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6-11 8:10am Tommy, longest drive

Jun 11, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about the longest they've ever driven

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake the great breakfast experiment continues in high school I would not eat breakfast I would not eat lunch and it weighed a 14850. Pounds by eating nothing. I guess it does. It out pretty well in the face of itself explain it but -- -- -- -- point moment really don't know the point is -- -- you know storage and hands own hands Alice in our website ready jaguar opinion poll lead breakfast 73% saying yes. -- -- thing and hazardous driving nanny nine eat oatmeal -- a lot of different things trying to eat healthy but I'm constantly hungry. And by not eating. Any breakfast today yeah it a couple of Toms and the sensible cigarette just hitting I don't know but. Every now and and I get a little twinge of hunger but it's manageable it's not that thing you have to eat. Known -- certainly not a big meal you're kind of snacking archer airline -- anything judges nibbling. Now what -- why do you say keep nibbling and telling you I'm not eating anything I had three times today that it. I target about in the past you're on a new program I'll deal again I mean relatively new to started at six. Spezza and pretty early in the process is -- I've been public yes exactly because they'd like. I love d.s and an -- you know already -- league Eddie Libby did every so often and I don't think it's necessarily will power with people I think a lot of times metabolism. He agonizing and he wouldn't win any whatever and once they skinny as a real other guys women need a little bit look at food and before you know it. Delivered -- -- -- and tried his seat on hands and tried every game -- happens the rest of today and -- are carrying weight loss win it -- place. Are you gonna eat like -- where and when you get through the whole morning show and Iran policy are let's see all your -- and how I feel -- but I do know this in terms of breakfast and an eating -- line if I played a big records I'm done I'm done and taken now that's me I -- why can't go there and instead of food giving me energy energy say it is early like around 5 o'clock. That with the energy that you should be used in two DU job it seems like all that is devoted toward the food you got you stuff that's what it seems like. So hard drive will seek Syria you do. We're talking about that driving in this accident that darn near killed Tracy Morgan. Over the weekend and did unfortunately kill. I think one or two other people. And it seems like man known people have been truckers and gotten calls -- to work at night. That. I think that according to rules and drive fourteen hours a day which to me is a lot. That's an awful lot Elaine and and we're gonna talk about -- truck drivers but. You when your personal habits argument the audience because. We were we were talking earlier about the longest stretch you've ever driven. At one time without stop an overnight or anything to stop in for gas in the may be little bit of food Allen from El Paso. Two new long ones which took about them. I guess about 8 o'clock El Paso timed around 8 o'clock new long ones timing is here now our time shift -- says about thirteen fourteen hours and help people drive to Disney World nonstop -- -- talk about what's the longest stretch in David how do you know when it's time to pull over. All I doubt there are definite signs Izturis as far as the lines on the road or affect find my IE is starting to get even slightly blurry. Trying to change drivers Mikey is when I see a little reflection and windshield -- -- an annual overreact. Where where yes the I'm glad that some then and all of a sudden wheel and if you move and we'll as though it's some kind of -- then fly and it your -- nets when it's time to stop and especially at night pointed that's really time to stop -- ever pulled over on side of the road. To take and then -- you hand -- just on a shoulder it was actually on the shoulder was like one of those rest areas yeah you know at the state line. Like old and there are no put the seat back in a car a couple of hours that's. Not bad -- animate you should ever pull over on the shoulders dollars. Yeah and -- gets meals on the sleeping killing missile talk about it when we come back if your truck driver I would love to talk to you because. I've had -- tell me that the rules say one thing that the company puts so much pressure on new. Yeah I had any choice but to break the rules and I get a -- comes in -- truck driver I don't work for Wal-Mart. But I do know Wal-Mart has very strict DO TD rules I think this is his fault Wal-Mart simply. Provided the truck. That he was driving it. I can -- Obama -- loans and it's my show. And on my driver's long ago I was off for at least eight hours but that doesn't mean I actually slept so see there are ways of falsified. One tax drove seventeen hours straight new loans cedar rapid Iowa Cedar Rapids, Iowa while -- to Chicago then back to Saint Louis. Had to stop at that