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6-10 11:10am Scoot, Vegas shooters

Jun 10, 2014|

Scoot draws a comparison between the "Vegas shooters" and suicide bombers. Read Scoots full blog here:http://www.wwl.com/pages/13069478.php?pid=407322

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning welcome back to the show I'm screwed in four Garland errors or rain to the west of us -- in the north of us tonight you might be in a right now if you audits. It's all the way -- system heavy thunderstorms says this afternoon but hey it's it's that time of year. A coming up later in the show we're gonna talk about. What so what we'd like to tell young generation of doubts about how hard we -- it you can every generation -- -- young generation -- you know what we used to have to do. And I know many people hear stories when you know I've used to walk three miles to school and that's what are our parents told us so they thought we were we were spoiled. Now with the baby boomers of the establishment what do you wanna let the young generation know about how hard you had its. Like had to actually get up and walk all the way over to the TV. To change the channel. In fact one of the reasons to have kids with -- to make him get up enters the -- So we'll talk of a little bit later -- also talk about it teen drivers this time of year. Is that at least I'm here for teen drivers did you ever have any special rules for your teen drivers. You you can have rules that did that go beyond the law you don't have to wait for a law to be passed showcase that can't text and drive. A law does have to be passed me tell -- -- can have a lot of passengers in the car if there's certain age you can have those -- yourself. Do you ever have the courage to tell your kids. What mechanic and I do. And this is having two parents do have a responsibility do you don't have to wait for laws to be passed. So did you have any special rules and restrictions on your teen drivers and do you remember any special restriction your parents had. When you were young. The other -- today is titled take -- shooters. No better than suicide bombers. And here's our WTO pretty general opinion poll is it fair to compare the data shooters to suicide bombers. To the shipping of like going to WW dot com and we'll give you an update on matters where you're attracted poll. A throughout this hour and it text earlier from somebody says said -- they're different because. The that it did they -- shooters and people like that. They want to watch their victims die. And here's attacks that says there just as we're talking about this this morning there must've been a shooting at the Burger King at Franklin and -- Cops are everywhere police tape doubts. And it looks like. A dead body in the parking lot. And then there have just been a number of shootings that happened recently and I know this is that this is the season. This is like open season going on humanity. Summertime is when I guess tempers flare. Are maybe kids are out of school and they need to have too much time on their hands. So. They have time to kill people. You -- I'm always interested in why summertime I mean is it really about the heat. Because obviously it's not just the fact that these kids -- school. Because the young people who go around with guns killing people. These are not your top students. When school's in session. What has changed today. -- are talking about the two families again into a fight outside of a restaurant -- Sunday night didn't even know each other. Would disable unfairly made a derogatory comment about another family a fight breaks out where to thirty people fighting a gun comes out to stun guns come out. What -- change today. I've got a number of text from people who are bringing up race. It's a black cultural thing. The media doesn't turn everything into race. It's people. I even had a text earlier what color. Were those who got deflated in this light rail and I had mentioned it because I don't think it matters. They were black. But how can this be about race -- also we're talking about. The -- shooters. Were white supremacists. Apparently. Anti government. They were white. They kill. White people. So we're we're having this discussion about the -- shooters. How can anybody. Bring up race. When it comes to the shooting a -- It's just so convenient. It's so convenient to to bring up race it's so convenient to bring up other people. If they're not like you will be and it's it's it's at it's not gonna happen in the and I guess that's I guess that's a way of making it seem like well it'll never happen to be because it's those people. -- -- But it's not really it's it's really everybody. If you graduate Russia economy numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's heavier tax receipts have the -- also the usage -- -- -- stating that all three people killed in the Las Vegas shooting over the weekend. Were aren't. Which is clear indication that -- -- is not necessarily. On the right answer for everybody. And and I got a text that is very classic of this thinking well if they if they would have seen him coming. Well that's just dead you you can be armed and you might not see somebody coming. The guy who had a concealed weapon with -- in Vegas who was shot and killed in the Wal-Mart. Okay he didn't seem coming. But that's because there wasn't anything obvious about. -- having guns I guess I wasn't there. But obviously he didn't see guns. He thought there were some kind of disruption but that's the problem. What's up and starts to happen you don't always understand. What's going to -- happened. In time to take out -- -- So this idea that everybody is armed is is absurd. Also talking about something that today has been take it from Hillary's book which is being released today. She said that when they left the White House they were broke. In the context of the world in which they live maybe they work compared to other departing presidents and first families maybe they work. But that's a really insensitive -- Tuesday. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- a -- 87870. Here's a -- -- Second Amendment says we have the right to bear arms. That's true. But with rights come responsibilities. And the idea. And this is a prevalent idea in this area and America. The idea -- it all you need to do -- to be arm to save yourself think about what happened in Vegas. The three people killed by these anti government apparently white supremacist. They were all -- I'm from New Orleans Billy you're on WW out. Yeah -- done the -- -- make this quick look at our. Mentality. -- did it pan back and let I think that bill -- he that it broke. Let -- maybe. Some ratio. We talk about. Look we don't talk about state. If you believe that but obviously you know reflect them under coach -- being hit and that you -- -- -- -- they're doing a development as a surprise rate that will compete romantic but it could be angry and he. You know we have the public view that we thought that perhaps the economically it would be just sort of -- who gets mad at the functionality. Because now so that so let go by that we -- -- -- -- -- billion gallons so that it is due in man am I. Can. I do get. Out what I've got to give him. I appreciate you calling here's an update on our WWL party general opinion poll is it -- to configured to compared the loss they -- shooters to suicide bombers. 43% say yes and 57% say no it's not fair. Game is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Here is attacks to that reads at least the the couple did the right thing committed suicide and save Nevada and billions in trial and appeals. Yeah and see that's -- if you if you kill people for a cause. And then kill yourself. There's really no difference between you and a suicide -- -- these kind of right wing fanatics. There are version of a suicide bombers ice -- for Garland here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll the question is. Is it fair to compare the loss -- shooters. To suicide bombers. 33% say yes 67%. Say no. And it occurred to me when I was thinking about we talked about yesterday but it occurred to me you are sick about this yesterday after the show. In all three of those who were shot and killed two police officers and the guy at Wal-Mart. We're all aren't. Obviously the police officers but the guy Wal-Mart had to conceal weapons. And the -- blog today is titled -- shooters still better than suicide bombers. You can read and share with others -- pro gun anti gun you might find it interesting -- -- WWL Ty -- And I think it's fair to. To compare suicide bombers to the -- shooters and people with that mentality. Their anti government they have a mission. They're doing to make a statement and these people were trying to. Start a revolution in India minds I mean obviously they they failed. But I just I think it's also interesting that. That they were they were art and there are those people. In this area and around the country who think that everybody needs to be our -- I just had to -- just if there's a shooting if I just had that concealed carry permit but just had my weapon with me. Well think about it. The guy who shot and killed in the Wal-Mart or near the Wal-Mart in Las Vegas. Had a gun at a concealed carry permit. And we're also talking about the that the fight that broke out between two families this Sunday night in slight -- Apparently one family member made derogatory comment about the other family that was leaving it went fairly waiting for a table and this hyper except. Twenty to thirty people fight. A gun comes out stun guns come outs nobody skilled but several were ticket to the hospital. As we talk about this there's a report that -- like a text about something going on at Burger King Franklin and Kleber and and they believe that it might be issued I don't know we have -- confirm that and also this afternoon well actually this morning. There's been a shooting your high school in a suburb of Portland Oregon the FBI. Is on the scene. And the shooter is dead and I guess we're gonna have an update from a CBS news coming up at two. Dave Dave Cohen. Yeah I just want to let you know that we have confirmed now through KOY and TV in Portland that the shooter is dead. And parents are reporting that two people were shot today at a student with a shotgun -- teacher and a student in the weight room at the jam. CNN reports both of those people have survived. And but the shooter is dead. Not a not clear at this point if there was a self inflicted or if police shot and killed the shooter but KO IN IK OINTV's in the shooter is dead and two people were shot will have details for you coming from CBS news in six minutes right here on WW. -- special -- -- -- Dave and by the way for those who were so quick to say that race is a problem here. I don't know the race of the