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6-10 10:10am Scoot, Hillary Clinton memoir

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning custodian for a today and say many camp begins in less than an hour at 11 o'clock this over to the public -- rain forces the team indoors. And I guess they don't to justice in that indoor facility you know -- fans debate I -- that would be close to the public he goes until one Tony and we are there and we'll have all the latest information on our website at WWL dot com. Also every young generation. Talks about how hard they had to compare to a new young generation. Mean my parents thought my generation which spoils -- for pampered and we get things that they didn't have so this is indicative of every generation. Now that my generation. The baby boomers are the establishment. Generation once thought to be very spoiled. -- about today's young generation. I think we should tell a young generation. Some of the things that we have to be used to have to do because I'm not really sure young generation really appreciates. What our life was like. And interestingly that young generation one day will be telling their kids generation oh my god you're not gonna believe what we used to have to put up with. Here's a -- give you a pretty general opinion poll. Would you rather be growing up today. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot -- we're -- tractor pull through on our show giving up becoming appear. In just a few investment start thinking about this we'll talk about this -- -- at 12 o'clock today. On the show every young generation talks about how hard they had compared to. One other generations. So what is it that you and -- tell a young generation today about things that we had to do it things that we had to put up so we'll get into that a little bit later. Hillary Clinton says something that you would just never ever expect. Out of -- and I consider her to be liberal. Her book comes out today so there's been a lot of talk about what's in her book she said when they left the White House she said we were broke. And I'm thinking. What an insult. To everybody in this country who is broke. That's not something I would expect to hear from a liberal. When we left the White House Weaver broke. Think about all the benefits a president hands. And if -- president of the United States. Annually the White House in your broke. That's your fault. It's not that you didn't have opportunities but I just thought that was an insult to everybody who struggles. Everybody who is working paycheck to paycheck. Mean when the president leaves the White House he has his salary guaranteed for life. And there are a few perks and benefits that go along with being an ex presidents I just want to set the record straight on that. Also on. On the show what I like teen drivers we'll talk about this it really in the next hour. You've heard this ought to reduce all morning long parts of this is that the deadliest time of year for teen drivers. And since we're out there too I guess it's a deadly time of year for us as well. Teen drivers easily distracted to more things today to distract him on the bleeding of cellphones we didn't have texting -- FaceBook did. Would distract us. You know but we had French Fries and we had things like eight track tapes that would do it cassette tapes it would fall in between the seats that we might be distracted and while we're driving it might like reach over reached out trying to grab on the tapes. So we we were distracted I guess it's it's human nature. But here's a question that that I I have -- I think we should talk about -- news. Do you have or did you have any special rules for your teen driver. Do you remember a special rules to your parents had for you when you were first -- do you drive. You know just because there isn't a law. Does it mean that you was apparent. Can't have certain rules and restrictions for your teens so we'll talk about that so later in the show. Vegas shooters. Know better than suicide bombers. That's the title of the scoop on today it's trending on our website at WW dot com. Ideally either agree or disagree with -- -- on our website W google.com you can read -- share with others. I it's it it's hard not to stereotype. But I noticed that too when I I I first heard about these Las -- shooters and I -- know what they look like I envision what they were gonna look like in my mind. And sure enough when they were identified as -- looked exactly like I expected him to walk. It seems as if there's a stereotype for anti government anti law enforcement. Fanatical. People who are fanatical about the Second Amendment. Why did they all seem to look -- And I also find something else interesting about this so Las Vegas shooting. Everybody who was shot and killed. By the suspects. -- -- The guy was killed at Wal-Mart. Had to conceal weapons. After it was attacked I had people and to this day. Whenever it comes up on the show and everything like this comes up on the show. Inevitably I get -- of people don't you wish you would had a gun when you were attacked by those four guys in the cool enough in the CBD. -- constantly no I don't think that that would have stopped. That from happening. And if I would have stopped it I would have stopped -- so early in the process that they would be a question about whether or not my life was really threaten. This is not about me but it just goes to show you how quick some people are to say everybody needs cigar. -- the three people who were shot. And killed in Vegas. -- aren't. The two police officers. And a guy at Wal-Mart. So isn't this proof that not everybody