are very upset about bringing these children here. Because like they haven't been educated and contribute to a society you can. Economic -- -- senior -- can go away. -- the twelfth grade with -- year does not and so you know the problem. About this article for -- -- force says that they did. This government. Shall hear and see. And shall protect each state against invasion and what it is basically it is -- it is -- -- and without a declaration of war. Thank you Chris is -- to -- under the go to Steve calling from Diane -- how are you Steve. Arafat. Let -- first. Talk about. -- regardless of your -- Regardless of your. Political. Retaliation. -- college of criminal activity. But why can't we judge. Enforce so simple all just support simple law. That's the big question and I I don't know -- -- -- a question not a question. We know the question is why don't week in -- Only. In the locker call it frustration out. Predicted he would do and don't do not that -- placed blame on anyone but. That the law in place and I think the laws need -- stricter however. We don't force him and that's unfortunate and that's what needs to happen and it gets very unfortunate there's and children -- from Third -- country. But we don't need in Morales Pete. We get enough people in this country that don't work themselves and we get -- -- now among taxpayers in New York. We don't need anymore here. Against what our fourth followed separate. Fourth and we have launched and they should just simply be in force. Don't know four or you'd no matter what the AG the bullets and you work 8910 -- well -- and report. -- Thank you enforce the law it's very simple. It's real simple. It adult conversation but does support a law. It doesn't think about agent doesn't think about gender doesn't say anything about color it just enforce the law is that correct. That's it thank you Steve appreciate your point but let's go to TJ calling for Mo was -- -- Vijay. You know when you low when you heroes most people calling in. I guess you could almost say they're heartless or they could be construed as heartless because they're saying. Set all these kids back come do you think you actually could do that you think if you were at the border. And you know you saw let's say half dozen young kids. 101112 years Olin begging to come and our country you think you could turn your back elements on the back. Yeah archer can't crews are totally agree with that. Yeah the low. Without the when it is out before and it scenario is as low of about. And who are we -- loses the I mean what we're trying to say is. There would believe the I don't know what both we boy it fools. It would vote we not while all of it is on the books and all about -- powerful that is. All of the people who woke people that'd be imperative to do. It now. It's big enough -- check every week yeah. Although the book and pull the -- and compared. By any means necessary book of them loans weren't. -- seat with a similar bag not in the people have them be being -- and -- You know -- unity you know. That laws say. Beautiful right. All right TJ it's go to -- John Johnny thanks for calling WW well tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- what does that. At OK under the name change it's okay all right all right -- power usage Johnny was the deadline okay. I don't despise the slot. Yes break followed what. If that's what -- I'm. I think it was noted that these kids that are -- asking us all here right. Yet that are already here at all. These visited these are kids -- that that are already here and then eventually. And they're going to. Process them to go back or or not at -- and the way understand that the way this happens and and and and I'm not sure. Exactly. What well what they -- a month up from from what I understand is that when you come here illegally then you have to be processed. Before you go back now I don't know if there's a chance that the let you stay -- depending on the situation. But you know we're we're looking at we're looking at 47000. Children. Who have arrived here illegally and they think that by September. And I don't know why they can't plug the hole but they think that by September. It could reached to 90000 so. And a lot of these kids are are actually. Seeking Asylum here it's a sort of speaks of do we treat them as refugees. Or do we treat them as illegal. I guess you'd like a political. -- But which you have to is that you don't hit that are here. At least that and then there could mean one thing. Another and it -- some people that are here. Already that you're you're you're. OK but -- -- a senate you basically. It's earned your -- okay tight situation. PG tree. The key -- and feel like -- played them earlier. Did that help they'll -- -- our country has. The statement and we are a lot of people out of jobs in the third outwardly that -- got -- -- getting jobs that are at it like everybody does not want. But we're talking about your children. Act the but it. It's gonna take a couple years toward the east room today you know like article. It said that someone sixteen and under bright but I mean. Or by years the deterrent that that'd be controlling. One. Rated at. But you teach them. Yet some what does it creates jobs and out of that create. Or Somalia the -- peace and so I mean it creates more. Four. They -- the government does but actually the taxpayers. But the public in how much -- -- that -- the -- -- picked the spot at the state. What that prominent Al. Stop that. -- that. Stop from their -- -- into that. So it. I've a protest against the bottom line is as what would everybody's been saying in this