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6-11-14 3:10pm Angela: with City Councilman Jared Brossett

Jun 11, 2014|

Angela sits down with City Councilman Jared Brossett.

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Well he may be among the newest members of the City Council but he is not without almost a decade of experience with the council and the state legislature. -- percent is councilman from district. But more for his years as chief of staff to one of his predecessors councilwoman Cynthia hedge morale. He is our guest for the next hour to discuss the issues facing the city and his thoughts on what happened that the recent legislative session. And if you have any questions for councilman perceptive to call 260187. I can't tell you how much I've looked forward to this I really have I think people have a lot of enthusiasm. About you being there and and it just amazing to look at you and know that you already do have that experience -- rock -- to almost five years. But yeah about five years 2009 sworn in four net session. Indian. Just finish the set where I finished more than half of this session. This thirteen of his fourteen sessions. But you that you had so much time already in City Hall with. Doesn't you wore his intern when you're in college. So oh Warren thank you good it's -- unbelievably cynical -- Having watched you in journalism over the course of in my lifetime. Thank you to WW alpha alone to be here. Yes. I came in -- accounts and within -- Gave me game -- shag -- the opportunity while I was -- Giving my undergraduate degree. Over it does Xavier University. So I came in as an intern in. The fall over early late summer or fall of 2002. And continuously stated and eventually became a staff full time staff -- State -- in -- -- as Dan announcement goes it became sheriff. And eventually legislative assistant and chief of staff for. The former counsel. Counsel camera. Not to. I'm always thrilled because I think people are lucky. Who know what they wanna do young and -- a lot of people don't know and I always feel badly because hopefully they'll find it. But it just seems like you knew early on that politics and government. Was going to be the a big factor in your life. Yeah I I majored in political science concentrating on international relations in the minor in public. A public administration -- because I knew at some point. Would possibly want to lead a government agency. Now being city state or even the federal government. And so on danced past the path that I took. And basically. One three season colleague courage commitment. -- Commitment to excellence. Being courageous and compassion. Because that. You you cross people everyday that everybody knows what you wanna do. It -- have to look I believe. As a success in the vicinity. Mentoring is important in you have to try to take those four games. Help get him to to a committed. I think what's also interesting in the sounds very more skeptical and I reeling him. That you. Had that experience you had at City Hall working under various people Ming is still wanted to be on the -- Catholic. But I think it can be very difficult. Right and it's it's deftly. Different code it's -- It's not easy is not supposed to be easy you have multiple personalities you have multiple. Neighborhoods to have five different issues. But I think you have to take each one of those at a time and in and basically. Work work towards. It increasing about a quality of life for everybody. Well we're going to be talking about that gives them talk and all those neighborhoods to. And they are very very dependent on what councilman can do to help them I wanna move along a little bit before we have to take a break. Because you've had you know almost five years of legislative experience. Just your overall thoughts of this session. And didn't New Orleans benefit much. I think we I think we benefited. And in some ways definitely. Some ways paying New Orleans in the stayed denied benefits. Wanting a point to is. We. Home and community based services for the disable. Those that call now waiver slides. We increased funding for those now we've slides them by 200. The the the slides. There's about 111000 people -- -- waiting. And so you know health care is very significant. It's a significant issue. Crossed. America. At this time I know you spent the last hour talking about Affordable Care Act. Wanted to things. Dissatisfied -- -- to have. Governor Jindal did not expand Medicaid which he has the power to do. Which would come over 200000. Uninsured. People. I don't think we as. A state. Our. In a position to pass up free money in from the federal government. The first three years would have been covered we have with 48 and -- problem poverty excuse me 48 in premature death. Up 48 and Joshua accidents. This this money would have been not only. Would help increase the quality of healthcare you know stay in improve in -- hospital system. But also. Would have been definitely agent increase. You know -- you bring up about the Affordable Care Act which would have. Committed many hours to since we started the show last fall because it was very sort of overwhelming -- -- -- and they were clearly some benefits to it right. But I thought all of the people who were not able to afford insurance. Now would be able to and that was one of the things I learned there -- a lot of people that fall through the cracks. Is that somebody listening at home saying well those 200000 people who wanted to get on Medicaid they can't because the governor didn't expanded why don't they get into the a volunteer -- worked like that. I mean there is a big crack right -- that mean