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6-10 12:10pm Scoot: Mass shootings

Jun 10, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about several recent shootings and gun control.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon we are getting some showers around New Orleans area and choose the west of us in the north events you might already be in some rain chance of rain throughout the afternoon we've got the latest on our web site. At WWO dot com. I'm -- For Garland I really wanted to have fun this hour. Yeah every every generation talks about how hard they haven't compared to other young generations. But I'm -- postpone that until tomorrow we'll talk about that on the show tomorrow also we really never got to talking about. A summertime and teen drivers how easily distracted they aren't assistant deadliest time of year for teen drivers and since we're out there too I guess it's a deadly time of year for us as well. We'll talk about those things on the show tomorrow. There there was a shooting at a Burger King Franklin and Kleber and this morning a three people shot one critical. There was also -- shooting near high school. In a suburb of Portland Oregon. Truck deal -- -- other shooters dead the FBI is on the scene. We've been talking about the loss they -- shooters I don't think there really any different. Than suicide bombers. There on a mission anti government they're trying to make a statement. They hate the government so much they're trying to start a revolution. I'm Disco blog is about the Las Vegas shooters aren't any different for suicide bombers. -- -- anti gun or pro gun you can read that to share with others it's on our website at WW LI dot com. And here's our -- have you a pretty general opinion poll is it fair to compare the -- shooters to suicide bombers 44% say yes. And 56%. Saying no give us your opinion by going to our website WW dot com we've also been talking about the two families. The didn't even know each other they started fighting outside restaurants like -- One family member got a gun fired into the crowd went person was trying to break up the fight which raised by the bullet. A stun gun came out and used against a couple of members of the family. Slidell police say at one point twenty to thirty people were fighting is outside a restaurant in -- No one was killed several injured. Apparently went -- waiting for a table according to witness made a derogatory comment about another Stanley that was leaving the restaurant. And that led to a flight. With a gun. And -- stun guns. The Second Amendment. Should not protect anyone's right to own a gun to settle an argument. Or to seek revenge. Or to punish someone for disrespecting. Mean let's be honest everybody should -- ago. And I'm continuing to get taxed for people who love. To paint me as an anti gun activist. And I'm not. And I know that's convenient for you if you only hear what you what you wanna hear. But I'm not gonna be afraid to call people out who shouldn't have guns. I'm not gonna be afraid to DC the NRA will never say anything negative about about -- dollars. And we're CRA when it comes to a situation like the shooting in Las Vegas. I'm not gonna be like. I'm going to be honest enough to end and not be afraid to say look not everybody should have a gun at a gun is not always the answer. And everybody who was shot and killed in the big shooting. -- was aren't. The two police officers and the 31 year old who was in Wal-Mart and I'm getting text justifying. Well it. The only reason he was killed is because he didn't know the white pentagon. Well this continues to support by point. Just having a gun. Is no guarantee that you're safe. And yet there are people who just want to promote this idea that what we only to Deepak we only to have the the point is is that if somebody's approaching you. -- you approach somebody. And you have a -- You might not always be able to stop what's about to happen. Look at the guys -- in in Las Vegas. He knew something was wrong he goes over to this guy he walks by the white the white shoots him he's dead. While the point is he was armed and that's not always the answer. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about and they were talking about our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 866889. Early Saturday protects Amber's age 7870. Here is attacks that reads every -- in war has a gun. And are trained yet thousands die. So what's your point about the three -- debt on my point is is that you cannot compare war. With being a civilian walking around a retail store mean that's just totally ignorant. -- a different situation. And you don't expect in -- you expect people to be shooting match. And again and it's just it's it's only differ on that he didn't entertain -- -- -- walking around a story you don't today expectant people to a to have a gun. In here a guy with a gun by only point is that I'm I'm I'm a Second Amendment supporter. I support gun rights I don't think -- in new gun laws will make this country safer. And I said that constantly but for those advocates who love to fine people. Who are against guards. If you wanna think that I'm against -- I can control your mental process. But I'm not gonna be afraid to call out people who shouldn't have guns. Here is taxed and that breeds a police always I'll know people always walk up to me and ask me for directions I'm a cop. I can't pull up my weapon just because someone walks up to me. It's true. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 86688. Niger which seventy. And a -- predict 77. For the French Quarter -- a year and -- BW -- good afternoon. You know the sadness about this all the senseless crime. We have all these people think. That as you have said very rightly so are prices so much as saying that -- get -- done you have this false sense of protection and security according the research I've done. The Texas Department of Public Safety net of statistics. If you light light in person to carry a concealed weapon. -- 66%. More likely. To be involved in a crime involving the weapons. So what I extrapolate from that is the more weapons you have the more times you have the war crime the more violence to -- more killings you wanna. And it's simply outrageous that people could not identify. The reason all of these senseless shootings you have many crimes of passion of people have a weapon and that this is the settled -- They just simply hope for the -- it's real quick and -- And that's not what the Second Amendment protects your not supposed to have a gun to settle. To settle an argument or to. Two to shoot somebody who is disrespectful to you what why is that there were so sensitive about words now. And let's go to -- mandate that would talk about -- on crime does the article. The April 24. 2014 nautical right -- C dot Blogspot dot com regarding crime fighters and a vice president they have. It's our Mac reauthorization webpart in Iowa -- said that. That he would surprise that same person has not shot the president. But the United States despite David -- balance so even a crime fighting organization. -- lunatic evidently believes -- a compelling or encouraging the assassination of the president of the United States. In our Mac -- refuses to condemn the remarks. Well you know I'm gonna look into that -- join him on collector turned the caller she Allard. You can disagree with the President Bush says there's no need to kill the president they were people who really dislike George W. Bush and and many of the people who were critical of President Obama. And in every way with the very ones who said hey you might not agree with bush the president but you should respect the office of the presidency. I'm more more text about -- about guns and and this is a topic comes up quite often on the summertime seems to be a time when. On a lot of people just abuse had gone to a seek revenge or settle arguments we've got to shooting at a Burger King. A frank Clinton Franklin and today and Kleber and shooting outside of high school in. A suburb of Portland Oregon we talked about it did the shooting that took place outside of a restaurant family restaurant in slightly over two fairly started arguing and I've gone comes out. Why does this happen. New what's different today -- it needs to happen. And also we're talking about the Los Vegas shooters are they similar to suicide bombers -- on a mission they keel. And they entered and up dead themselves. If you wanna join us with a comment I get to abort your tax attacks are pouring in I read all of them like can't read all the money air. It's over laced with profanity obviously I can't read those on the -- When I get one of those text -- I love to I want to point out it. -- sometimes I'm just -- oppressed by some body's ability to intelligently express their thoughts. If you want me to reach a -- obviously I mean your your text obviously don't. Used profanity. Here is attacks -- they -- you have the best music. When the registers both thanks for I think you know I've I do why do I do go to -- a lot of trouble to pick out the bright opera music going in and out of breaks it. I love a lot of the new stuff -- out and this is a bad effect Rick Springfield was was telling me that. This song reminds him I said the spin lines and even eighty -- the band is the 1975. And the saudis -- chocolate he said that song reminds me of extra people -- -- A perfect way. In fact Allison let's find that we're gonna go out of the break with scrutiny pulling the a perfect life. So -- lot of new stuff out reminds me of the eighties. I'm skewed in for Garland if you're -- with his recovered right back into the WL. I'm suited for garlic glad you're with us on this Tuesday afternoon some scattered showers around the area you might -- -- no one -- -- -- turn your lights on -- -- here. In a conversation that I had recently on the -- show with Rick Springfield. We're talking about music today that reminds us of the eighties. And he said that's on buying the 1975 that's the name of the -- the 1975 song is called chocolate. He said that reminds me it's good he -- -- perfect way. And you know you -- if you saw. Punt a time machine which goes back to eighties this song which was part of that -- think how long been radio. I was on the air. Against the united seven I was playing the song when it was first released as a hit. All right here's a little bit of us pretty believe perfect way to the when he went there. Here's an update on -- definitely -- pretty general opinion polls. Is it fair to compare the -- shooters to suicide bombers. 44% say yes and 56% say no give us your opinion by going to our website WW -- -- -- a coming up at 1 o'clock today and Angela. I church commissioner Jim Donovan will be here. While at -- got the latest report or auto insurance and the connection between credit scores. And the amount you pay for insurance. This your credit rating really have anything to do with the way you drive is that fair. Talk about that with Angela and church commissioner Jim to Ireland to be talking about that's sort of 1 o'clock it's 2 o'clock a Bobby Jindal has signed a deal. That kill the lawsuit against -- New York companies a lot of people reacting to that I was at the right thing for the governor to do. And then at 3 o'clock with -- Angela the holy cross neighborhood association very upset with new zone changes. Why are they so upset -- Angela an open mind with the legendary -- -- this afternoon to wonder for here and to VW well. I go to a number of