WWL>Topics>>6-11-14 10:10am Scoot: on secondhand smoke and gun control, hour 1

6-11-14 10:10am Scoot: on secondhand smoke and gun control, hour 1

Jun 11, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about the smoking ban near schools and whether guns should be more tightly controlled.

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Good -- got -- in fort -- there's a lot of construction. In this dvds feared traveling this dvd today year probably for next week's. Covering a lot of patience with you because there are hilarious even pointers that go to to a 21 lane very convenient. I became -- spurs -- -- moved to San Antonio is here briefly there. The team -- expert Stan I didn't expect this last night spurs absolutely dominated. The Miami Heat in Miami. Won eleven in 92 to ticket to a 21 lead in this series I mean did that. The shooting was unbelievable but what really impressed me. Is the -- San Antonio passes the ball they're very selfless team and I've thought where's the it was great. I thought for sure Miami words when the first game back in Miami but the first one. Yesterday it was a primary day and there is continuing to be a battle for the direction of the Republican Party which I've talked -- lot. High it's moderate verses of being more conservative. And there's the Tea Party influence. This is being called a political earthquake. Yesterday the primary house majority leader in cancer Republican from Virginia. Lost his seat. To a professor David -- Respect for the Tea Party. David -- -- with 56% of the vote -- with 44% of the vote cantor had millions of dollars. Compared to like 200000 dollars for effort -- a pretzel. A lot of people are reading a lot in that is I think it's too soon to read too much into this. One thing that you need to know is Eric commanders seem to take his position program. He was doing more to campaign for other Republicans in Washington wasn't even in his district for the election history I think he thought he was issue. And I think he he he got beat however there are going to be those who were gonna re delighted to Davis -- it was not conservative enough. Happens is people don't stop and think this is that this is one district in Virginia. And it may be in part because. -- -- At the more moderate candidate. It did not campaign strongly enough. But a lot of people are going to. Saying well this brings the tea parties. Is is being controlled the Republican Party -- -- not conservative enough -- the party needs to move to the right. If this does happen. And there will be -- temptation for people to buy into this because this is going to be echoed in the media all over the place. I think it's going to be at stake in the Republican party's gonna have a hard time winning the winning the White House -- we're gonna talk about the shooter. This teacher tenure. Which students at a disadvantage. Of this really becomes part of a bigger discussion unions rejecting California ruled that a teacher tenure is unconstitutional. Because the end result is a significant number of grossly ineffective teachers. Are teaching our schools. The judge ruled that because California's tenure laws allow ineffective teachers to retain permanent employment. Annie's features are largely employed in poor and minority school districts. And the laws violate. The fundamental rights and equality for the students in education. Do you agree with this there was talk about unions in general when I was thinking about this last night. A little research in two Ronald Reagan busting up the air traffic controllers union in 1981 -- which. Inaugurated in January of 1981. And one accused biggest accomplishments in office was busting your traffic controllers union and it happened in the summer of 1981. So early in his his first term. Really midway through his first year the president really did well along to diminish the power of unions will talk more about that later in the show. Also we were gonna talk about this yesterday but a couple of things that came -- so. Did get a chance to give the initiative talk about it. Baby boomers and janitors. What is it that you -- tell younger generations today. About. What you had to deal with -- every generation thinks it. They're generation. Had to go through tough times compared to the new generation which is pampered and spoiled I think back in my parents' generation. My parents' generation thought we were spoiled. But the baby boomers were spoiled pampered generation. Now the baby boomers aren't into establishment. What is it that we -- tell them. Younger generation today about what we had to deal. It's going to be interesting because if you were part of the younger generation. The -- gonna come when you're gonna wanna tell a different generation all the stuff that you had to deal with that they don't have to deal with anymore. And once thought immediately came to mind which was how we have to get up and walk over and and in turn the TV if -- your turn the TV channel. And if you try to beat the commercial she got -- standards leaving the commercials are over and that switch back to the other channel it and keep it -- forced its -- which is really convenient. So we'll talk about that later this year also I noticed something -- in -- and I think they all do disputes in and does something and I think all the major networks do -- it is very very misleading. It is something that you might not notice. But is -- somebody who continues to studied mass media and society it's -- doing -- talk about that you know little bit later. Also what you're smoking -- stop people from smoking. Is the smoking ban that is is going to affect your Louisiana. -- prevent smoking within 200 feet of elementary secondary schools. Is this going to have any impact at all is just gonna. Chain smoking habits is this gonna somehow make it better because will be young kids might not be exposed to smoking because she can't smoke within. 