needs to be -- And this I mean we really need to set the record straight -- this because there are there for a lot of people in this area and across the country. Who think that the answer to everything when it comes declined as everybody needs to -- York and that's absolutely absurd. If you wanna join -- -- with a comment about an -- we're talking about our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a text over is 87870. Got a text that breaks through and -- once again reminds us of the ignorance that is out there. This text reads kind of all look alike. The thugs that beat you down ha ha well this person wasn't there and doesn't know anything about the people that. And it been attacked me but again they're you know there are text that just allow people to reveal how how ignorant intolerant. And just. Racist they really are. Sunday night. To families that didn't even know each other. Started fighting outside restaurants -- One family member got a gun. Fired into the crowd. One person was trying to break up the fight was raised by a bullet a stun gun was used -- to members of one family were were -- No one was killed but several were taken to the hospital with injuries. Apparently. What family was waiting for a table dislike Al -- brought in according to a witness that -- made a derogatory comment about a family that was leaving the restaurant. And that led to a fight. A fight that included a gun and stun guns. The Second Amendment should not protect anyone's rights. To own a gun. To settle an argument. Or to seek revenge. Or to try to punish somebody for disrespecting him. I mean let's be honest. Not everyone should own a gun. Coming up later in the show we're gonna talk about what our generation should tell a young generation today about things that we had to deal with things that they have to deal with things that we used to have to do for example. I thought about here's the other day. I thought about the time when I had to actually get out walk all the way over to the TV to change the channel. And if I was trying to beat the commercials. It stay there at the TV and I thought the commercials were all over so like it switch back in time either that or walk all the way back to the sofa. Things that we had to deal with it a young generation doesn't have to deal with we'll talk about it later in the show. I'm -- in for Garland Disco blog today's title of figure shooters know better than suicide bombers think about it there's actually like suicide bombers and that have bloggers on our website at WW dot com you can read this year and others accurate gun enthusiasts to -- -- anti gun. You might be decisions have mystified in the article also talking about Sunday night to families who didn't even know each other started a fight outside of a restaurant in slight hill. When family member got a gun fired into the crowd. Nobody was killed several people were injured also they -- I think to go to stun guns in -- -- a police say one point twenty to thirty people were fighting. You know this would have never happened. A long time ago. What's different today why did this happen what do you think is wrong. Why did this happen and obviously not everybody should -- also in the blog today I'd point out that. The three people who were shot and killed in Vegas rural art and I'm getting text after text. It is giving excuses. As to why they still should have had guns with. Which totally misses the point. Did you see what happens. People believe there are some people who believe that everybody needs to be art. And that is not the answer. And I can speak from my personal experience and I don't think that's always the answer and three people in Vegas. Involved in the shooting dead. They were all -- From New Orleans sideshow in -- WWL. -- who regularly and good morning -- -- -- acting job. That need to ask one question cliche you can out. But China and missed him a little close -- -- it probably didn't you know people walked in and try to. Why -- why did the protecting our OK what should eating humble little. And we're able to your needs change -- And you need -- little evidence identity chain looking at this okay. And then immediately to war. -- -- And you know doing what they do. And they had UB. People -- hair had been made and it -- And probably equally. And we can't -- -- twenty -- high. We have somebody in the evening -- to go and. Well you you -- he I think you RC JoAnne and unfortunately there are bad things that happened and I would think that I've never been in that situation but I would think it. First of all people are. Some whites stunned by what's happened I'm sure people called the police right away but the police can't be there in a second. And even if they arrive right away if this if this Mary coupled ran across the street right away they unfortunately they had time to across the street and do what they did which is -- another person they could have killed many more and apparently they had enough ammunition and I think other guns. Vick led police to believe that they were gonna kill more. I got that piano on our age as we get. Just would typically on the on its its. It's hard and it's. It's really scary but how do you stop somebody again it to me these are like suicide bombers in America. A people who will go up and assassinate. Police officers and and ultimately beyond. On death wish mission of -- insults and and and have to bring themselves showing them I'm going to called in and don't be afraid to go out. And I mean it's still the most dangerous thing that we do is probably get in our cars and android. I'm gonna get facility -- testimonials go to Pascagoula Fred you're