text to get to -- -- have been really pouring in all day I was hoping to have fun this hour. But what's really taken over as conversation once again about guns. The the the shooters in Las Vegas. Were on a mission. And they killed people and that it did themselves. Don't themselves. All the wife killed the husband and kill yourself. To me that's essentially of being like a suicide bomber in America and there are people like -- who have done that in their essentially like suicide bombers. Also I've talked about how the three people who were killed and in Las Vegas were all part. Now I'm getting a lot of reaction from people who say well being or does -- make you bullet -- would you rather have a gun did not have -- yes -- all of that's true. The only point that I make. Is that for those who think. That all you need is a gun to be safe. That's a foolish attitude to have because that's not that's not the case. Here's a guy who had concealed weapon. He's dead. Just because you have a Garland doesn't mean your -- and yet. People have guns not all but some have guns and develop a false sense of security about their own safety. If you rejoice with a comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy -- -- 7870 here's a text it sounds like you're against guns. The way you're speaking. Freedom to bear arms. No I'm not against guns. But I am against irresponsible gun owners and stupidity I'm not gonna be like the NRA. And be afraid to be honest about some people who should not own guns. I don't care what your writing is. There are some people who should not own guns because they don't know how to responsibly you should -- -- and I'm thinking about the two families it got into this fight outside a family restaurant Slidell. So what they just -- what they they just that there's a gun to go to the car web -- somebody retreat to god to -- is going to -- to go get a darn. I don't care if they had it legally or not. That's not the responsible would use a government. You're not supposed to use agreement to settle Norton. Or to punish somebody for being disrespectful to you. Guns are for protection. Project Jolie Robert -- WWL. I'm still argue. They look retired from the military. Briefly police. -- -- -- it's important that. It's done they're very big men admire her eagle scouts. And the ones that noted in his conversation as close level. There's never sent that exceeds. But we used to be able on everything that we like to do and we get to the point where you can't Robert -- article that he can't play. And on baseball's -- extort yet. And it's taken everything away you're saying these supposedly. And it worked for the training at that point my -- subtle and I -- them -- that is the appreciation -- Oh weapons works. And the respect that goes whether they're both pretty good shot by the oil well. We don't go out shooting Argo and they'll it's people that believe whatever ago. And I think what we're at today. It is eighty days pot that swap whereby every child. In the country in the as the ability of been taught exactly what it -- is start with the BB gun range fire range master. Whether. Demonstrated by. Oh boy scout troop or -- -- school that they belong to which I believe that would be of great idea because there's nothing -- learning. About what I've done is instead of making it's something -- you'll learn from mobile game where you hopeful people. Robert I mean -- a few for you bring up a good point I don't I don't know who. It should be responsible other than Paris to -- parasitic gun owners should be responsible. -- teaching their kids of archives and you know that the point is -- the the absolute overwhelming majority of gun owners in this country are very responsible people. But that shouldn't -- cause us to not call out those who were not responsible with guns those who have guns for the wrong reason. And if somebody wants to say that that means your anti gun will. Those -- the people who -- the problem we should be able to honestly assess some people who shouldn't have guns. Sure that -- not gonna get forgotten -- and of course that it now of course the one one not educate everyone. You can't get and that we educate everyone you can mandate little lights and -- up. You can make in order. And the economy is that we're abortion as they can equally legislate. Typically the nature of the visit it would expire on go out some instruction even -- and trees. That it is no place around for me to take a child -- -- -- -- -- the beauty of its -- like. It's like well I'm preaching the saint itself I forget doing. You know I Robert I I thought about this the other day. And I'm dating somebody who who just bought a house -- -- parent and I'm on to the 310. And I'm looking down -- -- this was a railroad track area. I remember. From the spillway East Coast is still way. I had 410 shocked guide and my dad you should just take me out and weekends who go to the -- track and and and shoot. So it was -- quite a different world I take you bring up a good point about everybody understanding something about guns I don't know who would be the quantities separate. Thank you for what you've done with your kids and thank you what you did in service to our country. If you hold it stay within yourself get to all of your calls here just a moment here's a Texan Reid says some people have zero self control. They're worried about respect. They don't even know what it means to have respect tolerance for -- well that's true. And I'm sure this Burger King shooting that took place today Franklin and -- and this morning while we were on the air. I'm sure there was a somehow a lack of respect. And these are people who don't. Understand how to deal with a lack of respect guns are not supposed to protect your reputation. The supposed to protect you. I'm -- for Garland will be right -- to give you real I just got a text requesting treasure by Bruno Mars I -- this is a talk show people requesting songs. You know when I was doing music radio. I would I was always. Poster called -- the program directors office because I talk too much. Scooter you're talking with the wanting to play more music. And actually sometimes they'll get attacks -- an email from -- it's a talk show you play too much music so yeah I can't win I'm scoots and for garlic. Here's an update on our -- up to a pretty jag opinion poll the majority has shifted for the first time with this poll the question is is it fair to compare the figures shooters to suicide bombers. 