200 yards of me 200 feet of an elementary or secondary school is is this important legislation or is it absolutely meaningless. We'll talk about that and this group blog today -- -- -- VW -- on his son is is about this about meaningless legislation which I'd I'd want to talk about. Politicians often give us the feeling that they're really doing something about a problem -- something can look good on paper or can sound good when you when you talk about the deal with the legislation. The new law. But if you really think about it. Many laws just really are not gonna have the impact they're supposed to hat and yet politicians walk away patting themselves on the back thinking. Well at least we tried to do something about this problem we did we we ban smoking within 200 feet of an elementary or secondary school. We think about it is that really going to manifest. The change. Did you think it's going to dance we'll talk about -- national. After the school shooting at Portland yesterday morning. President Obama said. America should be ashamed. Because this country has gotten. Iran. Has not gotten tough enough. On gun restrictions. That we should be ashamed because we have not gotten tough enough on gun restrictions. White House to meet President Obama said if public opinion does not demand change in congress. He will not change. President Obama said this country has to do some soul searching a practice. He also said it's not a mental health issue. The president said the problem is easy access to guns and large amounts. Of ammunition. Congress needs to pass gun control legislation. Do you agree with President Obama. And how do you think stricter gun control laws. Would prevent. School shootings like -- what happened yesterday. But the one that happened last week is Seattle -- -- -- -- an article last night. -- that there had been seven before school shootings. Almost one a week. Since. Sandy hook. So what's the problem here is it -- for stricter gun control. What's the problem do you agree with the president. That this country needs to stand up and no longer stand for this. And demand that congress pass stricter. Gun control legislation. If you enjoyed our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's Saturday. Attacks oversee 7870. -- -- it for garlic and we'll be right back on WW well. You know really wasn't planning -- talking about guns again today yesterday the news was breaking dollars in a year for Garland. About the shooting and suburban area of the Portland Oregon. And we talked about it yesterday I didn't think we talk about it today but now that the president has said something about this site feel compelled to to talk about this. President Obama said that America should be ashamed and in making comments in the aftermath of the shooting in in Portland here's part of what the president had to -- Are rumbles of gun violence are. Off the charts there's no. Advance -- country on earth that would put up with -- us. And the president said the main issue is not a health issue. Is not about mental health. Said the problem is easy access to guns and large amounts of ammunition. -- said that the people in this country should demand that congress passed stricter gun legislation. Do you agree with the president if you and enjoy an issue with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seven or text a -- 7870 -- blog today is -- Louisiana's newest smoking ban is meaningless. And that's on our website at WW -- dot com. It's about the of the new band. That. -- governor Jindal has signed that makes it illegal to smoke within 200 feet of an elementary or secondary school. And I think this really ties in to gun control legislation. I'm not sure how passing this legislation passing stricter gun control legislation or. A passing a stricter smoking bans I don't see how this is gonna actually change behavior. And yet I think what the president says elected governor Jindal doing I think they're just doing things to appease. The voters because voters don't thing. Voters don't think beyond the rhetoric. And how -- these things gonna really change behavior. Here's a -- to -- -- project opinion -- so. Will stricter gun control laws prevent school shootings where shootings anywhere. Give us your opinion by going to our web site of an appeal to come on the wheel tractor pull from Russia gave -- coming -- here just few minutes. On -- you're on WW well good morning. It's allowed me to. -- on revenue though an animal being -- and collect. And feel these kids today unveiled automobiles at school without -- we've -- this school it's cool -- taken. The value. Outside the school with truly fortunate to try to go a delightful in April in the when he wants to take go. And all the than their their -- cases where kids just pull up to the school -- individual just pulls up to the school for example. And and desert of mass shooting -- and again this was not a man shooting in terms of the numbers that we're. Unfortunately used to hearing one person was killed in as a person teacher was injured and then the gunman apparently took his own life. But they're there are people who just pull up at the school is so I mean I think you bring up a good point. Although you know I went to grammar school with kid I didn't have a car when I was in grammar school in junior high school but. When kids were old enough to drive I was I was in school where a lot of kids had cars had brand new cars and aren't they could have done the same thing they're. I think what's changed. News. The mentality in this country. That the other thing is -- -- ammunition. I don't doc does a law is not I drank little and call it at a remote and now and they talk about Oakland. And they think they online call Cunningham and it should put the -- and it took what they gonna do well. Are a lot of countries don't go on but the country -- trouble and analytical. This exit this is exactly what the NRA -- because the NRA is so tied to gun manufacturers and those who manufacture. Companies that manufacture ammunition