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WWL>Topics>>6-11 715am Tommy, does money make you happy?

6-11 715am Tommy, does money make you happy?

Jun 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Laura Scaramella, a Professor of Psychology at UNO, about whether money can buy happiness

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Dolores Karin mallet joins us right now professor of psychology from my alma mater you know. Talk about the powerball -- needed Texan Meehan said the powerball jackpot is actually 257. Million estimated. Not 247. Million as I said. Thanks for the distinction when you -- -- money. I don't know that it really matters especially when you handle one in 175. Million chance I think it is of winning. So doctor Laura the question we're asking people and and I think it's a valid one as well first -- good morning. The first in is did do you really think. Money buys happiness does that -- -- sentences if I had to be unhappy. I'd rather be unhappy with 250 million and without all things considered. Now that's necessarily true when you think. Am I think. -- money doesn't necessarily buy happiness but having enough money certainly does make you I'm happier. And -- -- mean -- that is when you don't have enough money to make ends meet. It is very stressful and it it's very hard on. -- psychological about your marital it's hard to beat a -- period when you when you're feeling a lot of financial strain -- pressure. It's funny should say that because we're having a conversation in the office earlier I don't know if your. -- fan or not but the US open happens this weekend which is really the premier golf tournament in the United States in my opinion and -- -- about the pressure of heaven hit a five iron under a under extreme circumstances are making a 3.3 foot putt to win. And I would suggest more pressures month after month to get 3000 dollars worth of bills and 15100 bucks of income coming in. It is absolutely right and it it over time the more chronic bad stretches and that financial strain. The more difficult it is to cope with -- So I always wondered if you were to win the bill powerball. If suddenly because you didn't have the of the need you know that day every day pay your rent paid his -- that you need your kids be secure. If suddenly you might not take a look at your life and realize. While an analyze you know it is -- may have -- love people and they don't love you if you don't have a great family -- good family that's supportive of each other. Money's not a fake set isn't. Absolutely no absolutely not and I think I just don't think a lot of yourself. Right. Anywhere in the powerball everybody wants something from you and then all of a sudden your relationship changed so that's where having too much money. -- the problem because people expect you to share. I'm -- but having enough certainly does help with those strains and if you don't have enough they can put a strain on the -- candidate. I can make any money no gimme a quick analysis of me right now -- enough. Do you think these this speaks poorly of me or -- -- gets -- the text -- Tammy. And and they say. You know one good thing about -- -- are bullies you could go in to work you do go to family you go to France and say you know what. Hey John give very nice guy here's a 100000. Fred you've been a jerky get nothing. -- You know let the person is you gave a hundred passengers probably gonna say I only get. Man. Diet you nailed it I even think about that desire always say you know let somebody office and employers three weeks in a row Friday around and it's a week and started early but then the fourth weekend you get busy and it'll animal off a year good guy to let them off the first three weeks. You know I was on vacation once and we were watching it dog it is that I'm she Carter. Demonstrates his instinct on. And we asked me if he ever gave them treatment he said absolutely not the minute you get that on the tree just round under your -- can't be -- and -- And and you're right when people start expecting it but that's the norm -- it changes everything. Just curious where was it was with him. -- -- -- -- we'll get doctor or a pledges always insane ever by a sale of their body over at you and -- and these recent round of budget cuts he didn't come on and talk about this you know I asked you if you don't want. Is I can affect the psychology department and. Actually know we have our psychology department is as strong bat I'm. We are one of those hidden jams at the university they have no idea the quality caliber that psychologists that we had an. And it is there -- usual ought to have fact and not just saying that I'm there. But is there any sort of have that kind of caliber psychologist that we have in one department. And we all get along they'll -- like crazy amazing teaching evaluations. And our technology department is doing excellent. Let's do as your own mentally healthy. World not -- either way get along. Thank you doctor appreciated -- Boris Carmela you know professor of psychology and Clancy Dubose said it and I repeated you know built the middle class --

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