I felt through. We're gonna take a break and we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk about some specifics. In particular. How this community can raise much needed money. So stay with the shall be right back our very special guest today councilman Jerry -- sent. Just filling us in on your thoughts on what happened during the legislative session I think we have a question concerning now let's go to Mary in New Orleans. Yes. My aunt my know he can not speak. What games do. Thinking but I think that and a lot of that has been. Have a light. The oil company's ability they would spoke to put things back what they had damaged -- -- bet that they could that. And on the and they didn't -- and being a son a deal. Saying that we cannot fill them -- trying to get that money back from them now that -- two the code so that. All when the water level lives from the city's. Let me good and be patient and -- him buying it -- not going to be able to get the Ohio company to be accountable. And and I think the president to be having Eric should be screaming and advocate Mina cabin area. And what your your thoughts counselor about that -- sign yet thank you thank you Mary fought -- concern and Angela mentioned at the beginning of show. You know -- as far as legislative side session. What went Goodwin went bad this is one particular things I believe. Went home in Austin today and the government was wrong in his decision to sign. To -- -- oil and gas bill. You know did a they did the damage. In I believe the majority of the citizens of Louisiana. -- a patient. They should pay for it. We have to protect how close. This -- Allows us everyone to live in this this great city that we love. By. In essence the government has taken away to citizen's. Right to seek relief. In in in signing this bill into not to go to court right now to go to court and so I'm hoping that. You know that it did judicial system will -- in. In -- and we aside upon. The citizens that have been hurt throughout this. These past few years with damages -- the -- in in of course via. -- a spill so that was a great question. I got when my colleagues after the council meeting last Thursday. At the City Council and we all sent governor Jindal in a letter asking him to veto the bill. And it was the council it was. Also in Saint Bernard and John young and it was as if she heard no one. Exactly. Scallops throughout the country already under -- in. And so. You know I just don't understand -- I don't. Tried to. -- what are your reasons why do about it you know I know he has nationally ambition by. He's got to take care of the good job that the citizens elected you do to to do and as governor of Louisiana thank you Mary. Andre looks -- and we don't. Well it I'd say you know I think a lot of com I think the citizens would be reasons. Raising you know what I don't and back out -- -- there are. Marinara we have had a big show yesterday with that John Barry who was on me. On the group the Levy protection group that filed that suit and we and we had -- chief attorney on. There are things in motion. On this isn't that they're not just click on over number not at all. But picture right there should be deep concern by people in and voices like years and that's why it's appreciated. Thank you again -- very rare. I'm in a move on to to something else that that was big for Louisiana and for New Orleans particular. Was. Our mayor went up and made various proposals not to try to raise money mom's cigarette tax one person. Until Matilda and the one that got through was. But the one that will ultimately. Allow the citizens to decide. I'm once the council agrees then that we should vote. A Milledge increased to help with fire pulleys and okay. I have two questions one were you surprised. That the taxes. Seems to me the cigarette tax would have been no boring. Could arrangement yet got no. Dan I sat on the committee local municipal parochial finesse which has to jurisdictional. Related to the city of New Orleans and I sat there for. The testimony. And was. Was an Obama -- Don't of the outcome of course I thought I would have been the easiest. As well. The I think at the end of -- -- Some colleagues of mine -- recognized -- voting only tax. -- that was not true Daewoo voting. -- Lyle. I'm voting for hero it would have been allowed. The citizens of New Orleans to vote whether to. Tax stat in the news. As as an -- as extra revenue. I'm just I'm still amazed that. As a community in the mayor the council the leadership. They aren't the ones saying we're gonna propose this to our citizens and we have to go to Baton Rouge to let them decide whether Rican vote on something. And well that that that's big frustration. We have yet to go out there to. Given permission to get your permission. And so. They were two other tax proposals though of course the police and fire was won it once passed. I gave the administration -- dollars bills which had to do it with moto cross. Increase. I think at the end of the day. We have to look at ward. What do studio to structural well money is going. Specific to a hotel more TO. The city kids and just a drop in the bucket the others goes to convention center the superdome. The state and the head of state in the state general fund. The sole. We have. Priorities and needs. That we have to take care in in policy. And so I think. Dad dad dad. Said it should have been more addressed. Throughout that and hopefully can be addressed in future that the city gets its fair share. Let me ask you -- that's a very interesting part of the state gets some convention center but he gets in and we get a pittance. The that the mayor was asking