WWL>Topics>>6-10 8:15am Tommy, should college athletes be paid?

6-10 8:15am Tommy, should college athletes be paid?

Jun 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Matt Mitten, the Director of the National Sports Law Institute at Marquette, about a lawsuit over paying college athletes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So there is a big suit that has begun or at least the trial has begun for former college basketball player and some mothers that bank. The NCAA -- some money. Met it may handle admittance director of the national sport slowing instituted Marquette University joins us right now. A friend virus talk about a good morning professor. Good morning tell me -- first I guess for those that know of it but don't know about it does suit that. It began. To be heard yesterday I think it was an old man in. And some others. Well -- that the case is -- that we count a challenge to one of the N double. In the -- and eligibility rules specifically the war Crockett but still dramatically from receiving. Any income from. A licensing of what's known -- -- light of publicity which is where. Commercial entity would make use of aptly. You're there images in. The -- contention that is their stated that from video record label that. They're -- compensation. For the use of their images in that you gained or held by near Tripoli. -- -- -- -- -- as well student athlete playing Alex or captain in lectures and they can't you know we see. Economic benefits such -- that so essentially and I count those rules. So is that television networks are making money off that is the conference's I would guess they're making money off this colleges are making money off this. Acknowledge users seller and or at least trading in the players images and the players are getting nothing other than a scholarship and education. Yeah -- -- the claim that players are great people attended watch the game. To watch them play and they're the -- they're the only ones who. Are we achieving anything of economic that you other -- I would board tuition books which result that a lot of the current entry level labels. At any point it would part of the discussion. Beef for example of is Notre Dame University of Michigan USC. Stanford Ohio State Florida say and only embody here LHU. That their teens. And universities that people like to watch play and it probably may not matter of its player X or Y. Our. Tour well in. -- -- in other words where people are watching the the the institutions. There watching that teens but. In terms of who really -- Comprises the team it wouldn't matter if he moved one guy to the next Timor or or if Michigan -- -- issue traded players if get assailants entered the loyalty is more to the university in the team than necessarily the players on the field from the fan's perspective. I think actually both so you know I think both of them people you know wanna -- no particular you know their favorite foods but there's also. Particular players they want to watch him in the players calling. Did you know that claim that they should get you know all the -- -- bidders and they're just part of this. Joint production -- and they're getting this year there are shared the university -- you know double play but they're they're the ones. The left on the sidelines so. So how do you see this suit progressing in. Will it turn on one issue or the other. Well and -- -- court said that. You know NCAA amateur is symbols. It's non commercial regulation so it's not subject to antitrust challenge or even if they said the -- they always presumed. That the pro competitive benefit of preserving. Quote immature nature of college sports maintaining competitive balance. Among -- division one football and -- basketball and that debt. Outweighed him. Competitive effects because that that does that. The and I truck there it is definitely will restrain of trade which involve the balancing. -- the -- -- -- -- double is inept approved as a matter of fact. They have these rules com are necessary to maintain. -- have to differentiate College -- while for example the NFL. And the NBA. In order promote competitive balance and attribute called prudent for the NCAA to prove. If you could look and you crystal ball and let me know how college sports is we know them now would be changed to work. The judge or jury to rule in favor of the players -- would have what would we see different. Well -- we're likely to happen is the economic benefit the student athlete get you know particularly football -- adaptable player who's going to be. More than just -- -- then. Distort the truth to which it will abort twist in book. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Adult parent the other plane -- -- -- for an injunction against enforcement of the NCAA rules which would effectively allow them. Can negotiate -- -- -- license so they can get a cut of the revenue. Content like video games are broadcast. And how that would get distributed you know if that is hopefully we'll just got a whole matter. Rather than well you know players at different amounts based on their playing abilities and how popular are. So it's really difficult to see exactly what's gonna happen because there's some other. Pending and I trust is potentially more significant. But I spared either. -- quote amateurs and distribute it could change fairly substantially. Thank you appreciate you time. All right Michael.