point. Drive ten hours and work no more than fourteen hours before taking a ten hour break which and guess and -- rules we'll talk about it when we come back on that it W. -- Tommy -- talking about the crash was the big rigs that almost killed Tracy Morgan and and did kill. I don't have in front of me one or two other people on the retailer joins right now spokesperson for the owner operator. Independent drivers association now so handsome. Want to tell one person was killed some of the people on hold that wanna talk about driving and truckers and please hang on to delegate Tia. An -- Taylor good morning Radio One. And get a lot of tanks coming in from people that either know or think they know about. What happened with this situation some people -- Wal-Mart has. Monitors on their trucks and you know where the trucks are at all times other people saying that. That the it'd truckers can drive for ten hours worked fourteen hours take a break. What the rules are the truckers under and how did do the company's ever placed demands on them Wear on the surface it's okay got dude you told. But then in private it's okay company's demands on it -- night you do it get it done. Well. It can't did not -- you've got to fourteen hour work day. And within that window of time you can only do rise eleven hours. And after that you've got to take an -- operate kind of in the lead Berber. So. What happens is that we -- with this limited window of time. Are being pushed to get it. Much time out of that window without stopping. At the posted you know taking a break. You know for weather considerations. Door for traffic -- if they did not -- loading dock for several hours. So if you go if you don't get your eleven -- if you don't get from where a year and you'll are to where you need to go eleven -- I don't hear any excuses about traffic about this about that. -- -- -- -- -- now what one thing that you can't stop the clock eat eat it. The the regulations don't -- use any flexibility to stop that fourteen hour when at all. Writes I guess I'm asking is are there unreasonable demands put on truckers. By the company saying look nearly eleven hours he gets from point a to point B. I don't hear anything about traffic and knowing anything about. Weather conditions you need to have that truck bears so is there a nod and a wink about falsify whatever you have to to get it done. Are just about from the company's it's about shippers and receivers. Have no concern. For the time that's -- drivers and they keep them waiting -- little. Docs for hours and hours even a whole day that's where the pressure comes from is that. You know which kept divers are paid by a mile by the hour and though -- beavers have no incentive -- have any consideration for their time. Associated change engine companies they truckers by the hour and and then that companies would hold the shippers and receivers responsible. They had that would that would be one way to deal with it'd -- paid by the hour or to pay for detention time. So when it comes to I guess drivers do they often. Drive more than they're supposed to because they get paid by the mile. Well you know. I don't know about that I do you know that they do you have a lot of pressure from companies and shippers and receivers to do it's called you know. On time delivery or just in time. And at the same time they're paid by the model but their -- these restrictions. With the regulations on the window of time that they can get that and so with no flexibility. To take. The brakes that they need there's the pressure is negated much driving time that window is between. -- in every -- appreciate your time I really do generated Taylor spokesman for the owner operators independent drivers association Casey Gary Dave does that. Everybody else hang on please I wanna hear which you have to say first off there's 112 hours of driving. -- a 24 hour period too much would that be too much for you not to mention if you push in. A big -- and which if not handled properly can be very very dangerous obviously. Ellis a longer stretch you've ever driven and how do you if your truck driver I wanna hear from Meehan bill anonymously if you will about. What really happens out there on the road. And what's a -- stretch you've ever driven without stop Annette today get a rooms sleep wherever. And maybe just to get gas and grabs on the mission of a new phase 260187803866. -- -- early 78 Tony three time related traffic and for that we -- -- -- Robinson. 