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6-11 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Mini Camp Day 2

Jun 11, 2014|

Deke and Bobby are live from Saints mini camp to talk about the upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to sports talk along without pros. Hokey guy John and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program -- it would Saints coach Sean Payton had to say after the day's practice also players' interest and immediately Corey white. I'm Christie Garrett visited with Saints -- Jonathan go on England spoken open locker room there along with Marcus Colston. And 71 points in the first half. Winning game three. 1119 and then now up to to want to tomorrow -- game fourth down in south for -- on -- on the program because the latest. On an LSU football played Jalen meals that -- it back it's been suspended indefinitely by the LSU football team. Brazen involvement reported involvement in -- -- campus incident as mark reports say that. Reports that he put state female victim in the mouth a month ago it's been charged with second degree battery all of them. All the debate broke plus last year the New Orleans Saints and remarkable move in statistics defensively they went from 32 to fourth. Tony position the National Football League improving that defense. Over the Saints defense to do in 2014. Will they be as good. Not as good or better in the thirteen to -- if it's operate jaguar opinion poll. You can cast your vote on line. At WWL. Dot com. And of course you can jump in here at Texas and -- in the eighth in the email as the -- -- at WW real. We're here now with Saints coach Sean Payton about talked about the day and here -- coach -- first off on his defense. Yeah I mean I think the expectations. For us as a team are you know we we go into each season we look at you know a tough loss and divisional round of the playoffs are always. You know. Tough pill to swallow you know when when you. When your season ends like that so but I think on defense I think that they look. They're looking to perform better than they did a year ago correct some of the things that. Hurt us a year ago offensively the same way in and so misses another team this that there's a handful of new faces that were here a year ago. Obviously we're ninety right now so. We've got a long ways to go before the final roster formulated but. But our goals -- -- And of course it's Saints coach Sean Payton talk about the defense. Now are more from a coach. -- talking about a -- feel bush and the Saints defense and pokey back candidate today's practice so the last couple of days the defensive backs and the entire defense and aggressive. But it before we're putting more bites on one thing you point out and I think the rest in the year and is the if you say the amount of pressure that the defense used this morning in this practice we saw that and -- so it was evident out there cause some confusion at all that it. Yeah one of their their team drills was so I mean they were bulletin every play in -- seemed to be a little you know accelerated right now for. I mean he can't I wouldn't it it would surprise me to see that. In the first week of the regular training camp when it starts in in July but right now early on and then he also. And the crowd noise. I the end absolute machine out there and he addressed that. After practice it heated. It was a -- to the cities it you know. In reality that's what we have to play in week in week out if we Nadal which -- our defense is on the field. On the road when are opted to don't feel so -- to a EP -- -- that he used to it so it united wells I -- make perfect sense but. I just never seen it done it's early so he'll. He at the keys are really looking forward to this upcoming season and he's starting to put things in place right now that typically you wouldn't sleep till. The mid part of the regular. Training camp. You know it seems they do so on outside -- -- mean you give us an analysis from all all of a football standpoint maybe terminology that. They're trying to give. It is -- as -- been there from a numbers standpoint you know how many can you block you know five interior offensive line and made it tight in particular went back. We're trying to overload -- -- you people before you you can do anything. Yet it which you've got to have the people did to do that with and I think that that's kind of one of the things that that we are seeing in that. Just not to secondary break and up the football and you know not an emphasis on turnovers but. If you're gonna have people blitz the quarterback they have to be fast they have to be able to get off the mark. Where they are in the secondary from the linebacker spot in bringing heat in a hurry because he. That's old. The name of the game right -- get to the quarterback quickly pressured him quickly make him get rid of the football quickly and but do that you have to have speed -- effectively so it's just something that. That you're seeing right now Lipton and again -- -- it which is he's durable for us to look at because. There's so many times this year at this