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6-11 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jun 11, 2014|

Dave talks about if you should eat breakfast, fewer bank tellers, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after Friday and it's the early edition WWL first news on this the eleventh of June 2014. And I brought that it's hump -- well by then all me. -- -- The -- -- rounded off the job right here and right now to get the adrenaline flowing. Get the juices of all it does feel good. Well today and until that weekend on the premise planned. Easy for you especially -- -- work -- -- man I miss anybody. -- now. There's nothing you know they say absence makes the heart growth on there. On this case absence makes the boss worked harder there a year ago and there was a new -- studios. It sounds something like this I was good -- that but do in the days and those and that's -- And I appreciate everything you do Mary you're on a hard effort you make all the work you put in when I got to do your job I'm not a happy man please register you might the new year objective boy. Please do your own job via email I promise. And I promise never to try to do what you pulled off man it is it is welcome back we're glad to have yet. And did you eat breakfast this morning. No and and traditionally I don't you know it's the most important meal of the day elsewhere -- -- -- war. But now the study says maybe not so much maybe you don't need practice maybe breakfast and a big deal now. At least in terms of maintaining your weight yeah I always heard that -- I I for years and years and years and years never read anything from. I just did enough time in -- at that time factor and for me you know they talk about metabolism. But. For for me I slowed down when I eat yet I can't do that on the ship yet and for me it's like I get sleepy. Her after yeah. And I -- more trouble concentrating after I -- to think that it's like my body's focusing on digesting the food in my stomach that's the other and they say ornery member of Michigan they're big surge of energy no no -- from -- on the economy so but a few years ago have about two years ago. I was starting to gain a little more weight than I would of -- in line and emphasize that while maybe if I eat breakfast I get my metabolism started earlier like the experts say. And I won't need as much later in the day. Now now I just feet -- you know I started eating represented his living like peanut butter crackers or something like that to some -- right after I got off the air -- AM -- on their way with something in my system. And you know what. It has not slowed my weight ground game and then -- and one lead led to any weight loss didn't do rhetoric. Now today it's. Folks text and it's -- anything do you eat breakfast and you think it's important to eat breakfast. I've been on both sides of this and now I just find knowledge done. Is make me hungry for breakfast excessive you know it is helping them it's gonna stop when I'm hungry I didn't used to be hungry out early in the morning. Now because they started eating breakfast if I don't really -- in the corner and you're looking for. At what about on the weekends is not a whole different story for me. Tiny years. I think I do a McDonald's at least or maybe go out to. Denny's -- I you know what I mean have a big country bright house for me it's about bonding with the family mean my sign my -- son he's all about it's oh on the weekends I'm actually home for reckless. So -- I will eat breakfast at -- make some awful for the spam and make a cup anomaly or you go during this time and we may go out. And grabs him by. Investors because I don't do because I'm hungry some -- duty either a because I'm bored to them up and they have nothing to do because I get up early anyway you know sleeping and on the weekend immediately did not set up. He -- -- and I slept you're now weigh in. But gay it's just my son loves -- -- -- in the time with him like him in -- pockets of weakness because it's. It was yeah. Yeah I'm like but I'd like breakfast is a meal you know the I'd like DA -- like hash brown models I -- and effort into that yeah those there you go. And this morning I'm gonna backwards I growth and stakes last night. And I always real little more than I need because I'd love cold state and does that cold day. On the white bread with the man got it. And that's it in the for electorate there right -- right next to where you are that that little newsroom rated than their right on all watcher don't see you behind but Gaza I'm looking forward to that for -- cold steaks and the breakfast the year folks who do you think people should it is an important. And they say okay it's perform better on tests of the practice demanded more Portland because my -- -- as well after being yeah I'd like you know that's one of the sits and sleeps. None more negative we'll talk -- about fifteen minutes more effort is welcome back like you have yet -- David -- I'm -- gone home. We made it folks this far into the work week. Now what's relied non towards the weekend in the rain is sliding off the coast Knapp you're down along the coast. Lower Jefferson -- Saint Bernard you're getting lightning thunder. -- showers -- winds gusting near thirty miles an hour. I'd just come up a couple miles and right in downtown New Orleans com wins. In just a few clouds and disguised them well take your forecast coming up after this we'll get -- sports with Steve Geller. And that this continue this discussion about breakfast also affect about bank. He has a teller to go into a bank anymore but you do -- -- found you do with an ATM