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Jun 10, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight. Some hot topics coming up: After another school shooting, this time outside of Portland, Oregon…do you think it’s time for gun laws to be tightened in America? PLUS: A Pennsylvania boy who told his teacher he mistakenly brought in a toy gun in his backpack, still received a two day suspension because of a zero tolerance policy. Should he have receieved a reward instead of punishment for reporting his mistake to the teacher ? What kind of message are we sending to this kid…to all kids in schools when zero tolerance policies make silly decisions like this? ALSO: a new study from the Mayo Clinic says that sleeping with your pet actually disturbs your sleep and you don’t get the rest you need. Does your pet sleep with you in the same bed? What’s more disruptive to your sleep, sleeping with a pet in the bed or with one of your young kids? AND: our WWL/Paretti Opinion poll: The twin span bridge will now be known as the Frank Davis ‘Naturally N’Awlins’ Memorial Bridge. Are you for or against this change?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm Bob Mitchell in -- the real Robert Mitchell Stewart's doing some Phil and work this week four -- Garland. Probably with the all week -- to six early 786689. LE seventy here's what we have on our WWL pong table at just the -- just breaks your heart again another school shooting this time outside of Portland Oregon. Two were dead do you think it's time to gun laws to be tightened. In America. Some groups the moms demand action Purdue and Central America. Is is calling for some real dialogue with the politicians. And groups to see if anything can be done. If our laws can be changed at all part laws can be. Tweaked at all of our laws can be strengthened at all to try to stop any of I don't think anyone thinks that in the gun laws we change at all. Would prevent all this but may be -- on something to change just a little. And a seven year old boy in Pennsylvania. Told his teacher mistakenly brought in -- toy gun in his backpack. Now that did. Brought it to school accidentally was in his backpack. -- still receive the two days suspension because of zero Pollard -- The -- that kid went in that was honest and said look. My mom gave me this -- backpack I. I've found a toy gun under -- no it's not supposed to be in there and -- -- and and yet they still suspended him for a two days is that the right thing. Do we sometime carried this -- tolerance policy a little bit too far I think they should have given him a reward for billions honestly probably. -- left it in his knapsack and not been caught but he did the right thing and I don't think you should have been punished for. In a new study from the Mayo Clinic says that sleeping. With your -- actually disturbed emotionally and you don't get the rest Judy -- on the dog have to give up the good bathroom both. And in the middle of the night I've got an old dog he's like he's got to give up in the middle of the plate. And that -- to go to the bathroom. -- -- -- truck through six early 78668890878. And RW WL opinion poll question in the twin span bridge will now be known as the Frank Davis naturally new world and memorial bridge -- you for. Or against the stranger to a lot of WWL dot com. 37%. Or against the 63%. Of thwart. It is kinda worried. In and I think I would have preferred it to the -- -- of Frank Davis twins. I don't know how many people business say. Well I'm going to let go through will be used in the ranked it was that we normally more elaborate on I don't know I think it would. If they just called it the price it was Wednesday that that have been much all right let's go to Carol Carol thank you calling WWL -- -- -- -- That's. The -- this group. Hit the ball -- -- but first they have visual approach to they had anymore they have no discipline. Not whatsoever and it's not the teachers slow problem that -- disciplined they should come those who've been taught that from the apparently. Let it may well we're we're talking about the seven year old. I'm talking about India but the way they work that it should try to get an appointment Wednesday through with guns and shoot people. That are things you say is well acute the hyper active -- not they just don't do wanted to and then. And they -- it -- in the product and change. And should win it should we have laws that keep people like that from purchasing guns. What they've hit that thing is you do is. When a kid comes Cisco repeat about. Someone to sit him until his parents teaching discipline which -- that done. I know -- at this school but thirteen years ago about started they had a -- here at the start them. And -- are through all of this all of his gun violence in school it is a mean look the one album I mean that the kid just went into the school and start shooting things up. -- -- -- -- Here's what I'm saying it at all what you use it it of that but more more