on WWL. -- period or -- awarded. Considerably. If Hillary -- deal. -- that broke when I left the -- Air or body your -- but -- -- Gardner. Yeah there are new war all of and novelist I have been out spoken about that Norton -- yesterday and now. You know after all the -- -- and -- and we heard all of their Norton. I'd like to order -- -- put cameras out there from either -- Soviet Union or even more of the global networks. If there which -- able to lead golden hour. The Fred I don't know it's an interesting years -- repression if you just -- showing also. -- at the beginning of the -- just talked about how wrong it was for Hillary Clinton to say. When we left the White House we were broke. And a lot of information is coming out her book is being released today. They left the White House and they were broke. What an insult. To everybody in America. Who was struggling. To pay bills. What an insult to everybody who is working paycheck to paycheck. If you're broke when you leave the White House first of all that's your fault. Secondly. You shouldn't say it and I would never have expected this to come from somebody like Hillary Clinton. We were broke -- what are the most insensitive things I've heard a long time. Here is but it's at least next here is a text and are getting a ton of here's a text that reads. Apparently get their jumping all over the place right now because that happens when we get a lot of text in here is a text. And get the facts or check the fax the person in the store thought there was only one shooter Elizabeth policy issues. Also it was proven by statistics that communities with a higher. Rate of legal firearm owners. Has war crimes. Okay well I mean that's possible. But this idea that everybody should have a gun is absurd. And the fact that. The the guy who was in the Wal-Mart store whose dad who was carry a concealed weapon it's time he was shocked. He -- know anybody else in the west store in India the store had a -- well okay so that really proves my point. Having a -- is not always the answer -- if you have a gun. And if you know how to use it in if you know how to use it in. A crisis situation. That's fun. But this this random idea. This much for that everybody needs to be -- is is absurd here's a Texan res picture -- stats straight. At people who were carrying guns have stopped crying and save lives. And not everyone know not every what you have a gun but your argument is weak no I don't think the argument this week. And I realize that there are people who have stopped crimes with guns but again this really does go back to proving my point guy. Having a gun. Is not their necessarily solve your problems or make you safe and and I'm I'm bringing this up because the three people who were killed at the Las Vegas shooting. -- all art to police officers and the guy at Wal-Mart. Had a concealed weapon. Here's a text about a Hillary. 100% agree with you Hillary should never have made that remark I struggle everyday to pay my bills I worked two jobs. And I have to support. A family. And I if you graduate our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text number is 877. Later in the show we'll talk about it teen drivers this is the deadliest time of year for teenagers on the road but since we're on the road win of my guess it's a deadly time for us as well. Talking about the a Las Vegas shooters in all three of those who were shot and killed art so obviously this proves that having a gun is not always. On the right answer. And we're also talking about the two families that -- know each other they've got into a fight outside of restaurant Sunday -- it's like -- -- came out to stun guns came out nobody was killed the people when he entered. Why this has happened this would have happened years ago. What has changed to where two families that don't even know each other get into an argument. And they pulled a -- If you are to the west of New Orleans if you or to the north of New Orleans you might be as -- heavy rain right now there's a line of thunderstorms moving in our direction. So -- -- chances for rain today and also into tomorrow we've got their latest on our web site of the goodwill dot com. Something like two families says who didn't even know each other started fighting outside a restaurant in Slidell. Gun came out to stun gun came out. Some of the family members have been arrested one hasn't been charged with with attempted murder. I'm no one was killed several -- the hospital. The family just didn't know each other and according to witnesses went -- was waiting for a table and the family it was waiting for a table made it derogatory comment about a family that was leaving the restaurant that led to a flight at one point 2030 people were fighting an immigrant comes out. What is just happened. What's different today because this would -- it happened a long time ago. If you graduate our show with your continent are numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text amber is a 77 also we're talking about the Las -- shooters which -- talked about it yesterday morning on the show. But it occurred to me that these. These people were killed they were role for the two police officers and the guy Wal-Mart. And isn't this proof that just owning a gun. Isn't the answer. And we're also talking about something that Hillary Clinton said two she said when we left the White House we were broke and I think that was a very insensitive. I inappropriate thing for -- From party chief curator of the WL. Yet -- used to you you're comparing it like to bring up a bow the clintons -- she mentioned that with that Beatles and and although that was acts. Now. Brand