WWL>Topics>>6-11-14 12:10pm Scoot: on secondhand smoke and gun control, hour 3

6-11-14 12:10pm Scoot: on secondhand smoke and gun control, hour 3

Jun 11, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks smoking near schools and whether guns should be more tightly controlled.

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Good afternoon I'm studio for Garland today and tomorrow Don Dubuque will be here and the think tank on Friday and then just on today that obvious for Angela authority afternoon from -- -- -- Angeles coming up next with a lot of great stuff I'll -- -- about that. In just a few minutes glad to win this. We're not gonna get to a today I love life radio I I've done this just about all of my life that matters for so many many years and you know I love hearing so many of -- tell me when -- irony into -- NASCAR or listening to you in a school bus or when I was getting ready for schooler I appreciate all of it. And no it doesn't make me feels it makes me feel very very otters so I'll love life review -- you never know what direction shows that are going and we've got a couple of topics take off this morning so we -- gonna put off talking about baby boomers engine sixers. And what they would like to tell younger generation we've we're gonna talk about it yesterday that there was breaking news. And we're not gonna get to a today so hopefully we'll get to that's on the show tomorrow also yesterday was a big primary day. And the battle for the direction the Republican Party continues. Should the party be more moderate or conservative one about the Tea Party. Well it was a shock. Shocking victory yesterday effect it's being called. It's being called in general a political earthquake. House majority leader Eric Cantor Republican Virginia. Lost. To a Tea Party candidate to college professor Dave brown who had just a fraction of the money that your -- And a lot of people on in the national media. Are starting to read this as you know this -- these of the tea leaves of the Republican Party not to use that as a as applied but this means that. Republicans in America want the Republican Party to go to the Tea Party what the Republican Party to be much more conservative. I don't think that's gonna help the Republican Party international race and there's nothing needed that indicates it when it comes to. Just so many different surveys and studies and ratings when it comes to the audience is watching Fox News and MSNBC there's nothing that indicates it. In my mind -- it to the Republican Party should be more conservative. Eric Cantor I think he really took this for for granite I think he just assumed that he was gonna win. And Brad had 56% of the vote cantor had 44% of the vote I believe this is the first time. Time since since like. 19100 or somewhere around that this is the first -- a long time did any house majority leader. Has lost to campaign. But -- -- was busy. Campaigning for other Republicans. He was in Washington he wasn't even in his home district in Virginia. So to read. Into this stay active Republican Party needs to become more like the Tea Party. Ortiz -- -- the Tea Party influence the party overall. I think it's too soon due to say that this is a trend because I think there were some major mistakes that Eric Cantor made. Not the least of which I don't think he was actively campaigning enough. After the school shooting in -- Portland suburb -- talked about yesterday in the show president Obama's said that America should be ashamed because this country has gotten. On too lax when it comes to pushing congress. To pass tougher gun control laws here's part of what the president had to -- A lot of people will say that the overall it was a mental health problems you know it's it's it's not a -- -- Know that there's -- Does not have. A monopoly on on crazy people. And the president's right about it I do agree with the president when he said the country has to do some soul searching about this. But the soul searching to me it doesn't focus on stricter gun control laws. It focuses on. The the the attitude of our culture. The mentality of the culture in America. I think quick use of guns is. Is kind of an American thing when it comes to the civilized world. There are guns in Canada. Candidate you -- raced on point hunting. Canada was built on guns as well you go right across the border from Canada Detroit go right across the border Windsor. Why is -- that something so close in geographical proximity. Why is it that the the gun violence drops. Dramatically. It's mentality. And there are a lot of different things going on in this country that the least of which is. People want to -- gratification. So -- take a gun to settle problem right here and right now. I still don't understand. How stricter gun laws. Will keep guns from the hands of those people who do have a mental health problem. And those people who do want to commit a crime. The president says it's not a mental health issue its access to guns and large amounts of ammunition. And the congress needs to pass stricter gun control legislation I think this is an example of the president's politicizing. A school shooting yesterday. If you wanna