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6-11 7:20pm Sports Talk: NBA

Jun 11, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Publisher and Recruiting Analyst of tigerbait.com about the 4 team playoff system and Defensive Back Jalen Mills who is suspended indefinitely stemming from a battery charge.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well the countdown to the 2014. College football season one that promises to be what it will be historic one as we move into a four. Team playoff for the first time in the history of division one -- and the LSU Tigers all ballclub and a highly thought of it in the Southeastern Conference. But the LSU football team took a blow defensively today is defensive back Daily -- was suspended indefinitely. Mike Scarborough a -- -- dot com -- now with the latest might go your take on all listen when you found out about it -- explained on this that the story. Well it just it just seems to me -- you know would be PP -- about -- -- -- that would be someone. That we -- control. You wouldn't have predicted that it was Jack mills and you know it's it's an unfortunate incident you know there's been some reports that the the corporate and is now in. You know claim that they something that wasn't in. But rookie at short of a second degree battery and you know that's involving a woman that that -- -- -- that that. Much -- -- and someone get in an absurd degree battery. You know this fight me on me yet. Yet now. Mike it was this coming in have been in Baton Rouge are back in Texas so. Complex. We gave them so right now where its stance that you look at the depth obviously. And LSU fans look at this they don't know what's gonna come about with -- mills mr. Davis why is the next man up our -- -- that defensively it's more than. Well when you start looking like it terrorists. And you know course he's. You know -- it is there a particular person I mean you know how -- -- things in his absence and there's going to be some true freshmen there this summer as well. Mike over tiger -- dot com thus pitch against Michael -- gone don't know about the Ellis to buy you pick nick LSU head. That about -- the latest how erratic and get all caught up on Ellis who. -- Course it was a picnic a few weeks ago in Baltimore for the spot -- challenge -- We had some representation from the new England and south Louisiana with Stanley Morgan from saint -- Tyler Johnson. From Warren Easton and -- from Castro and -- there competing. The best of the best. Louisiana. And importantly -- football camp started. Sunday and today it was you've got a cornerback commitment for the class of 2015. And just in the mail and from cedar hill Texas we've been wondering. You know how they would do it in 2015 quarterback in this classic day. Definitely grounded want. A lot of us were scratching our heads -- is it was Jason Howland. And committed all of this on on Sunday. You know and as -- why was she really wasn't giving him what -- -- big Milledge for Kia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Only rate is is that to restore about -- dot com. But we you know -- it was going to be hard question to keep high profile quarterback. For -- -- to fifteen with a true sophomore. In in a true freshman backing up for a starting job. This year in and according -- a commitment for the class of 2016. So. And one of the top national -- you know -- predicted he'd committed elsewhere. So McMillan filled that spot in. And accountable on the boat has been talked about on our -- -- message board right now and that that's stories. On tiger bait for free right now. Mike LSU -- win total for teams all over the country came out they out of Vegas the other issue total over underwent total. He is nine for this college football sees that's the entire season -- take. I think that's about right. You have to deal Wisconsin's. And they can hit nine. It's big deal. It is it's it's going to be. Not channeling towards a little. Brand new quarterback and needing to freshman wide receivers to. Filled the roles of but Beckum and groin injury and but he opted -- he's going to be incredibly improved. That running back will be as good Munich in the country. And I think the defense is going to be a much improved so. The united I think the key that was used to be on next years when the defense and special teams. Our running game with you you're still going to be you know that they have to throw the football in order keep. -- those deep into the but I think with that schedule in what you've -- road games in particular. It makes it very tough I think 93 next year with with the question marks on this team. You know it would be one better coaching jobs in the country -- smile and his staff. My car what's up next as far as cancer concerned then I eat any movement or anybody close you think -- issues trying to get another commitment on before the start of the season. You have to -- seven tournaments but does that the July that's not camp that we saw. Will be absolutely huge at this camp -- in Kenya -- just concluded yesterday. You know -- -- -- hundred campers. Not as being released in the digital likeness smiled camp. Four. But -- higher profile prospects the world but. You know what that there's still some offensive lineman they -- -- -- -- it to me it's -- went on and so. You know to sit at twelve commitments with nick known commitment to quarterback. I would be surprised if there's somewhere between fifteen and twenty with the football season starts. In court you know the country we've seen him this year. Noting -- -- -- to glad to recruit very well that Calvin Johnson obviously is one of those guys. You couldn't -- the idea in from the Canadian ago for a few weeks ago. Into the recruiting him as a fullback H back. -- -- from Astros and they've got some work to do. He if he wants to be recruited as a wide receiver I think -- looked at him as a running back. And I think she's done it and and for him right now additional. Ramon from the ones. I have an awkward an -- if you lose of course the -- Gionta who was once committed Hugh. But he committed to look round. Ability and committed players Wednesday -- we leave -- that they that they would like to do it but those of my report likely to distance. Always in my opinion -- before committing. Mike Modano again I get the latest on the by human. Outcome and the -- actually lower right now less than two hours. We always posted the twenty Conte and items. Mike is golf broke -- debate that come might thank you so much for the time. I think -- no right.