51% now say yes 49% say no give us your opinion. By going to our web site W -- Telecom also -- you've heard this in the news. Militant islamists have now taken over the second largest city. In in Iraq. And this is something that everybody feared would happen once we left. Militants were takeover. And I'm wondering what's gonna happen in Afghanistan and we ultimately leave there. Things are different today and if we don't have the fortitude to state I'm not saying we should that we have to be really careful about the wars that we get involved in today. Because we create a political vacuum. When we. When somebody is is taken out of office Saddam Hussein for example in Iraq which somebody loses power. Even though they were a terrible dictator. At least they maintain stability in the region so. There -- so a lot that still needs to be written about the Iraq War and also. The the -- in Afghanistan. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688 ninths nearly seven of text number is 87870. And from uptown -- year -- WW well. I'm glad to finally it and that don't. All right I am proud to go on must tell you that. I'm nineteen years ago. However. There's still very shot. Sounds like it to me. -- sound great. Now and music. -- you learning. About history. And grammar school. I just told. That there would be Second Amendment the right to bear -- Was at that time I went to a mainland. At the request. Out of this state initiatives. And the right to bear on. You know you'll probably you're really -- And they wanted to go to right to decide who should. My life. So my question. It's obvious now. That that would -- -- United States in general has accepted. Theory. That there were -- there. Under this economic -- is totally. And just the state militias. -- -- organized. State militia. My guess that's the way it has been interpreted over the years. This table issues called National Guard. As you well know so my question is very simple put it -- an answer. And it -- I supplement industry particularly collect it paid two years ago. At one point. Definitely decided that the right to obviously for us to individuals not just two officials -- relations. Emery I don't win I don't know win that point happened but over time it's my impression that. The -- the literal translation. Of the Second Amendment has been extended to apply to individuals. I'm asking you -- that out. I don't I don't I don't if if anybody knows when that happen I I don't know win. Their -- that flash point in time when. That decision was made hey I'm I'm sure it was something in the Supreme Court but if anybody knows where I would be interested to know as well because it definitely has didn't. As has been changed overtime interpreted in different ways as at as many amendments -- many of a constitutional rights are interpreted. -- Europe very Smart guy and I really appreciate you calling her show. I also. Agree completely. That no difference between India. On Islam. Suicide bombers and these people that kill themselves and origins -- -- no matter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK thank you. All right thank you sir thanks for listening. -- -- so great to talk to people like Dan and my friend mr. Kirby and 92 year old World War II very difficult -- to to talk to somebody who is that it. At that point in their life and still released sharpening it's just it's great to talk to somebody with. That kind of perspective on on the world I'm studio for Garland -- join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines are quite simply a text number is 87870. More of your calls and more you're Texan coming up next -- -- WL. It's been awhile since we had some significant rain and looking at live radar right now and there's slight -- getting some rain Covington. Not meant to fill Madison ill and there is a big patch of heavy rain on line. BI ten. On what should get past. What you get past the I -- I 55. Section there. -- a lot of heavy rain all the way to to Baton Rouge Donaldson fill in some rain. A New Iberia frankly and a Franklin just got -- the -- is also a lot a lot of rain not much in the immediate New Orleans area but if you're on and there's a possibility that you'll be unit soon. And if you're in the rain is is. Is everybody driving with the lights on. I mean if you if you don't have your lights -- we really shouldn't be trusting. Behind the wheel car. It's pretty basic. Windshield wipers on rain. Turn -- lights. -- -- in fort Garland. We've been talking about guns once again the topic is has has come opposite often does there was a shooting at a Burger King. In the seventh ward today a couple of people couple people shot WPA with a flying glass. You wonder what started that I wonder if that was about. About revenge however that was about disrespect to anybody. Else -- -- a shooting near high school in a suburb of Portland a truck deal Oregon. -- the shooter is dead the FBI is on the scene we're still getting more details about that and I talked about the the -- shooters over the weekend everybody who