join our show with your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 point seven your text Amber's -- 7870. -- are talking about Louisiana's a new smoking ban goes into effect immediately the governor signed it this week. I think it's meaningless and that's the -- blog Louisiana -- smoking ban is meaningless. It banned smoking within 200 feet of any elementary or secondary school and state. Second really change anything does that really make America healthier does that -- Louisiana healthier. Who's walking around with a take pressure. And if you're within. A 155 feet of the school are you gonna be arrested. Mean if you're not gonna be arrested and why have the law in the first place. I think there is more hysteria surrounding smoking and secondhand smoke -- there should be I'm not a smoker smoking is not good point. It's really dangerous and really bad point. However. I just don't think passing a law that bans smoking within 200 feet of of a school. It is is is going to do anything as far as making kids safer are making those walking into the schools -- Here's a -- to -- a party general opinion poll do you think secondhand smoke is a real health issue. 69%. Say yes 31% say no give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com from -- -- John you're on WWL. Sure prolonged -- A -- And toward their local hospital. -- Normal people. Are. The street. Was that. -- now. Is. Short program. If it's any consolation John the doctor said he was retired. Yeah -- Quick quick stroke and or. You are -- and long and -- We use dot go back or is still. And quality. In all look at. What. John Allen asked it is I walked by people every day of my life and -- the other people doing the same thing I walked by people who were standing outside smoking. A walk right by. Now they're far enough away from the entrance of the building where they work that they're not breaking any rules but I'm walking right by him. How dangerous is their second hand smoke as I walked by in downtown. -- and -- it's just like anything else you know. There in moderate. You know -- -- it's going to be uncomfortable. But like a caller or. You know. Our. -- do all they got. The body and more just. To. Do it. But is -- is or conclusive study that it makes a real direct correlation between. Getting cancer and secondhand smoke. Answered changed. It. Well. -- So I get to. So on Pete. Not only. Smoking or hurt -- economy general. Slow to a 77 and there. -- -- -- he was. Basically you know. Oh that -- smoke spot. -- I really should. How it's changing your body. Yours wake up call. And you know. Are your card should work well or on the court should do they're trying to courts. There. Has been spoken. There. At the airline order. -- One oxygen. Not been able. John I I appreciate the call and thanks for your your insight if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Rights at any taxes -- 7870 here's a Texan -- you can't smoke 200 feet from -- school. But you can still smoke in a casino what about those employees makes no sense whatsoever. Well if there allow smoking at a casino and you don't wanna be around a smoke then don't work in a casino. And I'm not promoting smoking and I'm I am promoting personal responsibility. I'd go to for Garland coming right back if your -- stay with us this is WWL. As gonna feel like summertime today had another hot day we don't have the rain -- cause we had yesterday. Are you just heard about that accident on I -- he's -- on you might be stuck in traffic right now and if you are is it nice to have a cellphone to call somebody and and let him know that you're stuck in traffic. I mean it was a time you know when you and I were growing up in and we couldn't do that. That's one of the things we'll talk about the show tomorrow we talk about. What Terry what people have today that they didn't have when when we were growing output. I've you're stuck in traffic will do the best we can't give you updates is not much we can do about it to eighteen wheelers involved in an accident. People just need to be more careful driving I -- in fort Garland were talking about Louisiana's newest smoking ban. I think it's meaningless I don't know that it's gonna change anything by it makes people feel as -- all -- the legislature the government did something. But they did they ban smoking now within 200 feet of an elementary or secondary school. And so that must mean they care about the children. I think it does it really gonna have. An impact -- we simply give politicians credit for passing legislation that. In reality be -- rational common sense. Is soccer really make any changes. Also President Obama is now talks in -- shooting yesterday morning with you're talking about the high school in a suburb of Portland Oregon has talked about gun control here's part of what the president said. The country doesn't do some soul searching about for us. This is becoming the norm. And we take it for granted. We hit it in ways that. As a parent are terrifying to me. I agree with the president we need to do some soul searching but it's not about stricter gun control it's about the people who use guns to commit crimes. From Algiers GO -- WWL. It. Would