and you were asking -- at another center Q whatever lies and they rejected that idea. What if it had been let us re prioritize where the money goes we won't raise that but how about same amount. But -- mentioned senator you give us a -- and state you give us a -- Then it doesn't get raised. But we get more money. Right time and hopefully we can get to -- point. A point where we can sit down and agree upon. Debt because we needed. Just because of what was. Decided decades ago. Doesn't mean that debt structure is good for. The city at this present time we have obligations we have to meet San Francisco they get all of though hotel motel. In and this fractious. It was good looking at the began its ought to -- of Gaza to an article on -- -- -- -- -- for the hotel and motel. What I cannot think all sides sitting down. Hopefully. In the future secession week you can get. Our fair share of the -- Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our talk with councilman shared percent well let's go to the newsroom and -- thank you Dave hold on we'll get to your question. Well we are back talking to councilman -- percent to and we have a caller today thanks for holding on. -- a year ago I wrote a column as the celts minerals. -- you chrome. Backup. Appeal. Think about putting orient where we will have minimum tax. This city and laws everybody pays you know 600 -- -- -- -- -- -- some. All of property tax and an action like to mean we have more property. In all -- parachute people don't pay taxes on. And a big house may be -- 65000. -- -- just sit on that house internally you know wherever. Never pay any taxes and and that's something we can look at. -- which could. Dead Dave -- continued to reelect -- sit on India. The budget committee for the city. We're looking at all options relative to. -- property throughout the city of New Orleans the you know what's expressly. Of interest is -- and I'm profits to use of property for commercial uses. -- believe you know they should be pitching in. As well. So all of -- so we can network. One of strong. Tax base and then how we'd like and that the -- -- situation. We still a city that has 30000. Pieces of property blight. You know we we may have we. We made a few backup though I mean because. We have we have a lot for a lot of property out there are a lot of people out there you know attacks and oh did you go to any of the city of Chicago. In a real big cities. And it doesn't really matter everybody pays so little something. And if you have. Pitching like to me if you have a small option which we -- shotgun down here that all the and that and and when he built the shotguns they used to trade taxes on the amount of I think to square footage financial probably would -- -- It across the front page so they would make houses why it would law and that's how we ended up which shotgun houses because back in the old days. They used to pay taxes on -- which. And not to land -- -- I'm just wondered. Can catch up with the rest -- world we have to property that people just you know sit on this. And not tropics you know that for non -- state. Hundreds of locations to bat and pay no tax at all and it's also on. A group books you know people that currently view the media reports you'll be so out. -- that actually supports the city. Run out of -- and you know something you that -- brought up was the nonprofit should be done several shows on that. But in some cities like you're sending. Dave is. They pay fees citizen to tax it is a -- Because they used the infrastructure they used the streets and used the lights -- used to fire can and so shouldn't there be some responsibility. And you know we have. Big universities here and you know god bless them. But they need to pay a little something. I'm not totally agree and now like SA Rio -- -- -- -- those options. That's available to us. The the interpretation of the law -- released at nonprofits. Has been a topic of discussion. And -- know continue. To work with you know -- analysts Stacy head. Who's -- -- of the Budget Committee in the -- bow my colleagues to see what creative. -- mechanisms that we can put in place but you. -- take place and real real important thing Dave I'm gonna move on if you don't mind to frank is I think he's also. Bringing up some ideas frank in New Orleans. Yes yes. It. You're talking that the previous caller talked about a lot of people who have property that -- -- under -- and I felt about helping edit tracks. And I I think the public aren't about a dollar exemption as probably -- they -- touched. And correct. Homestead exemption and -- saying that exemption has been a topic of discussion at the legislature on note in my years. In but as they could -- yeah then stay the same. And hasn't tarnished. And and that's probably hit that state president -- homeownership and gets people and their -- -- apple. I guess about that interest and -- neighborhood they don't property but. What repeat of that difficulty -- removing that 75000 dollars up. What it -- thousand. And there are as mentioned earlier. -- a little bit which could be on the first morning art house and you'd have to take active on the whenever villages. And then promptly got 200 should be up and out from -- on tape. But it. Got a possible. It's -- great dad -- his next year's attacks session and so are I'm taking and inventory of all. Possible revenue raising measures. So thank you for the suggestion that that is great -- and that is about it. Still at the CeBIT exemption but everybody have skin in the game and be you know. Obligated to at least -- -- Thank you and all you could do it and apply that to not pitched. Businesses that make