this country that. The NRA never never saw a good skier he didn't laws and and does what he -- to perpetuate the fear. That the government's gonna take your guns. But yet they're really have been no signs that the government is gonna come get your guns even with the talk stricter gun control laws. And even when there was an assault weapons ban in effect and there are. Were no real attempts by the government to come get people's guns -- personally so I think this is hysterical. On irrational fear that a lot of people bought into an -- I appreciate tickets under color show. If you wanna join us this morning numbers 2601872. All free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text ever it's insanity except here's a text today it is in just a mental health issue. But that's a component. Need to. -- It's designate and improve. Access to therapy. And counseling while also working on gun control. Again I'm I'm a little confused. I'm a little confused as to how. Stricter gun control. Is going to actually prevent guns from being in the hands of people who don't care about laws anyway. And it seems to me that win with a gun laws we have in effect now. A lot of people have gotten guns. Legally. But that does it mean that they use them responsibly. If you gonna join our show this morning numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. Texas a 77 I think President Obama makes a really good point when he does say. This country has to do some soul searching about this. But to beat the soul searching is not a doubt stricter gun control. The soul searching is about individuals. And the mentality that we have in this country. There are a lot of guns in Canada. Canada's a country that was. That was raised on guns hunting gators. I don't know arguably is is big in Canada as it is here in America. And yet you can go right across the border you can go from Detroit. To Windsor Canada. Right across the border. And gun deaths dropped dramatically. So it's not the availability of guns in my opinion. It seems to me that. There we have developed. A propensity. To use guns. -- hysteria in this country about gun control. And people are just too willing to use a -- to settle a problem and unfortunately I think that is. I think that has become an American problem. And actually sent. I think if you gave guns to people in Japan for example. Or England. There might be some some increases in the number of deaths. I don't think it would be like it is and United States. I don't think it's that the availability of guns as much as it is. We use guns may -- not you or me but as a country they're far too many people who use guns. To settle problems and we talked about this the last couple of days. This idea if you can't disrespect me a killing. And and we don't know what the motive is in a shooting that happened yesterday morning. Outside of Portland Oregon. -- There's a possibility that there where's. The student targeted. And it might have to do with disrespect. And this was the yesterday was the second to last day of school that is still in in school in Portland. Second the last day school so maybe this guy thought well if I don't do it now then I might not run into the -- over the summer so I better do it now. So again I'm just. I I don't know what the that the reason is but. It it seems to me that quite often these are there aren't there either specific targets. Or there are people who -- Just targeting society in general like the -- they -- shooters which we talked about yesterday. Trying to exact there hate for the government against society in general. But I agree with President Obama this country has to do some soul searching about this about school shootings. But I disagree. That. It's gonna be stricter gun control legislation. It's going to make the change is necessary. If you wanna join -- show with a comet -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text numbers like 7870. Also do smoking -- stop people from smoking. Does -- keep kids from trying cigarettes. Governor Jindal has signed a bill into law that bans smoking within 200 feet of Louisiana elementary and secondary schools will this work or is this just feel good legislation. And again I think when when the president talks about gun control and win it people make an effort to two bans smoking here and there. Does this does this really work or deceit just pursue the idea that politicians are doing something about a problem. When in reality. Complacency sets in because people think something is done about the problem but nothing has really been done. To join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. All 38668890. Which every -- receipts and it's never gonna -- take to get to that's coming up next. I've coached in four -- on this beautiful Wednesday -- little on the warm side here's a Demi W elders updates with state -- Yesterday morning when I was so on the -- for a Garland they were sued news breaking of these shooting that took place early in the day and a Portland Oregon outside of Portland Oregon and -- deal. Our Internet the school's second the last day of school and a student was killed a teacher was injured. And the student who is the apparent shooter apparently killed himself. And today the president is now talking about gun control legislation here's part of what the president said. A lot of people will say that you know what it was a mental health problem you know it's it's it's not a gun problem. That the US -- Does not have. A monopoly on on crazy people. Well the president's right about it. But there are deaths in other countries. They're -- Japan and their murders everywhere. But the -- the murder. By -- rate is down because guns are not Israeli available in other countries as they are here but people still murder. Murder comes from from inside not just accessibility to weapons I would agree. Big guns make it easier for people to -- Because it's impersonal. And if you and kill somebody would you bare hands -- stance