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Jun 11, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight. Some hot topics coming up: Congressman Ted Poe from Texas is calling on President Obama to make a deal with the Mexican government to trade five Mexican prisoners for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is currently being held in a Mexican jail. Sort of like the trade we made with the Taliban for one American soldier. Do you think his analogy is correct? PLUS: for years nutritionist and moms have said to “EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!” Now a new study suggests “the most important meal of the day” is not really so important especially for adults trying to lose weight. Do you eat breakfast every day? And as a kid what was your favorite breakfast cereal and do they still make it? ALSO: The Powerball jackpot is again getting above a quarter of a billion dollars. Everyone always says money can’t buy you love or happiness. Do you really believe that’s true? What would it buy for you? AND: Donald Sterling now says he’s not selling the Clippers and is going to fight the NBA. He says the NBA now stands against privacy rights and freedom of speech! Do you think he’s really fighting “the good fight” for his rights or does he just want to raise the price tag for his team?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Relatives made -- shall be real Robert Mitchell filling in the pursuit. Going to be an interesting show and I think I've got you got some topics that. They're really gonna get real hot and we're gonna get lots of calls or John and probably talking. To each other all night the poll numbers -- general -- 7866890870. Congressman Tom Pope from collections. Is calling for the president to call on the Mexican government. And say look -- tell you what I'm calling -- OK tell you what. Will wage of five Mexican prisoners. For marine sergeant Andrew commercially. He's being held in a Mexican jail war we're not sending any more money to Mexico until you're letting go. Does that sound like the right thing to do now if you're saying wait who is a side effect I had lunch today. And to start talking to a couple of dollars and we got talking of a couple of subjects to which were to be talking about tonight. And they said to more racially. Who was that well if you don't know who marine sergeant Andrew -- -- he has. He was arrested in Mexico after making a wrong turn. Across the border from California with firearms will be legally old from the US. Border illegal in Mexico. He's been held their now for two months. And congressman Tom Post says he thinks this time of the Obama administration. Bring him home in light. Of the effort that we did that to free arm is tortured -- bird doll who was traded for five. Taliban prisoners. He goes on to say it's ironic. That we couldn't deal with Taliban. And get an American soldier relief we can get a marine across the border released. And he repeats he says the president ought to do this deal would call the Mexican government and say tell you what. We will trade five Mexican prisoners for the marine. Or or an activist than any more money to -- going to more aid until you let him go. They think that is -- just statement do you see the comparison here do you think that this is what the president should do. Give me a call at 26 year old -- 78668890. It's seventy and so will the discussed the situation moment. I gotta agree with this complete and -- for guys but to be there now for. A couple of months. -- complain that. They held him in deplorable. Deplorable conditions. He studies being abused it is being deprived of food and water on the Mexican authorities have denied this. But I'm I'm I'm going with the the sergeant also. And all online petition. That is surpassed a 100000 signatures. Telling the White House to get movie. So you wanted to get involved in the conversation about it too sick generally it's 78668. Point 90 -- You heard this over and over again. Ate breakfast that from Albany nutrition experts have been telling us for decades but a new studies suggest that. The most important meal of the day may not be so important for adults trying to lose weight. So all I know what and where. Do you eat. You're ultimate breakfast at capitol brought -- that you absolutely. Love you know. Do you go to our -- at the pancakes backed up Paul whip cream and strawberries and growing up. What was your favorite breakfast cereal because most of us grew up brutally -- -- -- -- with Cuba. My mom railing got up in the morning -- bacon and eggs for breakfast it was usually. Serial. The powerball jackpot. Is again getting above a quarter of a billion dollars. Everyone says that money can't buy you love. Money can't buy you happiness but do you really. Believe that's true and what -- -- for you let me tell yeah. -- word to win the powerball. Win let's say 25260. Million dollars. It would definitely bring a smile -- my place. 