be great. Albany that would go Obama oh. -- will you consider. It's not just to -- We neatly back will succeed -- patient -- currency would about it a lot of people artworks. Told people. What -- of that. From international treaty but they'd be do -- what it's -- their problems. We've gone individuals people. Will be our get rocky ground. Like -- -- like the Las Vegas shooters over the weekend. Right. Like what amber here yes yeah I agree with you and that's what if there -- laws on the books. In forced a long and let's not talk about passing new laws -- his false impression that it's gonna somehow. Doesn't make me and violence go down I don't understand how that's gonna work. You -- in Iraq. Just. Notably vertical -- -- you do when it is the leaders but it's regional to help the legacy of war. To make sure. It's -- their own on all sides but you're right that. Has equipment out. -- -- -- -- Like say in Canada it doesn't happen alternate even years and -- -- ball wasn't. -- the probably the original school Burton didn't know we mean that I'd gone you don't it on the ground it's commoner like you know it's. -- in and settled out that Gandhi you can you know you need to feel -- Along. This front on clean -- UB -- -- do you do you need to get back deck out he has not been in this country it. Gun control. -- your athlete -- -- going to call the show we talked about that a little bit yesterday after the shooting. I and and the shooting also in in Las Vegas over the weekend it's -- it's it's mentality. And nobody has really explained to me how beyond just feeling good. About it -- doing something about gun violence bypassing new gun control laws. Nobody's really explained to me how those laws are gonna actually logistically in the real world. Cost less gun violence. But people who murder people in countries where guns are not readily available. They use other things so of course gun deaths are down in Japan and and England and places like that. But can kill label he did have a gun. David killed Goliath. He never go on and yours is little guy who killed this really big dude. Music it's about it would -- to -- but no he didn't he didn't need to guard. -- just it would wouldn't it be nice if it was that easy we just need to pass laws. That will cause gun violence to go down. I wish it was that easy. But that doesn't do anything to address. The heart and soul or lack thereof. Of those people who commit crimes. With guns. If you wanna join -- show the -- are numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 86688. -- here which every -- -- -- coming right back with more vehicles here just a -- again we're getting more. A reports we just had a report on the year. About the severe accidents on I twelve east balance this is around the home. Traffic is -- a complete stop there eastbound heading towards Slidell. Very serious accidents. We don't know if it's a fatality yet and but it says severe accident we used to. Two. 218 wheelers. -- involved in the in the accident and you know that's. It's gonna take a while to clean it up. Here's a text are you kidding me and we are legislating school we're legislating smoking close to schools. Why do we not legislate more important things like seat belts on school buses. Well I would I would agree with that. And again. Think about how many times we applaud politicians thinking that they've done something about a problem but they really haven't. I'm excluding for Garland will be right back into Vista BWL news update with Dave -- I love this -- from Bruno Mars. Young girls. Major -- that can help the thing about Rod Stewart winner. Here this particular song. Scott -- today's title Louisiana's new is smoking ban is meaningless. So often politicians talk about things to make voters think that they've really done something to solve a problem the problem with that is. That complacency sets it. Although now we've banned smoking it within 200 feet of an elementary or secondary school in the state so you know we've done something to protect children. When the reality I don't think that's -- make any difference. Especially when it comes to smoking and outdoor situation like that you obligated somebody's face. Is the threat really that great from secondhand smoke. -- about all the people that you pass by on a daily basis. The smoke. The smoking outside we walked by Melissa are you really that afraid. Of a secondhand smoke. And it can't be because what we don't want the kids to see people smoking because kids are gonna see people smoking elsewhere are really should come down to not bans but it should go down to personal responsibility. But voters are are really to blame for the politicians. That's. They don't do things that really make a difference because voters continue to vote for them. And put them in office -- blog is at WWL dot com food read that and share with others were also talking about two comments are made by the president after the shooting yesterday. And the high school in a suburb of Portland Oregon a more gun control. I just don't understand how logistically that's going to really cause gun violence to go to from Covington on your Adobe WL. Good day group that your yes