receipt of these new odds. I was surprised yesterday it went into a bank and a along line to see it now. Lot of people in this and -- and it's sensitivity training weirder and usually they definitely could use an ATM hard drive up. I get on the phone. We'll talk about that and more. -- -- thanks for joining us here in the early edition of WWL freshness. By 19 good morning I'm Dave Allen's one person texts me at 877 I eat a banana for breakfast every morning. The president says I have one cup of coffee from that directly. As a person as Honey Nut Cheerios every morning. Like I -- Cheerios when I was a kid we went -- to having sugary cereals to forget Honey Nut Cheerios that was a real -- -- regular. Day Cheerios. -- on -- serial thank you for the -- that's what your favorites here thinks about that to -- and it's. -- mine come up. Not a person says intermittent fasting no breakfast means burning fat longer so is yes so that's they're agreeing with the study says if you don't eat breakfast. You're probably gonna lose more weight will continue the conversation about breakfast coming up now your forecast. -- later today around 89 it while we are tracking -- thunderstorms along the coastline this morning those will gradually diminish today. Leaving behind about a 20% rain chance for the rest of us than tomorrow even -- 10% chance for rain with highs of ninety. And on Friday look for 20% chance for an isolated storm highs of 88. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura tell. Are now with partly cloudy skies at the airport 71 degrees column wins 93% relative humidity so not much happening in Slidell few more clouds and 71. But it the year down along the coast that's for the thunderstorms and lightning show all let's go -- on down Venice with Rio -- I'll deal seated there but it. Most of us not having to worry about the rain today yeah I'd text messages it's it's pretty bad traffic. Yesterday. West pound rights -- -- mile marker 212 point six yesterday. Texting me this morning summit it was bad traffic yesterday. I'm not sure how that helps anybody. Sports helps people up. I'll be sure to avoid -- that built the fund where they were talking about it yet if you're gonna travel back in time. And take the act then westbound at mile marker 212 point six what my fear of Minnesota's but I do look back to the future would love to drive the laureate. Equipment that they have the Delorean here for the -- shadow over the summer okay in the photos with few months via meritless. Then look at schools. Now and looks really old and it looks like that. Old you know he said. I don't think -- A drive up to like my old buddy's house in New Jersey to like. John you got to come with me educate -- that our nation and that -- one and 28. Usually a good couple coffee. You may be. Some peanut butter crackers and our granola bar not a big breakfast. Now I can also be dragon dance as evident drivers the most important -- I can't eat breakfast but I can't have sports this early in the morning. Good morning everyone and while the saints defense made a huge -- improving to the fourth best unit in the NFL last season one key missing element was the lack of turnovers created. Horrible defense today and Cameron Jordan knows that means more in just interceptions and says that he ended the line working a lot more on taking away the football. The -- our focus more on punched the ball out get more hits the ball and that's what it's all about is this gang tackling somebody and really been able to maybe get him off balance maybe open a -- comfortable -- -- defensive -- -- this year we'll -- it -- -- his name's -- -- made his -- -- -- Mini camp continues today saints fans that is open to the public from eleven to two. -- San Antonio has 82 games to one lead in the NBA finals. Following an incredible shooting performance in the first half of 111 to 92 blowout over the heat in Miami. The spurs made nineteen of their first one to one shot and fired at a 76%. Clip in the best shooting half. An NBA finals history -- Leonard his first six shots while scoring eighteen of his career high 29 points. -- coach Gregg Popovich says the -- back to playing his game. -- to -- situations the first two game really he overreacted to them and became very. Cautious and discipline like that he's going to be real active schedule -- he's -- so he's he figured it out. Will longtime NBA guard Derek Fisher has a new job coaching the New York Knicks I'm excited. Look for ways to lose as much as I have anything in life as a professional. Just days after finishing his eighteen year career as a pro Fisher agreed to become the coach after Mike Woodson was fired by the knicks president Phil Jackson. Fisher in Jackson have a longstanding relationship as taxing coach Fisher when the two were with the lakers. And Orioles third baseman Manny -- has been suspended for five games and buying for intentionally throwing his bat on the field during Sunday's game against Oakland. Today a four on sports talk your from saints coach Sean Payton and players following day two of mini camp. Who has the best roster in the NFL is at the saints with -- early morning look at sports I'm Steve. -- sounds like the center for property and Dennis minicamp that I haven't fine print shortened to open around with the media. That hours and that's a sign. A good team when the guys are happy feeling good. Hey you know they know that this potential there for another great season. Yet and they realize the leap that they made last year is in the past but they know they can also build upon that still as well. And the one keeping missing like we're just