8297 Tommy Tucker talking about. Driving longest drive you've ever made in this one. It brings back some of memories it's not. For a lot of people mad because those here but it's not necessarily the distance with a time 26 hours straight driving -- Panama City Beach for Katrina and man it was rusty after Katrina but I think I would have rather hung out here they get that traffic that it just inches along on the interstate Casey Bay Saint Louis morning aren't. The mood at what the governor built. There's a little bit but what you hope. A -- should go to our air and that he would be so. That happened in the next -- -- should they wouldn't that be picked it though. Oh -- -- to -- worried that it should dictate and there well. So -- -- poignant yet so I. Hadn't. Particular action -- now but that. Epic and the caller predicted that aren't. Quite dark. Yet again. Deeds did you have any. Anything sides coffee to keep eagle and. Bet. You that the which can. It was neat -- like -- Should go to sell it and it sure that you are now with the sort of want to do. You know god that they you got your outlook should. And that -- that you -- you really. -- -- -- -- -- I think from everything I've heard from truckers an ugly little secret of the trucking industry is that they. Because of various pressures they are forced to drive a lot more than they should award is saying. It's horrible. Average market -- -- people the and you wouldn't expect the widget. And that sort -- ago. It's not -- that village to another problem. -- Not -- we're seeing some actually what you. -- bulletproof. Is that it would go out. But -- liquid from day. And -- idea mansi goes but he went. When I heard that story click something that I did in high school and everything worked in the news -- -- if anything I'm more focused -- It is very -- year did you there's no doubt that. You. Look at you wouldn't -- -- promoting it reported a solid would like about -- Folk that. And animals are part of the equipment of the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They exact Casey thank you so much. Separates it ate there Ebola case right block. Is why did they get and argued and his wife goes to California. She says did you come pick me up he drives there and back. Without stopping but yet that's not. He worked for the circus. And drove a truck for the circus Casey -- get yourself on. An agent and a and a ghost writer 830 timely debit WL Travis news and traffic more calls when we come back right now at David at this point I feel compelled to remind people you can only stolen under our color protection program very important is we don't you know we don't care about -- yard which is -- which you have to saying I don't know when it comes it. Topics like trucking and gives the inside. View of what actually goes on. Young names you're now known name necessary the protection and I like some of the more colorful. The secret IDs that coming you know sometimes during its creative. Yes -- get almost or Jordan -- sign one yeah it was really clever on this one number one. Number one again -- number one you well when Nancy -- you're indebted W of the mornings as your truck driver. -- -- Now. I'll break -- burden and you -- me. Ninety yeah a year and nine -- non. -- -- It. -- I. -- So there's no way to falsify a -- book or anything like that. So what happens when you get squeezed between known shipper and the receiver. And your stuff is not there in time that you and not that it's your fault but you got to shut down after eleven dollars is a company take the heat -- In order. To get into that particular. One bit about that billion won the top. And a UK and for that hotel. I gadget and in terms of club and paid you get paid by the hour you'd need a salary get paid by the mile. -- And -- but to detect identity -- -- I'll -- I. Bet that it didn't -- They are any any even if you get stuck in traffic number one. That's less miles you can drive and -- eleven dollars -- cousin you money. And it actually I get it right there. You know. And there were quite that you'll get a economic data and. The fact that it that. It's a bit. It is the ultimate double -- -- -- -- -- that extra. Hole I know you're doing. -- -- -- -- -- Number one selling like he got a good -- of -- a good philosophy and as what do drivers do sometimes. That drive you crazy. All yeah I believe if you'll give them. Drop in -- out. Great. People I've been. In the top. You did it. -- that we can't pick it. Text -- that you're -- a -- -- trying to. About. It. I know one I can't argue about this on the air but you get the send me an email about some of the things you've seen as you're driving that truck but not now. -- is a -- you've seen some crazy things. Are. But it. Even the number one -- say I'd appreciate the call. At. An apartment. What that -- yeah. And yet -- -- basically it's a little bit. And I. Attempt to those politically. But the. Is there -- that if if -- get into. Trouble. But it did know that you. Were like. Number one what you which ECB -- again. Barrasso -- pitcher on the flip flop Obama by. -- 883. Army tactic and a bag completely uses sepia probably seen what an idiot that's how we talk at all. And back under the W. Tommy Tucker talking about truckers and truck drivers and I guess you call a civilian drivers. You Collison -- regular drivers along a strip you've ever made. And Heidi you know and it's time to pull over Gary and Harvey I -- morning and got a W -- thanks for calling. Good luck brother -- Had a goes where they -- in direct vacation -- she just started there. So -- I was gonna drop out there and still -- mentor you know for a week or so essentially don't make the trip. Well it about a nineteen hour trip when I got about 200 miles