people involved in the school in a suburb of Portland. But it's in -- deal Portland I instruct your -- -- outside of port try out dale is C predominantly. White area. Well -- you can also say that Portland is a predominantly. White area. So. Please. Stop being so quick to blame race I know it's convenient I know what makes you feel better I know it feeds the hysteria. About race in this country. But it's really not fair. Now we don't know exactly would happen in it outside Portland we'll find out but we're talking about also not only the family and they were the Phillies were black. It in -- over also talking about. The the shooter in Las Vegas the shooters and the three people killed they were all white so this is not about race a from uptown DE -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- Our -- it. It's badly -- -- about it. I'm Arial. -- and accurate recently. -- -- There at the net in the break here -- there are a part. And DiCaprio. Will get. You think it was cool. Cool it was that it would -- Barry. -- got away while it it's not it's cool. Cool cool cool it's cool thing. It's cool so like. It cool. Cool so we're. -- -- Shall we call it art and the brand. All due to -- fight -- -- I think it's a big part of -- in its. Core. -- Where it should be. No. Matter. Where. Disrespect to our. Spoke and as. Why do you think -- why is it to I think you bring up a great point -- but why is it tougher to walk away today we should be more civilized and and be able to walk away. It is we shoot the (%expletive) beat by -- Every city. Bet there are problems in eighty years in that technology you have that we get. A breakdown in the economy. Everything they say more stressful but it is not anti war. Of course we -- It's a etc. and there rooting around -- -- Our Aubrayo I mean the younger daughter Paris then we don't Eric. My belt I think I learned our outlook much you know it would picked up all all four people Arctic again like 20 and vote. There aren't a whole movie -- a bit different than -- We put everything I archer saying -- are unmatched mobile. -- -- is -- don't consider it one bit -- support or air application. They do the application web -- to play burnout and it gave up there are a bit. Out our ball. -- Well -- -- it's true there was a time in my career when I actually had to go to the library to look something up but not everybody in my business -- went to the library so now it's easier to be an informed. Talk show host and it was years ago because you don't have to go to any. Any effort to get the information it's all right -- Soul if if it's fights on YouTube. If it's reality shows. That glamorize. Fighting. And actually this is life. Imitating art. Art supposed imitate life but if if there is an aggression to celebrate today. Of a vicarious way of becoming instantly famous. Because your flight gets stolen YouTube for your fighters is related to two we are reality show -- some kind of you see yourself as part of a reality show of some kind. I think that's a legitimate a point but you can't blame. The media for that it's really the fault of those who were trying to imitates. The media from Slidell John junior and a VW well. Yes cute well kept asking a question. Were you Ctrl+Alt white supremacist and Nancy -- do what do you question the people and they wanted to know about right in another situation. -- it's still not understand. That changed pretty hypocritical to make an unknown and the white supremacy. But I don't see her eat and talk about warm. And not question the -- All right John I'm going to call I'm gonna have to get to desist CBS news updates or John is saying is is it fear from me. To call while white supremacists but Dan. Denounced those who want to bring up -- it's it's up to black cultural problem. When it comes to crime and it comes to shoot it. I don't think it's hypocritical at all I denounce I denounce both but it's it's not fair to deal whites it's not right to be a white supremacist. And it's not fair to blame race for -- All right there has been a shooting outside of the school. Iron near Portland Oregon in a suburb of Portland cultural -- is it fair to compare -- Las Vegas shooters. To suicide bombers. They were apparently anti government white supremacist. And they were trying to make a statement. And they claimed that they were trying to start a revolution is that they date April calling this is the beginning of -- revolution they left a note when they -- the two police officers. And apparently that's according to witness that's what the guy shouted and Wal-Mart. Everybody believe this is a revolution. So what's the difference between people like data in America. As suicide bomber -- or W you'll project bumping people here's a quick update. 