discipline and home code could prevent the of that is that the pointer making. Yeah and secure it if the kid didn't come this is screw packed -- like the media. I don't know or care commented that Europe or in this story and CO. A mother with a job and how this kid is back in in this store obsolete a lot but it did that obsolete it. But I don't know I don't know of all those kids grow up. I have problems and guns and shoot people. Yeah but the point is they want to try to correct them by given -- and aren't doctors say that that is the worst thing that they do. The kids don't really need Redmond. The product Robin down this kid -- really don't do what propagated because he never did it when he was little -- comes to Super Tuesday. All right I appreciate you calling Harold. Little confused there but that's okay that's noted. Joseph in memory how laureate Joseph. Uncle -- I think I met a lot of you look at the last person. -- that. It would not. Obeying authority is about -- Do you think we need to make any adjustments to the actual gun laws the process that people used to -- Believe that you had on really wants to -- structure and. Well I think what she said issue want to have tighter laws for the gun shows that are on the trees and ban them of the Toronto. Our problem practical purposes that's the goal entity. Second. I don't think she's anti Second Amendment and in no way did she say issue one of the ban gun shows. I believe that the that this group and I'll listen. I would love to sit down and and talked to people and see if there's any adjustments that can be made my personal opinion is this. If we can do anything if we can make it a little bit of more typical for some of these people that have had mental problems and -- I don't even know how to determine. Whether a person has mental problem before you seldom got I don't know. If better background checks report but if we did do an ending like that and it would save one life. I would be in favor of with that so. I don't think that we didn't do one. Darn thing to stop these people who decide. I'm going to get a gone all I'm gonna get a knife or I'm gonna get this and under the do evil I don't think there's one thing we can do to stop. I agree with and in the and other content they had ties recommended people. All of our anti. Very can't. It's yeah they believe it's it's out of date. There the historical tradition. From 2003000. Years ago that eventually reported rollout. -- -- -- this debate. The debate about phasing out right to fire. -- no one's talking about that tonight are. It's it's gonna you know -- eventually. It has been happening in fact police at this time. Wait and not all politics in public he tried at all. You're able to feel I agree with that can talk. About one point -- but you're right I don't know. Not that that's simple market. And a drugstore. Anyplace where people goal to do business. They -- askew almost like a policeman you. Look. -- -- Conducting business about myself than what you want and then we'll -- everything. And I'm not even talk about sparrow you know but the thing that. You know it is you'll this is a police. State. That. Edwards noted you can't -- pistols. That thought police and there's national security. Or police suspect -- Obama again is is now apparently it felt good to me anyway. Arrived I've got and I've got to go to -- I have to say good Bubba looming just. But you are probably you probably don't have a pet right. I did it. Couple baby yeah I had the I don't buy dot com about act this year at the people -- in 2000. Did did the pets sleep with you. Are you. I -- -- like -- but I did like you weren't here to get a good. Yeah so you were you instructed the talent -- megawatt. And sleep but I haven't counted one. At at at that all right uncle Joseph the 4 o'clock till later all right all right our real quick like our text message about the pets sleeping with -- Mike cat doesn't snore -- part of those noble calls my -- days and they go another text benefit from a little -- patches usually the committee and which -- But he does -- from the law themselves aren't that. All right two things are well late 7866. And 89087. Will give back the phone calls we'll get back to -- subject I'm Bob Mitchell. In pursuit of the big date seventy WWL AM FM -- dot com I'm Bob Mitchell and for us and tonight. Phone number to take part the show was 26 year old -- 72038668. At 90870. -- text be at 87 lead. 87 let me read this one a text message Bobble on the Toronto and I also have the -- That the of the mom and what they referring to. Is our guest of the top of the show it and Syracuse memento from the Louisiana chapter leader of moms demand action. And that -- goes on Tuesday she is right if there's something -- -- do. The cut down even twenty. Percent it can help than one of the things that she says it is a treat. Wanted to close the loophole in in England chose to figure of 17866890870. Let's go to Johnny Johnny how are you. Johnny you wanna talk