somebody. You have to actually -- there warm body. Gun isn't coward's way to kill -- and you can do it from a distance but without apparently being in danger yourself. But they're always been immersed throughout time. I Hampshire Cain didn't have done pentagon would be killed Abel and I know David didn't haven't -- it would kill Goliath. So it's not fair to blame it on on guns and again I just don't understand exactly how stricter gun control. Is going to change. The culture in America. That inspires people. To use and gone to settle simple problem we talked yesterday about the two families it. But -- got into a -- Sunday night outside of a restaurant in -- but when Stanley says something derogatory to another -- a gun comes out. What is that product. Here's a text of racecar people go -- have time for soul searching regarding guns. All they need to do is read and follow the Second Amendment. This is a country of laws not of Felix. Well that's true but he DA's feelings and emotion and passion -- that intangible. Within human beings. At least people to. Commit gun to commit gun violence here is taxed doesn't the band on fully automatics and violate our rights. A should they be league should they be legal imagine the carnage if they were. What's the push to legalize them. Georgia and Russia would comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines here recently text numbers 877 here's an update on our deputy you'll pretty general opinion poll. Will stricter gun control laws prevent school shootings or shootings anywhere. 14% say yes 86% say no give us your opinion by going to -- fuel to cut. From Vanderbilt David -- WWL. Yes I want to drop -- what it is the on fortunately -- page for Serbia. In this country and all over the world and ideas that we are developing children in two adults that have -- steps of the capitol. That means that they come first. There's no change in Indiana. Worker and a total number of years and the -- is not keen sport. -- fortitude to different people that have jobs and elbow trying to have to do you but it's all about -- While I don't -- David -- I find interesting is that the baby boomer generation which is now the establishment two ways was also described years ago as the me generation -- I was focused on mean mean mean. And -- of that generation has raised a generation that even feels more as if they are entitled to things. It's a separation. And that's I had a -- a one approach each undermines that -- from. Miami. And -- which actually dale and -- not indicate in the courtroom bench Apple's. And the judges ask me what's wrong with you today and I told about it. Indonesia or 5% of the people -- -- suffer from and try. David and I don't disagree with that I think it's a legitimate point and entitlement by the way transcends socio economic downed trees. -- people aren't. -- our our developing this feeling of entitlement regardless of where they -- society David I'm I'm I'm going to call. Not only is an entitlement but yesterday have -- a talk briefly about. The other factor here is I believe that pierce -- -- this idea that that we are society based on instant gratification. We can weaken demand instant gratification when it comes to anything. You want something you get it now. You wanna settle problem is -- now. You've got a problem was somebody -- could you got a gun you can take out a gun and you can settle it now I don't have to I have to deal with this in the future I'm gonna act right now. Instant gratification is taking care of the problem right here. And right now. From New Orleans -- here on WW well. 88. And -- switchers speaking about with the smoking ban into an elementary schools and secondary school. I think the question you -- the -- not really going to be smoking. But I really think that's what the intention. Of you know about the pain and I work at the position that the hospital system are -- and you know we they'll shoot out the system. As a ban smoking within certain. Attempt of the hospital. And patience to understand harmful effects expert in hole and walked out half the size of those go beyond that point and let the cigarette. And I think you'll keep the same thing happening at school now but I think it's really addressing. It is. Should be you know children walking out of schools or -- Art teachers or parents should they have to -- in the second hand smoke. Of people in that area I think I think a lot of people work and I'll just feel the same way. You'll walk out more of your cost or school. And after -- secondhand smoke -- -- -- and non smoker and I think you know a statistically speaking -- we can't. Ranked around thirty to 37 and number people aren't a bullet number adults aged and older are. And I think that's about and I think it's 1% of people so yeah 80% of people who don't wanna be read in. And in other people look and therefore I think that's really more of what the the -- dropped. -- gonna have to get your break -- before which ago I have great respect for you as a doctor and your perspective on this that this topic but are you really concerned about the impact of secondhand smoke. In the open air like outside of the school. What does that mean prior cabinet and it hospital here in New Orleans. -- out pretty -- will walk out. And -- didn't suffer any specific health problems. Action I am I'm asthmatic and I had issues that Syria mean specifically not how Russian -- you're. But asthma attack but it. You know issues that so I think you know there obviously bigger picture here to address but I think it's a step in the right direction. Erica appreciate you calling are showing direct to get to a break here if you are mostly witness our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Recently Texas 87870. I grew up with parents and they smoked in the car and in the summertime the windows were rolled up. And air conditioners on in wintertime and it winds rolled up and he was on -- -- those days in the fall the spring when