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6-11-14 11:10am Scoot: on secondhand smoke and gun control, hour 2

Jun 11, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks smoking near schools and whether guns should be more tightly controlled.

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Good morning I'm scoots in fort Garland today and tomorrow -- Dubuque will be here and think tank on Friday -- and I found out today I'm going to be working for Angela. Authority from one -- -- that you will continue to do this crucial and I think offered to visit and it last night off it was sit back and watch the of the NBA championship game. The spurs were unbelievable. I did not expect them to be eaten away. In Miami's a series. Now the spurs lead two games to one I'd really did not expect that to happen. The spurs to me are earned one of the greatest passing teams I've ever seen they put on a clinic. When it comes to passing it also shows that the team is very selfless. Are coming up in the next we'll talk about baby boomers it -- -- what are you gonna tell younger generation about your generation. What are you gonna tell younger generation which they had that made compared to what you had to deal. Every generation thinks that there generation had a tough compared to young generations -- we'll talk about it. Coming up in the next hour we were gonna talk about it yesterday but some other things came -- some breaking news Portland and we get to two today in the next hour. On the school shooting yesterday. Outside of Portland which part of our discussion yesterday and today President Obama has now said. That. This country should be ashamed of itself. In America needs to stand up. And demand that congress passed stricter gun control laws here's part with the president it's. The country doesn't do some soul searching about for us. This is becoming the norm. And we take it for granted. We hit it in ways that. As a parent are terrifying to me. I agree with the president this country needs to do some soul searching but to -- that has nothing to do with gun control. It's more about. That the person. And octagon. And murders happened in every country are realistic guns make it very easy to kill. But I wasn't planning -- talking about yesterday but since the president did make these comments about going to -- just think it's so sad that politicians use tragedies. To try to advance indigent. And I wonder if the president really believes in his heart and mind. That stricter gun control was gonna really change anything in America. Or if it's just something that he says as a politician. In the same way that I don't think -- the -- -- legislature Bobby Jindal. Actually think that banning smoking within 200 feet of an elementary or secondary school. Is good -- really cut down on smoking is gonna make -- society any safer and yet. A law has now gone into effect the governor signed a deal yesterday it's it goes into effect immediately you can't smoke within 200 feet of an elementary school. Or a secondary school. I mean is this really gonna solve any problems. And I'm just I'm. I growth with smoking parents. I'm just not that concerned about about secondhand smoke in the open. And there are so many anti smokers in the American cancer association and they've been so many groups and organizations. They have created such hysteria. About smoking and I'm not a smoker and I'm not promoting smoking. But it is something that is legal. And I just I don't -- secondhand smoke. I go to bars go to clubs. As a nonsmoker. And they're smoking. Now I realize that some people were bothered as dramatically with smoke I understand that but people are also bothered by -- So we don't talk about Danny perfume because that doesn't fit into the political social agenda that that some people have to did out smoking to pass these laws. The -- applaud today's title Louisiana's new smoking ban is meaningless. And I think there's -- this temptation for voters to accept. And it's real change. Laws that really aren't going to to change things I don't see how this this law that bans smoking within 200 feet of -- an elementary or secondary school is really gonna change anything. It's a new WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning do you think secondhand smoke. Is a real health threat and you may disagree with I don't think it's a health threat that so many people seem to think it's. I live in a building downtown and -- people who were not supposed to smoke quite the interest but sometimes people smoking right near the entrance. But I think in the open air like that just don't I don't sense that's that's a threat. But anything associated with smoking gets gets a lot of attention because there are so many anti smoking crusaders. In this country and what people shouldn't smoke. I'm not promoting smoking. Again I just I don't think that is voters we should applaud politicians for passing laws that really don't mean anything that really don't change anything. Although it makes it seem as if something's gonna change. You can read -- blog and share with others it's on our website at WW real dot com. And we -- update on our WW property general people come and appear in just a few minutes also this -- -- gonna talk about a teacher tenure. It's a disadvantage to teachers according to a judge in California and this could have implications here in Louisiana where this debate goes -- This California judge ruled yesterday. That. Teacher tenure. Is unconstitutional because the end result is a significant number of grossly ineffective teachers. Are