26017866. In the final it's W couldn't talk on all subjects you to pick one subject strictly up to you. And final thing we've talked about tonight. Is Donald Sterling. He said in his statement that he's not just fighting for the clippers but taken -- stand against the NBA. Who wants to take away our privacy rights and our freedom of speech. Now do you see his side at all or do you think you're just trying to run up the price for the team or maybe he's just a total -- case. The let's get a couple things straight about Donald Sterling. We know is a racist there's no doubt he is an apple races and not a very very nice man. But he didn't become a -- of the overnight. And if anyone thinks he wasn't a racial when he bought the team. Back and I think it was 82 and you know you'd you don't just view you you don't have become a racist overnight. This is the type of person he was. And I have a hard time believing that in the NBA. Checked his character and check things that they they didn't find these things out about him but they let him by the team anyway. The FB day of course wants to get rid of him in the NBA wants in the doorway because they don't want that image and then we'll lose the money all the commercials. Bet the they sell that -- a model those sponsors. But. In truthfulness. This was a recording. That was recorded in the privacy of his -- Holm but got released. And how many of view or. Clear of that kind of scrutiny. But conversations that took place in your own home if they were broadcast on the air. That you would be embarrassed and you would not want those things know about you. Thought -- I see his point where they invaded his privacy. And we should have -- -- that we should be able to say what we want us now if we play a penalty for. That's one thing and you have to you have to be able in and do that but here's a guy. Who. It's illegally recorded. And so as these terrible racist things. And at this point. He may walk away with two billion dollars. Let me tell you don't believe this thing about the fact that. Guys have had this much money don't want more money guys who have millionaires and billionaires want more and more and more money. So I don't see pol. And anyway. We are hurting Donald Sterling by forcing him to sell the team for two billion dollars. Well I would do as I wouldn't do anything I would do absolutely nothing. And then mr. sterling would find out that because of his statements he would probably have a very difficult time getting anyone to play for. Or any one of of talent now on the other hand you know in the NBA literally X number of jobs available. And I'll have to think that maybe some of the players. Would look at it I'm I'm gonna tell you what what I think and and if you think differently please what you know. I think somewhat look at that some of these guys that maybe. Or working at the minimum scaled the NBA which I do not know what it is. But they made they may play for him and Jack up the place and then they say he may be erases. But -- you know his five million dollar check will will still clear from. On the other hand no one may play for him and indeed he may have to just fund players from. Who knows where from from another country to play for him. And then the value of the team would go down and go down and go -- and that would hurt him. Thought I'd really adult seat. -- god. May actually racist -- And in essence if de force in the so this team for two billion dollars. He's making a great deal is making a great profit. So that's what we're talking about. 26 year old -- 78668. At 90870. Do you see your side of this at all do you think that. His privacy was invaded doesn't have freedom of speech. Is the right thing to do to force him to sell the team to make all of this money. Howard maybe a better route just sit back. Politico. And see what happens but the NBA does not wanna do that. Again because the NBA that this is all about money that's that's what it's all about the figure they pay him enough money. And then you go away OK so here's where we're going to talk about low review a report like before we deliberate I want your your thoughts on on Donald Sterling. Decided to take the stand against the NBA you know this team is like a pretty much Ali has -- wants to hold -- to a we're talking about the powerball jackpot what -- by preview and do you really believe. This thing that money can't buy you love -- money can't buy you happiness when it comes to breakfast. Where do you eat your ultimate breakfast. And growing up. What was your favorite breakfast cereal I'm Bob Mitchell and approach duke would give you calls in just a minute hang on -- a few calls. During the break and then we'll be ready to take the showed him and I'm Bob Mitchell and approach due to the gates seventy WW LAM at them and dot com. And I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for stood here's what's on our WWL talked table of the viewers just tuning him. Put an outpouring and that'll get right to the post a couple people hold hang with me I'll be right there we're talking about this the sergeant -- charger. Who took a wrong term all headed to dinner on March 31. Wound up of the border crossing point in Tijuana. He told Mexican authorities are brought about three guns that were inside -- struck that are legal. Here in the United States. But they took him to prison anyway on weapons charges he's been there for a couple of months and now. There is a demand from congressman Ted Poe and to make a deal to get him out. Congressman poll says. You know we we gave up five Taliban's 41 god why can't we call Mexico and say. Look we're not sending you any more money will give up five Mexican prisoners and we're not to listen anymore aid until you're -- ago does that sound like the right thing to do. Donald Sterling. He says that a statement that he's not just fighting for the clippers anymore but he's taken a stand against the NBA. Whom want to quote take our privacy rights and our freedom of speech do you see his side at all. Or do you think maybe he's just a nut job. Or is trying to run the -- up force team I do have. One quick text Donald Sterling rates as piece of you know what I agree with you. But the information was in illegally tape and at some point. That should come into play let's go to Brian Brian thank you calling WW -- -- our area. Great. To talk to you -- -- in awhile. Com Ers something. That a lot of people understand -- declare. All that. The First Amendment freedom -- speech does not apply to the work place spot organizations. And -- to the