the air when the air was getting into the car and a smoke was flowing out but. But other than that which correlate to -- or smoking. I was trapped in a hole with two parents who are so elegant apartment building downtown. And people smoke right outside the entrance. -- -- supposed to -- Some people do. I'm just not -- that concerned about secondhand smoke particularly in the open air. I'm studio for Garland will be right back WL. Coming -- gonna talk about a ruling in California that could have an impact here in Louisiana and everywhere where there's a debate about teacher tenure. This judge in California ruled that teacher tenure is unconstitutional. Because it affects students particularly. A -- students. -- talk about that and resign and that really broadens the discussion to unions in general should you be protected in your job by a union. Studio for Garland. -- -- -- today's title to Louisiana its new smoking ban is meaningless that's my opinion you can read and share with others it's on our website at WW -- dot com. And -- era we're talking about. The temptation to use legislation to manifest change what I'm not really sure. And the legislation does. Has the impact that it supposed to have -- were also talking about President Obama now saying after the shooting yesterday outside of Portland Oregon at a at a high school. That America and it should be ashamed. And that Americans need to put more pressure on congress to pass stricter gun control legislation. I've got a lot of text of a two year Tex coming up here in just a moment if you would join us for the comet are numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. Series every Texas 877. I guess it that the broad question is. Exactly how do you think stricter gun control legislation. Is going to cut down on gun violence from New Orleans Carmen -- under the WL. They attract shot a lot. Utley and -- at -- that Cheney. Our rating concern. By -- -- is. That you can't what personal. Study. -- Actually what you are. Like to be here but maybe. He. You show where this Carmen. Ours has clearly lost contact and that happens especially with cellphone so -- -- year but still listing him articles -- Fisher thought to have oil mainstay of here's a Texan -- scoot out of 30000 gun desks in the US a last year how many were done. By legally obtained guns and what percentage -- Stein. By black on black slugs or gang related the school shootings account for. About 100 prefer percent however they're highly publicized. And overshadow the others that certainly is true. But when something is over publicized in the media it tends to present an echo chamber effect. On in society. And it was something is elevated to. Like a school shooting for example. Which again did this it gets more attention then then that other debts and and it's it's sad because every death is a death. But then people start buying into this area. And I just don't account but I don't I just I don't know if it's fair to buy into the hysteria I don't think that I don't think that helps solve the problem. And did this idea events. And there's black on black crime scene where it's true. Most of the people who were killed. Have a criminal record. And most of the most of the people who. Kill people have a criminal record the majority. And they actually know each other. There's -- kind of relationship this year. Sold the gun violence in the streets as done as random. As it is trait sometimes it's not a threat to everybody it's a threat to people in certain neighborhoods of more than in other neighborhoods. But also I just am not sure if the president is right that stricter gun control. Is going to somehow all cut down on gun violence because those who wanna get guns illegally are not gonna pay attention to the laws anyway. But I do agree with the president when he says that America needs to do a lot of soul searching on this. Because it's it's what's in our hearts and minds. Not the availability of guns in my opinion I'd scoot him for Garland ability decadent treat -- well. So after the shooting -- high school outside of Portland Oregon yesterday morning which we talked about -- the president now says -- We need stricter gun control and an American needs to stand up and force congress to. -- to change the laws I don't see how that's that's gonna really help out. Here's a Texan -- -- I am a combat veteran of the Afghan war and a proud American and also responsible gun owner harder. I rarely use my firearm to hunt and protect my family. How is taking away guns from people like me going to fix the problem. It's a small small percentage of people doing this crime start putting people to death real death not sit on death row for twenty years and die of old age. There is no accountability. It's a family reunion for many of these criminals. Interesting point from you lowest earlier and WL. -- dying on. A control. Issue. Well we my opinion of it is that we've been added that media spread around while I -- -- -- Brett Myers. -- -- other than that say about Obama. But. As far as smoking raised in acting basing you mother on the in an excess of three -- as it -- at least seven acres seven in the seven children in the and at the end of the date to an anonymous. Any. Issue. I vote I need to quit. But it might secondhand cigarette smoke out in open public tired back. Charlie I I totally agree with that and in this idea of the banning smoking in parks I think it's part of the hysterical crusade against smokers and I'm not a smoker I'm not promoting smoking but let's use common sense here. Yeah how -- it this study did there you. -- the most recent. Study aren't that. Effects of secondhand cigarette smoke where 199500. Dollar GE. Numerous star. I've got to get to a news -- I appreciate the call I have not seen it. That many conclusive studies that indicate it second hand smoke really as the problem some people think it is Arnold talk about the media and we'll get back to your calls coming up next on W well.