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Jun 10, 2014|

Dave talks about a fatal fire, pets in the bed, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WWL first news on this June the tenth 201412. Minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition. A WWL first news and Terrell. Today I like -- not Monday -- I've heard we're making our day our way one day closer to the weekend are. Thoughts and prayers go out to those folks who are struggling with this. Fire that raced through apartments right there in Metairie west Napoleon Harvard threatening the east bank regional library. There are many fire units police units on the scene as that investigation continues. Most of the activity on Harvard. So folks do -- be cautious as you move. Through that area do you have a -- I do indeed what do you -- dog person a cat person RO OM I made dog person cholera are dog may easy. As a who made the in what is amazing. Mazie is mostly chow. And perhaps terriers something else too much -- how much you we always we always do rescue we don't. By dogs for Gordon Brown does -- sleep in the bed with you and not a chance. And -- it up about 50%. Of pet owners say their dog or cat sleep either in the better at least in the bedroom. But according to this new report. From the professional sleep societies. 63%. Of people who let the dogs or cats sleep in the room or the bad. It's hurting their sleep it's it's making them sleep or poorly conceived and but a lot of them don't care. They say I'd rather have a bad night's sleep with my dog or cat in the bed then have my -- have to sleep in another room. Even if -- wanted to my dog to sleep in the bed she sheds. So much. It's let's factor for me as I need to on here all over my -- I don't eat cat hair everywhere I don't need a pillow covered in cat hair. When I was a young child we had dogs and cats and I I didn't mind when I was a kid the dog or cat food and in the -- with. That was cool cats now on the -- the dog under the covers whatever. -- But as I became an adult I realize that age this could interfere with. Into this season and -- that -- made the badger me into my wife and I belong to dozen dogs to sit and watch we don't need any extra. Animals in the bad. -- -- airlines now that what the eyes of lava that is and if you limit it to the negative there again in the way it is now we hear it and and the other thing is. You know what the filth and and what a good night's sleep conduct executed at all. I Terrel talk get about fifteen minutes of more traffic. Over its WL I have mapped them and that -- went there. Do you have a pat and does your pets sleep in the bed with unit. You're hearing this report that this sleep society is saying. You'd get a better night's sleep if he would have your pet and the bad has -- they wake up frequently they moved around more. He will on the put your -- out of the bed to get a better night's sleep -- 7870 your thoughts on this and coming up. Is cajun an offensive term. And now. The -- has lost I know that it does make it offensive necessarily but while sports as well for you after your forecast. You -- out of the hunt to go to the college World Series. Get the -- sports as well. 5:19 good morning I'm -- Allen thank you so much for joining us on the early edition of WWL. First news conference in Texas today it's 78 tonight is my dog doesn't sleep in the bed but in the kennel in the bedroom what this report finds that if your pet is in the room with -- It is hurting your ability to get a better night's sleep. Then we'll talk more about that's coming up after your forecast. Your outlook for Tuesday looks a bit stormy at times especially this afternoon and evening rain chances increasing to 50%. At high sit in the upper eighties today some showers overnight tonight with lows dropping to 75. And it keeps some downpours in the mix again for Wednesday 40% chance with highs of 89 by Thursday. Rain chances drop to 10% though it's Ohio it's creep up to ninety. Pretty Eyewitness News forecast center and urologists flop. Tell the bulk of the rain right now is in central Louisiana but heading this way a few scattered showers here -- there one person Texas and 878 Tony says they're getting rain in home now otherwise it's mostly cloudy at the airport in -- 81 degrees. Partly cloudy 79 at the National Weather Service office in slide now. That he was on the -- occasions and now they couldn't be. The heat last night and tells about that everything else going on sports they get mourning to mark Menard and mark. Hey -- good morning. Not Monday no it's not Tuesday -- like comment Monday just a marker of progress but not progress in the road to the college World Series at least for decades. Know that road has ended the raging cajun struggled all night to find a pitcher that it could throw strikes to Ole miss. They walked eight batters and plunked another three while also giving up nine hits. This still trailed by two until four run ninth inning finally did demand. And in the Oxford faithful that it made the trip to Lafayette into a frenzy. And indeed you LL season's ten to four -- coach Tony rover show gave Ole miss their profits after the game Ole miss. It's very well they kept us from haven't beginnings we would slow down. That would have you know walk here and then they sit here and score one and we never really could stop the -- -- show went on to -- that fateful ninth inning of what field. The fate of his team give them credit they turned -- around that last inning and got the beginning. And that's the one thing we wanted to try to stay away from him is the beginning and we never got the beginning tonight they got one in. They got one deep into the game and that that really -- would do this in. So the -- wrap up their season one win short of their ultimate goal but still have a lot to be proud of after amassing 58 wins and becoming the first ULL sports team ever. Be ranked number one in the country any poll. After Ole miss they advanced to the college World Series for the first time since 1972. And the 42 year drought. And they'll play the Virginia Cavaliers the number three overall -- lost the first game of their super regional against Maryland -- rebounder for -- straight wins including eleven to blow out last night to punch their ticket to Nebraska. And TCU with a number seven seed. Slipped past Pepperdine six to five to secure a spot Virginia and TCU the only two remaining in the topic national -- the lowest amount in history to reach the CWS. It back there are more cues from Texas in the college World Series than there are national feet. In the NBA Derek Fisher has agreed to become the next head coach of the New York Knicks according to multiple news outlets the team is expected to make the deal official later today. And the Los Angeles Kings -- at the doorstep of the Stanley Cup trophy after a 30 win last night over the New York Rangers. The -- now lead the series 30 -- could wrap up the title Wednesday night. I'm mark minority that you early look at. For a lot of this cycle collegiate baseball season. They had a very strong showing one nearly a record amount of games for the sport. But they started the regionals with the loss. Came back and poll that mated to the super regionals but the super regional play that they're peaking at the right time. Well you know they look good in game one and you know they won that game nine to five and and had things rolling in. And it really looked like you know after that game like they kind of righted the ship they they. It looked like they could even sweep Ole miss. But the rebels came -- in game two engine shut him down and it seemed like they found the answer for whatever reason. Because they did the same thing game Korean and really you oil wells pitching just could not get the job done last night date they used eight different guys on the mound. And could never find the the guy that Beckett threw strikes and not walk guys and and get the breaking ball down and -- a lot of the -- -- -- water breaking balls that didn't fall please hung right in the middle played in the -- Alexander he off and the rebels teed off believe me they'd -- teed off all night long and and and they -- -- -- give credit Ole miss because they are very good team to second in the SEC this season. It's only Florida. And and they earned their spot and they've had three super regionals in the last. Ten years that they could not make it to the college roasters haven't been there since 1972 so. You know even in good going into the ninth inning the rebel fans were not. You would not. Not that count their chickens yet. So. Give credit Ole miss because they they got the job done and and they're gonna reap the spoils mark when -- back to 25 minutes more sports here at WWL AM at them and that -- get that. -- -- I have a cat the cat sleep in your bad. All on some caveats to this department as she she sleeps wherever she wants to sleep and usually if she ends up in the that is after we fall asleep and -- up and she's there but. You know this new report says that you get a better night's sleep if -- get the cat out your bedroom. Well with it I'll get I'll get a better -- -- if I leave the door open otherwise he's gonna me now all my -- I. Why did you put her out of the -- to keep up on -- -- point thank you mark document more sports. -- -- about 550 different WWL AM them and that mortgage text messages today 7870. And won't take a look at the question is the word cage and offensive so there was a period in time we're a cage and was kind of a dirty work. We'll talk more about that accidents. The president says my pets don't affect my asleep my alarm clock -- constantly kept well out every time and chip. Presence as my dog sleeps in the bad. He's not going anywhere I like knowing he's close by but even at these experts say you sleep better and be healthier if you get to dog idea bad. You say you don't care and more coming up forecast. Rain chances increase -- today 50%. At a few of those thunderstorms could be on the heavy side later this afternoon and evening. As that keeps highs in the upper eighties today. We see seventies tonight with a few showers overnight now -- days rain chances down just a -- to 40% but we'll keep highs in the upper eighties. And by Thursday -- back up to ninetieth rain chances drop to 10%. Pretty Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Clark. Tell us a cloudy 81 at the airport in Canada south wind thirteen miles an hour relative humidity at 84% of partly cloudy and 79 in Slidell as a whole Lotta rain. Crossing central Louisiana and working its way into central Mississippi but down here just a few isolated in point little tiny showers. Around the region you might see 1 this