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Jun 10, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight. Some hot topics coming up: After another school shooting, this time outside of Portland, Oregon…do you think it’s time for gun laws to be tightened in America? PLUS: A Pennsylvania boy who told his teacher he mistakenly brought in a toy gun in his backpack, still received a two day suspension because of a zero tolerance policy. Should he have receieved a reward instead of punishment for reporting his mistake to the teacher ? What kind of message are we sending to this kid…to all kids in schools when zero tolerance policies make silly decisions like this? ALSO: a new study from the Mayo Clinic says that sleeping with your pet actually disturbs your sleep and you don’t get the rest you need. Does your pet sleep with you in the same bed? What’s more disruptive to your sleep, sleeping with a pet in the bed or with one of your young kids? AND: our WWL/Paretti Opinion poll: The twin span bridge will now be known as the Frank Davis ‘Naturally N’Awlins’ Memorial Bridge. Are you for or against this change?

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Well surprise it is made Bob Mitchell be real Robert neutral drilling in pursuit dude is filling in for. Garland then I'll be -- rushed the week in fact I'll be here next week also. Here's what's on our WWL. Talked table if you if you haven't heard about it yet -- shooter opened fire at a suburban Portland organized field today. Killing one male student the gunman. Who used a rifle. Is also dead. Moms demand action for no incidents in America as part of an every town for gun safety. Released the following statement and want to listen to it. We know what you think about it. -- -- -- Once again our hearts are broken the learned of another school shooting. This time at Reynolds high school in Oregon we send our kids to school each day to learn math and science not duck and cover. And I know events like today put fear in the hearts of all parents across the country wonder if the next shooting. Will be at their children's school today. Where KP in the Reynolds students faculty parents first responders and community and our thoughts and prayers. We're also standing together McCall and our elected officials to support. Common sense reforms to our broken gun laws. That can help stop tragedies like these from happening now is the time to stop this senseless gun violence. We hear our representatives calling for prayer but today we call on responsible gun owners mothers. Fathers and all concerned citizens to call our elected officials to pass reasonable reform. That will prevent gun violence. Today shooting. What those 74 -- Newton our children and teachers should be learning and teaching in -- not a long ago. Powering undergoes -- evacuated from schools with her hands raised in the year. Now they don't specified. What type of reforms that would like the city's. My question to you tonight is quite simple. What time for reforms and he would you'll like proceed. And what if anything can we do was a country to stop this waste of blood what can we do or do we just accept. That we live in a world that when people want to do evil day will find a way. I would like to have some type of reform that would Nixon's. I can't come up with -- right now I don't know. Maybe. Maybe increased background checks. To see who we're putting. Who was a purchasing the guns may be that would work. Ottawa and he won the -- goes away. I would I would not be against that. And deepened my gut I really believe that no matter what gun laws you pass. It may be able to. Steal some of the bat and it just even if we save one life it's worth it. But I do believe that someone wants a gun and wants to do bad they're going to do it. Give me your thoughts on it at 2601878. 8668890. -- that is it time to get real serious. About doing something different about the way we allow people purchase guns also on our WWL talked table. A seven year old boy in Pennsylvania. Told his teacher he mistakenly. Brought a toy dog in his back seven years old. Went in dressed up that look. And no one backpack. -- the right thing. And let you know but at -- oversee day to day suspension. Because of the school's zero tolerance policy. No I think you should receive the war Weasley okay you did the right thing rather than punishment. What kind of message -- we sending to this -- and all kids in school and went zero tolerance policy nick looked silly decisions like -- -- You're you're you're penalized in a kid. For doing the lightning for being honest and also this does does this -- funny story. It's a news story from the Mayo a new study from the Mayo Clinic. It's just lead into what's your pet actually disturb hugely people opponents don't get a good night's sleep. There's your pets sleep in the same bed with you and what's more disrupt them sleepy little pet. Or what to one of your younger kids to a 6017866889087. They got a bunch of lines open so. It was a call and knowledge talk about it match are you tonight. I merely about itself. Fun now actually got a lot on our talk tables so. Go ahead and pick and everyone -- talked about. By. Thirty Currie. And partner with -- code that you aboard. I've by -- and a little -- that Ernie. -- They all my medication. But yeah. On Saturday -- -- sixty. -- also grew up in all these are you gain grant that I'll ever. Oh quite a -- -- -- people eager to owners. Are people watching me here that the Mac we have more -- That's where it -- Next