talking about was turnovers the only had nineteen which was last in the NFC. Something that it's kind of oddly I've elected in get any in the second half of the season at all. They're -- in new ball hawks though with a guy like Champ Bailey who Bobby says -- looks like an eighteen year old out there right now wouldn't go that far but chip is looking very sobriety. -- is 35 years old but we -- is looking great. Very in shape. And has been constantly and I mean cause we getting its hands and on plays knocking the ball down and be able to pick off passes excited to see what he does the most amazing -- as bird who's recovering from back surgery he's noticeable as well. The -- the fans looking very calm dangerous and among steel beat this coming season -- all pans out. Opportunistic indeed thank you see what document when -- Imus must -- favorite cereal real quick before. Chris Nixon got some in the control it yeah it's a kind of like checks -- I guess you could that. Some text -- favorite cereal frosted flakes. They're over eight. Thank you Tony the talk more about breakfast heated and you think it's important is it the most important meal today what your favorite serial text messages and it seventieth avenue keep them coming. Welcome back with the forecast and -- every text messages that. Prize money seven let's get your forecast. This Wednesday afternoon 89 for a high today while there are some storms around this morning especially on the coastline. Those will start to come to an end with Tuesday 20% chance for the rest of us through the afternoon. 10% chance tomorrow highs of ninety and then Friday chances at 20% with highs of 88. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm -- to -- back itself. That that ran across the coast otherwise we're in the seventies across the region of the few clouds here there cabin crunch -- -- text messages people's mr. -- My currently I eat more and anything is the special K with the big strawberry things and as well the dried -- Travers. My favorite by far his reasons not -- rule with those laziness. Pretty -- can't be touched says that taxed more coming up 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's here it's the eleventh it's 2014. -- own land there it's hump day while by all means that everybody let's Dillard's. -- -- -- -- -- Everybody -- audio and went a little strange going down on the streets and felt the control of the vehicle would not do not on the card that you lose control of your car if they get upset element Tom DeLay. From gently if you drive that. It's just letting him lead and gone accomplished and what -- Gonna get the Jesus yeah. The adrenalin. Now let's. Conflicts elegantly corn plate program plain Cheerios in great. But then I'm 42 years old I didn't Fruity Pebbles every decade since I can remember Rudy Pavel currently Fruity Pebbles in the bowl. And in the -- and it dries out. The things become like concrete -- what's the deal I don't you can't scrape them off the inside of the bully -- Jack -- to get those which means there's some kind of very bizarre chemical reaction yet. Going on I don't -- know I guess it stays wet your body so good anyway I'll honey bunches of votes as another text message fried egg hunt goes with -- at 3 AM. Every day Monday through Friday while there you go up another present very specific she's grants to scrambled bags and a slice of fried luncheon meat yum haven't made it. Available in her practice I laid an egg white Maria with the fat free flour tortilla and a fat free cheese reporting yup yup. Right now they -- fat free routine now I know that the breakfast industry has been pushing breakfast is the most important meal today for years now but. Most of lineup can not eating -- breakfast this doesn't work you don't have time or it is. Drains them of energy first thing in the morning and -- that whatever the problem. -- can you imagine and there's -- the probably a vision from very old CB engine and some new TV or the dad says to the family and Ed good morning everybody and and we also around the breakfast table when he does massive. -- I'll yell while dad -- the -- -- and mommy's. Doing whatever mom as your network's Johnny okay it does not happen any counseling what is the whole family sit down for breakfast every day before work and school -- I don't anybody event I've never witnessed there. I amber I'll that. At weekends we've done that occasionally but oh yeah I'm half -- -- and get up before noon on the weekends. Problem in those teenagers man -- they sleep crew but the stamp on its promise for even a frankly. It down name's Thomas that yeah these caller's -- things that are less and less common the banks don't want -- -- They they -- expensive when you do everything either on your phone on your computer and AT -- new applaud you know they did that with disc jockeys to. I think is -- amount. That's and I went to the bank yesterday. Very rare that I go and databank -- like to use the AT&T iPhone -- -- -- -- an ATM guy -- it. I had have. And more -- than I usually -- -- in -- -- in the ATM on the positive and just feel better about giving them big stack to catch. To someone who counts and in records it demo is -- am still little leery of the ATM and -- when it comes to that. But. There was a wine -- -- eight people on line -- teller at the bank. What is this all about why all these people go to C et -- want to twice a year ago period if you're lucky I -- today on your birthday people -- -- a budget cash -- whatever they needed assistance again it's complicate most of it is it is this normal -- normal that make it down at the 80 am committed -- -- in