time maybe -- should say that. -- -- out there would be glean much more toward the opposite too much more toward defense -- that way you spoke to complete every -- pass and as. What value taken one of the brightest minds in the league. In quarterback Drew Brees and confusing him with some blitzes that you do. That's. I mean that's a pretty good hit start for this football team right now understand that it yielded the Patriots seem to be hit a schedule. More foam on the Saints coach Sean Payton in the course so I am and I try to make hopefully I'll grant field -- this thing to match that all four. Coach -- was asked today about how much -- bush has improved. That's a quite a bit I'd I'd say to start with his confidence as to where he's going to be he's got a outstanding range -- can run. I think he's got good instincts which is. Usually a key ingredient to -- safety you know that that first two steps three steps. Are generally right with him. And so I think you see his confidence and you see. You see it come in from the classroom on the field. It's very instinctive and I would say a lot. Now saint coach Shawn Payne asked about a couple of wide receivers first up on nick -- in what he's expecting out of tune -- Yeah I I would say so I think part of that's a result of what was ahead of them a year ago it was hard to get him on the field we felt like get a real good training camp. And so I would expect him to to definitely play a bigger role for our offense missing -- Thought it performed real well and his opportunities last year training camp is doing well here in this offseason. So -- progress since. This is important Justin. And with the the loss of a handful players particularly alliance more. I think you'll see more snaps for him more opportunities. More from saint coach Sean Payton now on wide receiver -- steals if he goes into his second year in the National Football League with this is someone that. Percival. And he can play more than one. Position he's someone that can handle that. So. You know we've we've got to continue to to give him different looks and different touches you know he's a player that after the season. Finish last year you know I look that's it you know we got to find a way to get him the ball more you know and so his transition his ability to. Stretch the field with instinct assisting it in and out of cuts is this something that. This really helped him and he's picked things up or what. Oregon State coach Tom -- more from coach -- when we return impose more analysis from -- guys on today's practice. And of course by the Uga recaps so hope all sorts of -- is Christie Garrett quick. Quick hits the about maybe a breakdown Dolphins have Stephen get on the exit -- affairs cadet those -- just a few things and -- online at WWL. Dot com will continue with sports thought that it Saints came here wanting radio WW everyone out there listening and who go to our FaceBook page you can play off for -- Golf contest I do like to treat the head of the day you'll live to a round of golf before. This includes the golf course at all at stone bridge country club out and hardly -- take out Tommy took a weekday mornings and sixth tee and then sports talk okay Bobby and myself. It will give you a name of a golf course Dan what you do would you tell us what state -- country that golf course is Ian. The first one call and get it right wins. It's just that simple plus there's another way you know -- if you win you can go to WWL radio FaceBook page. Look for the four days where -- -- Father's -- contest. And like us and register to win will randomly pick two on I want us Sunday. And then it would amount on comic -- issue and looking when names on Monday June 6 -- good -- from the station. That loves all the dads out there that need to be real radio more on today's practice and back to saint coach on -- interest in the media. He was coach Sean Payton when asked if running back Mark Ingram he's trying to -- I think the word would be pressing you know and in other words. When when he gets comfortable he's he's. Playing in and trust those instincts as a running back you know. And -- very good job and so I think. It it it would be determined we're all familiar with the sports and wouldn't -- football but you know you don't want the athlete to be pressing him in the and that is every play looking to. The big plays have come you know and trust technique in the path than he did that in. Then all of a sudden his play in it and once he was healthy in his foot was was was better. You saw that saw them begin to put together good football games and so he knows that. -- -- playing the position manned and we here in -- of anything people get into a flow of a rhythm. I guess that that would be on the good side of things and we -- also situation you hear the word. Not trying to all the coach -- point toward pressing. And maybe you -- Not in a rhythm but may be a falcon you you can use instead of being in a rhythm most of -- good you constantly -- is that is that something they have that it just. He tried to ought to be too costly press more than you're not comfortable. Probably