teaching. Primarily. Poor minority school districts. Is he right. -- California's tenure law unconstitutional. And do you think it tenured teacher should keep his or her job. Because of tenure and doesn't this bring up the bigger question about unions protecting jobs as opposed to work performance. Protecting jobs. I'm shooting for -- if you are join us with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. -- number is 8787. Up from Covington Matt you're Debbie WL. And we're beginning which your your ignorant on -- facts are I wish certainty -- -- -- -- The group that you'd think with -- broken hand and now. Our users to give your real it's -- on the PR record -- positions I would. The primary choreographer for in the mid ninety's with all -- the -- the more -- the case that was brought up by North Carolina AG. By smoking so I spent hundreds of hours which into -- politics. On the effects of secondhand smoke. I -- her record and the chemical truck and no specific they're acting on an opinion. About secondhand smoke in you don't even trust means. I'm not I'm not gonna what's your insult me man I don't have to know chemically about everything I'm talking about a lot of firsthand experience with myself and and when I grew up. Now I respect what you have -- what you have witnessed I understand about carcinogens but you know there's no reason to criticize because somebody doesn't know all the scientific specific chemicals involved in secondhand smoke. Because most of the people have an opinion about sickness smoke don't know about the specific chemicals either. -- -- I mean there's an important opinion poll out an opinion it's -- -- ten. My opinion is -- form based on my life and I grew up smoking parents certain. Anecdotal but I have read studies and I've I've realized that there are a lot of people who believe. It's secondhand smoke. Causes cancer. Medical industry. And of I. -- -- on second and smoke and it -- Well itself if it's secondhand smoke is that powerful and there should be even more people dying of cancer every year. -- hundred people there shoot I said there should be more. In a nation in a nation of 340 million and there should be more people who died it second hand smoke is a powerful. You know why there because in the fifties and the sixties. OK if that number it would we're back now what happened woods. Route it through government regulation we put -- sign on cigarettes okay. But it secondhand smoke think about all the people think about the millions and millions and millions of people every day who were exposed to secondhand smoke. There's concerns you. There should be more people who were drop in -- there are people -- there I didn't say that I said there should be more people dropping to. Should be more people that's certainly -- in -- in -- I didn't know I did not -- the net I did not do that in years years. You're using the process of selective listening. I said people. Have a problem. We have with us the smell of perfume when it comes to asthma and other things here for. That the talk about banning that because it affects their asthma doesn't equal to talk about banning secondhand smoke but I did not ever. Compared secondhand smoke. -- -- We're gonna have to get a break yourself to move Pulitzer. Is. Which really quickly talk about that Obama has not -- it in an exporter would. By six years it. To restrict guns and yet and I want talking about. But you know -- -- on our iPhone myself -- equipment in what he's wrong. We're going count count your apartment and unity again in elections -- -- and Lance is what is wrong -- saying you know I itself. Gone out of my actual unsure if anybody had any repercussion whatsoever. Why do you think I don't agree with. Why do you think I don't agree I agree with -- But I still don't think that passing stricter gun legislation it's gonna take guns out of the hands of people who have problems or who don't have. The but I agree that not everybody should had a gun and talk about talked about this at length yesterday. Certainly very social contract that we have with our government is president -- to look at -- -- -- greater good. And the president. It's presiding over 300 million people and thank you politicizing. When he's worried about constituents -- -- an alarming rate because they're -- you -- I got a huge political life. I've got to get to break here brick at a point out something about what you just said. That's your opinions her. If you -- to join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 8668890. It's Saturday. Our -- number is 87870. Hears it takes every second hand smoke affects every one perfume doesn't. Appointed as if if perfume affects some people then. And it's of people were also affected by the asthmatic effects of secondhand smoke why isn't there more talk about banning perfume. But again -- we've we've become hysterical about certain issues in this country this last caller was a classic example of somebody who were her only what he wants to hear. And not what's actually sent. On scooter for garlic and we'll be right back in your comments -- to be WL. We have got into a big discussion about second hand smoke and I am not. Denying. Much of the research that has been done. But in open air there are no as far as I know there are no studies. That directly linked. Health issues. With people who smoke in open -- situations. Then again. My generation group with with parents who smoked in the car windows rolled up smoked a -- thought nothing of it. Here is a text. That reads. Sorry you were wrong. On he caters facts matter truths supersedes any