President Bush gotten all this yet the Bill Clinton factors were caught. So I don't know about tax rate was a bit tax rate was attacked it will -- And then -- that there had been and Paula I don't know what that what you're talking about pay taxes. That it expected in calm. -- well. You know even if they even if relative to -- world. They were broke that was absolutely. The wrong thing to say it it was very very insensitive because so many people in America are our struggle. Correct and then one more things -- if it will broke how could they for the law a cop. A lot of loyal like landing date those who represented in Daniel Snyder with the watched at restaurants. -- -- that yet -- that top notch law. I can tell that I can answer a question tonight I think compared to you would die and what we think of being broke. But then the clintons we're not broke and they left the White House teeth have been Klitschko the show. Now from New Orleans industry here on WWL. Art school -- -- -- -- different take on what that would become it would Hillary woes. I'm looking at them. I'm on the mayor -- -- real object reject government if -- get one go and one. Immediately come all of that sees it she was broke. Because it came to -- he would like. Like say they didn't use all its monetary gains that we've seen so many politicians doing today that there would be a bit and they may have been paying too. Compute to lead off with a lot of monetary gain and it -- -- kind of been built. Could be wrong. And -- build it they rubbed the wrong way I can understand their point YouTube it could be it say you're you're in the position Apollo living within. And a lot of money come away. And an. And history I think it's fair to take that into consideration but you know I think when you're in that position and you think about America I mean if I would have been in that position assets and that's something I would -- said. And if this is something that please was actually. In her book and books being released today. Then she had time to think about it and I just in America today I don't think that's the right thing to say when -- in a position of privilege. That would fly out -- the difference in the Arctic ice because he was in a position of privilege. They could've taken that position and definitely. You know monetary beginning. But it is saying that -- liberal. It is -- committee saying we didn't you before personal being. Here -- chemical. Me and more and mystery I think that's a legitimate observation in many people -- -- at the way you do it. I make a comment also on the to have been the big fight in the killing revealed police also make sure. I think defining get going along in an America at all. Is due to added two of American. I think we have -- We expelled more full pledged that we we -- widget. Like intimate -- everything your temple bar and -- -- no no conflict resolution if you will forever to be read that that talk body. Let -- let's agree to disagree. Well the adult DM MA fighters I think are a power -- to people who use guns art. No I'm not the bulk of the people that fought to keep the government department Paul would go on that would be great it -- all. Bet you can't be thinking well. Mr. -- I I we I do agree with you it's it's attitude we've we've somehow got this idea that if somebody. I'd disrespect susser says something derogatory to -- with the -- darn. Or we can start fighting when what they say eight to Liu or about to really doesn't affect who you -- and it's time to start teaching. A young generation that and it's time for us is the establishment to start remembering now what you say doesn't hurt me. Right they're called it an entire notably in. Roads and therefore. Big big big if people do mostly -- I think that there. Someone totally -- before it -- it's not -- right. Because I mean it certainly since. And it gave you big -- on. It is the oldest. So you can't predict what someone ordered Google people by the -- band didn't look like they were police obviously in the cockpit regular that being -- -- And they had a phone. Mystery you said the far left -- YouTube meant far right. Mean for. You know me. Thinking what what will Oman and -- -- have been big game you know. Hanging in the cockpit. Where entry -- the cockpit plug it have anything to do the book he would probably have enough until they took -- remembered. You know fought through an open and -- their mother and away and for what it really -- you not think. But it makes everything so maybe -- predicament they added two different people. History I I agree with you it's about attitude -- got to get to break your recovers. Here's a text that reads comparing this comparing this to suicide bombers is DS. Is it really. The blog that I wrote in -- -- and others. Gun lover. Anti gun. -- -- -- It's titled -- shooters and a bit of a suicide bomber what's the difference between the Vegas shooters and people like that. And suicide bombers later in the show we're gonna talk abouts. What are young generation needs to know about what you would I had to deal with from Weaver when we were growing up. And and may be one of our our younger listeners and you can comment on things that you had to deal with -- even younger generation today doesn't have to deal because every generation thinks that they've really had a heart. Here's AWW a pretty general opinion poll. Would you rather be growing up today. Only 13% say yes 87% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site to -- if you don't count. We're talking about the -- Las Vegas shooters and it occurred to me now that all three who were killed. Were aren't. So obviously being