morning more coming. This afternoon the state fire Marshal is now on the scene after a fire around 3 a am burned through the apartment complexes across the street. From the east bank regional library off west Napoleon in -- three people are dead a fourth person we're told jumped from a window. And is injured but trying to figure out what sparked that blaze. Many families now left without anywhere to live at least for the time. More coming up here on WW we WL first news at 38 minutes after 5 AM on this tenth of June 2014. -- don't tell Robinson. With -- on your radio Terrell interesting we're talking about the study. It -- people who allow their pets in their bed with them. General they're not getting as good -- night's sleep as people who don't. Report concludes that -- it's a but several people already told us that they kicked a pet out of the -- then that that will be now or howl or scratch at the door all night and they -- sleep at all. So I guess once the pats in the -- it's over -- forget. Yeah the with the worst partisans I think is 111. Partner one likes having the -- the other one hates it. You know that's that's that's that's not a good good -- he ask for example if your wife once the pad in the bat and you don't. My guess is the -- going to be in the -- -- -- not dead yet he can you epidemic that's not good the bad. -- The word cage and I want to listen to what LSU -- and a sociologist mark my mark Schafer. He Qaeda has been in the news a lot lately with the region -- in doing so well in baseball until this weekend they lost last night there rapid business. So there was a period in time where a -- was kind of a dirty work in people wouldn't wanna be. Known as -- and but then more recently. People Wear that label with pride. So is cajun and offensive -- now. Guess if you have a team called the raging cajun. And you hear cajun all the time it's on menus in restaurants all over the world. I don't think cadence a dirty word anymore I don't days ago are you ready to move through the I think it's actually. And yeah yeah it is something that people find fascinating and attractive and and they like cajun food and they like cajun people on the I think there is like -- and -- now. The other term -- past. I know some people who -- that term with pride as well. And I -- cajun redneck is how they tell me that's what that means I'm getting text messages and 878 sandy from people. Who feel that's also good. Thing to be a vanity plate to replace gross and certified -- and thank the password that are -- -- -- at that that a yes on the front. Yeah -- is one of those but -- do we write to -- not that. Who -- -- -- certification board yet -- through some kind of process to get certified I just -- you do -- Thank you tell -- to. And about twenty minutes of another check on traffic John WWL IMF Simon dot com. Oh god let's go live to direct the eyewitnesses forecasts that are in the. Lovely lady read this. You're all just Laura but now all up well I'm glad that it's not gonna be as hot today are. On the -- side -- -- I hate that it comes with. Some heavy downpours and the potential for some severe showers and so -- and so. Yeah they're theories that chance later today that couple of the storms could be on the strong side -- light mean they gusty winds up with a -- those thunderstorms that all the worst of it. It's going to be north and west of us so at like you said just more clouds around -- keep in the heat down today upper eighties. Gallagher red dress seems to match you pinpoint doppler radar this morning because look at an aggregate over central Louisiana politics all a lot of ran on the radar. Alexandria at a Lake Charles to -- it's like a line of thunderstorms a lot -- -- -- -- thunderstorms this morning and is that what's coming here yeah you know it's -- weakened a little bit and most of that will go north of us but yes that few of those that thunderstorms will be here we have some showers going -- already this morning north and now -- we actually have showers -- Helpless body downpours these are severe -- -- in light mean they're just kind of spotty areas of brain to dodge for that morning commute. All right and as the day goes on our chances increase will increase especially later this asking it it'll heat of the day kind of help those thunderstorms to fire up -- bad at 50% chance. Best chance -- at north and west of the lake for any kind of severe weather gusty when that sort of thing but still you'd have to thunderstorms around -- keep the -- here close by. Our right well I'm you know IE have mentioned several times I'm not a big fan of umbrellas in general just doesn't work for a while now. I'd just don't like day after you prefer punch no I I guess I just don't care. My wife has made clear -- -- I'm not gonna get well I only have about. Hundred feet to walk between our parking garage again building -- About ten feet to walk from my car into the house and a so make it took me -- an umbrella getting don't wed and then putting it in the car ready to put it. The car gas and then getting out of the car in coming into the house to the bill and it's I'll let me input it's so I'd just rather just that deal with this final. But for those people who do care for umbrellas yes you keep them. Honest or it doesn't say rain gear and other people you know have different form that. Great year there are other