government. Beginning. At or call eight congress shall pass a law that. And that's all would not support any laws that congress passes. The First Amendment protection against the government. Are infringing on street speech not sure employer. On not a private organization where people memberships. That might at certain policy against. Off the type of. Surely surely you have to agree and let's let's let's let's start -- and there is no doubt that he is a races and that that. That's that's deplorable right there. This was a private conversation and I can tell you I've had some conversations -- -- -- -- we are. In the heat of -- debate. And I've said some things. What you want played on on the radio week we have all done that and but the point that I'm the I'm trying to make here. Is do you think and anyway. When the NBA gave him this franchise they didn't know what com -- -- new ones. What it's all it's inside and in wit and his organization. And among his players. -- bought her that if it's well known exactly what type person wants or is and that it was just you know don't work out. And -- and everybody can pass the -- for program. Everybody cashed the checks. Exactly you know he's just an eccentric old man now on what it is you know he's. You know it is -- You know. So. How does it how was it hurting him. I think he played what was that twelve million for the team. I I think it was I think it was twelve million back in. And 82 of the -- that the Bobby Ed deacon hokey driving and and he's gonna get two billion dollars -- Rich people still want more money I've heard a couple did -- well he doesn't need the money when you got that much money you know that you want you want more but. We'll let me that's seen as appreciated quite an investment. -- -- problem there look you'll go ahead. But getting back to the private security. Issue. Is privacy lights were quietly because pockets -- supply. Are basically everything not not just not just the government. A lot -- like I would not I would by the end. Excuse me I'm but I'm wondering called the the the TV stations and everybody the broadcast parts of the conversation. I'm wondered how they were able do that legally because that was what. You know -- they didn't have his permission. Applied it to her to him by the army was behind the girl for. Yeah but it -- but it was a recording of him. Exactly so the so the girlfriend violated his privacy. And the only troubled -- he's not going to be able. -- damages and solve these you know it would leave time for him. Take any legal action from -- Now do you see my point of the NBA did nothing. Then beat you at the the real premier players. Would probably not want to play for him. And the value of the team would start to go down that would hurt him more than portion in the sell the team for two billion dollars. Yeah that may be true that the reason that reason why he'd want to I want is that. The -- he's so I think the identity. And to lead the -- -- -- Yet but a lot of people who don't need the money want more money anyway speaking of money what would you wouldn't what do you think about the powerball how would it change your life if you won. The little broke of a quarter of a billion dollars. To become. Very isolate -- And certain people in two and it would -- Try to take advantage of me. And you notice one thing you never see these young women on the arm of old port gods are always on the arm of rich. Old guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- And lit up the -- off for the dividend to you you big money and bring a certain amount of happiness. Amount for the most part in money. Means that. You can deal with problems. Right in it and having that much money you can do a lot of fun things. They want no one more quick question. Bob what is your. Ultimate brought the breakfast you know that really big breakfast and growing up as a kid what was your favorite here. CK sure approach -- Captain Crunch. They still make a -- Assured it will delete it. Occasional yeah I think it's on sale might buys -- -- -- frosted flakes. -- -- -- Yeah you you have an ultimate breakfast like for instance someone just like committee. That their ultimate breakfast is liver and greets a liver and groups at the prevail. While. While. I like what -- diner. Are you can share were two people would be cheaper yeah. Get a plate where sausage. Sausage pork you actually. OK -- -- Beijing. -- -- going small and grip or hash browns. And that's in three -- it's like 38. And a -- a large pizza thing and -- story. -- -- -- Well up up up up up up. All the big country and -- -- in and we'll see you definitely. And you might be okay sounds like -- thank you Brian let's go to -- Chad thanks for calling WW ultimately. It. Chad congressman Ted Pope complexes is calling on the president to call the Mexican government and state -- tell you what. Will trade your five Mexican president's former marine sergeant Andrew to receive who has been held the Mexican jail. And we're not sending any more money to Mexico and the letting go you agree with that. I. To apply the robbery. He didn't create any. -- didn't understand didn't even get across the border. No I I I -- I -- well. I think there is if if I can remember -- -- and I tried to re read -- -- as much as possible. I think there's like a the -- you'd turn that he missed and he'd he got right over the border. And realized that he had got over the border. And I think what was was like trying trying to turnaround with the bottom line. Is the Mexican Mexican police stopped him he told them. That he had guns in the car. As the guns were the the guns were legal but they they still brought him in jail and he's been there now for a couple of months and nothing's been done about it. -- That's an absolute