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6-10 9:10am Tommy, nursing homes in Louisiana

Jun 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Brian Lee, Executive Director of Families for Better Care, about how La. nursing homes rank

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're gonna talk to Brian -- right now is the executive director of families for better care and while he did not conduct his organization did not conduct this study. They have looked at Louisiana nursing homes and I believe given them and -- good morning Brian -- how you do one. Good morning commonplace to have them poker player. Thanks for taking the time I don't think it's a particularly pleasant subject but I think it is something. That all of us have either been through words sometimes. Will have to go through. Unless you parents die young so I guess when it comes it to nursing homes. It dude -- Louisiana Rankin and are they better in other states. Yet there's this new report that came out of the legislature. This is certainly it it shows that Louisiana has among the worst. State in the nation when it comes in nursing home care. And that's important validate quote we released a report card on that your personal care last year which shows the -- Received about. And it choose. Louisiana's track -- -- cut misty the key quality indicators. We. Higher levels prior to salute them and they're nursing home. And just be cleared that is what's. I guess commonly referred to his bed sores. Yet -- -- hybrid that will sit in overall in the nation when it comes to. Residence at higher risk for open source. The media fall away. In the 48 overall. It wouldn't -- physically stray. You know tying down residents of pushing that advocate but all. After the game get out of now. That that pretty scary situation. That this report that it could report about the legislature they get in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Louisiana he would get them that it that it directory. Provider that are that are appear on. Throughout stated I think that -- the industry as well it would it would take care people would provide a higher quality care. -- that there's a lot of work to do. But you know -- -- report. First thing that could it happen. The legislature hateful liberal court and work to put together. I think -- Chose that the report shows that -- you know were ranked in the bottom a lot of these issues. What about the worst restraint. -- what they should that occur or broken bone. Well really go back to oh world number one line caregivers to care -- In this report showed that. Louisiana ranks among the worst in the nation without the you know worse provider. -- -- that data -- But the one lecture want to do something immediately. They can put together -- it -- Then governor Jindal through. Raise that level the state and they don't have an almost immediate impact on the quality. So the minimum requirements that the governor over Louisiana does not hand. Or is it out nursing homes operating. With as few people as they candidates explain how we get to where Wheeler. Yeah -- there's no requirement for poor. Vertical caregivers. There is no requirement is that there you know the staff level would meet the need them. But the good require review the latitude. To an hour ago actually. People would just that level. Residents. Quality of care increases. The level here these increases and part of it is just that doubled to. Help and help take care of the problem is that that requirement is that he's such a law that required you to drive them back truck about it. And in state where at least I don't believe how to -- -- -- Band -- that level such as Puerto. We have a mandate that ratio at one of the detonation actually was pushing their forces personnel. Into the higher than that upper. After hours per resident Thursday. And I think that of that potential for the -- The quality care treatment from residents and what the Stanley ample equality here increased pollute. Conditions that are personal and probably her own standpoint. The number -- -- -- on -- back here decline. Anders. We are you it is on the personal ministers war. More day. You should be you'll be better off air. In that the first they that -- the Cold War. I don't know if it does that thing unique to Louisiana but I think. Secret are poorly kept secret that you soon learn if if you if you have a loved one in a nursing home is that if you want. I don't know if it's extra care on and off its if you want the person to do what it is they're supposed to do. He got to be careful between rewarding them when they do something and and then the expectation that you're there to supplement their salary is that a unique Louisiana thing or is that. All over the country. Yeah I think that's pretty prevalent are you know blood -- -- that is the number of years and sixty last year. You're -- -- -- public advocate the year if you look at you know. You know most people look at her -- -- with hundreds of people like today. They wanna do the job they've let it here people there in that job because it eight aircraft that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they have to love doing it because it's not the money I don't think you'd it be I don't think you could pay somebody enough to make them do would have stayed in love -- Absolutely. My -- to the spotlight caregivers that -- does. Through our supervisors in New York on our -- -- -- -- -- -- them back. The owners in a nursing home -- -- -- they hired people. To take care about whether. -- Six in the -- And put that tactic here are. Get people. Still remain probable that there are highly profitable but that equation. Order. Level -- -- -- like that apple people really investors lucrative that market but because here he bowed to guarantee profits. Despite record here. So owners need to do leave him -- back and I think here people there -- you. But at least we can see the support a lot more be done. By the legislature by owners. Working together they can come up with a good package. Quickly go to the people or -- maybe. We've seen reports premiered on the -- -- -- croc hunter out of bad personal quality is. Something that is something it felt like you know what it does -- and I think it. Ya -- now that the trumpet call the an expert. By the -- you know let it divided over by the dollars students started care better care. What was that are you know. Notes Brian appreciate -- time early deal won't talk to you again. Our thank you ever get there.