good deal. We need an old debate years. Ago when they were talking about smoking in public -- and -- is and you you've made a comment to treated during that advertising really that they bury on people. Smoking up presented to the fact that they spent. A lot of -- The Marlboro man. And while the advertisement in the money that they can -- this of course were -- you know an effect on it and it essentially similar actions. With with kids now you have them all other around the schools smoking and it's a peer pressure thing is you -- yourself. Peer pressures due to daddy did that this is something when UCO these guys around there smoking has in fact it's. And so I mean. It's been an improvement buying. These -- in general did I was involved American can't in -- that law. I'm thrilled that I don't think it meant that would now become an annexed -- the heat and a you know the end of the world that this thing happened but people claiming it would happen I think most people wrote about the but if you look at one quick thing. What's stated that that as the leave them alone cancer. In the United States. You'd -- well they don't smoke there and so it's it's something that it's given that smoking is packed with well. Sure writer Don I'm not denying that I'm not as concerned about secondhand smoke in open areas as some people -- I think he gets tied to the hysteria about it about smoking. I'm not I'm not promoting smoking are saying that smoking is like taking your vitamins every day Noah spent. Well the thing is is spores in his peer pressure thing is -- huge. Screw the and I'm not that would. Okay what about when you go to a restaurant you gonna stop taking your kids to a restaurant because it might be somebody outside smoking. Well it's I didn't. Is -- the amount a percentage of -- Anything that you do to reduce something is applauds and as far as -- being outside around -- we're not talking about. Right now we're talking about around. You're talking about that you're talking about peer pressure and when when young kids. Let's say there's and an eight year old boy and I remember when I was saying it would not present age and I saw him teenage boy with an attractive girl. I'm sitting at a table I thought and I wanna you know wanna -- to be like that guy and be with better -- attractive woman. So if he says smoking her she smoking that I might want to imitate that behavior the point is you can't shelter your children from seeing people smoke. Of course not you can't do that but again it's a matter ever put out the amount -- frequency. And what you're seeing and. -- know there's there's no TV advertising already advertising for cigarettes. No there's not so therefore this business about being around schools and all -- formal peer pressure. It is that you're going at that day. But yes there are better to teach personal responsibility regardless of what you're exposed to winter has Arlen entertainment or smoking. You're talking about. But teaching kids in -- now you're talking about get their parents to do the moral right thing and we would like of course they'll be held out but we can't do that. Don't -- are you are you suggesting that if a parent is not gonna -- their child that smoking is bad that that's the same parent that's gonna teach their child. On the things that you want the child to be taught me but if a parent is lacking in one area apparent is probably lacking in other areas as well. I'm gonna have to get to a break but let me talkie for just to moan about advertising. It I don't think advertising in the southern I've talked about often will make you do something you don't wanna do. Advertising. Will perhaps make somebody who smokes switched to one brand or another. But slow but advertising doesn't turn people into smokers anymore that beer commercials turn people into beer drinkers. If your beer drinker it might influence you dislike one brand or another. But I don't think advertising. Makes us do anything we don't really wanna do. Know -- you've got it is it true you're in -- it's not gonna make people do it but it does so different levels of mentality out there. And so there -- some people that are are. You know -- level along that line you know the garden path program to do these things by the people that they respect and admire. To do it. He's -- at Virginia slims there -- tennis players summit in these things that. We're encouraging people to do things like -- -- this or is the Marlboro man I mean I think these are guys that you have been. -- -- -- -- today Don and they haven't been exposed to any kind of advertising and they're doing because they're doing it because I guess it's repeal I don't know why people start to smoking today. I gotta get to break -- enjoyed our conversation. Just don't think advertising will make you do something you don't wanna do McKee do you think of anything that commercials made you do that you you've really -- want to do. Or did they influence. A pre disposed opinion. About a product. -- business. Or an industry. And if young people are smoking today and I see all the time of the streets. And they haven't been around TV commercials a radio commercials it the promote