so I mean especially wind you've been making mistakes I was that put the ball on the ground or. Missing the point of attack. Things like that that you probably. And it's up and out shoot here -- -- talk a lot about is. Having the ability to play fast which means you can get the line of scrimmage you're not think in need -- they -- -- you know what Chatman and -- it just makes a game slow down for you. Analyze what does -- start thinking too much you know that. -- that I hit the right hole that I get the point of attack. You know it. I've with the put the ball on the ground you you may be just flew to handle for a -- -- and you have to. Grab it -- there you Bobble the ball something like that but I'll let you know that stuff -- weigh -- on you because you know. That the next time that happens he's taking out ballgame put me on the -- came -- you can put too much pressure on yourself in. The united that can't land because it is so much going on the -- Patriots at the -- how close things -- Where you land them all at the pin on Hussein isn't in the same there you can't be right where you can over think it. -- asked you always think and do all that but if you think two or too long you think it all exactly in. You know it. If that what's happened in a marketing your mind you know Sean Payton would certainly no more but we do because it's easy inning that valuation. That the game tape with the man. -- I have seen that before that you know the guys just go back and mean just they have. No confidence and their ability to field a punt so to beat you know or whatever the key. You can be that could be -- to ball downfield. The next amateur to put all the details of the year fumbling. A lot of different things in -- you know he. You use an offer to -- you're going against us the -- be effective in and you just don't feel like there's any way you can block Timonen to -- -- So you you panic live for maybe lack of a better word. And when you do that then everything start going wrong so. I think I know exactly what coach they said. I don't know that I. Would know Mark Ingram well enough he hit particular game his mind. But whatever else to say that that's what he's doing but yet the dressing company because he's in that film room -- -- -- every day. He Safeco Ryan is okay guys I'd be available from Saints coach Sean Payton. On the days of practice and -- more fumble coach. Payton home Mark -- and the most talked about having marking them live up to lose first round status his coach Peyton respond. There are times last year and even even part of that where you know will be a chance to visit with them and encourage him and let you know say that. Obviously that attention comes with the -- bit different than a middle and around that and so he gets that that thing with Marcus he's been in the program. So it's very. Similar. To the the attention that we did and then. The fanfare the criticism and the compliment. When you're doing well so he understands that and and how it can. If you're not careful how can affect your play and to his credit a year ago and he did a good job to announce some of the noise. And then when the opportunities came as he got healthy he saw him play a lot better and so. You know I think that comes with. That comes with those are Olympics especially first round there. It Saints coach Sean Payton coming up the cajun -- gives us his take on today's practice in ball from. Our resident pros okay guys on and a Bobby leave there. And we'll get to run him out of -- who want to partake in today's pretty -- or that you Valencia to New Orleans Saints at the fourth best defense statistically in the National Football League. What is your take on the 2014 on the defense with the -- they'd be better would not be as good all ask what you can Kay show boat. Online at WWL dot com news times for thirty it's not the first news will go downtown that Jim -- I think it's all right. Now I think it's hard I think it's you get the assignment part of it get -- fit another -- Their ability to to react and get aligned their ability to fit the right gaps you know the mental element is a little bit easier right now. And ultimately when the season starts. You know how to they tackle how -- play in the kicking game all those things -- are questions that begin to get answered. July and August early September more than right now. That's our very well might be dedicated game -- coach Sean Payton a question about the saint younger linebackers have been doing during the OT. And and mini camp welcome back to sports talk he Topeka -- -- and the ability of coming up vote later in the program will take a look back last night as the San Antonio Spurs 71 point in the first half or 1119 victory over. The Miami Heat two victories by the Spurs have been blocked the one. Victory by the heat has been tight we'll see what happens as we go with game four tomorrow night posting -- meals. Been arrested and charged with second degree battery with what was that about Mike Scott broke -- debate dot com the 7 o'clock now how that affects. -- an issue moving forward when it goes the