insult to everybody sort archery. I mean -- why. It. Hasn't been at all. -- don't -- and telling them the Mexican where you do you change our Barack Obama just gotten out. Ensure that. Green about what we're gonna get. Well you know there that there's another congressman. -- president of nab. Those alum of Arizona. He said that President Obama needs to pick up the gosh darn fold and do something all the mention corrupt governments say today. We want our marine back. It. I mean why has not been done. I don't know you know I don't understand. It's it's a question that people are trying to I'm tremendously. -- I'll find it in a little bit -- basically what job. Well oh what what what the with his office said. While is a global -- White House spokesman said the matter is different from that of sergeant bird doll because. The latter was being held as an enemy combatant. Commercially. -- move to -- -- April to actually it's tumble. The -- has done or titles got to -- has been incarcerated in Mexico for more than two months after he he mistakenly crossed the border. So I'm I'm at its -- like. It's kind of like that if don't care about this guy. That's what it like -- I don't know and that should know and and it is -- what about you your ultimate Brooke this is what. Every. Day. -- and my daughter. We -- kitchen. And now we Dugard. Shot -- and pancakes. I just did. An absolute -- -- their mind is. -- -- omelet at the two million grow and sometime on making them Coleman what you do that they take -- of about three eggs. And they put a little blunder. To give them all nice and flawlessly and put the exiled on the grill at some trees. Folded over. Put order of for an draws on your plate and port Chile and culpable. And dim view of a couple pieces of toast and it is no John -- kid it is delicious that I make him -- home -- just -- So I -- it -- and it is real he really really good it. Appreciate you calling. Thank you. Thank you Chad let's go to let's go do bill and before a -- bill while we have a couple of lines doubled to -- -- take part the conversation as to secure when it's seventy. 8668890. Did somebody text me at age 7870. Bill how are you tonight. Plan and you. -- commit to a bomb. Don't sew them up -- to a quick comments sure burst radius is. Keep. Her own right it's. Anybody else does will I change it -- not seeing it. Mr. -- You should cheetah -- right. Empty basic rights that we don't. When he divorced his lap Abner Pollard being. On the -- All right. You don't it will you don't think his statements were races when he said. -- the business aspect without it now I'm not and they complete deal -- And that. Means. But we. It all star. Mateen and check. About pressure. In check. Out being about eight dale archer. She. It was camp compared to work. You know America and we. -- McCain and don't know. McCain did. Not an. Outlet -- -- It depends on what part of channel of -- -- this -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not actually in the sacred actually -- -- million literally. I understand how -- it it you know. I'm very into it it it was effective playing Romania Romania the -- here. There will be an open and I'm glad I'm not content should -- you can't just for a new. Well but when you but when you are in the NBA in new or a member of an organization like the NBA. You have to be aware of certain things and you cannot say things or do things. That is going to in bearish the league don't even though this was done behind closed doors once it got released it has embarrassed the league now. I do not agree. With the fact that the NBA is trying to force him to sell this team idle idle -- believe that they ultimately that's the right thing to do because first of all. He's going to make an incredible. Profit on the team. My my. Opinion is I would have let it take its course and find out. Which players will still played for him and probably the elite players will not play for him and then little happened the value of the team will go down. And then you'll have a cell that the loss. And eighth inning and it came -- being an estimated value it. It two under. No two billion billion dollars is what it looked up and. Went on to say it is -- -- for in state court to rule eight. -- -- -- And that's the boy that's the point I'm trying to make that you know. That and that's what I'm trying to make it now all people got to do is say about it if I wanted him making a lot of money. I'll just make a whole bunch of racist statements and somebody will pay off the goal -- -- many pretty electric. That's right it's work that's what to say bill. -- did you do the. All right bill got a -- I'm I'm I'm -- all right. 26018786688908. Suddenly. David and -- I'll I'll I'll get right back with the other I'm Bob Mitchell and the pursuit we were talking about Donald Sterling. He said he's got to fight for the clippers is taken a stand against the NBA he said. The NBA wants to take away privacy rights. Do you see his -- this. Do you think he's a nut job. Or do you think you're just trying to run up the price. In get even more money for the team I don't buy into people that have lots of money that they don't want anymore money doesn't that the matter whether he needs more money. He'll he'll take all the money can get. That's just my opinion I'm Bob Mitchell -- 2601878668. At 90 it's seventy what would you do. If you were to win the powerball. And you would be able to the win a little over a quarter of the billion dollars is gonna bring happiness can money really bring you happiness. It sure makes you smile that's for sure. Coming right back on the big -- seventy WWL AM FM and dot com. And I'm Bob Mitchell in particular our phone number to be part of the show was 26 year old -- 78668. At nine point seven