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6-11 615am Tommy, Saints minicamp

Jun 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's Steve Geller about Saints minicamp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight's big welcome back. Steve -- welcome back talk about the saints and harassed and off the year what was the longest -- -- drive that he made. -- to elders woes on the streets where you're Houston he would use that. That is so jurors he would view hey you know there's no tolls there's no harm by -- just a straight shot right to Houston no problem god forbid no disrespect. Meant taking hey forget about it only -- some -- -- truck. I'm telling about the saints mini camp yesterday because I really do think just like. You don't come up with a sportscast. Without putting little piece together. David Lee doesn't come up with a -- -- that open little pieces together I'd. Like this can screw around four hours that go by me but the saints. These mini camps are important because if you if you're gonna win a championship in in January. You know starts with a little piece that you put together absolutely and now it's not the mini camp is not voluntary -- these cars. You know you have to show authorities. And what we saw a lot -- mandatory Stephen -- -- he's an Internet but. That's and these are there mandatory practices lined up and is so sore right now obviously the only people missing car Jimmy Graham. Who is still negotiating his contract bringing -- is still at school and other players who her -- injury and it's. Brandon cooks and director Sharon -- He -- for college. Much for the NFL rules say I don't know what. With the NCAA rules today but my thought this. I don't care what you study in school. You're you're the number one draft choices this team. Finish your degree on your own time it is time to come in here play football ironic. -- school school. No. And as. How much money did is he now what kind of signing bonus that it. It's pretty substantial amount -- -- he's -- first round draft and so guaranteed more. I don't know like I have to check out what I don't wanna be wrong about it. -- find out the point is this you are now your job now is -- the -- -- failure -- college get a job you know he's got a very high paying job. No disrespect to Brandon cooks in the educational system. Again being a rookie number one pick I think he needs to be down here and get as much work in his akin. With Drew Brees I think that's my opinion angle back during the offseason finish his degree at the university where Oprah. Organ state that still going to be there last I heard united shouted down it is and I -- the good news is he will be your next week. And making go to Snooki ones in between if they can't. Be harsh about this but. Man while you'll be here next week Jordan just put the figure there yet to be your next week for four years and is signing about it wait four years eight. Is signing bonuses -- and a half million. So. And I get the school we get a job got good data reading and right now we're gonna talk about that later on about kids going to college in half and still relying on their families for financial -- two years after they get out -- You know I had that camera on I don't think Cameron -- something right but. Anyway enough of that let's talk about what happened yesterday when we come back to -- -- guessed it would Gooden who didn't and can you tell at this point with what's going on. Com. Really who is looking gutters it is you know about -- around on -- -- I'm not trying to be disrespectful. We're also about the fan base fourth best NFL fan base. In the league and I'll tell you ranked above the saints and an ounce on and it was -- -- mini camp yesterday it is. I can't imagine a fan base being. Better than saints and falcons by the McCain and 31. And -- some news nasty and another thing I found out during a study people were as excited about the falcons come and and 31 is that -- about the saints dominant force which does show you the rivalry six two. Timely hit traffic and that would go to Providence. Hi Tommy Tucker another WL talking about the saints a mini camp Brandon -- missing this week first round draft choice -- finish up his degree -- and he'll be here next week. He's majoring in human development and family sciences. Which I don't. Quite -- gives you a four and a half million dollar signing bonus when you get -- doesn't know if your regular human development and family. Sciences with a made a minor in communications I'd love to note some of the tanks that are -- and ends one of my favorites. You go to college to learn dumb ass a well rounded education is priceless. Apparently an English major from masters sending -- and and yes I am well aware of masters a -- school. Announces Tommy schools should be as priority good for him most of these guys just look at the money and throw spirits a -- -- -- -- me that you would say that. I think people are getting the ideal here confused with what the reality is. You go to college in my opinion to prepare yourself to get a job. Because otherwise if you really do you wanna be human development and family sciences guy. He made about 13540000. Years opposed to the warning half million dollar signing bonus that move data from any eight million Ford four year contract he has which comes out about their team millions. I would think. That and he's can finish up his degree later if I were a coach GM I'd say. -- get here worked with Drew Brees spend every second that you can because the NFL it's so close. The talent level is so equal that it takes sometimes just in the -- thing which -- -- Well the good thing is he was here for the rookie mini camp. Got to hold the playbook -- back with him to school while he's up -- finishing up things. And he has mentioned that at least the organ state playbook in the same playbook it's kind of similar just a little bit different terminology. And he'll be he'll be here next weeks ago. Talk about timing and and Drew Brees element that's all I'm talking about so Tommy what else has gone on yesterday. Us still the battle for the backup QB position seems to be heating up it's a real deal between Ryan Griffin in the McCarron. Lot of you know lot of people are high and the kid from Tulane they feel that he has -- The army and the ability to be the future quarterback producing one day not saying any time soon. We mentioned jokingly what was maybe one of the top. Or you know areas of concern for the saints going to the season was kicked. Right -- half jokingly I mean it's funny until you know yet but if somebody tooth and nail talking about how close it is in the NFL. And an eight at 35 yarder to win after everybody's just killed themselves left it all out on the field and you need somebody to prance onto the field and to get 35 yarder and they -- Well it's funny you mention that we saw both kickers Shayne Graham and Derek ninety lineup. For thirty to 37 and 39 EROs. It's funny I know where the money distance is Steve -- know all things about -- -- display but serious as it happens so dark you went three for three perfect. Whereas Shayne Graham missed thirty nice to see here's the thing. If that mini camp you -- and a 39 yarder. Presuming everything was OK it is a little windy yesterday and -- I -- -- what what is it's a win. Everything is on the line you need this kick in the playoffs or do advance slowed up which on the table dozens not mean yeah that was on the McKee -- named dinky. Ironkey Ironkey and yeah I don't know about defensively. Other saints defense of Bobby Hebert made a comment that he thinks Champ Bailey looks like he's eighteen years old out there right now he really is a physical specimen takes great care himself 35 years old and -- doesn't seem to be the guy that was hampered last season with a foot injury always seems to be making plays breaking up passes. Like what I'm seeing it looks like I wasn't so short he'd be able to beat the number two corner on this team. I'm more convinced now that he will end up winning that job. And you'll have guys like Patrick Robinson and Corey white filling in where were they need the maybe in the nickel position. I appreciate your time seeing mini camps open public today to a problem long as the weather holds up Forrest gates will open at ten will be from eleven to one and what kind of crowd speaking of fanatics and saints fan base that they hand it's amazing you have the fans all -- there's a good crowd out there the you know the stands addressing put up their pretty packed. And just to hear the fans reacting to every. Single pass or catch made from. Kenny -- made a remarkable one in the grabbed. In the end zone over -- the car yesterday a pass from Drew Brees and the fans -- -- lit up for that and even the car I think -- a pat on the behind as you know at a go boy because it was as they have over grab that guy recommend all the fans come out of -- the time because. You know first glimpse of the team you're the seat after all waiting all of last year and. I it's so new -- -- fourth is strongest fan base most loyal and supportive. According to a sports marking and now a sports marketing analysis from Emory University. You know who's above and Delis at number one new England and number two the jets at number three -- and the giants at number five and they say that proves New York is a professional sports team not a college sports team and all. Got some questions for via the -- how they exactly broke this down because to me. Not having the Green Bay Packers of the Kansas City Chiefs in the top five as Travis Packers have. Fourteen that you shouldn't and Indian that you mentioned Kansas City 21 while I don't buy that -- a lot and often has something to do with. Buying -- we -- -- come on and defended and they wouldn't so maybe that says a lot you know the jets and giants ever play at same time. No only a pre season they would get the play each other. -- yet I was always a big thing growing up in Jersey it's like. So imagine that the giants and jets were in the Super Bowl against each other man is that they want to get the TV ratings from both teams -- the opposite exactly are always punishment that because both teams usually. Pretty boring teams to watch where they run run run. On the ball. Coughlin in New York. I mean the senator Tom Coughlin and he just knows there Libya offseason and ups and downs with Tony the unit when the Super Bowl as the beginning of the season it was like well -- jobs on the line we don't know if he's gonna last. And ends up you know pulling the team together and getting to the Super Bowl winning it. That your against the New England Patriots when they were undefeated. So it's a tough market as admirable as he has two yards right it's a tough market out there it's so much different media wise. In years it's kind of funny because. We had Jeremy Shockey in New -- for a while even said. That that there's less of you guys when talking about what's the biggest difference from New York to New Orleans being the media. But -- it's it's a big pressure cooker and they always like to put you on the front page from last -- you react against big soldiers. --

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