about one on the other subject that that the seven year old kid that brought the toy gun the rule. Yet occasion. Advocate -- -- their gear and brought them. Which are taught -- a -- and -- bit. You went to efficient data on the end. Of that it was gas well. -- -- -- education and seeing you all increased the probability that you become an and I increase ticket you become a -- -- could -- on it being hit it. Well exactly my worst that it's actually worse than that the boy's mom said that her son left his regular book bag and friends also sheet. Packed another one not realizing. The ball it was -- of the boy's parents and he immediately gave it to the teacher because he knew it was against the rules and for awhile. They were actually thinking. About expelling the kid and and although the apparently case fought for it. And he wound up getting. A two day suspension to me I think they should be rewarded -- kid for billions so straightforward and be an honest. But the track the trauma of the education and -- -- -- should take a couple of. -- what kind of message you know to me what put that that sends a message that hey if you're honest you're gonna get penalized. Exactly at its -- It started on that that the controlled -- We had to where we come from other people that love to hate this -- be of people widgets to. -- -- Good concept and chartered the local -- and asked if do you benefit. Solution. It's not so sure what you've never -- -- and again. People with all due to ocean yeah there he knew what Eric Gagne did -- just dumb stupid argument. Also a possibility but it don't we just -- comic style. Well you know I'm I'm for Libya for the I'm for looking. At anything. I I I want I want the right I want the ultimate right about one weapon should be able weapon but I'm. And I'd I do believe I do believe it is time that we sit down. And open mindedly everybody have an open mind and see if there's anything we can do. Mine in my bottom line -- upset at -- that a a couple of times tonight. I'd think of a person wants to use had gone I'd think -- person wants to do evil. They're going to do no matter what laws and no matter what ultimately argument. But don't make it Islam nor you would be connects to speed global is an extreme it. It's not so you back tomorrow solution to protect itself does not -- -- that capacity if somebody and that -- about. That the guard people did not kill in the lobby against. -- -- -- You used to the the the sleep in the bed with you well know that at at at well. For yeah the the there's a new study for the Mayo Clinic is this plea deal with your dad actually disturb. Usually because in all of some pets. Half have to get up in the middle of the night in a I've got an old dog. And he's is almost eighteen years -- And he and he's starting to have. Just like you know us old guy is some time in the middle of the night you got you know you gotta get up. And now the dog as a place though when I get up I get the dog. Kind of underdog Gupta and so I'd -- Uga you go here I go there. If you -- develop clean. These large golf expected this -- they have a musty smell -- -- -- that you get when it coming out it's now. Well we have -- we have to Dotson I think one. The eighteen year old we're finally getting the point where. He's not going to be around much longer he can't he can't hear. He can barely see can smell good amended and so we bloody meat whatever he wants to eat he's probably up to about. Maybe fourteen pounds and the other one's about maybe twelve pounds order. So they're little but I know what you mean but you are yet you have to keep them clean block sometimes. Oh -- they smell like -- to -- and automating. Yeah one other -- -- would you -- remember. Optional questions and secure also. Take care. Thank you John it's put Jeremy in Gretna. German how -- tonight. Good biography -- it is a much. -- -- go a quick not just learned about the shoot scorcher in Portland or yeah. You know the school. What the public schools and our public schools that we had. Metal -- on campus and I'm not that the solution you know and instead they know yet. We can get one where everybody walked you know he would be airport now. Did -- metal detectors but that all this is on campus -- are you do they do. Chart that happens can't you -- -- scam and today -- to -- like grants student into on the lot that could. I don't know any other way to try to keep these kids get older gone. But you know they're older done maybe you know metal detectors at the school might get solution. I might be wrong I don't know now. -- I don't know why I don't know if we can have metal detectors and all the schools now an adult -- adult were called. But on old. Of the real serious when where and I don't even remember where was with a guy does. Broken toes you know kicked the door is open the schools. And start shooting people. You know metal detectors would would would detect let's say -- any of those particular students that it. I'm I'm gonna say it over