what -- -- to them. Or not trusting -- and sometimes. I just I had I -- and a few hundred dollars with -- put that in the eight. One. But other than that I don't notice the bank teller in the the -- it's a waste -- time -- can discount the AT and some of the vision of the future which is already happening is up pod. Yes we go into everything right there in the time in the pond it's just -- glorified ATM it does more than make him currently. And thank you David -- talking about. It's not over yet it's here on WWL I am up and Beckham welcome back -- -- there -- some breakfast. God let's go live directly Eyewitness News forecast that it figured morning. And as meteorologist Laura but now. Ansari today. Just did an effort here area. Just for -- meteorologist whereabouts now are -- to realize that hasn't even if you know doesn't and everything at -- as my -- I usually do an extra on him we'll just for you. It's what they now I don't. -- -- -- -- Now I'm glad I can -- -- the -- at. Or about town there. Guarantee fancy look in black and white dress today at that that's what it looks at the end TV out of -- -- that tells. It's like get some kind of the idea yeah how we do that I try to talk fashion like and what that I am I about right I have no idea but I look at vintage. When I was I don't here's the funny thing about television you can players I've I've worn dresses that are you know. On the clearance rack I mean to that she can be and they look like a million bucks on TV and the -- can't help with the advertisement. They have spent no considerably more money on you know other and it looks. It on TV that you never know what's gonna look like what cameras that made them -- by the -- to -- It looked at a time TV. For it to be you're going to be on TV little advise your Islam but I. I was watching the the first thing I did when it after I drove in this morning that's a lightning round like me riding in. So I would turn nine I stormy divorce or yeah I turned on your your broadcast at 430. As such who's gonna tell me dollars rain everywhere we're gonna get another deluge but no really it's -- It is it's so funny how that lightning just travels -- night -- the light up the skies so so well again let's step up. Like eighty most of the storms are right along about the Mississippi River and it just off the -- -- -- lots of -- around purest grade dial this morning important shot. And that other back to some storms right at the mouth of the Mississippi but other than that weird dry for much of the areas Mort and most folks won't -- range. You know it's gonna stay pretty dry and keep the 20% range chants and later this afternoon and if you're along the coast this morning you're saying that but 20% chance that yes it is going to be higher for you'd just along the coast for the next couple of hours I'm talking more this afternoon. As we get that daytime heating just 20% chance for isolated thunderstorms. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- we -- and -- -- and birthday yeah. Is that. And you know the -- and -- president of the flag there yet hopes that it good husband you. You are yet but we're gonna see -- that rain chances increase a little bit for Saturday Sunday right at some scattered after downpours that everywhere just a few out there. Adapt itself barbecue or boiled crawfish or something on Father's Day at maybe it's our apps I'd quit work. Sounds like a plan for mr. meteorologist Laura bought now you're talking actually. I have before and your husband talked earnestly. And he never sent anything in the light streaming and make you angry. Eyes and I talked with the oh and Bozeman Montana. It was the guy who apparently said companies should not have said while he was sleeping. Police in Montana say a woman kicked and struck her boyfriend. Because he said bad things about her is sleepy. Foley he's in Bozeman say that 24 year old Sarah and stayed -- -- body and a BAD. A willow creek was arrested at her home at 2 AM Monday. -- the boyfriend told police that -- -- sleeping. When he awoke to the girlfriend kicking him and telling him he was talking in his sleep and saying bad things that matter. He says he tried to leave. And she got out a shotgun and shot out -- front tire and smashed his windshield she. He wasn't seriously injured. They don't they ain't bad stuff about our country I don't know what are you dreaming about overnight as Clinton and yes you may be a little break Ghraib -- How do you control that I mean he's sleep pain. What -- people and meet the guy up for what he says in this late game. You really eat it and yet talked to my plea before but not it's never made that -- just garbled. How can you -- -- toothpaste needs to go back in the refrigerator. Where it is for companies that. And we actually -- it here it is like that that's as he -- you know has. Did he try to talk to you. We try to write me up and shake it off right -- I'm my wife talked -- dependent others trying to have fun with it and you know continue the conversation he would like. Yeah. The -- On -- Favorite breakfast cereal very quickly fit -- -- all he adolescence. I was sugary sweet wonderful. I never get the yet that might might stand by it thwart the bacteria it. Why don't you get that's how I -- trying to help out yet he says sugary. That's -- -- every now exactly at night for. Have a wonderful -- to syllables him nervous -- Laura but now live and direct Eyewitness News forecast that mortgage text messages and sports. Kevin -- Of those people who do eat breakfast texting us and 87071. Person -- they -- fishing grits for breakfast crackling says another for breakfast aren't