42% say yes it's fair 50% say no it's not it's not fair I'd love to hear your explanation. He could give us your opinion Michael tour website WW real dot com -- talking about the two families to got a to a fights outside a restaurant in Slidell. You know this would have never happened years ago but it happens today. Here's a text -- Cisco I think you're against concealed weapons permits. No I'm not. But there are people in and -- firsthand experience. Who think that everybody who is ever been attacked -- everybody who might be attacked needs to have a gun. And my point is about -- that you shooters is. The two police officers and the guy who was killed the Wal-Mart. Were all art. Guy at the Wal-Mart had a concealed weapon. And so I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm getting these -- of people who were saying well he didn't see him coming. Well that's exactly the point. If you have a concealed -- something might happen and you might not see it coming so if you if you have a concealed permit firing. Just be responsible but don't develop this false sense of security that that's all unique. Because it's a classic example of a guy in Las Vegas who's dead any he had concealed he had a concealed weapon with him. Here is attacks not everybody that gets concealed carry permit believes every one sure to have a firearm speaking for myself. It's about freedom to carry. If you wanna have that option wake up scoot I don't hear if you don't show won a fighting chance I do and that's from TJ gentility. Well of course I want a fighting chance but there are many examples of having a weapon not. Not solving the problem or not preventing something from happening and that's the only point they were making however there are people who are so sensitive to the gun issue. If you don't support the idea of everybody having a gun. In every situation. That you're somehow against gun rights and that's actually absurd but that's how hysterical. This country has become -- for some issues in one of India's. Is conceal weapons and gun rights. If you enjoyed -- -- the comet -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- numbers 8787. Here's detects the problem with -- argument of being armed vs not being armed. Is that you're taking one incident and making a general assumption based on one incident. But realize this is one incidents but this is not the only incident and even if there's one incident it just. It goes to show you that having -- -- is not necessarily. The answer. It might be in your case. But not all place. And again like I go back to my personal experience with this. Still to this day have pizza well still don't you wish you would had a gun when you were attacked. No I don't the I was there I know exactly what happened and how what happened. And if I would've had a gun. He would have started to happen. Before I could've stopped in a -- would have stopped it before anything started to happen. I would have generally been a victim. But I would have been a different. Because I think that would have been a clear question about whether or not my life was actually threatened. And that's the point with guns sometimes you have to stop something. Before it starts. To the point where you're going to be questioned about whether or not you really needed to use a -- If you wanna join our show with a comment numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Points or point 78. A text interstate 7870 this time -- here is the deadliest type for teen drivers. Do you have any rules for your teen drivers. Did you have any special rules for your team drivers maybe -- disappearance an idea about but they. What they should do with their kids. You know you -- you'd you'd you have to just follow the laws have yet to follow the laws but you don't have to wait for laws to be passed. If you think there should be ruled that we keep your child safe. Behind that we deal. And -- parents have any special rules when you were starting to drive. There has been a shooting near a high school in a suburb of Portland -- deal Portland just to the united east of the city of Portland. And apparently someone has died in incidents at the FBI is on the scene also monitors and reports of police action at the Burger King at Franklin and Kleber. Three people were shot -- you'll TVs reporting that one. Which critically injured. And while all of this is going on today were talking about the -- shooters I don't think there's any better than suicide bombers and that's a -- -- party general opinion poll. Is it fair to compare the vacationers to suicide bombers 44% say yes 56% saying no. They kill for a cause a political cause to make a political statement. And then kill themselves. What's the real difference between those people those kinds of people with that mentality. Of of of of killing out of being -- white supremacist store -- anti government to going on the shooting the what's the difference between that. And a suicide bomber. You know we're not gonna talk about teen drivers today we're gonna say that for another show I'm just getting too many text about these these these shootings and also we've talked today about. The two families. Who didn't even know which other started fighting outside of a restaurant in Slidell Sunday night -- family member got a gun fired into the crowd a person's been charged. But attempted murder a stun guns came out. Nobody was killed but several were taken to the hospital police say at one point twenty to thirty people were fighting. One family apparently made a derogatory comment about another family -- so. A fight breaks out in and you bring out a gun. Here's a text that it's asked the question. Once the gun legally owned by the person who used it to fight at the restaurant. As a matter. It would be even worse. If the gun was legally purchased. Because that would further proved that everybody who legally purchases the government has a gun legally shouldn't have a -- Here's a -- -- awareness is 90% of self defense. If you're not aware of the threats you can not to -- defeat a threat. If you're not aware