and over again if you have evil in your heart if you have evil in your mind and you decide you wanted to do it. I don't think anything's gonna stop you I think would -- -- I think what they would do then is just maybe not go to school that day and show -- kicked the door version. You know -- I would be willing. To. To sit down. And listened to anybody who says okay navy weakened to a this one. It's doing it seems to me that. That the people that. Get involved in these things the people that do these type of crimes. When when they'll look back they can usually find certain signs that can usually find something in their community -- something. That they put on line there's something that they posted or something and that that they told someone and one of the first caller said. That we need to start being a little bit more aware when people start talking actually. And I've -- all of that that's that's the only thing that comes to my mind and maybe some type. A better background check that if a person has a history of a mental illness then do not look -- weapon. Right right I mean that he got you know maybe it would until you have those telltale -- it look like they're troubled. At the end of blown out like -- Oh wait you know -- can't be one of those situations reckon where you know the the problem can be heard it before it then goes it. And you know what our our our guest in the first hour was in no way saying that we should take guns away from people all she was saying is the fact that. We should look at everything. And if we can do anything at all even -- the only slaves one. Person. That it would be worth. I'm just an -- when I don't want anybody ever done lately. I'm only there and Germany are on on the lighter side of that I Yemeni pets. -- Do they sleep in the bed with you. Now you know. I have a I have a cat and now one of my roommate there underdog and now now. Now radio would you have a cat and dog -- do they get along. Around. You don't all of the dog the dog the big big we will for. It cheat sheet bigger compared to my cat -- she thought you know -- you know. Fairly average. Will that that would become hard drug dog that's -- sleep in the bed. Yeah I ballots say you like a king size bed. If they're not not not not not the thank you Jeremy appreciative -- in our thanks. To its word you mean Bob and I got a question sure -- -- -- Outraged which named rich next parallels. Flawed. Dickau quote I'll go break. A world plus mile bridge would culminate street bridge ruling. But look at things that bridge okay not all four. Name -- twenty Spain's you know that from the -- and so I think about names that -- -- outrage not 45 years from now. And it was called Bob Mitchell memorial bridge. As Lebanese would come August the Mac the mortgage. -- -- -- -- Then -- -- bridge. -- -- -- And you really go way back but at online bulletin 62%. Of the people four and 38% ordnance that. I quite frankly a -- Frank Davis. But I think the name is too long Frank Davis that -- in New Orleans memorial bridge I mean you mentioned the traffic reporters. There's been an accident on the flight it was that plea deal is memorial bridge you know. Yeah. -- I would apologist afflicted with twins. That would be better -- Davis. But that would get people coming along with the Texas -- in which of them did the the magic of the wall. You know what what would count which city it is going to be -- -- actually open up the bridge. But I think we got to the bridges that name came in causeway in. Quick name quote Chris in connection with the name of the original lightning with. In other words that may be just go crazy in name all the bridges in the city. Name all along I think. There's -- bridge. But the market the magnificent bridge and in point obvious now we've been abridged but thought that you. You know. You know memorial -- that's going to be named after me I want named after me welcomes the law and -- I want you know. All these things happen you know I only put -- -- the flight. I don't want any bridge named after me anytime to suit the collapse if that I. Will get out the -- And this is where they sleep. -- has talked about you know we -- that no no place to debate with the point. I mean yeah it is it is like -- did it and get it again and would now. And we tried I mean cat but he Jasper to. You know of them you know. What you pay -- You know these terror you know happy so would we expect an idea but no they've -- mostly. Now we have we have two dogs of sleep in the bed and I wish they didn't vote. They do. And and now all can't can't get them out. Oh ma am my my older dog we have to put him in bed. But the younger one. I mean she's something else. If you're sleeping. Too close to the edge of the bed and she can -- and -- -- -- should wake up and tell you to move over so she can get in. Know that the typical about the level you know and now we'll look at sin. And I -- innate human critical -- since we have -- but -- -- -- but it is the big wrap