secondary. And operated jaguar opinion poll. How the saints' defense -- in 2014. At that long from 32 to fourth. From twelve to thirteen with the outlook for -- the fans going into fourteen with the Saints if it be just as good will they be better. Or not as good cast your vote online at WW dot com or you can chime in here it 260187866889. Do you rate and that's -- -- to go for. Ronald -- want rob thank you for calling. HL player of the Wednesday. We -- I think that our defense will be will be slightly better of the second year in the zone that'd -- players. To the team. And -- emphasis here is going to be on the take looked equally. So that he hit in the me. Are -- figuring. They needed defense to be right time. City here on nights eating out from. That too however on that there among you know market and on this certainly. About the numbers but I mean the defense could be. Better than last year and that right there it you know yet if I understand yet -- million. In I just want Ron Bellamy were not trying to disagree. That's not. One I'm trying to say here but. You can not blanket value could be ranked number. Nine and number -- and still be a much better defense could you give a lot of turnovers reference and you know mean to me. I guess probably the most important stat is scoring defense because if that number is low. -- that means you're not let people in the end zone so they came out -- they can't. -- -- so in that regard to me it probably the most important thing that they were number four overall. But you could dropped it. You could drop out of the top in. But you go back and have 49 takeaways like. He did the Super Bowl year and did that make you a much better team via overall and where they were you -- that hey yeah exactly yeah. So Ed B you know it is at a target won't run and OP still listen that. You mean this is not disagreeing yes they can't be better yet but yet be lower. That are higher in ranking I have you wanna say it. So I mean it's a lot of -- for weight was. I'd still think they're you know if you look at it most. Deepest of coordinators in the league. That if you gave home I can't did arguably top of the league in what I've probably think that they would -- scoring defense would be number one. And they probably say takeaways who would be number 20 where if you will be the best the leafs opened though because. Win it -- like you see if these two fold not only is is that on your side which you know when you take their ball away because so what happens from that point alone. That's next possession for those other all of their offense that right. AP you know in this is not a Monday in offense that they have around here and they hear everything all the breaks -- my back yes it does that since they have been here they've been ranked in the top ten every year corrected -- yeah they went -- you're back to back they -- -- -- -- having been -- -- -- You do in. Let the offense may not be as potent is as it has been in years past probably stated on one I'm playing right now which is -- really jump in the done. Based on what I know is that it will be at least on par with last year's op it in. You know that's and that's not finish there Adam -- -- -- pretty good but it's it's a solid launched a the lineup with every Sunday. In any time you give him the same topic -- third. Probably Seattle's offense there certainly Denver's -- answer. New England union both got a couple of extra possessions he what happens. -- they'll end -- -- points out of that. Yes indeed he is things colon is -- guys the going to be able Saints coach Sean Payton both the kicking game has taken as we roll to break he would go. If you'd like to win around the golf before including a fourth -- of the game your life. And this includes a golf caught expo -- country club -- hardly tell us where this golf course it. Pick up the phone call 260 wins that's 260. 9467. Right now and the first person who calls and what the correct answer wins with WW. And welcome back to sports talk congratulations to Bryan break -- he picks up on new round of golf featured -- it ought to Tommy Tucker. And sports at all as Oakmont is located in until nine hope that you. And then ultimately Oakland Oakland and Tampa and -- with so yes they of course Augusta National with the question that and I was at the first question that was sort of that would work out with vote Tuesday in eight years in I -- yesterday and about what -- was in a different okay country definitely -- -- Africa -- -- -- Augusta national and -- -- about disease it. As a contract there I would I would think so I would think so a lot of people who but it doesn't like the US open and British Open that there -- -- different. Big news and the masters it's it's always always it there in Augusta as trying to that it it's. I mean to me it's probably most famous. But certainly in the United States I would think so. He's BK to camp Bobby -- -- guys on the Soviet days practice in about who talk -- bit about how all of the things I think that a lot of people have. Written about and not talk about those foreigners have been in the amount of pressure