that you don't like that and the arrangement is not just today. Fifteenth persons downpours to Bartlett bit left of the chance at a little bit dryer for Thursday Friday. Right to back to the heat and the last rain for the weekend. This meteorologist Laura but -- live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecasts that are we've been talking this morning about a study. That fines from the sleep experts that if people would just get their pets out of their bad they'd probably get a better night's rest. And it kind of pets are restless they don't sleep through the night -- there are -- issues that hair all that stuff contributes to report nicely. But most people who have their pets in the Mets saved so watch my pets staying in the -- with. Right right you're you're really. For better night again that your puppies -- -- at the monument on the food bank. Mauled dogs that he. Doesn't. Take up but a lot of debate at the at bat I see it through the night -- Mike asked him up in the morning. It's where he hates never wakes you know I mean you'd have to debate he can get back to -- I get up to clocks that nobody that I but from what I hear from my husband he's he's the last one off the bat in the morning at the L. Out -- Well I asked when I was a kid I didn't mind that that dog and I had cats do that would sit on the pillows that was fine with me when I was a kid. As it became an adult so I think now that identified them as an interference I mean there's intimacy questions there of you know. You don't want the pet there when that stuff going on and maybe the -- can prevent. That he'd be like you're getting -- that if now you're better rested its line now I'm like you like get up at 3 o'clock in one hand it -- that's a matter of what's in the hot I get sleep through a hurricane literally well right at -- it's I could I have a larger dog -- on could be unity here that people like flat they're they're Paul bass right yeah Bennett with on. Take it up like reports the beds I think he had that might you know be a problem interfere. Right with god keep you up you know put it back I don't know Reynolds and McNulty this. When intimacy -- you won the ducks at -- watch it I don't and it does anyway. It out on that that if you have a up about this a lot. Ray preached I mean the freak me out there and went on on -- It. I want slightly related topic from the -- -- people file. In -- -- Pennsylvania school district says and it has been disbanded after she tricked students in the eating at snack. By telling them they were cookies. Seven feet 54 graders. At the elementary school receive the pet -- during recess. Norton will make cookies were they -- cookies that -- they even look like they were written statement to all of them at the end when -- -- But as a medical expert with the schools says. That while it did not disclose the type of -- The ingredients would not only be harmful to people with it would only be harmful to people with certain food allergies. Those at -- out there -- no injuries reported. That Graham cracker people that's what I got I think that it left and it was funny. Ridiculous the -- that. Suspended. -- people although -- a friend and Armitage who -- we give the dog and they'll treat anyone now. Classic well my my mom it's made my dog you know like homemade dog treat makes him in the opening yeah. And it's it's it's that like oatmeal peanut butter you know is so mean it's not then. I don't know about what the a box -- no bones about -- -- that -- but I expected eat what my. You know the little cookies that my mom makes its its regular. Dan and it and my mom told him I was two years old place to go and eat out of the dog ball on the doctors and and we know are just. We a bit and explain a few things I -- I had. -- -- and you look at like Thelma and direct eye witness news forecast. Maybe there's nothing wrong with it in terms of health issues but it. Just don't want anyone at school giving your kids. Dog treats. Also what's going on up north there's still at school this late in the gym on vs Texas today 70s70s as my Labrador -- retriever sleeps on the bed with me -- we have a bedroom it's 30 by 18 am pretty big bad. And we have cute dog okay there in the around -- A mini pig in a -- And a cat that runs around mellow out. We do love it but it definitely affects sleep yet optimistic yet to dog to a gimmick that the bad. Done that and down on the farm. Fourth time now on WWL. -- that we say good morning once again mark Menard and receive knows market. Steve's a part of the double trouble -- over at thirteen fifty coming up at the tea. He is in -- and -- they called double covered because he's enjoying himself from what I can do in big smile on Tuesday it ultimately get to sleep that'll. -- is -- you -- -- year like 3 o'clock in the morning to get ready tells all about sports here on WWL and ready I am. You willow came into game three of their super regional against Ole miss with all their pre season goals within reach. But the raging -- pitching could just never seem to find their groove against the rebels. You'll burn through. Eight different pitchers on the night and only struck out five rebels total. While walking eight and hitting another three starter Cody booty only managed four innings coach Connie -- says -- just couldn't locate him. These guys you know we've we've said it before