them to spend at the yet. Well let me -- yeah I think that one of the things of the should be attacks -- -- I think your pets should be independent. Of the last -- is I spend as much money on my pets is as I did a much kids. And that's true or not that they use them. Body in better -- -- beautiful. Animal hospital can you now what mark -- data backed releases. You know -- we know -- generation. My united generation took care of my -- and -- I know he'll take care and you -- at -- that this beautiful hospital. Same here our mission in mission in New Orleans okay. All right thank you so much and RG totally Dave and -- it with the end of the second if you join the conversation. One of the things where we're talking about a as the Mayo Clinic it's a new study from the Mayo -- -- sleeping with your pet actually disturbs your sleep. And you know get the rescue and aid the used sleep with your pet does that disturb your sleep give me a call at 2601 -- seventy. 8668 at nine point 78 Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WWL -- up -- the dot com. And I'm Bob Mitchell in forest do tonight if you're take part of the show it to six here late 7866889087. It. A -- to the fold in just the second -- got to tell you about something really good and really special. How would you like to treat your dead -- the -- -- in your life to round of golf for four. Including a golf cart and stone bridge country club in part to play our WWL. Four dead. Weary at fault Thursday -- to listen Tommy Tucker weekday mornings between six and then. Which sports talk between foreign aid we'll tell you the name of the golf course the new -- -- state or country it says. First when the colon and get a light winds and -- right. Plus we'll give you another way to win and go to WWL radio FaceBook page would probably four dead weary at while Tuesday contest. Like us and register to win randomly -- to on line winners Sunday June the fifteenth at midnight and Tommy will announce the lucky winner the next morning. Good luck from the station at loves dead WW. Here's what we are talking about tonight well. There's been another school shooting. And of course people are talking about trying to do whatever they can. Prevent these types of things. From happening then. Our question tonight you is do you think there's anything at all. Do you think there's any changes but we to make it and don't laws or don't policies. To stop these things from happening in or do you think that we live in the world. That these things are gonna happen no matter what the laws are when people do evil -- people. Also for you up pedal to be some middle but light to talk about a new study from Mayo -- of the state be -- you putt and actually disturb your sleep you know get the rest Judy. So how many of you have -- that you sleep with your pets and do you or do you not get a good night's sleep let me read this a quick test text messages. And then I'll I'll I'll get to the folks know the country in the world is anything close to the problem of gun violence we do. We are pathologically. -- a nation this is not about evil it's about reason more guns more random slaughter of innocent children. Let evil people use other means to kill it would dwarf violent death I'm not quite sure when and if they're talking about. Ending people's right to own guns I'm not sure about that but I would not one week we have a right to own guns and I would never wanna give that up. I don't mind taking in. Passing more legislation or whatever we or -- up to. To do more background checks on a person before you you get a gun but. I do not believe. In -- in giving up your guns and other text message. I want to read here we go I can use of kitchen chair. To defend myself against a two by four huddle up and defend myself against a gun. Shoot first let's go to RG and Algiers or yell RJ. Our final product. Read. Which are -- agree which shall permit a statement on -- reward. Should be commended. And not -- -- -- beaten point. Which I disagree with conjecture. You know you can. Report so. -- -- -- Well I think maybe additionally found in my hand and say hey you do that could be used you do that good thing. Doing Chicago. -- -- -- It -- I don't do it in an intern and run it would be more probable that that I don't. -- -- -- -- -- You know. Not want to beat. Him. If he -- now it is problem. Yeah well you know it -- also take indicated. He. The choice of not -- in anything and hoping that he did not did rock I just thought it was -- Novo. I guess maybe I thought it was it's certainly a bad message to. It's been a kid for two days. Who gets the school -- seven years till now which not what you thought was good for seven. Your role to play and realized well done something wrong about I don't know -- Does is only seven years lol. And he. He he realized that he he he took a different. Back act -- will that day and he found the gun and cited as soon as did the broader right to the against the principal the teacher. And instead