country for years just enforced the laws that we already had -- Well yeah I bet that it basically just -- earned your keep you don't do that here. Don't expect much they're expecting their audio so that they. Dutch are all right Allan appreciate -- -- go on to market memory mark. Oh what do we do at these children. A lot of these children have have lead from from countries were at the derby and abuse where they're being. Abused by the drug lords in in -- the net. The it it it's a misimpression. The thing that all of these kids have come here from for Mexico in fact the majority. Of them have not come here from Mexico they have. They have gone through Mexico but the majority. Of X 75% of these children or from like I'm Doris Salvador Guatemala. -- oh what do we do with them delete the return morale and slave one sorry little guy ams are a little lady you can't come in this country. Well you know not much that they couldn't -- wouldn't want to do anyway. -- shall exceed that we need to do. We need to open in the -- uncle rebuilt right beep in and out up economies that we can stimulate. Economy that we didn't want and maybe some people want. Wait wait wait wait I'm totally confuse all open up the borders for everybody. And go to these other countries and build them up. Well I'm somewhat Mexico and on the other country go to Mexico on the tin -- right now quote connected to a -- -- Right but but all of the the majority of these kids are not from Mexico. You can't say that -- You hadn't predicted -- what I was saying it two who. Prevent. But our problem we have with them -- in a look at the -- -- you know from Mexico here the drug you know a -- and I'm just trying to come up with a solution to. Well someone someone suggested. A tongue in cheek that we make Mexico the 51 -- which you'll do that. Well we have been in so. Retarded. Immigrant from criminal and again like -- it -- be an abuse of the Obama leads Clinton the board. Even more well. Well are updated at one way to keep it would agree we keep it. They have good about it anyway but it seemed improbable. -- and it to go wrong. And you know in -- citizens would probably. Be separate because right wanna quote noble -- -- you're not regions. So you have Canada and Mexico it going to be it happened went -- and New. Mexico. It's going to be the script. Canada is going to be where you know. What a kind of put that he sees that resembled what is an enemy it that. All right mark. Thank you so much let's go to a Johnny Johnny thank you for calling WW well. Charitable. Cause that's all. And be able to sleep. -- that. These children. Commuted any parents and -- it. All in it. -- action in order to. Set the no interest in children -- Like -- eagle. And it is an. Issue with Mexico o'clock am pleased with the Indy car. Oh. Now. -- immediately. And we all know. I don't. -- them. The as. Long as it. In the back. Unbelievable. Comeback. While no one set of crime -- just from from a moral standpoint would you be able to would would you be able it. Let's say you were at the border and in a big these 1012 year old -- we will -- would you be able then look at you and say. In I'm going back to or country where I have nothing to eat I'm going to be abused which you have the heart to say. I'm sorry kid get back over the border. Because their parents broke the -- We come back -- -- It's just it's it's it's just. Not possible in legally would do. It in. Other than breaking a law. That example. All right appreciate you calling okay this figure of 17866889. Point seven -- -- of Rome for a few more calls. What we're talking about here is that putt putt I know -- annul the law says okay. The law says that if you come here legally that it's it's our responsible to this and you Beck. But since October it's been more than 47000. Children traveling with -- parents. You know coming into this country. And we've got all these kids there and that their their bad -- and build shelters to take care of them -- the shelters that they already have along the border. Or stacked up and what would you do -- these children would you would you make this country haven for them. Or would you say I'm sorry you've got to go back to where you came from to secure one late seventy. 866889. Only 70 -- Central Command led back to WWL. Players' part to the day. Also in Metairie deported -- certificate for only twenty bucks Father's Day is this Saturday. Little -- there was this Sunday. Okay and go to a golf soul and let their golf pro help. You picked out perfect gift for all the dead to your life whether it's new club comparison of the few things the pressure up their golf wardrobe go to a golf sold premier poll. Golf or were sharp invention -- -- excellent sale now go to mine New Orleans perks dot com. The bank proposed go to Steve Steve Lowery -- tonight. All I'm good. Virtually like you correct -- opening showed up. Exco wouldn't -- that 51. State it would be -- -- the third. Are lots and continental US -- the -- right wrong and so correction there thank you that the secondly. What it's a refugee and your definition. What is refugee refugee would be someone fleeing and I guess from. Another country. Coming mean you may. Be looking for -- -- beat by generic. Well -- have them at which will actually -- and out and -- they arrive here. By a vote by Iraq to Ike are trained by spinal -- that any advantage -- -- coming year. Seeking Asylum from a political situations. You know that the detrimental to their old order them. So where readers saw an outlook one on the come here legally does. Well well. Thank you very much -- values. That our whole point