opinion. Please be humble and admit this you'll feel better not well not gonna feel better about something that I don't agree with. -- it is an opinion. That President Obama is right. When he talks about stricter gun control that is absolutely an opinion. And nobody can explain to me. Technically. Logistically. How -- new gun control law. Any new gun control law. Is going to stop things like the school shooting and that's what President Obama was reacting to -- you've just joined us. The president said things like America should be ashamed and I agree with that. He said if if he set out in the tweet from the White House if public opinion does not demand change in congress he will not change. And -- that America's need to stand up and demand stricter gun control for congress said this after the the school shooting yesterday outside of Portland which we talked about yesterday on the show. He said the main issue is not -- health. The problem is easy access to guns and large amounts of ammunition. He says congress needs to pass gun control legislation to me that's playing politics. And I just don't understand how technically. That's gonna actually manifest change I do agree with the president when he says this country has to do some soul searching about tennis. But the soul searching house to do with behavior. And not the availability of guns. -- Guerrero Michelle Yeoh -- WL. -- -- Let her that I like to come up slightly public crowd probably -- -- Just -- And honesty -- never slept in -- How in my car and I smoldering. And didn't want my budget support left. Michelle and I I notice a lot of a lot of smokers in public like I might be at a bar nightclub and -- if I'm sitting next to somebody I've had people ask me. Do you mind if I smoke even though. I couldn't see anything about it because they can legally smoke there. Thanks -- and probably actually. And were up three and street to house. -- streak to certain interest and the interest. To what you can count good -- on -- front porch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- particularly in Atlanta every day to try to look at me Schilling Beckett slept on the old imports. Well that's the other problem that's the problem this official who's gonna walk around with a tape measure and what every citizen has the concept of what 200 feet years. And technically is anybody gonna be arrested if they thought if the laws in effect that it should be. It should be on it should be enforced. What if somebody's a 176. Feet away from an entrance will they be arrested. Tactics again and change and educators -- in. It's certain to need -- and I'll try it. Out. Well -- more important than that Michelle is that I just don't. I don't understand where the evidence is that -- smoking on your porch. Is gonna affect the students or anybody walking into that school I'm -- I just listen. -- Yeah I think it might be -- best interest actually slept. -- -- However I think black kitten on -- front porch and did you actually feel like democratic people -- -- -- -- indeed polite. I don't think that can affect any. Michelle I agree with you don't like Easter time to call our show are from waves when doctor Luc you're under the WL. Hello hello doctor. Yeah just add to the -- they shouldn't. What -- -- and so. -- football on. Why did it -- -- Almost all of these medical. Put out by the they claim they put up by doctors that they. Actually put out by the pharmaceutical firms. To protect good doctors. Here the fact that you can put the pipe and smoke. And people anxious about people now. Who is the group of people. Contracts. New. Upper respiratory. Specifically lung cancer. Above everyone else. And who is at. People who quit smoking. Within two years. -- contracted. Lung cancer. And they're the highest rate of new infections. Lifted right now is that. Is that because of exposure to secondhand smoke with a residual effect of smoking for years. I'm gonna put in five and ten -- -- terms. Because I'm retired in Madison -- I'm tired of -- You've heard the old car here. If you have an old car. You don't ever -- the oil yes at a court you don't ever changing any that -- The human body the same way. Your metabolism. Has been geared toward -- -- -- consumption under certain that circumstance that. What you abruptly stop and so it is cold Turkey quitting smoking. That abrupt change in your metabolism. Triggers are many other things. And beat cancer is now aware that there's space available. While I hadn't thought about it doctor Luka got to get to news break that I appreciate you. Appreciate you calling your show and I'm sure your joining retirement in wait when -- beautiful part of the country. I've -- for -- if your -- stay with us for coming right back -- your calls and more of your text under read it to you well and here's another news updates with Steve Cohen. I'm not sure we're gonna get to this topic about teacher tenure -- gonna put that off until tomorrow I can tell what topics just a takeover and right now the topic of of the gun control the president Obama's talking about in the wake of the shooting yesterday. And airport in suburban high school. Happened yesterday while we -- on the year the president says that we need stricter gun control. And I just don't know how that's gonna actually take guns out of the hands of people who wanna commit these kinds of of crimes. Also we're talking about secondhand smoke Louisiana has a brand new law that's in effect. And -- the governor signed it yesterday goes into effect immediately it banned smoking within 200 feet of an elementary or secondary schools