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6-10 9:35am Tommy, nursing home decision

Jun 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Carol Bradley Bursack, author, columnist, and blogger at MindingOurElders.com, about deciding how to care for your elderly parents or grandparents

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is renowned -- Bradley percent. Author columnist blogger on LB -- caregiver support the website is minding our elders dot com the morning Carol. -- -- Tammy how are you. Utley who will talk about it in homes and so forth nursing homes and Heidi it's Ellen it's a good place or bad place of text comes in and says is -- just eager to all of the homes have a a smell that is less -- fraction. You know I I don't know is is there are nursing home is is that a valid. The parameters that you would use it to judge in nursing home how do you know where and when that time comes. That you've taken a good facility in Vegas even before that -- you know if you keep an apparent homers for UN. I was appalled I have to say. For the woman it was talking to you beforehand I have never witnessed. A situation like that it and any legacy. That kind of the situation and who should contact. There the moment because they do have a representative. I give them an area where most of -- -- is excellent and their people say there isn't yours now. I have to say that in the Atlanta. You rarely hear feedback. They -- Good call by the staff. Is scary. I have witnessed some of the most money -- I've ever seen. And me the isolation people can feel at home at the caregivers broken money now that helped. But the hardest hit because a lot of people that way. In terms of a expense in terms of proper attention. And ended decision that has to be made DD think sometimes people say well world I'll never ever ever put my father a mother and a nursing home. Until the time comes and any realized that they just don't have the skills for this you know you might intend the best thing that. Just like some people are better with children and others some people are better with. A different situation. Than it is situations than others for some people it would be better to find a good nursing home. Absolutely. Highly accountable people never make that promise that you don't know the future and you don't have -- live with guilt. If -- honoring the spirit of that tournament which is maybe signing them that you're home it I think they've both. Couple -- people and a couple often have to be working everything that children and some cases. Life is very busy and with the best of intentions. The elder is often alone when they can't be big media say if they have called for lifting me wonder. It isn't scary scary. Thought for many people unless of resources. Who can come and people can come and -- -- the person. -- static with the elder in under the home -- you -- fight Goodwin and and spent quality time with them visiting rather than just doing their daily having domestic. And 24 hour day seven day cares somebody called in with what it costs them earlier texted in. Retirement 3000 miles a week here. Oh absolutely if you -- have in home care out there hasn't played and it's wonderful. But 24 hours seven days a week is far beyond most people can't afford. And -- say something we went through here is just. Trying to get all that coordinated in several different situations of somebody misses a shift then all of a sudden. Or you can't find somebody to back them up he you'd better plan on -- awful work. Absolutely. I can't I wrote about several things -- my -- eldest my black people are running -- of those situations where. They've ended up ethnic holidays man that -- what you most want to have everyone together. And then somebody ends up set one of the ticket is coming years and there's new steps to cover in -- -- that you don't generally run and that -- -- my goodness. -- Carol commentators story we're gonna go to. A break -- and only hear your response when we come back. Absolutely true story I was visiting my dad on Father's Day weekend as matter fact is -- loved to watch the US open. And it says hello to the gentleman that was in the bed next during the greeted me and then on their for an hour to an and I walked past in the gentleman had moved. And I thought okay I don't think he's sleeping that soundly and and Indians story is German had passed away site go to tell. The aids and the first thing they did was ran -- in shaved him. And I was wondered well if if the man's dead why would -- -- -- -- really matter. And then always stuck out in my mind. It seemed to zobel the last thing he cared about at that point was being clean she gave it sold talked to you about that when we come back and and my something like that would be done unless the nursing home is trying to. Hide something or maybe a -- things up -- my mind I don't know Caroline Bradley -- that our guest author columnist blogger run elder care and caregiver support. The web sites minding our elders not -- and I'd love to hear your story. At T 60187. Until 386 exit 89087. If you had to make the difficult decision. A put in some money in a nursing home how to turn out -- you expect. Your kids to take UN and take care view and getting ever responsibility after everything you've given them or. When that time comes you do you just gracefully step out of the way and let them live their