ardent. Isn't the answer for everybody and I got a text from some -- is very typical of the way many people think. -- they weren't attacked. Because they were art. No that's not what I'm saying. But being armed. Didn't help. Two police officer had guns knew how to use it are you to stop somebody that walks into or a restaurant in basically -- accuse you. Ambush. And then the guy who was killed at the Wal-Mart across the street. Had a concealed weapon. Here's attacks have read says students are very unfortunate this event in Las Vegas happened. These two committed three horrific crimes and unfortunately they were not able to be stopped. Here is. Another text. Than it reads. What about the Hatfield -- -- is also things like that happened but we didn't hear about it because. There was not 24/7 -- cycle well that that's true read everything that happens is magnified. And since the big news. Did the cable news networks have to cover 24 hours a day. And so they they tell a story and they repeat the same thing over and over again which makes it appear to those who -- watching. Data it's a it's a bigger problem than it is not there's not a big problem but when you see something repeated over and over again. While they're talking about it and then throughout the day. It makes it seem as if it's more widespread. Episode that is one of one of the problems with mass media but you know you and I need to be Smart enough to realize that it's still -- to god -- -- to -- from New Orleans Steven your -- WL. You know warm may be become more when it got shot repeated -- done -- Well we need so. -- but the point news. He wasn't saved because he had it just -- a gun wasn't the answer. Well and also talk about the clintons there. Our our dated tradition. Where it'll. Really and there's a -- to the White House. All but I mean what army squeezed but when she needed. And -- court. You know I got the call it became -- and we friends and we're still friends today and what about every six months or Alter our -- But. They never paid for everything if they wanted. Let's say you wanted pop art's -- they said hey. We want pop buys and somebody went out and audit. And took it that really count so they've basically got their salary would quote now. And most of mr. Nixon's. Dresses. Word given it is so you don't Hillary probably didn't -- many. Issues. I spent their money I don't know about it it has to bet real estate dealings before that you. President. -- I I ST I just thought it was there I thought it was the wrong thing to say -- -- abide by appreciate you bringing in an interesting story about having dated to Tricia Nixon's. Here's a text in response to. This Sunday night shooting a two families says that did know each other sort of fighting -- restaurants like -- Nobody was killed -- a few people were injured there was a gun and stun gun involved and I guess the simple question. Since this would have never happened a long time ago. What's changed. Why why does this happen now to families don't know which of the -- an argument outside a restaurant in a suburban area. Anna Gunn comes. And there's 2030 people fight. Here's a Texan we -- most people these days think they're far superior to the next person. Just like when you -- traffic. There are the ones who can't wait in traffic. They have to go all the way to the front and cut in line because their time their selves are more important than anyone else. And I think it's an interesting observation. All of the all of the people who were shot and killed in the Las Vegas shooting over the weekend and more armed. And my point is being armed is not necessarily the answer. Here's a text that is so typical of the defense that some people come up -- for making sure that everybody is a gun. The text reads to the people who were killed in Las Vegas seat the couple coming. If they would have. They would have had a chance to use their guns. This absolutely supports what I'm saying. Having a gun is not always the answer because the guy who had a concealed weapon in Las Vegas who was shot and killed. He might perceive that there was a problem but he didn't perceive. That there was an immediate threat. In the same way -- when I was attacked or maybe you've been situations. Where you don't immediately perceive it as a threat. They -- for something happens before you can take your -- out. Ms. -- on WWL. -- Is that and yes I am I edited and you should know that. That began and and I unfortunately had to. Sticks and down and break the word -- -- -- and it's your. -- with -- and dealing and people calling each other things now yeah Atlantic rural. I would I would agree and I think that's something that is sayers wrong with the world today and that is that people. I take things just to literally end and for some reason we have developed into a nation. That has it given people the idea that they have a right to go through life -- never be offended. And that's yeah. All right you know at. The old chip on -- and whatever it department. Will bet my thought this. I don't I enjoyed the conversation and I'm I'm going to call the -- you sound young to me -- -- -- -- match. IRA full -- -- you all right if you are joining us with your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 text oversee 7870. Six mini camp is about to open up and it's gonna go until 120 it's open to Republican less rain forces stand indoors. We have -- -- people they -- and we'll have all the latest and pictures and video on our web site. It's -- via -- google.com I'm studio for Garland had gone we'll be right back after the news under the W well.

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