of the threat. -- can't avoid effect and that's from Dave Newman with concealed carry no here's a text it's called right to bear arms to -- You have a right. But my only point is. Just being aren't. Just having that weapon with you is not -- necessarily signal that detects too wide they shoot the guy Wal-Mart. It's my understanding that they were just trying to to to make a statement and then I've gotten text from people who said well he didn't see him coming. I think that's ridiculous. -- could always see somebody coming you don't always know that somebody is is ready to kill you. Even if you have a -- So before you approach anybody give -- gonna you -- you to keep going out before you approach and I'm not sure that's that's the right answer. The so Wal-Mart shopper Robert Wilcox 31 years old I was approached by Jared Miller -- one of the the shooters. And he's hoping to stop him he walked by Amanda Miller she shot him in the ribs Wilcox of carry a concealed weapon at the time. -- Vegas police say that Jared Miller 31 and his wife -- or 22 had strong anti government news. And they expressed their hate for the government walked into a pizza parlor killing two police officers. Shot one in the hands of one of the back of the hand and one of the neck when he started to respond after the shooting. The -- Miller's dragged their bodies out onto the floor and they left behind yellow flag with a coiled snake with the words don't tread on me. A swastika with a note that said. This is the sort of revolution. Yesterday while talking about this. Somebody sent me Texas said basically that I shouldn't be I I shouldn't be spreading this this rumor that they were trying to start a revolution. Claiming that it was just doing that to shock people in and get ratings. -- a lot of information from witnesses and this note that that's exactly what they thought they were gonna do start a revolution. And those kind of people really scared me. And it's really interesting that I didn't know what they look like but I -- patient and in my mind when I heard about their ideology. I envisioned in my mind what they would look like and they sure fit the exact stereotype. Now before you stereotype. Think about how many people you know. It might look kinda similar to that Koppel. The -- and next. So it's really unfair to stereotype. Because ultimately you're part of a group. Vet has people who do bad things. And you don't wanna be stereotyped because you look like you might belong in that group. And once again it's a truly sad that so many people have already brought up race. Concerning the the situations that the shooting at their outside the restaurant Slidell because -- -- famous for black that came up on the show I didn't mention that but he came up on the show. But why why is that an issue when we're also talking about. The shooting in Las Vegas that -- people who are white. And maybe the Burger King in frankly and and -- here in New Orleans involved blacks. But I'm almost certain that the shooting at a high school today outside of Portland Oregon and truck deal -- again I'm almost certain. That they were white soul. To understand how people can still justify race being an issue. As we have been talking this morning about the Vegas shooters. And they were whites and -- people like silverlight. I don't see how race is an issue when it comes to things like this begin a lot of people love to bring up race. I don't see any difference between the figure shooters and suicide bombers the they killed four a cause to make a statement. And then they kill themselves I've got a couple of -- of people said well differences suicide bombers I don't see the damage that cost. Which is true I understand that but but basically they're really no different from suicide bombers and that's -- WWL pretty general opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our web site W if you don't -- Also talking about the two families that didn't even know each other apparently comments were. Were made and to families break into a fight outside of a restaurant in Slidell. A police say twenty to thirty people were fighting at one point no one was killed several people taken to hospital a gun and stun guns. Were fired into the crowd. Why does this happen. People what's different this this didn't used to happen. And while all this is going on on the air there's apparently a shooting at a Burger King on Franklin -- and your New Orleans three people shot once in critical condition. And as a shooting outside of a high school in a suburb of Portland and -- Hillary can. And apparently this shooter is dead they're the FBI. Is on the scene effort shall let -- -- WWL. -- -- Yeah this is boring you -- frank. War I'd like to shape. In pre order sent direct keep prepare. The kennel and Argentina. Will rule would cheer arm. Born years. Or nine Kia and -- wage but -- -- -- and it's saved me every use it where some guys get meaning it would. Alcohol. Oh and try to wrap up pulling guard. I was able back amount Arcadia and and -- me or probably hurt paired. You know obviously in order not challenging short. But Franken god when I'm on going joke now I've got to get to news break but and I'm glad you're okay and a gun in that situation worked my only point is. They just because you have a garden. Annual walk around a retail outlet doesn't always mean you're going to be safe I'm studio for Garland and we'll be back.