enough. Not just for snacks and crayfish and onion -- great -- and two cups of coffee that's it. Corn pops does another one and on this one honeycomb. Which has to be the dumbest slogan ever dumbest song ever for a commercial for a scenario when he comes being Yan Yan -- It's not small no no now. But it was difficult to say -- what he's saying it's not as stupid -- you've got an -- has. Date EA EA yeah it's not small photo removed evidence not quite as stupid that way but I guess it's catchy for the kids it's big it's not small. Just like Cameron Jordan. Yeah he's pretty day he's not on and the spurs man came out today. -- that or -- sports time with Steve yeah good morning everyone the saints finished 4013 with eleven of five record which was good for second place in the NFC south along with the wildcard berth in no playoffs. This year the black singled out to take back the division crown and her home field advantage in the post season. Defensive -- Cameron Jordan says. They know the areas that they need to improve their pretty obvious. This of course has got to be more turnovers has got to be Charlie -- is on the run game there's just no wind point of hey this what we need to do. It's always about getting better and OTAs is perfect time minicamp is perfect -- to become more cohesive that you. -- sticking in the NFC south some bad news for the falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon and is out for the season. He suffered the injury as he -- have been helium and that hobbled him into when he thirteen. Houston Texans offensive tackle David quiz and -- has lymphoma and has been placed on the NFL's non football illness list. The team says that 23 year old heavy persisting cough over the past week and was hired prompting him to seek in a valuation. Over to the -- would now with the spurs made an NBA finals record 75 point 8% of their shots in the first half. And 111 in 92 victory over the Miami Heat that gave them 821 series lead. The spurs made nineteen of the first 21 shots and finished 25 to 33 in the first half. Bettering the 75% shooting by our window against the lakers that was in the 2009 finals who -- letter scored a career high 29 points. And San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich says that Leonard's play is eight he -- their success. He's going to be one of our better players on the court -- we're -- we're not good enough but legislators he's got a ton of talent. You know it's NBA finals he can't just be mediocre if you wanna win again every everybody's got to play well if you do not. And -- stallings attorney will be in probate court to seek an emergency order for hearings so a judge can confirm her authority. This selvin LA clippers she broker to two billion dollar sale the team to Microsoft CEO Steve bomber but. Her husband and co owner Donald Sterling is fighting to keep control of the franchise. -- have four on sports talk here from saints head coach Sean Payton and players following day two of mini camp. Who has the best roster in the NFL is that the saints I Steve -- naturally morning look at sport. Assuming and it's nice to be honest -- -- been a little skeptical about your predictions about the heat losing to whispers. In the NBA finals. But after watching the first half of last night's game. Where that spurs. Could not miss the basket and think -- of their first when he went chats and -- -- -- seventeen for 21. It was like everything was going man they shot over 75%. For the maybe there on the team this season he's not seen it seems to be going back and forth every game which we should be expecting at Pittsburgh's six we you know what this one looks like it's going to be seven. You've you made me a believer last night they made me believe you that well I'm glad spurs make me look good and -- -- -- there. Steve yeah what was good again -- was sounded on the radio and fifteen minutes or sports here on WWL clippers -- decades 7870 they have cold pizza for breakfast. The president has some advice for Laura about -- welfare of that with you after the us. Person vaccinated 77 to tell more about tell them make reduced sugar cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast I will tell her that and she'll tell us about the forecast looking at. Strong storms along the coast this morning but those should gradually push offshore behind it just take 20% chance for rain through the rest of today. And highs in the upper eighties rain chances down the 10% tomorrow that means a high of ninety. And Friday -- -- 20% chance for an isolated shower warm high of 88 from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark tell. Partly cloudy 71 at the airport scanner so they wanna mostly cloudy and slight -- Not a -- do you eat breakfast. Like he does it tell you I heard you and and I think it's an interesting conversation and I know the only time that have never been able to keep my weight down is when I don't eat breakfast so what does that mean it's so Letterman when I had today was after listening you three times in the sensible cigarettes so I got -- -- it's -- that that's at. Callaway you're gonna go away what do you do when you get. More talking about. College graduates are relying on their family for financial help powerball jackpot. Whatever makes you unhappy or not you and powerball tonight -- be happy at least in the initial I'd ask you -- that whatever it is that makes you unhappy right now would you be happy if you want a powerful I'd be happier yes. Okay -- started saints of course they say that we have the fourth best NFL fan base who were better than Ehud acts. Army's next have a great out there.