that we've got to locate we've got a -- now they can hammer pitches that you leave now in the middle of the plate and and he got a couple pitches up and they put some good swings on this is a good baseball thing. Despite their pitching well -- the cages were still trailing only by two until the top of the ninth inning when the dam broke at Lafayette Ole miss scored four runs the blow the game wide open. Three of scorn on the bases loaded based clearing double by pinch hitter hoped -- talk. The raging cases -- ten -- -- but despite the loss -- -- that he was pleased with the effort all season long from his team proud of our players what they've accomplished this year. What they gave us this year as men I just can't be any more proud than our guys the way they fought. All season long and what they've accomplished. Those accomplishments and include 58 wins and the first national number one ranking in the history of you allow athletics. So all missed albums onto the college World Series for the first time since 1972. And they'll face the Virginia Cavaliers after the cavs engineered. And eleven at two just mainly to the Maryland Terrapins yesterday. The horned frogs of TCU also advance to Omaha off with a six to five victory over Pepperdine. Texas local Vanderbilt UC Irvine and Texas Tech roundup the fuel debate cultural series place starts Saturday. Moving on to the NBA seems -- clippers over Donald Sterling has changed his mind once more. Now he will do the NBA for a billion dollars and withdraw support from his wife -- -- team. Last week sterling said he would support the two billion dollar sale of this team. The former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer but reversed course after learning the that the NBA had no intentions of ever revoking his lifetime ban according to ESPN. And Los Angeles Kings are on the brink of the Stanley Cup title after -- 30 road win over the New York Rangers the shutout win came surprisingly easy. Considering both games one and two needed overtime to settle things. The -- can wrap up the trophy Wednesday night with a win. I'm -- an -- -- early look at sports apparently Donald Sterling doesn't stand with the work lifetime. -- A lifetime ban but -- -- -- out myself with -- in the left my lifetime meant when he does want to go gate go to games and sit there again. I guess if he can't go sit at a game even though he's got a lifetime ban. And -- that forget it that's on my team everything he can't even watch on TV and maybe done now being worked with the apparently that's what lifetime means he's got a myself my team that I can go to the games now you're banned for life. It maybe thought there was parole involved. Thank him collect about fifteen minute -- sport WW. AM FM and act like coming up look at the latest on this fatal fire in Metairie. Three people that a fourth injured jumping out of -- window at the apartment across the street from the east bank regional library at Harvard right out west polian. Fire investigators are on the scene take a look at your forecast and it's. 5:57 good morning I'm Dave -- Jesus meteorologist Laura but well. You're -- outlook looks a bit wetter than the past few days as rain chances increase to 50%. And that -- will keep temperatures down a little bit into the upper eighties fell overnight tonight most of the stormy weather should come to an end but still some showers possible with lows around 75. And still a pretty decent chance of rain tomorrow 40% with upper eighties but by Thursday dropping down to a 10% chance and -- back up to ninety. For the eyewitness -- forecast center and meteorologist Clark talked -- out. If you vary widely scattered showers and thunderstorms right now nothing severe mostly cloudy at the airport in -- 81 degrees partly cloudy in Slidell 79 degrees I'm gave -- the early edition of WWL first estimate text -- 87878 that they by the dog straight. That looked just like cookies and smelled just like cookies. But they know they never tasted them listen response to the school late in Pennsylvania who -- 75 elementary school kids dog treats. Just to see if apparently they can get them to eat them and many of them did. The article says no injuries reported Tommy talkers and for the next four hours upon what you -- come and what's the problem with that that I -- something in the story. The parents did not consent to their children eating dog treats and the aide apparently tricked the kids -- according to this report. And now they -- and it's not Jason cars asked us. -- back in 1958. Got -- -- a run at the school yeah exactly and lead the mailman Malone but listen com. We're to talk about the story you had about. Pets sleeping in the bed -- sleep better obviously worsened in -- delegate from the angle as well I think it could be the -- perspective it is important I think we'll talk to veterinarian about that in and every now and -- Text here that make me want variances around seeing nothing wrong why you have an intimacy while your -- is watching what is wrong with -- day. I talked earlier about how if the -- in the -- that could interfere with the intimacy in the bedroom. Between a husband and wife I don't know what's wrong with David to protect citizens a freak. Just hitting will be back get a good four hours -- Tommy Tucker is up next in morning.

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