they used the need these refugees or child. Story as. And excuse so so analogy. Mary shoot a lovely -- -- many years chute doesn't have you -- citizenship. Through this year legally. An issue Wright issue came -- -- too much. Actor. Partnership but all of our chart marriage she became illegal Italy. However and we went down and it -- a lot of money a lot of interviews. Him meaning anything processes -- US government. Hourly successfully or will we got through the journal's editor many years happily we have. Children here we have one child came with her -- That does not there's not a US citizen either. And she has chosen not to -- depth in the day when she arrived here you know out they have ulcers should. Value are out at tools as usual posts prior to her arrival you at view became a US citizen you that you sacrifice. You're your other citizenship from another country that's no longer. The law. So my point being is that it would have been much easier for her to criminal -- from you are in a vehicle. From Mexico no matter where she's from. And our -- they were strong doesn't matter the point being is that. That week. What we can actually people from from anywhere and everywhere in any time as refugees. As a sovereign thing -- now he's grange regardless of their age the law again and I called earlier the loss as debt. There are laws regardless of age. Rick regardless of what your political strategist -- -- economic status we are not. The land -- -- unfortunately. So the law is the law and we must. -- It. Okay did your Nokia right and Ager knowing age whatever -- it ought to. Know. I guess I'm just I guess at this point I'm a sympathetic toward the children and so. And I am as well and I am simply and we have to go back -- To decide what Eric has. Side of the child to lose this. Should be response that much of USA. For you or I like to eat out and and well. And it's not fair. Public regardless of the country -- situation so you educate them. So you could and and in in a good conscience let's say yeah. Senate child back knowing that the child -- may go back and to be abused by but drug deals or other people or or or or made. Just may not make it. -- -- migration areas you can you can -- stereo. The child may go back and -- about why that would support when all you ballistic about the other camera that. That you'd -- that scenario gets. -- -- -- But it child Mary very well maybe he'll go to a country. We're at it may accept and adopt them and manipulated to adopt children illegally you come across that border illegally -- -- recap our ago. Oh okay it would just get the post. -- -- -- -- obsolescence. I thank -- and -- we cannot well heart should do. -- The law to be broken regardless. Wouldn't put -- not be better detecting and spending time and spending money and doing what ever we have to do with spending whatever we have to spend. To seal the borders so we are not even put in this situation. -- Well that would stop illegal aliens from getting into the country. Well I don't think you'll -- or stop illegal aliens in the country that developing. You know outboard motors and faster than anything at the US customs. US Coast Guard and that is final assault and other venues they continued to come here and opportunity -- It's just hard for me to believe that the technology we have if -- if our country at the leaders of this country decided. We're gonna take conceal the boards were not a quality legal aliens -- I cannot believe our country could not -- I think we need a better effort here -- -- I think that there's a lot of money crime and and drugs and there's an influence there. And I think you're right I don't know what the interest but all -- can say is that. We need to enforce law we haven't played those laws distinct cliche. In regards age gender of -- -- and I'm Eric -- a woman there was not a US citizen has not been Burt -- 42. Years. Dutch it is it is -- Steve organic -- appreciate you calling. I'm Bob Mitchell I'll be right back to the big -- seventy WWL AM -- -- and dot Bob Mitchell and the -- tonight and -- all of this week's -- is filling in for Garland and tomorrow on the Garland -- -- Sunday night slide out to families who did know each other started fighting -- rushed for one from the member got a gun. And shot the crowd. To stun guns were used by family members no one was killed but several were introduced would not have happened a year ago so what's changed well. Does this prove that not everyone should own a gun. So well which goat and the think tank. For Garland -- 10 AM to 1 PM on WWL the news talk and sports leader. I want to thank everyone fullest -- tonight for all the calls thanking. John for. Helping me out all night long running the master control -- answering the phones and and look at their -- I think actually the legendary Jackie Harris who actually helped about the last twenty minutes of the show. And I always loved it give you one more thing. This is something -- edition of the visual. A 315. Pound man is accused of hiding dozens of bags of heroin. In his Billy ball. Police arrested Randall streaker following a traffic stop and discovered a 150 bags of her when in his car and 12100 dollars. The police then filed. An additional forty bags of have a heroin hiding. In his and in his naval. Along with crack cocaine. And -- of that pills. How big was is not able. Goodness gracious. You know must've been the -- of one a large dinner plate. Bigger than yours. If that's that's that's yeah. Much bigger than mine do all right good night god bless you -- CU. Tomorrow night. I'm Bob Mitchell the big -- seventy WWL AMF -- dot com.