when when you went to a purchase a gun debate asked if you were on. Any medication although -- ask the few should be on any medication. I'm you know I really don't call. I don't recall. Do you -- do you not think we should take in consideration what medication people wrong. In order to give them a permit Oregon. Why should we are Britain aren't. I should be hot they'll all you do Michael it may -- Psychiatrist he taught me how to deal -- my issue. And I -- gone. At number one thought about going to shoot up but let me ask all of you know my back on life. And -- contribute to the way they act. So -- me like a lot. To be I would now use a commercial nowadays. About boy -- out. Because an occasion right. Autry yeah I would say that medication. A lot to do. The -- here every year commercial. Work them. All of that that bad -- unbelievably you're right I mean when when when when you pay attention to the side effects of some of these medicines. And you would you wouldn't take any medicine at all here's here's a text message. Says Bob in the last quality multiple shooting prior to today. All suspects now I'm I'm not sure this writer an object in the person for their work all suspects have been medicated. Which some form of psych drugs to my question is rooted out. Could it be the medicine causing them to do or. It could be and then you hear these people say oh we. Belgrade on around the country. Blew over in Boca. I mean more people. Every -- it each year we talk about. -- -- People we -- your kid or -- what he had to -- kids. Are Paramount -- -- let me. Iger. At -- or that yeah you know it never touch. -- -- But he also -- it become the cross. That curse thing you do is -- nature empty. -- -- -- teach kids how to respect what the week. -- accountability. You warriors. Are. All because we are. Not far because I'm bipolar. It's ridiculous now accountability. Were calm now. But limit that -- after this and I agree with everything you say I agree that we should teach our kids better. I agree that we should teach our kids the dangers of of guns and let them know what's right what's wrong. But like I get down to took to this bottom line. If a person. Wants to do people. If you take the gun away they'll find something else of a person wants to do evil they're going to do. All right great. Evil bought my who don't want ago here yeah. You know exactly yeah. And we are they being our. Own -- don't teach you get. Old pretty much they can never do. Next let's talk about a couple of other things unity pets. Now do they sleep in the Bender on the outs and play cells. Where you want to look at her order in the Bay Area but what's worst kids in the five Euro. -- -- all that's at at at at. If we. Can. He he is either it is not -- or is it -- Dotson the ball released on that ordered a bad. Yeah I'm gonna I gonna I have a couple of options and and and door to door and werewolves and and that that -- They used to sleep. At. At our -- but what happens is sometimes they'll get hot and they'll get warm. And and in the middle of the night -- the -- they'll crawl up and and and and I I I wake up and I hear snoring on the it's my wife honestly dog with this -- a pillow snoring in my year. Yeah Emma my Shelby does that -- a -- old -- right there in I don't -- on the matter at issue and then we're getting -- I'd -- -- people blog about multiple. Gotcha thank him expiration for -- in tonight okay we do all right just think Cheryl late 78668. At nine point seven aerobic it's probably pretty drag our opinion poll question. The twin span bridge will now be known as the Frank Davis Nutley New Orleans memorial Brooke RU four. Or against us you can go online at WW dot com. And cast your votes sixty. 7% say there for 33%. Say they are again -- I think it's -- law and by the way text message. That's that's about it and funded Bob have been gone since 2005. Is Frank Davis still looked as though -- past on a couple months ago got a whole bunch of phone lines open Atlantic part of the show. You can pole in right out to six year -- late 786688. No it's heavily talked to John -- -- get to -- ago. 2601 late 7866889. Point 78 it's the Stewart show and I'm Bob Mitchell and WWL. And phone numbers to be part of the show tonight -- to 01870. 03866890870. Text me and it's 78 and doing the things that we have. On our WWL talk tables aimed right at view a pet lovers. According to new research. Among pet owners who. Slept what their -- legged companions 30% reported waking up because their pets. At least once tonight have to get a I'm in that 30% of those pet owners who shared a bed. With Fido or fluffy. Who still injured on I know. A 63% had Porsche sleep quality. 5% -- -- always almost always have trouble falling back asleep after being disturbed by it. Sometimes I'd do if if I can get up. And push a model the doors and jumped back in bed. I'm fine but half the time that come back in line to get in bed so one out of habit to get up the second time to those of you own -- Do you sleep with your pets and if so does that disturb his Lehman what's what's more devote to actually be with them a cat. Which they be with a young kid. 2601 late 78668890870. Allowed to to the fold in just the second did have one text message -- wanted to read in the wintertime. Baltimore dogs to sleep in the bed. That's our retirements people on the floor because but scratch too often and at the store -- sweet. The trees that are in the best line of notable in -- are you tonight. Bob I'm I'm I'm -- -- -- power you would like yeah. Thank you