lives. Tommy Tucker back in a flash and -- -- Tommy -- talking about nursing home care report out by the legislative auditor says Louisiana ranks at the bottom. Man it's not a pleasant situation talk about but you know you a lot of it is have had the issue of her parents would do with salmon. And also ourselves mrs. as a baby boomers -- via the conversation with these children and do you think they cannery. Our responsibility. To no matter what's going on in their lives. Young parents. Yeah you young kids. To take you win and take care of -- and would you disrupt their life for would you just be part of the the family altogether. And it would you want your kid and on that trying to be. Terribly explicit here but would you what you kid. Doing things for you today -- They did for you but you're a baby at the time Caroline Bradley percent author columnist blogger on elder care and caregivers supporters -- guest. Her website is minding our elders that comic you're on hold hang on immediate Ian. And -- is second to Tara what do you thing and it's story told before the break him and visited my dad watch and US open winning. Couple hours into it I realized a gentleman next to him as expired and I go to tell him at the desk -- -- -- to do is shaping. I think that's appalling act on an IRA but I'll read and find that to happen. As is that -- did they do anticipate a -- land you know that -- took better care. I can't imagine that would be their first reaction. I. They ran and they ran and first and checked -- and -- time out he was gone. And then somebody else runs in a -- -- with which every -- and am not making fun of the issue sees things in life that are just so bizarre they stick with you for the rest your life. Yes and I I and that's the part that somebody actually somebody else had checked to make sure he. Daddy had expired without Italy is helpful but I still wanted that that was their first. Well let. To get them the benefit of the doubt it could have been that the gentleman has been sleeping for quite some time had -- been able to achieve them and they were concerned -- That they've looked bad even though they tried to -- but I do think that this. Haven't clean shaven to be the first they may think of it a little. It just struck me is not in name when you see something like Dan it always makes you think okay. Let's go on here on and Wendy B it has springs good morning on double WL thanks for calling. Good morning. And it -- feel story. My daughter was in high school she became C. I'm certain that he'll get the help the -- at the end he. Anyway he. Went to work in there until that comfort she decided she was gonna come under. And it was in one inning -- A good place cut -- reputable. And she went on the night -- in the opening there and if it was just. Still a problem. And it was so. Appalling how Wendy. Because. There are -- going to at a time you know they have turned -- elderly people over. To prevent its forth and specific schedules and stuff. And she was really. My -- -- alzheimer's. And she was. Harry keeping her -- at the time so. I think that's what effect the common there but. You know the people -- and I chipped it worked really well -- provide the most of the time she did appreciate the -- out the other person you and but anyway they should there about six weeks. That people started itching and -- feel like it's like an Ali it would be itching -- each other's backs. Achieving -- balance sheet and a few weeks about a minute before but basically it's that it's JB's then it was like all. It winning winning winning winning time and we needed to get back to terrible -- we wrap it up here but. We do do when it comes to you in your daughter and your mother with alzheimer's contained ever do you have any expectations. From your daughter to take you wind take care you or would you go to a decent nursing home if if it comes of that with you. I mean I would want to but I know my thought that would allow -- happened as we went to care for light years and years and everybody. Putting in all the Brothers and sisters. So we paid while we were working couldn't take care we kept it ultimately paid for the sitters people they help her. But you know I did try reports that and that's what I wanted to tell you that. I would like to get involved to. Like the department of health and hospitals. She did not wanna quit but could part of being in -- just can't -- I'd quit. And she was. I call. Or can call 1800 number number number what you reports stopped. And I don't think -- ever came of it eventually she quit that that was built racial -- college. When the operation had -- -- take on SO. Caroline -- pick the right facility if you -- as quickly as -- can or maybe directors he applied what do you look for. And when it comes to day care that you should be get not receiving what do you do. I think because it quickly there you go in -- what you're looking fatwa. You watch for how the elders to treated if there used to be respect in the air respect for the workers. That can help much more so then it's a beautiful facility. I can't direct people my blind. That web site -- -- our -- dot com as. It's updated everyday and then there is literally thousands. Of articles. That people can look for and part of them choosing -- home. Thank you Carol we're out of time -- -- relievers that.

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