was killed was arts. And I got detect signals the shooters were armed as well it will of course they they work but. Having a -- does not necessarily mean you can be protected 100% of the time that's really the only point we've also talked about the two families in Slidell Sunday night. Didn't even know each other apparently comet which made a big fight breaks out a gun comes out. And nobody's killed but somebody shot a couple of stun guns come out I mean that's. That's ridiculous. Why why do -- have to come out all the time. Here's a text at the biggest difference -- see from the seventies. Is now that the pace of everything is much greater. Things aren't -- things were at a more leisurely pace back then. Do you think that has something to do with the shootings now people just do not take the time to think about consequences. They just act. And that's from shall themselves shall -- by 1975. So I think that's definitely part of it. I've talked about this on the -- -- night. We live in a world. Where we expect instant gratification. An instant gratification go so far as to. Having instant gratification if if somebody threatens you. If -- are not threaten you but it is -- just disrespect she if you get into an argument with somebody. The desire the instinctive desire now in America for instant gratification. Goes so far -- to inspire people to take out a -- And solve a problem right here now. Now when I was in school if you had arguments are -- just respected you you really had to still deal with him in school or in the neighborhood. You you didn't kill. And -- young generations have not learned. Is that words can't -- Words can be hurtful. But words can't -- And we also developed a society. That is somehow teaching. That. You should never be offend it. And and you can go to likely not be ended if you're offended by a by somebody well you can take action. No you can't. And guns or not decide to in the Second Amendment is not designed. To protect your reputation. Is designed to protect you. From Biloxi yet a year and WWL. The Colin. About it is now about the concealed area yeah I got -- brands that they rent out there appeared lives of the Celtic it. I've been in the military or forty years from -- -- -- failure is. Shooting as well as the process but in the -- the cute that the -- -- And the people that are out here at least until care like does not having a problem and it. At that ball -- about wanting to do the task like Albert -- by the part -- you know. But -- my friend that I it was simple test at -- one level. -- -- -- you get people out there and you know that lies and not a minute minute you know all I really don't ever practiced. And I -- most people get shot that they have the what an album with elderly -- now when stressful. And this is a great point -- you have to conceptualize how you would react in in certain situations. And just because you have a Golan. Does it may make you say five I appreciate the call and and again. The guy who was killed at the Wal-Mart in Vegas by these these right wing and desist not just right wing I mean these are fanatics. I mean they're anti government I mean they're not that there be aren't right way. These fanatics that that Miller's. This couple and in Vegas. -- They were on a mission. And they should have had guns in my opening night to rejoice for the comment net we got you've come a few calls on hole are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688 earns nearly seven or text numbers 87870. -- here's -- -- it's a telling me I should not be saying every one should not own a gun. I should be saying. Not everyone. Should Oregon. This is how sensitive some people or when it comes to guns. If I say everybody should know a gun. That's the same as saying not everyone should own a gun. And if you're responsible gun owner and let's talk and you. I'm student for Garland will be back good afternoon I'm -- -- in fort Garland Angela is coming up next here's detects the reason after sandy hook. The NRA said the only thing to stop bad guys with a gun. Is good guys with a -- where the good guys when people who use guns from uptown centric here and Evian you will. -- -- -- -- I -- it's unfortunate that the column. And eat and kind of society. It's sad it -- global currencies the people where -- concentration should be viewed America as well as. What in the -- should -- should leave him you know -- people's. And citizens and solar. Water and in the air where the communities in which a little. Bit. It's used to say. -- moment we unfortunately. It seemed like so selfless. Shell hole the -- power problem. Water problem which is pretty pretty cute. The economic. You know it's a problem and the city is giving 60% of the contracts but here we need money here in the game this year. We needed to -- all portions of the. -- I'm I'm gonna have to what you go because I'm at the end of the show but you bring up some really interesting points I disagree I believe you can't teach self respect. But that's something that you have to teach starting you have to start teaching that is suited soon as a child comes around the world. Time as far as the mayor giving contracts or whether. I don't think anybody locally whether they're an actor or a company I don't think anybody locally should get something just because a local. I think you have to put in the best bit. In some like you do a better venue. Then we need the best people to do jobs it's like I get are I better get comments repeat -- got the local actor I should get all the know the best actor gets the job with the local or not. What do think -- Newman our executive producer -- antennae are associate producer. Alison ransom is Shelden Williams our studio producers. -- -- in Florida Marlins. Lot -- New Orleans.