protect Iraq now I'm thinking about -- and just allow. Animal that I think. Yeah I mean they weren't hot -- aired on them against these. I -- I wish I wish I did break and of that habit but one is one -- slept in the bed war. Probably fifteen years the other like six years but believe me I would I wish I could figure out a way to to break the moment that it's actually it. It's -- -- -- -- -- and children do not understand the concept sometime sometime in OK. Okay. Not okay. -- Well I do that one embarked on the right. Well they -- you add them up after one bark you're more comfortable whining and. No they just automatically say see what happens is that a see that my wife put me out before she put the dog. Seeds it they're they're both options and Dotson borrowers and admin when they first started sleeping in the bed. Today I mean for years and years and years and years they would sleep underneath the covers at our feet so that was no big. Now now there now there on the pill so -- you don't believe in animals and bit. You don't you talk about any of our other subjects. Yeah out what about dot com about what appears to be a situation where. I want to do damage I would certainly countries now. And again you know. -- -- Greatly org I mean streak or whatever mail at. Yeah you know even Indian. Situation. Are. Well. Let's see people. Who beat her if they. I'm not cheering concealed my diploma off to Europe and I'll. Hurt anybody. But you know some of these people are afraid of that somebody's people take take their own lives I listen. I'm with you I believe that that you should have a right to carry a -- I've believed that more people were armed. I mean. Trained and licensed to carry a gun it may help I'm for anything if we didn't we didn't change laws -- -- if we can do anything different. And if it saves one. Child. From. Having their life wasted I am all Ford. Except that I've I believe just like you said. If if one of these people decide to wake up what morning and they say okay. I'm gonna go kill somebody I don't care what you do I don't care -- you stopped and if if they don't usually do on the -- -- details. Have epic it. Great you with a little. Right that's related and and an at at at the end of that I think it but he killed three people with a -- and shot one person. And run away they start screaming well we need to do some labels don't worry about what about the motives -- What about -- Relate. How did he hurt. Are you want her. I mean kick ball and and and you and her. Well you know -- -- and people change. And I'll get mine. And I'd say I don't have a problem. If we increased the background checks for people I'd I'd I'd I'd. And in Yemen and in fact greatly and they'll have a and it is complete. Side that it. Can and should not be in. I'm not in pretty low mean you don't. Think people. That they have permit I don't think anything. You would you would you would have no problem if the person was ten certified mental illness let's carry that. You would have no problem they would -- ago. You know what -- entity. In the street any. Well but disposed ER. Tell you would have no problems than purchasing ago. I might. I'm. Against -- well. There could be. Easier your call -- and oh. Yeah capable and good judgment. What about what about someone that -- used a gun crime. Which you have any problem. There you. Go ahead. I don't care about -- late. -- US and pretty and don't need any on or be outlawed and the cops are also out with a bad. I'm I'm not in anyway and they were all well and none -- putt I I would I would like to figure out some time away. To stop these things are happening. I don't I don't know the solution I wish I did. Yeah. Yeah well I can't you can't hit it -- -- People. Shot back. In October. Blaine I appreciate you voting in tonight. Thank you so much coach Brian in the rural Brian welcome to WWL. About. -- tortured. Beaten and look at the crime in Chicago beat. Has gotten involved in the -- -- that any news in the publicly. I'm I'm just trying to -- and I I think it is really time to try to have an open discussion. On what we can do whether it is voting. And missed it whether it is spending money to make sure every. School has the metal detector but you know I like that there's part of me that the partly that's that's the right thing to say but I -- I. If you if you pick me up against the wall. I don't know if there's one thing we can do to stop any of. It's now the only the only was the mentality of the people commit to your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- did you look at the did. They were worried about -- money. Well that's that that that's part of the problem with that withdrawal of some of our young people at that than they don't care today. There that we're getting the point I've mentioned this earlier. When I was going to school if you got and I counseled someone you met after school and you knew you dude you went to fist city with the sudden now. You disrespect for more than stool in and it does that they might shoot through the much stab you with a knife. They're there and we we Earl -- we or in this country are young people or losing respect for life. Yeah -- -- the legal system. It's not punishment. -- -- worried about it in Italy -- and the punishment. -- -- you're welcome written on not only would seniors could be. Could be. Well looked at looked at what we have been going through here in our city and that is the effect at the prisoners complained. But at the jail was not air division the jails were too hot. And