throughout the state. Now -- this feel good legislation or is this something that is actually going to make the world healthier. Or maybe prevent people from from smoking to join -- -- with your comment -- numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. In a text numbers activities have here's a Texan -- my son was born with severe lung disease not as. He's defenseless. He has the right to be able to go. We're we wanna go as a family. Without him being assaulted by smoke from an individual who has chosen to participate in dangerous habit perfume is not dangerous. Why should -- -- take importance. Over the consideration of others. -- -- I'm sorry I can sympathize with you for for what you're dealing with Wilkerson is it's OK god bless -- -- your son. What about exhaust smoke what about a lot of other things. Again I'm not a smoker. And not promoting smoking. But I also think that there's so much energy. Our surrounding the hysteria. That energy. That goes into banning smoking. For example within 200 feet of a school. That I don't think that we spend that energy in the right direction. And I realize that I'm a very small sample group by families are very small sample group. But if I opened up the lines to everybody who grew up with parents who smoked at home and spoke -- -- -- car. And with a win patrols up and doesn't have any problems today suddenly. That test group becomes a lot larger. From New Orleans Mary your Adobe WL. Can't promote. I have a couple thing it's -- But and it. I'm gonna switch to real quick the compact unit and data and again I think -- -- Yes. Picked up and yeah I agree that. Went out to establish both it's gonna -- in -- beat down. -- hope that that kind of keep me from Vulcan at all. And it is -- feel good at all but if we are going to start getting it every that'll get cute little law failed -- that would generate the pulpit to my health. -- I went into the very volatile that well. And they get so much chemicals and mania from the being politically definitely I think. It not be in trouble you know like I don't know what they hit pretty -- but it was a volatile thing was no relation. Mean it was felt -- -- that and that's now before now they go to -- the law about that. Note that doesn't that doesn't fit into the hysteria surrounds antismoking crusaders and look again I'm not a smoker are not promoting smoking but there are a lot of bad things in the world and it's not just smoking. And I think as a society we focus far too much attention. On secondhand smoke in open -- situations. Light and that was not a public about not a topic that completely sick about this very delicate over the public buildings like about. They -- it down. Downtown. I can walk from the station to hold or anywhere. And I'm gonna pass a number of different people were smoking now they might legally. The far enough away from the entrance of the building their that there and but I'm walking by. I mean do you walk across the street to -- people walk across the street if they pass somebody smoking a district like they'll they don't they walked right by. Like damn it that we can't have our fault for Asians each individual thing we have thousands of them each little situation that the problem. But the next thing I want that to my pain you know. And the next thing about the president thing about the gun. I think that if people want it to the crime. They can da -- bomb you know these little homemade -- that on some of the kind of -- into the -- I -- it. Went up like it didn't do -- but it probably would typically let me. But that felt like. Is now when these people shoot the self you know once I get the data that the bill. Apparently he's John Silvia. I would like to beat them do and -- -- Kept the week after it died. I can't think of the apple word. I -- speed they have done -- -- just the now for a deep they have -- -- -- Eight bad like -- -- do not have felt like and it went over the home full. I don't I don't think those. Sometimes that information comes out but I don't think it comes out as often as extraordinary and I'm going to talk scholarship. Are we take a break here and when we come back and -- talk about something that I of the all the vehicles but -- lot of talk about something that the CNN did yesterday. And I'm sure all the networks to -- I know they do. But I just caught CNN doing it yesterday and it's something that you need to be aware of it is part of this understanding the relationship between this media. And society. I'm scrutiny for Garland we're talking about the president's comments about gun control saying that this country needs to stand up. And this country needs to demand that congress passed stricter gun control laws. Here's part of what the president said. Are rumbles of gun violence are. Off the charts there's no. Advance to no country on earth that would put up. What this. Louisiana's new smoking ban loss. Is meaningless. In my opinion it's a new law that goes into effect immediately signed by governor Jindal I believe yesterday. And it bans smoking within 200 feet of an elementary or secondary school is second -- really made. Everybody healthier is -- gonna change anybody from from smoking is gonna have any impact on the kids. That's a -- of Euro project looked on that's the -- blog at www.com. And here's our opinion poll. Do you think secondhand smoke is a real health threat. 