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6-10 6:45am Tommy, pets in the bed

Jun 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Nicholas Dodman, a Professor of Clinical Sciences at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doctor Nicholas dodman professor of clinical sciences at the Cummings school of veterinary medicine. And author of the dog who loved to marched joins us now to talk about pets in the bad morning got. Tell me -- Some as many times these stories are -- from the angle it's not good to have a a pet in bed with DA can affect relations between a couple of relationships. And also just the sleep that the couple gets but Tommy from the big dog standpoint is that the good thing for them now. Go to great keep the dog and -- I have to admit -- about that that might to crow about large goes into parts every parent post. Both sleep on mine -- -- -- Well what kind of dogs -- and what are their names. Lola scored Rossi and he's kind of respect box across you know the coach we think -- might be. Media Belichick could count out the kicking certain book mixes when rescuers. When it comes a box. Is there any any send it. I -- good question who's failed marriage and stripped to the one most -- cube which is pace probably. -- slightly short term so it better to use some of and so that if you can come with a number of cocktails. Sometimes. You know. And broker neutral and all. Sometimes. Music now along with some technical -- and -- drug. That you're done what -- it makes. Yet just be clear I don't I don't have drug the dog -- hidden because boxes do and they do have a very active personality. You need to tutor him Micah. For their travel all adults who are on an airplane. Most of them. Short nosed dogs in the so called his -- from box or down to vote. And they give an instrument. Or go to the benefits something the can be -- he -- -- there. While that is some important information and know so. When it comes it dog sleeping in bed well. With people best waited to drain the dog bettered it -- done best thing that the dog loves because they just enjoy snuggling up to him. Yeah oh please you know if you have a good relation to your dog -- I packs like compete together and actually there and and it just a wonderful sort. I -- thing to do and -- to do for the dog. People are about getting diseases without you know pretty much are not gonna happen but it may be that -- darkness police. That you haven't had treated you can prop up tick and Carl I'm pleased antics couldn't get these parasites. It little by a second let's say album or diary there you probably want to keep not a bad. A regular dog who's healthy and being from -- Patrick a no problems sleeping on the -- unless. He's biting. Triple -- adult who's taking advantage. -- deliberately injected him you have to -- -- -- -- denied Jackson's bad he's taking. Ticket I'm here. Well it is a -- need to keep the dog biting. Well properly. So -- you -- -- people through development not too much wrote a book called a well adjusted token. And it's a chapter in medical adequate leadership. And if you in an idiot and puppetry trying to -- It can make him earn all the good things in life to learn to learn to work is prudent for preaching to think that he abhors a concurrent. It would engender due respect we find trying to attend corruption are prepared to -- with sponsorship program. I've had people tell me that they've already -- their dog on a year when the dog bites them because they are the leader they are the the head of the pack -- sometimes that stopped the dog from biting his is that anyway true is that something people are gonna. That's really stupid. You know that's like you don't know Beverly Hills with that kind of law currently gate agent told -- I mean you know we're humans we don't want to do -- well in should be stupid bigot and importantly. What TV shows portray. In of people have to be -- whatever the talks during you've got to be -- or lower a pact also about period you know completely. Dead or process. And really has about a proper relationship and -- can trust and respect. Both ways between union -- So tell me how you're defining a proper. Respectful relationship from the from both your angle in the dogs and and etc. Well you know. I think most of -- two with a perfect and the thing is I can trust them mean I can do whatever -- needed to do like him. Yeah I don't politic are in the other day had they rolled in disgust and given the picture to -- -- about -- tolerance sparring with a -- and political culture activated my. It has to be done and I know that in the tolerated because they trust me I -- I don't understand -- Durham district crazy but. You know -- still like to do that sort get away with these kind of things no probable but should they trust me but trust them. I'm just have a great relationship -- kids spectre with all the talks agree with children I never have to -- walker the clean conscience and I'm not wish. -- -- couldn't call. You know we we just trust respect for the whole level of -- -- about being a violent leader who will took his -- in the back and -- realized the so -- -- world. There's no physical punishment don't know it just all. The great relationship in bilateral -- and -- a real problem. Before relate to go doctors run out of time what are ways that you violate that trust with the dog. That people can. Well a simple way is -- Richard -- and that's probably. That the biggest mistake people make is listening to. What cycle support hotline and trainers who used -- my tactics which are basically based on inflicting pain on a discount -- as I. What you should be prong collar electric shock and -- or rolls spanking. They're concerned scientifically over and over again to increase around the -- mistrust and oppression. Towards the family -- socially liberal ago. Look at the books are. The dog who -- too much and what's the other one well adjustment are well adjusted dog in waiting Jim -- Are you can get him on Amazon I think they've been out for a few years now so it probably -- -- and -- -- -- on Amazon should come up. They've probably has been so long and the first round to overturn years ago. So popular sitting in bookstores plus social the bottom of the -- criminal. Thank -- -- appreciated doctor Nicholas dodman professor of clinical sciences. At the Cummings school of veterinary medicine -- author of the dog -- too much any other book as well.

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