and and so they had to take -- changed the conditions. The transit because it was inhumane for. That Hillary and. Look at look at look at the death penalty. It all on some things say they stop. Executing people because it might be painful to that in a sense that none what so. And the record. You know what program. On Yemeni pets. I used to. Do you sleep in the -- girl to bed. And in and out. It it is amazing how many people that I talk to tonight that their pets sleep in the Bellamy and -- -- and all right. -- if I had to do all over again they would like to figure out a way to get them out of the bed. I would do it won't like -- of whatever dogs as these eighteen years will not I think about -- the changes tablets now we might just die right there on the hot. Yeah. And these in. Our lives a street that. That's right that's exactly we have we have one dog that she will get up to go to the bathroom and if my wife. Terms and is sleeping in her spot mean she she can -- habit she'll bark. You want to move over associated did it. -- That's -- Thank you Brian appreciate phoning in. All right just picture a late 786689. Point seven you have some lines available to view all -- -- or shall -- would love to hear from you also have. RW WL -- jaguar opinion poll question. The twin span bridge will now be known as the Frank Davis naturally New Orleans memorial -- Argue for or against the stranger could catch a -- WW dot com. Or wing of the Los Angeles have you folded and talk about it at this point. Six the. 3% for a 37%. Are against that. I guess I'm conflict in the middle. I would prefer the the twin span and simply to be called the Frank Davis twenty. Because I don't know how many people were going to say. Well it's the I'm I have to get to the note shortly you'd take the Frank Davis central new Rawlins memorial bridge -- I just don't think that many people in the slave -- think that the name is too long and legislate. Pick between -- and here's what we're talking about a few or just Judy in in the show. After another school shooting this time -- -- a Portland Oregon do you think it's time for gun laws to be tightened in America you know every time there's a shooting. We talk about this. But at the at the end of the -- very little has ever done to the to change this what do you think it's going to take. Or should we even consider. Any change in the gun -- My question is. If we're not gonna change the gun laws if we're not going to make it more difficult for people to get these weapons if we're not going to do. More detailed background church. And you know maybe none of this will leave anything because the way things are now I truly believe a person wants to get her hands of a weapon they're going to do it. But if it's not gun laws let's let's -- -- at this point. -- for not to change the gun laws. What can we do if anything how would you view. Address this problem of what's going on where people going into our schools. And shooting a part tips. 26 -- 7866889. Lloyd's family Bob Mitchell coming right back. On the big -- seventy WWL AM at -- and dot com and the a new study from the Mayo Clinic so -- what's your pet. Can disturb your sleep. How many of you sleep with your pets and do you get a good night's sleep with them I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit of WW well. And our phone number to take part in our conversation that 26017203866890. It's seventy techniques. At age 7871. Of the things that though we haven't. Spent a lot of time talking about tonight that chart -- table a seven year old boy in Pennsylvania. Accidentally. Brought a toy gun in his backpack school. The kid walked in the school knew it. -- went right to his teachers and he said. I didn't know it was in my backpack into the adult normally take his backpack the school and I found this toy gun. And he was quite honest but because. The school has a zero. Tolerance. Policy. He's still received a two day suspension. Now do you think the school did the right thing you know I I fitness coach of the cutting some slack in May -- even. You know give him a whole panel on the back. War being honest and walking in -- what do you think -- -- is. It turned -- to millions tunnel like sending a message if you tell the truth and your honest you're you're gonna get penalized. Do you think sometime least you'll put zero tolerance policies. Dole but too far to me your thoughts on that also 2601 late seventy. 866889087. Let's go to Marilyn Marilyn how are you tonight. -- Marilyn what do you think about these schools that have the zero tolerance policy. And no matter what the circumstances and they stick to a certain things is that a good thing or bad I don't get. Event and I need to get to take it on a case by case. And he said you know yeah like you and it. I mean why not reward. Is on the state. And and not not people on and on me he he couldn't get a in flies out to say he's beaten but intact and not even saying he'd been in the news again cod. And then he'd be in trouble anyway that he got in trouble far. And I can empathize with that because I had something markets and parochial school I have four. And at the time my husband was out of work. And they couldn't -- school fair because I didn't have the money hateful them. And and it I think kids were required. You know there quark to show that this group you. And my daughter's firm and there. Didn't go. And her mom does choose it in she wasn't effect and and that nothing happened to have the markets got detention for our. And his job and she area because. I