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6-10 7:15am Tommy, West Jefferson

Jun 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts about a study that highlighted some of the struggles of the West Bank of Jefferson Parish

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- 718 I can remember being it'll be itty bitty bitty kid and seen the plane fly overhead and making announcements. Visit Annandale homes today. It probably a lot of people who paid attention was -- -- Edmund. Anything else to do a long time people legal analyst thank -- Jefferson Parish. Lower crime rates in -- cheaper schools it. We're pretty good. And then there's a new survey out by a cult GCR incorporated. Used real estate voter registration. And US Census Bureau data. Plaza and on line survey telephone people of current and formally shares in residence. They come up with some results. And the results are not so good that says the population's aging property values roading. Housing not not in favor with young professionals. And the economy dominated by lower paying service industry jobs Chris Roberts. Jefferson Parish councilman at large present congress street. Here actually. Are. -- -- at large. -- Look at these results and it you know lightning NC yet in this Andy can deal -- and -- interest users months. By the end you know -- we engaged GC are because we wanted -- that are true snapshot. What was going on in order to be a bit come out of the plan. As to address some of the concerns that they lobbyists -- many of we wanted to know what our residents were alluding to what are the reason aren't. Those residents making those decisions. And what we as that government officials and political officials do collectively. To try and change that. And. Target the most surprising thing it came studies that. Many people would it stop -- that would. Those that were moving up to the West Bank or relocating they were going to saint Tammany. Actually more people are moving to New Orleans and -- saint Tammany. They're relocating -- that was one glaring point that that struck out. No -- question Chris it jumps out at me is are they moving to something Norway from something. Our air and and that's what we're getting to our. You know there's just a certain sense now. Wanting to limit her standing there seeing an all over the country. Where people moving back into the inner cities either moving into lost their moving into apartments. They wanna be closer to where at night if they wanna walk -- go grab dinner. Are are they want to stop war and entertainment that all -- and one -- -- Cheap debt veteran here are battling mayor and then in addition to that. When you look at. Where you have all and the and the ability to be able to build. New -- with modern amenities in and crop that size that people expect. And all of those things that a couple problems that are being built to waste time. Is lines makes. Places on their fervor our attractive. They keep brought that this is that we separate great deal from. Several match the answers in addition to the BP oil disaster. How we are in litigation as like everyone else's the British troll him as it relates impacts of that ebitda. We want analysts counseling so that when we finalize whatever settlement maybe. That we know where we could ask what these resources to -- But to try and make a huge difference -- in change and and what is occur because when everyone believe everything year. That's going on it's not good because that's just true. You -- take a break Chris and we -- that we'll talk about it from the positive angle of of what is going on in Jefferson there are some of the good things how do you turn this trend around. Is that something that's happening nationally where people of movement activists cities that reversal I guess if you well. One of a better phrase now white flight and then east anglers -- because the east bank I don't think was included in the survey and apparently things. Gone pretty well there's 722. Chris Roberts Jefferson Parish councilman at large -- guest will continue to talk about the results of a survey that shoot Jefferson Parish leaders and people to Orleans parish. And also some service industry jobs don't pay that much and then aging population in the west bank of Gibson payers it is 722 time Olympic traffic. That would go to Terrell Robinson. Tommy tigers 72600. About a news survey and the results about the West Bank -- people Orleans narration. Chris Roberts -- gas Jefferson Parish councilman at large so Chris in terms of some of the things in the west Megan Jefferson Parish does have go on board how would you. I guess if you read. -- -- -- at least it did it go toward you can't refuted -- it is what it is but how would you. The accident and would how would you make the West Bank a more attractive place to live. Are obviously quality of life as an issue that -- it and that includes. Addressing -- it out -- working with the church office. And the deductible police department at that relates to crime issues. Education -- key. As well well we were very fortunate that Thomas Jefferson. What is right. And US news and world report says the best high school state Louisiana. You have. The track but no -- motor sports track which would recently constructed in Annandale. That was awarded the Indy track under race. Either a lot of construction -- that -- not regret not particularly well outside chopping. Ever bet that renovation and rebirth has been amazing to me because you know back in the day -- -- made -- launch just dumps setters are to be the place. It was and that. It's been purchase that they've undergone a dramatic transformation -- in the process now. Building a nuclear restored that location. There are two new hotels possibly -- bird watcher being built at the foot of the bridge. So there are things that I spoke with recently. -- trees to major renovations and added a link on air. It was actually in the only spot in the and the terror experts are. Growth in retail sales last month so. You know there are some are -- things that are going to be defrocked is this is that where. We're not trying to focus on the negative what we -- -- the stark reality of what we're dealing. How do we change that trend -- what we -- The civic standpoint and government standpoint come together to work out to address those issues and brown are. You know -- Mean carriage really felt that it was important for us to come up with -- solid. Road map. For how were going to proceed over the next decade we've got the completion of the creepy long bridge on. Now with that you've got to outside. To be between access both east and west that are reliable. Resources transportation. And that actually that really propose is well war art and -- town academic community -- you land out there will be built on meet picture of -- on Iraq. I don't think the bridge traffic in both -- on both -- ever move better and I just wonder you know back. -- there was is expression and are still may be a cross the river and I cringed when I'm tired that because you would think some people were talking about. Drive and Kansas. Whether I used to do it you know and I is that still problem where people Italy's -- generous in his mind -- on the West Bank. -- well in -- target zone which it used to where you -- Alum you know are certainly experienced that growing up collapsed -- in -- All through high school you hear -- intent and duck. Until someone actually come to our current. Get to witness and -- and that's why it's -- important you have. Facilities like the CPC. And you have. But -- motorsports tracks. Those are attractions that are going to be regional attractions that bring people from all. -- never at a reasonable four to cross the bridge. Could come over in him in. And see -- some. Those are. Draw accords that. Clause people have to and I think that and you know it helps to change the general search Chris appreciate and -- -- the day Richard.

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