smoking. -- explained that. I'm stood at the growing we'll be right back for your calls on WL. I'm still for Garland before I get back to your calls in your tax -- Angeles got a great show coming up we're proud -- part of our family here at WWL. Stay -- at 1 o'clock canceled talk about. Tax cans vs Hubert this is a digital ride sharing company. It's exploding around -- around the country it's a very interesting concept do we want that here also it took like -- talked about how affordable healthcare is working for you. If you or someone you know is on Obama care. Is it working to better or is it worse and at 3 o'clock Angela goes one on one with New Orleans says City Council member. Niger process all of -- coming -- -- an open mind -- at 1 o'clock today but heavier fuel for -- Terry. Welcome to the show. Racecar that kept so artillery. And Islamic call regarding com. Our government Jindal walker this statement on the Eddie made him and -- probably is that the only dynasty. Chill in his children. Are our -- because that. Got out of an issue with that because. -- once on that is scary. And I didn't appreciate the comments -- V very people from dynasty -- Com or eight channels and it doesn't know. Want cemetery issued as you know the governor is. I would say very right wing and -- he doesn't do anything to distance himself from that kind of -- ideology. -- it but he -- strictly publicity. And. He knows that could have more people across the united state -- -- -- And it's not. You know debt to dynasty rappers actually Louisiana. So well -- up because they don't. I think the normal person who we -- -- Eagles the way to people that. Well I think the most of the people around the country to see anybody associated with duct dynasty a first of all first of all Terry the people who watched -- dynasty. They they already feel a certain way and they have a certain ideology and they have the freedom to have that ideology. So it's not is if this is gonna be exposed to people who are already watching -- dynasty not a few may tune in because the governors on at the he's just he's just speaking to the crowd that already supports this kind of ideology. -- -- I agree what you say it which is in and I agree with what you have idealist -- me I just want to respect for the man. -- -- My personal in. I'm glad you called -- show here's a text every second hand smoke makes me very sick as fresh look inside or outside in open air if it is concentrated. I -- she became a smoker because. Of your parents filthy habit. No I didn't I've spoke to I guess from seventeen until about eighteen and a half I spoke for about a year and a half of my life. But that was a long time ago and I quit and never been tempted to start up again and I'm around people trying to smoke. I'm student for -- we'll be right back on every WL. And we are rapidly running out of time to get right back to a call here from New Orleans country a year and a VW well good afternoon. I figure out. How are you. -- Only come. To radio in into Israel and don't. Figured it yes. Went -- -- it. Down but it did it. Well now owned. -- -- Guess my question is how else. You -- -- point. -- I needed to -- Them. -- -- -- Thank the mayors all right. I liked what he says when he said this country has to do some soul searching about this in their country I'm I'm just about a time and appreciate call. I agree with the president we need to use -- soul searching about gun violence in America. But that doesn't mean it's I think gun control laws are gonna work guy. I think this is an example of politicizing. Did the topic -- from mobile Angel have got time for quick comment. -- All I about the smokey. I marked permitting. -- -- that -- She. Hi. Decided to stop smoking what I did. I'll. Lay down on my couch cracked. Out. Tell me -- I all at work okay I'll walk down in the French Quarter we -- you are more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Went by at all -- -- -- one. Tasted terrible act and I admire it. Like a -- at Sony the -- I I have I have not touched a cigarette. Good for you Angel I am not a time and appreciate college. And getting a text like this what it says advertising does influence of people especially teens if he didn't like advertised. And they got a -- and somebody who challenges my knowledge of of advertising and how the brain works. I've been in this business prologue time I've studied advertising written and directed TV commercials and I have studied mass media and society. Of which advertising is apart. And I don't think advertising makes you do something you don't wanna do. And I I hear about the influence on on young people do you think that fancy commercials. About Brussels sprouts. Would make kids as interested in Brussels sprouts as the richest city in. Sugary cereal. I don't think so. And when I talk about not passing more gun laws are really talking about personal accountability. Not banning cigarette smoking here they're talking about personal accountability which is something we've lost in this country. When I think our producers dying in Newman Allison -- mark minority and thanks soliciting a studio for garlic and -- is next and to be a real one in New Orleans.