could've did the kids walls there. -- so what I want mom lied to and the kid got by with that your kids. That we count the truth and and they got people don't -- of unity and yes I do have one cat. Right now I lost I had a little rescue. She's definitely you'd normally in these JP yeah. And what I island IE when I adopted you know absolutely amazed because. I had a crazy in my attitude. Have to -- in traditional than they were fourteen man and succeed. And they are actually in the past two years. And at some -- that -- time. They listen it is I mean he can't. You can't compared to -- -- it's well -- he sounded pretty. We lost one who was six and a half years old. She had a growth around her heart. And there was nothing they did -- and you've got to the point where she couldn't breathe and should be in bed at night -- you can a year ago. And and and we we've had to make the choice of doctors that there was nothing they can do. That if they if they opened -- up on the table she she would dial on the table right and now. We have one's almost eighteen that's incredible. Yeah he had he had a stroke and he's had a couple seizures and he can't hear anymore. And I think it is. I don't think his site is to -- sense of smell for food is still very very good but. Now now he's having a hard time walking illegals on -- side down the stairs we. We had to put some some extra steps on it and a you know I'm. I'm hoping. That one day he just passes on in his sleep because at that. And I know a -- to sell pushed thing but I just don't know I can make the decision at this point to say goodbye to. Well I know you what you mean because and to put out of line down mine. My mail has gotten to that point. He was in content you didn't but -- so and so on me and I and they can buy diapers. For the amendment that's more and so on alleges that I didn't lie. Lot in line because in the end of galactic which is time -- apparently thought he died. So I was -- able to make them an impact on the net fell may. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I've made his pet him and now with a high. And they did died -- -- program. Did did the dog sleep with you. About it by mail on the sales. With me day. To go right now hockey hall closet now did you get a good night's sleep. Today they went off. -- the right way media guide guys from time because day by. Well one out like your little dog. Like to sleep -- the good cop -- you know but the other guy. God. He had his spot at the end of the day. Now this little more than I have -- James Dean the first night that I can't you know I have prayed because balance fostering. On a lab right after -- debit card came within that one down there and platinum -- And it was like instant faith with those students thought that it -- it doesn't get. Don't -- Merrill and I have to -- I appreciate your filming an okay. I can't but I think it's great that you that you don't -- -- cubic feet from you know how many years they can't. Thank you so much okay yeah well produced 018788668890. Its assembly on Bob Mitchell was don't show on WWL. Welcome back to show I'm Bob Mitchell imports due to the island WWL. Got a little time here so wanna give you or both so criminal story of the day. Today we have both of criminals. From Santa Fe, New Mexico where a group of teens. Aged 1518. Failed miserably. In an attempt -- vandalism. Armored BB guns the -- cruised through the neighborhood shooting at windshields of parked car skids. Things were going fine. Until one resident jumped in his car and took off after them he didn't attempt to pull them over in studied -- fumbled them. Speeding up when they sped up. -- now when they slowed down this so rattled the kids and they took extreme action. Now remember. There were going through the neighborhood shooting -- BB guns. They get so rattled and called 911. Not the best idea the cops caught up and then after sorting things on -- rusted them in charge them. With property damage and possession of drug paraphernalia. We've had more going on than -- shooting windows. All right let me get caught up on a couple of club. Text messages you know we're where we're talking about. After another school shooting. Do you think it's time were gun laws to be -- talk about this every time. Someone called in earlier and so they thought that. -- a lot of these kids. -- too many violent video games and that. Adds to the number of people that you know go crazy and do these things. Text message to that BS from the video game surely the scientific proof. You -- nothing more than you're opinion from me the data that does video games lead the -- I agree just you know just my opinion. And via -- opinion. If any thing or anyone's to blame parents for not knowing what's going on in their child's life. Here's a text message from a student you'll never stop gun violence because people want to kill. The only ones who were going to jail and I agree with the 100%. I'm a proponent of the Second Amendment right to bear arms are constitutionally. It's dead a year about the school shooting. Which killed but. We have a constitutional right to bear arms. All right we're -- go to a news right now. If you wanna take part our conversations. Call during the Newton-John -- ready to go up right after the top of the hour it's -- -- to -- one late seventy. 866889087. Is a look at the called green we have some lines open will be one opponent now. It though won't be that long before wicked -- on the on Bob Mitchell and which killed. A big gates ebony WWL oh AM implement dot com.