that the defense brought this point depart. Well you know quit being addressed that when there was one period that normally I guess. Either we got invited. Whether it's OTA's and mini camp and we -- witness that but he did note as early as they've ever done it at the dealing with the crowd noise. They had the crowd noise piped in. And really commit. It truthful. You know the work deep -- of blitzes and communication also oh. -- you pick. But the line of bags who has who and develop the Q mitigated it's all about the communication. Mean you have the ability. You know the blocks or won the -- to -- -- -- doing. You can go like at the wrong date but wrongly every two minutes to oak at the net it's about at -- -- -- who will play in the 49ers. And while we're a price in his blitz and -- easy to dislike on the film in the rental. You know and and they kind of look at -- like them all -- -- the tuna. And then you know we shotgun. The nod and a half the cross over at the balls that as the cross over lupica on the opposite side -- lot. I'm thinking man is that it's like we practice dollar trust aaron's mark. Is to beat the one allowing Utley and they'll slant only and -- like in the crap knocked down if I hang in there and I know he'll catch it. And we'll score. So all of them run the play. And now we had been open -- that be of value or by. It goes the wrong way. Hit enough barely get the ball well you know or in the ground pocket. Maybe I could have grabbed me run like this mean you don't let me to play. But -- -- you figured it out enumerated. In my office and a pocket -- make that -- you haven't there's. A look at -- -- and and I still had what it was the world that would work you do that a few choice words that you gotta be kidding me who worked -- that all week. And it and all of the irony -- you know like he -- but but more as a couple we've worked and it at that it's now. Any of the chemicals and output gap. And I could get better after the -- I think -- A fitness is unbelievable. -- -- to get upset at him but that's the spotlight with a young guy that's and that's why Pierre Thomas. Drew Brees almost it was -- -- trying to get after Drew Brees but it's almost like look out Pierre Thomas in there. If we get a pass and they -- Well the first second and third Donald -- reliable. -- wait and you know I know you and me this story last week about Jordan Rodgers -- in you know he was in the game on third down and the -- you know who to block so he didn't block anybody and I mean he hit Ken stabler and didn't. Hurting I mean not bad enough where they would take him and the game but -- -- so when -- got this -- bombed building in the -- Who left Georgia in the game on third down he's that the next time Jordan Rodgers and a game on third down. Somebody's in that flyers -- Africa probably doesn't hit it but yeah I mean that aren't black coach Eddie George didn't he didn't know who to block and they didn't keep him in jail. Our that would be almost like right now missed all runner obvious that here's stark Roger -- the winner. You know Osaka that you almost like not Chris I've -- Colorado. If you didn't know 100% Woody's still in and it's patent situation the at the block. Wouldn't drew in court they might be like -- -- indicate exactly doesn't need to be in the game right now. Marcus his head is is blown up you know not knowing could you have to know exactly from the get go it's happened so fast. Yet the WUKUKB. Thinking that you -- -- I pocket maybe there's so it is that the middle linebacker is in that direction from the -- I have black and nobody actually you have that but. They worked at that today that's on the he'd be doing training camp it's -- about the young guys. Because it's it's all about communication that's quite an ex coach Peyton. What you love as a quarterback. Like appear Thomas with the almost like a running back quarterback would not even you have the talent it's allowed that they do they have could -- reading. Who's to three guy as much as the quarterback you know what they do. That's opera of poking and -- right here on things radio WW. All right a lot more to get to next now all -- sports talks you still yet to -- we'll talk to Sean deputy in the right of the sporting news on the latest in the in BA. Well what would Carmelo Anthony do this -- Wouldn't they wouldn't you walk and Derek Fisher will he wait and see what the Big Three do down in Miami -- Hokies take on game three the NBA finals. Three finals games. Two blowouts the block to come by the hands of the spurred the Miami wind has been a -- want what we see in game four tomorrow night we'll talk about that plus. -- males LSU five befits a bag -- -- junior season has been arrested and Choi ought to second degree battery what does it do. But the tiger play it's been suspended indefinitely from the LSU football team publisher recruiting analysts I've tried -- -- -- Mike's call Borough would Jonas and -- take the Saints defense with four in the NFL a year ago how they've been 2014. Better. Just as good and not as good cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com.