profit. Right that is for frank thank you very adamant I hate to say let's take another break a chuck stay with us we'll be right back. We're talking with the injured percent to about. About our city about our state what needs to be done about his early experience. On the council and and his thoughts on things one of the things were talking about is the need for money in this community. And some of the issues that didn't make it in the legislature but one that did. Is going to be the Milledge discussion and shock I think you had a comment about that chuck. -- -- -- We should. Try to work out and should do you shouldn't. -- -- Oh sure. Action suit. Pocket police. -- -- -- -- But wouldn't do that. -- -- -- -- -- Oh gosh so. Much there should -- -- actually. Of the total -- so. At all. Okay thanks for the culture I think it's -- -- -- if you of your first question referring to. The money from police officers yes spent that money is -- From what I understand because. So you know offices on leave in. Leaving out the door there is of course. That those salaries that. Those officers have left. That -- is there so and so of course we're as a Budget Committee going to be looking -- that. The other Danish was asking for the last two years where does that money gone. The -- they budgeted for. 15100 police and their only thirteen what happened to the money and arrests in the morning. That's one of the things we're trying to find out adoring. We only we had one budget -- already. In we -- going to be looking at that more in depth. The other thing is -- while police and fire. We we we have to begin. To implement. A day. A competitive wage for too long as a at least police we've told our offices yet -- come -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- you have to go work detail afterwards that's not fair to the police officer enough at this family could have a family home. Most. And so I think for both fire and police we have to talk about competitive wages. Implement something. Have. Have have incentives. For office just to stay in raise a family here. What chuck I think was also saying now is will we hear fireman's salaries it's often the lonely and -- and what it's the salary for. Assistant fire chief and things like that in I don't know the specific salaries. But it -- this issue comes up and it will come up -- Because the state has to vote on them will come to the council and will decide do we want to pay higher villages. For police and fire. Based on what you're saying about your right salaries for police in particular we all know now that that is an issue. And but. We also are facing these two concentric reason and the -- pension fund which we have to pay everybody understands that. That is a big chunk of money can. Off the top. Definitely. You know 554. Days -- OPD consent decree. Of both that one in a jail we have to have a constitutional. JO and we have to have a constitutional police department. It's in our lap I believe that we. This administration -- council. Should take care of it and not leave it to kick the can down a road type attitude. But it yes is definitely a big chunk of money in addition to. The seventeen point. 55 out of pension fund judgment. That is before while. I will be I will be killed -- do not bring up what every neighborhood group has brought up the sacking and we do it every month of different neighborhood to neighborhood to. Their issues are get the lights on and fix those streets unknown not telling anything you don't know what. Can be done so. Good thing in the last five weeks since this counts as consent. We have made movement or in street lights. We -- And intensity -- refund. From the -- Fourteen point seven million. Fourteen point seven million dollars. We signed off for a program that is on tape placed in July 1. Where the light bulbs to be changed out to LEDs yeah that'll be. That'll be done across the city. -- -- We here yeah in my appointed district restarting in the seventh war. And those bulbs will be changed now by contracts in cruise. -- LEDs saved -- city. Money in the long run we also signed off on another one point seven million. Guy goes to. Two infrastructure of colliding. The Juarez. You find me in the street lights out because it's. You may think it's the U haul you may think is the ball but it could be -- because of the -- why worry so I'm glad. That Darryl has been. Taken. Signed all foreign and I'm looking forward to receiving a progress report and that is time earnings that is not a small thing that that's not a Smart thing and it's -- -- Fourteen million is not gonna. -- at all. As this bigger picture when we talk about the middle aged in the obligations in the needs of the sandy. You know we've roughly the somewhere between you know hundred. And 150 million to. Maintain. -- to have maintenance and you have to have maintenance of its you know decide streets. As well as. -- main thoroughfare the main thoroughfares and in also libraries and recreation. You know what I can't believe we're almost out of time. You're doing great -- weighs -- on. You're in for the long haul we're gonna get you back committed. Committed to seen in the city go forward -- have a better quality of life for everybody. And that is the bottom line my homeland have a permanent vacation but -- issues come up we're gonna call you and ask you. For your input into it we thank you for this -- very very much thank you may have who has really been I think it is WW we'll be right back. Wanna thank -- -- percent once again for spending the hour with this any promises he'll come back lots of issues lots of fun to. Thank you for listening and hope you join us tomorrow.