other Greensboro I just could stay awake and kept that little box on the soccer wrote. I mean it was time and I kept watching the rest areas but denote those sides -- up top comical off on the side of the road. And up and lay off the road well what -- gonna get hit but I think. And I can't see any signs emergency stop and only. But three minutes after a format that and went right -- capital and as a Alabama's and a not -- state police. Wake me up and actually went out to a totally. And it -- as the rest area about four miles that you can follow me should take that -- -- -- that's a much adrenaline and you wrap up some. Police on the side of the public packets leaving the baby -- that. In mind that is done but you know any -- a baby crib and it is interesting Gary you can lie. In a bed with temperatures perfect crew and I sheets -- Crispin soft and if they can be both at the same time but the point is -- deals sleeping conditions toss interrogated can't get to sleep. But yourself behind what 4000. -- pounds of metal on seven miles down and down the highway seventy miles an hour now and how he can stay away. I'm the locomotive engineer at 38 years after stopping and destructive. And we got the hours of service lost like the truckers would talk about. The most we can work continuously just twelve hours after twelve hours you've got shut it down and it's it's no ifs ands or buts. Not in the elections in the locomotive and babysit another crude -- generally get credit for five hours sometimes. And that would want to get tied up they got so much talent or -- have to you know that includes travel time to and from backed Guerrero so few of two hours away if you got ten hours sleep the best you can get a six dollars you know. -- army that's that's a long time in twelve hours a long time. Eleven hours -- a. The -- sings lullabies to. Them how to rock and roll and -- side the side not Sonia. And -- out militants walks and stuff that night. It's it's I used to get up and rabbi and -- in my face and having to study and keep you awake until it was it was -- -- thing to do want a long trip is to maintain and you know you're alert. Gary about personally ever made any long runs in the car. We'll have the one that was nineteen hours went -- -- -- portal from Lake Charles to Greensboro on North Carolina house I was at nineteen dollars when I pulled over. My son -- and Amarillo which is sixteen dollars and we drive that pretty regularly you know. Thank you Gary and lady -- -- -- 851 more calls we come back Evan says he is a truck driver will find out what he has to say Michael. Says he drove from Long Island to Houston to deliver a load on of these drivers Dave in -- they push and push truck drivers. Earl another truck driver hang on please who -- -- here which you -- say. Now -- when he would have Robinson's. Look at evidently well traffic. Exactly talking about driving in his accident that almost guilty Seymour and -- one other person. Wal-Mart and then drivers seem to be distance himself -- each other's decades then it's then it's then it's them. So we talking about driving and and the longest drive you've never taken out you know when it's time to pull over. And if your truck driver do you feel like there's too much pressure on Dave in Metairie has been holding mediator under the W. Yeah Internet radio -- Internet radio down and they'll come back and Kevin says he's a truck driver I don't Kevin. Again Dave was battery and I -- Tommy but it it doesn't matter world in this together what's up. Basra and then too much. A little bit truck driving in. Like -- -- with the electronic dog and more calm and including Wal-Mart. Mostly chemical properties in the -- -- that they can only outlaws. And those guys -- likes them now days and apathetic electorate weary. Want to houses -- -- off. In which are reported to copy of people Mario was like that -- don't take that third and great New -- trouble. -- in terms of eleven hours and and who do what happens after eleven hours truck shut down they have to explain it like well. And it's stuck in traffic so now I'm trying to find a place to pull over and rest. What is the final -- poll. Released -- for ever come there and leave -- Let voted that -- out those out of work within. And that it. You know like me on the ground -- Law and also the time in a week it was to limit. You know working long hours then you know you home every night. Plans like I animal -- driver I don't you know that our -- Proper -- in -- closely. In Ottawa -- you know try to optical or anything like that a dedicate mob mob mob week to work. Laid out yeah I think part of this conversation to Kevin AG say that is bus drivers because. -- -- like you know to take a trip to Hawaii last year and a lot of times you you get on these buses and -- -- to these narrow winding roads way up a mountain and it's the same as an airline piloting -- -- and their hands. I ran out and I'm glad you're responsible need do you suppose it will continue to talk about this next hour here on hold state there that -- W.

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