71% say yes and 29% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. A way to get back to a more of your text articles are just a moment I want to mention -- and saw yesterday on on CNN. Was watching coverage of the shooting at the high school just outside of Portland second the last day of school. Astute apparently goes in shoots a student -- teacher. And then goes to the restroom and kills himself that's apparently what happened according to police. We don't know the name of the shooter and we have no idea about motive yet if it has come out since I've been on the air then I haven't heard about it yet. But I often talk about how the media. Quite often. The media always. Exaggerate stories. Yesterday CNN. Ways was running. Are on they were re running. The video that they had -- earlier. Which said lie and get all the networks stewardess. But I just happen to notice that CNN is doing it yesterday. So they re running this video. That's his life. And happened the very. Right hand corner. Faintly written. Is recorded earlier. Gorgeous says earlier. That's very very -- They could do a better job of blocking out life at the top and at the bottom they've got live in two spots like this -- -- They want you to think it's live because that's more compelling. And I I have to -- there's a way to me where are they still walking out of the school -- walked out of the school earlier. But it's presented -- something it's lied to get your attention. The 'cause that's the goal of the -- To get the biggest possible audience. And so when I see this it's I think it's really -- deceiving I don't know if there's any regulations are opposed the can be passed to prevent it. But in the meantime just be Smart enough as a viewer. To understand that that's their motive to make you think that this is alive continuing coverage and it's not. It's a replay. Of what they showed early but they don't really want you to know that it was earlier because they've got that. That timeline -- -- date the idea that it was done earlier they've got that hidden away in a court. Costs from -- Kirby you're a -- WL. They're -- they're from its history is my friend mr. Kirby how are you sore. Terrible today one on the call you wanna get off the arrow can't. Good English war has thrown few were in all of my tale to tell. Submit that they'll do it. You accepted the border. In about the elusive leader role Arctic elusive hero. I'll be congratulated. The in picture on the order and it -- -- -- such a big mistake. Did he should. But I did did. -- -- -- -- Opponents did -- about you smoke and I never spoke -- cigarette lives. And don't look -- All of -- everywhere in the -- have been around vocal -- And I are going I don't know well no no problem. I don't know cancer. On the put -- And I did -- you right now I don't know why. But doesn't look at war talk about. Well as some of the call you when -- get austere and I'll break tendencies are you doing. You know what I've got a low just to talk to me. You know that the people who voted. Look what the relative to collect Philippines India. VA hospital. And that's out equations. And I ended its he had darker arcade game go I don't know -- Should they take no way. Probably -- -- situations. -- -- -- And look at mister -- I'll I'll talk to about it -- around touchy but that would I get off the year under your story on time -- does a veteran isn't. -- Brian L in this ball to. This. I never woke up and running and I have -- -- And all although. They help people. Is it an answer and I don't want it don't have can't turn our focus should read the whole lives. All right when mister -- you to carry yourself in oncology in just a little while. When nationalistic Grachev -- ball very little bit. But. -- our -- you later. All right I'm going to -- This -- to Kirby. And 92 year old World War II vet who. One night calls -- show and with the help of others like helped him get to the World War II museum and lecture gone -- as often as I I care if your policy witness unsuited for Garland and we'll be right back on VW -- After the shooting at the high schools in a suburb of Portland Oregon yesterday morning a President Obama says they America needs to stand up America should be ashamed. America -- demands to demand that congress pass stricter gun laws. Is that really gonna solve the problem the president said it's not a mental health issue. Is -- the problem is easy access to guns and large amounts of ammunition. This doesn't even sound like a responsible state and it's it's that is totally politicizing the issue. And I think that's wrong also talking about smoking bans did they really cut back on smoking and the subject of secondhand smoke has come up. -- it's an update on -- WTO project by opinion poll do you think secondhand smoke is a real health issue. A 68% say yes and 33% say no here's a -- I disagree with you -- secondhand smoke is harmful. But I agree with you that the law is just a feel good law. And from the -- Leon -- to be WL. He. -- -- -- yeah. I had com and Abrams who. My we don't whose -- now might vote. So -- it was one. -- -- And not -- them and. Okay and we have eight feet to vote in -- tag and a random. Publish it in the -- litany the end all -- nation's economy and and they -- and equipment. These remote unions say yet as well that we can't -- now. You know. Shut them out smoke out there. And I don't believe -- Vote -- -- stand and vote on MySpace as a load of. Me and I'm gonna have to go open. The crowd I'm I'm gonna have to get through new streak on the issue took time caller show but denying. That secondhand smoke is not healthy. It's good for. But especially in open your situations I just don't think it's the rats. That some people seem to think it is I'm -- in for girlie show continues right after that is going on mr. VW well.