a couple of things we're talking about. Talking about when you grew up. What was your favorite breakfast cereal. Like for instance -- it was a frosted flakes and today. When you sit down and have them. Ultimate breakfasts. Would measure what was your ultimate breakfast put text that was before into the post labor producer was presumably -- much they stay at home mom. She's 928 with moderate -- He says it sounds gross shifts that does but it pace great. All right let's get to the -- were gonna go to David and David wants to talk about this marine sergeant Andrew. Optimal racially which currently being held in the Mexican jail the got crossed into the border with guns in his car he told them he told the Mexican police that he had the guns the car. He's been in jail now for almost two months David is it time for the president to do something the call Mexico and say hey I I want my Marines back. And back should treat them in court. Actually that important. Electoral and our equipment is -- important year. That -- can. Come election time. To come back and that the and should probably get a question about that didn't want them. The tournament. The -- that you do and took command that I am thankful. -- didn't. There. -- ten and strip. It from. The bill. Well this guy is a decorated vet he served two tours in Afghanistan. And he briefly recently complained about the deplorable deplorable conditions in the Mexican jail. And what this. Congressman is saying he said it's it's ironic. That we can deal with Taliban. And getting an American soldier relief but we can't get a marine across the board released but it is is -- time for the president to pick up opponent. And called the president of Mexico and says enough is enough a -- -- my marine back. I would I would I would government in my mind about what we come. Always do. Shouldn't you people did two years ago. Into -- and welcome to attend the tournament that deadline. There. The David growing up what was your favorite breakfast cereal. An ambitious. Raisin bran and never did like race and never did you know archer. And I -- another Chirac did not like it was a shredded -- my daddy -- to me that like you draw. All too well. And you guys run on par on that. And Russia and the the what do you think the Donald Sterling. Yeah and English and I. Because of the premiere and they didn't. And then. -- and it would detection. -- and my gosh that discussion. Will definitely. Are sent to. Our sensitivity classes I thought I was I was against that too because. -- you should have a right to express yourself he didn't go on till -- he didn't go. On radio we didn't taken have a pregnant the paper. That it was just say a tweet message. And that was his. Opinion. And week we seem to be getting more and more in this country. You are allowed to have your opinion of your opinion is is not what the politically correct people want it to be then you're. You don't have a different opinion you're just wrong. I don't beat Utah Utah -- twenty. Computer the company was doing too good treatment to. And that. You know. Importantly time and -- -- -- -- -- you don't mention -- you. Political elections and then. -- have trouble. You are David appreciate your call in okay. All right 2601 late 7866889087. If you look at the -- -- who have won two lines are open for you should be able to get. Right in not too long of wait a big 870 pretty -- opinion poll question knowing the lack. Of good health care for our vets. Would you rule out joining the military. Or dissuade your kids. From joining good question and one lot of WWL. Dot com and cast -- vote or if you wanna call me and tell league go right ahead. -- albeit with few next we have simple lines open. Come on call and take part of the conversation. 26 Euro 172038668. At 90 it's Germany and you can text me at 87870. Texans are great. But -- duper for a talking -- I'm Bob Mitchell and which do the big 870 WWL. I'm Bob excellent coach -- let's go right to rob rob wants to make a comment on this marine -- so wasting away in the Mexican prison. Which our president to run. Well we're Provo. Portland. It properly and -- lie and a -- very very mart may. Some of these kind of freaks and that that -- -- -- I want to remind you bet this -- president president Barack Obama's framework and while Lum. Rescued the captain of that all the -- -- That would captain Bobby. I'll eat what you treatment to order mine you'd. Outlook also been. I'll also remind -- that. I -- they're under right above all that but what about this morning he's got rained out but please I'm getting. You know you don't have to convince me that this president has done good things. Okay and it. Do you really think that President Obama is now up -- Holbrooke who but they do is go create a trigger on. -- from -- -- old price secretaries of -- you know the president is not the only other people of the government have done that but he has -- They're doing though is not enough would ever do it is now and. Okay yeah I get it or you're you noble and what -- -- deliberately -- -- Donald loves. Okay what kept. -- straight that make sure they whether or. Do you think -- The price of the press let of Press Secretary -- Edward we're looking at two different things. Look no matter what he's been in jail for close to three months though all he did was it crossed the border with guns that he had. Legal rights to this country and that's that's -- I would have him call personally. -- -- -- -- -- Because I -- if he had they would -- -- -- whatever and obviously you don't hear anything today. Oh whenever the president's -- -- whatever the government does that make you feel better whatever the government's doing enough due to an up Ryan. Hang on I'll get to you right out the top Leo on WW.