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Scoot Show 6-10 8pm, Sara Cusimano

Jun 10, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight. Some hot topics coming up: After another school shooting, this time outside of Portland, Oregon…do you think it’s time for gun laws to be tightened in America? Special Guest: Sara Cusimano

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I'm Bob Mitchell via real Robert metro -- interest do tonight I'm gonna lay out to you what's on our WWL talked about it we got just -- some great things that the talk about the election generate a lot of interest. A shooter opened fire at a suburban Portland Oregon high school today killing one male student the government officials said used a rifle. Is also dead were going to be. Talking in just a a couple of minutes to those are accused of meadow entries with moms demand action -- insurance in America. And shall tell you a little bit about the group and exactly how they feel about the whole situation. And I guess our question the tonight on this it is. What if any thing and can be done. In our country to stop this terrible waste of lives and do we just have to accept that -- the world we live in. And if people do evil global fund to wind also we're going to talk about eight Pennsylvania boy seven year old kid. He accidentally brought a plastic gun in his back that. He got the old he told a teacher at least they'll receive a two day suspension because of the zero tolerance policy about. Should they received a reward. It's double punishment for reporting his mistake of the teacher and would -- a message. We certainly that this get all the kids at school 10. Tolerance policies they clutch silly decisions like -- also. A new study from Mayo Clinic says that sleeping with your pet. Actually disturbs your sleep and you don't get the rest Judy photos your pets sleep -- do in the same bed. And what's more disruptive to your sleep sleeping with the pennant in the bed. Or with one of your kids. You can call 226018788668890. It's up all right. The number one. All on our talked table -- tonight. Is this situation that happened in suburban Portland Oregon. And though we are going to welcome to the show right now several cues from memo -- with the Louisiana chapter of a vote moms demand action. -- first of -- tell me a little bit about -- organization. Well -- action Japan and America is nonviolent organization. You know what we are trying to work here as he people on gun violence in general are trying to work can do what the public. And you with congressmen and whoever really little -- ripped into our our -- you can't just tried to. And the tie it. And a bit ridiculous amount of -- that we -- facing in this country lately. Com and just says you know keep our children safer when we go to sleep and -- Though this is what the 74. -- and flinched Newton. Yet a 174. Even in a little over a year. What changes would you recommend in the doubles what things would you like to see different. Well there's. It all they effort. Background checks we need to close a couple or give many people who. Can get who can purchase. Gone and you know these. Army and now. -- admonishes. We need to improve. Me and believe -- he handled and airmen. I am -- try PT on a leaf on our our children you have and -- he can safely locked the way. I think that there are several might -- smaller. At the intake I don't get where one side at all piper cancer -- -- -- -- -- several pieces to their problem that we need to start together. And it had that cared about the viability. But do you not feel that if someone really wants a golden. And someone who wants to really do evil with a gun they're going to figure out a way to get on. To some degree. You know there's always going to be negativity negativity and -- life by. You know we wake up every morning. And go out you know market area like -- while now. -- -- on cap and panel lecture flat that. That's not the -- -- we -- you know wake up three I mean -- They keep any meaning a purpose to our lives and I mean that. As long as there's something on the -- that we can do which is used to try to prevent as many possible. And that our ability. American trade and human beings. And and sisters and Brothers and leaders in Iraq and our communities. To do -- much as we possibly can and to give our innocent people from mutant allies. What would be. Number one on your list of elected slave so are you to change any gun law you want and make it say what everyone -- what would be. The number one thing that you think of -- of the greatest impact on keeping guns. Out of the hands of these people. I think Andy has -- the gun show loophole you're apparently an you know I guess they take action that the door electoral lighter and unnecessary. What can help -- what that does that mean that I can go to a gun show and by as many guns and I want. Yeah you're not under regulations that you would be you purchased -- life and deal. On it and they'll have background checks and stuff like that so I think back on. Yeah if you purchased for Ghana and then everybody should be held to this same standard human nature is that it currently in dealer I. Do we need more security in our schools. -- -- and that is always the concern. I am not shortly that security back at all. Or if there is eight. You know me show you why -- strict security. At school on. But I don't think that -- is always the answer of course. If some degree you know he would want you know -- inaudible security measures. By and I -- I -- that you know perhaps you know looking at each of my candor I don't know heart and it can say without really knowing what was -- -- -- -- of the gunman used a rifle today do we know at this point where he got the rifle from. I am more aware that you -- in coming out quite. When it when it comes to people who won't do these crimes sleep. My thought is first of all I don't want anyone to take my right away from only you know going and I think I have every right to do that the constitution. Just me that right I believe I have the right to play five. Go to roll the proper procedures in the training in the permits. I have a right to carry a gun and and I would I would never want that taken away from me. And I feel that when it comes to -- gun control a truly I mean what what's going on in our world. And the way people get these guns and just take all these innocent life is absolutely -- terrible. But I believe that people that do this -- either evil people or they are mentally ill and I'm afraid that no matter how strict we make these -- that these people will still find a way to do evil. Well you know it if the borderline -- ten people an actor the lines you prevent. Isn't that are better at what we had today. You know they weren't that no I mean a court. You know it's perfect world -- BR -- at a 100%. -- in his Liza beat me you know without with a simple content off late. You know I think realistically we know how to act not okay we know that can fund agreed -- all still going to be wrong track eighty. But if we can't prevent. You know certainly five or 80% believe me -- -- even if we can protect her back 25%. Immediately that something to work. Nor Herschel essence you know what you're saying is that is the fact that we can't sit back and leave the status quo. We have to figure out something we have to start taking some steps to try to turn this time. They at least have to convert each and and I think -- act -- -- and the biggest thing that's been missing. -- that we think there are conversation. Country too much about -- prevent. -- I look at. There'd been a little bit that he is he -- and that means lean. A comprehensive conversation. That has has not and I think the very least we are they here and we expect coming up with some answers. Saying that we're going to do it I'm not saying that the idea just isn't enough anymore when you act. Do you have any. Community action plans do you have any meetings where where people can go to end and give their input. Well I'm actually accurate at nearly -- at least -- added up and running and we members approximately. We call a meeting occasional heat here. In different regions. Where people -- -- he's not slick Rick and you would -- On that they were like -- and me in the -- patent on its actions. Or. Not they need to completion to be there or eaten excuse me poppy like that -- chapter page on FaceBook. On that -- every. Which are now part. Every award he's -- in there well why not eat -- -- greatly to get a lot of internally and and have our air act to -- he'll be genocide you know and you need your thinking cap on I -- You know. Thanks so much slower victory moved Syracuse and Melo who has. What the Louisiana chapter of the moms demand action for go -- cents in America. And what -- my comebacks are I'm I'm alleged goal among go to a break but I do have the the statement that was released today. And it's it's that grabs your heart and -- that it's it says a lot of shall it come back I'll read that statement so. Keep listening okay. Thank you so much -- All right that's. Wolf. If it is a problem and an I I have no idea what what to do and we'll talk about it tonight. What do you think of anything we can do as a country to stop the waste of lives. Or do we just have to accept the fact that this is the world we live in today 260. 178668. -- nine -- family we'll come right back to their phone call from Bob Mitchell in pursuit. The big date seventy WW LA enough on the dot com.