of saying today -- did the right thing. But I just don't think he should've had the services engine. Agree because he's not -- more optimal it as it is an eternity -- in -- People make up nobody believed that it would yeah. And I. Immediately -- well. She -- get the deal. I think -- should be. -- the angels they should be more you know. Morse Morse or something we've secured it more -- the -- and still. You know it opened at the moment again in the back. Of your just clinically diagnosed. The people. Like yesterday. Like this morning parking lot of people. That and and certain areas and it. -- and all that desperately diesel probably would have gone nets you know it's well troubled. You bring you bring up are you you bring up and an excellent point in -- win when I was going to school. If you had a problem with another kid you might meet after school and have a first flight now. Now it's a knife and a gun and now. We we have a generation of people who just. So little value on life that you know if you look at me wrong gonna kill you. Right right. People which you call -- nickel back Knowles and a man but it is pearl. -- about it and -- degree every beat us in debt. She while the -- probably. And one with a concealed weapon he just don't think you can do it in the least little probably GQ gonna continue to pour out. And that's what happens in -- people would -- you know you can walk around without being you know and as a witness. -- leaking immediately that. Notes that. It's it's the real thing you do is respected -- on the taking them. On them -- Donald. -- -- -- the ball then nobody I don't. Yeah yeah it W levity portly pets which detailed. All right RG thank you so much bud thank you. All right text message Bob what we stop blaming gun manufacturers. To a problem in gun laws I don't think anybody's blame the gun manufacturers and anyway and why don't we as American citizens start mass purging people. That have. And character. Via a right. And how to communicate. And be respectful of others that gun control and that's a very good point. I'm Bob Mitchell and the dude on WWL. Welcome back I'm Bob excellent student gotta read this a text message -- I was at a big box trying to get some plumbing parts in and out the guy grabs the guy next in the in charge Prejean. How bad non believers are and -- Jesus is the only way to heaven. He goes on and on he's getting into a frenzy in the plumbing department. I expect -- guide to start shooting. At any moment I backed away and put some -- between us and got out if -- been impacting. I -- Charlene in self defense this guy was dangerous. That was a guy that should not ever gone you got it should -- have a -- nude in the should someone. Because you don't like them preaching gonna pull a gun and and and shoot a guy. Goodness gracious. Of tune -- go to Ed Ed how Loria. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While englishman took his gun violence and you know a lot of people had been touched on the right here at a lot of these. Crimes that are happening in schools. Are you armed white males are correct you think that's a lot of these young white males. Probably you'll have a common denominator. And it in person purse gone they'll kill people keep the guilt or should and then start with these kids. It starts with the parents. And tank and then also. That a lot of the common denominator on a lot of these young white males is the hottest thing in -- cash. 101518. Years now has been -- OK. Okay a lot of video games are basically like simulators. When tanked when they put eight -- in combat. They could have -- simulators situation. They put police in simulations situations. They also so these that you're looking that your comment darker -- kids. To where there instilling aren't. And I agree with you and some of the games or so realistic it's unbelievable. Crap from the -- unbelievable right. So some of these kids and I guarantee it figuring searched they probably don't want it in their research because. It's all point toward its. You know love. A lot of money they understand on video game injury search and and and and stuff like that so. You know did not touch base on a lot of people do what. Most bill but you know they go to these games where they actually toward people. Three and 400 times in one hour you know you know so. These kids that are that are going to be simulations and killing people actually -- make it to go on an audience -- committing crimes. It is -- thought they'd done that hundreds and climb over or know or know. They're -- they're desensitized. Right. And -- I appreciate your calling thank you. So very much welcome back after the news with a more your calls if you want to call in and get. In and be part of the show -- 260 -- 78668890. -- seventy also looking tonight for pet owners. Where you -- actually sleeps with you. The Mayo Clinic says that you are getting a good night's sleep you agree they're -- attribute that I'm Bob Mitchell coming right back on WWL.