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6-11 7:45am Tommy, political upset

Jun 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Lara Brown, a Professor in the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, about Eric Cantor's surprise loss to a tea party candidate

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 74416. Before aide Eric Cantor house majority leader gone. But yeah. I don't know if this is all about the Tea Party and their strength there of -- about Virginia politics in the manipulation they -- in. We were pleased to have our next guest on Larry Brown professor in the graduate school political management at George Washington university in Virginia she's. It is there an added that is a doctor brown. Doctor. Well you work hard for that so I wanna give you all of the accolades not to tell me about the the it sounds funny to say but the odds or the chances that cooter from the Dukes of -- could've played a role in unseating -- candor. Well I don't know that I would really considered that but I do you think that this is an extraordinary. Effort on behalf that sort of gave Brad. Entire campaign one of the things that hasn't been talked about and I didn't take a look at this morning. Is that the turnout in this race is actually very hot. Four Republican primary you had about 65000. Voter turnout in the race. Which is about believe it or not -- 181000 more people -- turned out in the 2012. Republicans. Primaries still there -- strict percentage wise very low doctor. He is but if you look at like 2010. And you look at. 2012. You look at 2014. In these congressional districts. It's not a mutual has about 99%. Turnout at the total registered voters. In the Republican crime. Ides of cooter from the Dukes of -- former congressman Ben Jones is some people know we're talking about. Urged fellow Democrats crossover vote for Tea Party backed candidate. In the primary in order to I guess get Eric Cantor congress any any any empirical data to indicate that happened. Well. I mean it's hard you know exactly way it was that motivated these people. To turn around and vote on the captain -- I do believe that what you're seen David Pratt one point essentially said that it was. You know David vs Ronald. And I think that that actually at an appropriate characterization. I often call Washington DC suburbs. They're -- -- and explains many of my colleagues had not yet teens are coming and they'd better be prepared. -- When it comes to Virginia politics and explain that Sorrell is it a sore loser ruling -- You know arrested actually do that app launcher. What you're referring to. Something about where a -- what are what are genius Jordan -- tells me it was a political scientist magnet -- loudly from Alabama that apparently. The rules aren't that Eric Cantor couldn't now run as an independent if he wanted to because it's. There. Yet that it. Yet and if you have these rules that basically what does it prevent somebody. From -- he let the Murkowski did in Alaska. Where would she lie. Percent rate she'd been turned around and she actually ran as a write in candidate and was able to -- But it is an apartment that type of behavior that you cannot then come back on the person to -- did you say. You know we're gonna try again you have to at least -- and the elections. To mount another campaign. -- so in terms of the over is if you wanna call -- resurgence of the Tea Party or did they ever go anywhere at will what does this election mean in those terms. Well again I think we have seen that on the polls has shown that there's. Huge anti incumbent sentiment in the country this part is nothing you know the Tea Party has a -- and locally organized and locally. Strong in various pocket and one thing that is also true about the election and is aware if you will the Tea Party candidate -- the challenger candidate has won. It heavily. Republican district. Or stay at that Cochran got in trouble in Sydney. I'm Ralph -- lost his primary in taxes and you Nancy cantor the Virginia. Because they're all see where. -- plausible democratic. Challenger would not have a shot. And this is again. Very different than what we actually. In Kentucky with Mitch McConnell. Or in North Carolina where top talent. Prevailed to now take on KK. So I guess it comes down to. In my mind is this about the process being manipulated in Virginia or is this a legitimate. As you said the guillotine is -- -- sign a legitimate a backlash yet incumbents and only if it is what does this mean for the mid terms. Well I think there is backlash against incumbent the difficult part about power elections are structured in. It that it is difficult to actually take out in comments that you can't there's widespread anti incumbent sentiment. On eight usually doesn't turning to if you will anti incumbent we've. We just don't happen. Sort of elections that are set up to really register that mood. That said we can see when we look at the senate races. Debt that democratic incumbents. Who are -- who are running essentially in the red to purple states. They are in trouble and there's no doubt that most political scientist. Feel that this is going to be a Republican year when it comes to panic and are likely to take over the majority. Does any of this have anything to do with Eric -- perhaps being more concerned with national issues. And not staying so much in touch with a zoned district. Oh absolutely I mean that one at the -- tried and true and it don't go Washington you know whenever. A member of congress potentially come to Washington and end. Start taking on essentially all. The trap being DC whether it. This notion of cars in Secret Service lobbyist and and big expensive fund raisers and they got home in connecting with the people of the district that there really tired there. It -- farewell for them in the elections in -- do you get hot. In this. They've left and we can't trust. That person anymore. Is Eric -- done with politics. I. I wouldn't bet on. I would imagine that especially when you look at Virginia. And it turned on that's fun on the governor's race when you look at. The competitiveness of the senate. Contests I wouldn't be surprised at all if we saw Eric Cantor the -- to announce something another couple years. And resuming the Republicans keep the house in in after the mid terms and who's likely to replace him as house majority leader. Looked at card is next in line and there is going to be some -- -- leadership site. There's you know a senator from Texas and aren't playing. So. We'll see how that plays that Kevin McCarthy. Is next in line he does have a great deal of support. On the now. -- don't necessarily. Buy into the cooter from Dukes of -- theory. Yeah not at I mean look I think all of those. Effort do you essentially bringing media. And they do bring Pratt and that does gather in. And paying attention to politics. You know come at them just around election time and that those sorts of activities helped. And that that's really why. Politicians often times go after celebrity's endorsements. It because it helped him break through that sort of pop culture. You know juggernaut that really. Overtake most people in most voters. One thing it's going to be interest saying is that now. The two guys -- compete for the seat both the Republican and a Democrat or on a faculty at Randolph-Macon college ranked. Yes that that obviously is going to bring them interest dean faculty lounge conversations. I would imagine. Just sort of didn't. That the makeup of saying this is going to be a race that Dave Pratt is going to have much more support in the district you may not have it not. Fairly up to college -- -- a pleasure talking to -- hope you join us again. Thank you so -- -- bit.

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