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Jun 11, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight. Some hot topics coming up: Congressman Ted Poe from Texas is calling on President Obama to make a deal with the Mexican government to trade five Mexican prisoners for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is currently being held in a Mexican jail. Sort of like the trade we made with the Taliban for one American soldier. Do you think his analogy is correct? PLUS: for years nutritionist and moms have said to “EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!” Now a new study suggests “the most important meal of the day” is not really so important especially for adults trying to lose weight. Do you eat breakfast every day? And as a kid what was your favorite breakfast cereal and do they still make it? ALSO: The Powerball jackpot is again getting above a quarter of a billion dollars. Everyone always says money can’t buy you love or happiness. Do you really believe that’s true? What would it buy for you? AND: Donald Sterling now says he’s not selling the Clippers and is going to fight the NBA. He says the NBA now stands against privacy rights and freedom of speech! Do you think he’s really fighting “the good fight” for his rights or does he just want to raise the price tag for his team?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I've Bobbitt to end first boot -- filling in for Garland here's what's on our WWL talk table for the ball and give view. The phone number if you care to join us and I'd love you too call it and take part of our conversation. It'll heated sometimes we which we try to keep things as calm as possible to lose zero -- 7866889087. Here's what we're talking about. Congressman Ted -- from Texas. Is calling on the president -- call the Mexican government personally. And say tell you what. Will -- of five Mexican prisoners marine sergeant Andrew to -- Who was being held in a Mexican jail. Or maybe say a word activist then you anymore foreign aid until you let him go. Does that sound like the right thing to do. Now when we're saying this. Just so you know we're not personally. Fifteen on the president. Do not know I'd have to say that. Our last caller was right I'd do not know if the president has placed a personal phone call the information that we have the information that Washington is releasing. Is that he did not. Place a personal phone call and looked at at this late if he did place a personal phone call that's something that they would want us to know because. That would -- a little lead. Show the American public that pay our president is on the job -- the bottom line is. This marine. Has been sitting in jail in Mexico now for a little over two months. And if you don't know the story I was surprised I had lunch the day with just at a at a restaurant in in Slidell loved. Today a new restaurant called expects that apple would love and just. I'm I'm the kind of person I talk all the about -- talking to a couple guys. Who -- were at a table next to me and we were talking about this -- their first thanks a lot. But what sergeant. Marino in Mexico so if you don't know what we're talking about. It's the marine sergeant Andrew probably a -- and his name to more recently he was arrested in Mexico after making a wrong turn. Across the border from California. With fire arms and it legally owns in the United States but they are illegal. In Mexico. Now he's being held in a Mexican jail now for two months. For two months. He's still there. Didn't do anything wrong. And now congressman Ted -- Of Houston from Texas. He thinks it's time for the Obama administration. To bring the charger home. And what he says this of erotic that we can deal with the Taliban. And get an American soldier relieved we can't get them ringing the across the border released this is what has so many people frustrated. Frustrated to the point that a 100000 people plus subsided signatures. A addressed to the White House about what you need to get an official White House response so you know people are saying wait a minute. Wait a minute we didn't we didn't give up five really terrible bad guys. Taliban leaders to get one of our guys back. And yet we can't do enough to get the back from Mexico. What do you think there's this a good analogy to secure one late 78668890870. And a prayer breakfast person. You know nutrition experts of the NTELOS project -- retrospective but -- it's the most important meal of the day. Especially if you wanna lose weight. Will now test to show in this act and doesn't matter that. And just as many people lose or gain weight it if they do or do not eat breakfast so I started to become a fun tonight deflate where. And what do you eat for Europe favorite. Ultimate breakfast at breakfast when you just totally totally want to -- ago the one more thing powerball jackpot. Is getting above a quarter of a billion dollars everyone always says that money can't buy you love or happiness. But Al Green and the so called love and happiness do you really believe that's true do you really believe that if you weren't all that money. It would buy you a little joy. 2601 late 78668890. It's simply what what did buy it for you okay let's go to a -- -- calling from Schreiber Ryan. While they are you won't talk about Donald Sterling right. Talk about it when you'll. You pick it up I'm in a Donald sterling and now says. He's gonna fight the Nvidia. Is gonna take a stand he said that. He believes that the NBA is taken away his freedom of speech. There is a privacy rights. They're not really taken away his freedom of speech win when when you are in an organization like the and the day. June or -- be careful what you say but. I do not believe in anyway. I do not believe in any way that they should force of the so this team you you can I mention this earlier. Went when he bought the team back in and in the eighties. You don't think they knew what kind of person it was you don't think of all these years that -- -- knew these kind of things alleges that while he's on the centric old god. Now that have been out of school on public. Day of course want to trade and protect their brand. And it's all about money they know they don't do this it's gonna -- the NBA money but think about this report like. Two years -- that. Let's face it he went on a racial threat. -- somebody called and told me that I shouldn't judge him and call him a racist OK so he went on a racist rant. And if he sells his team. If they portion of this team for two billion. Dollars. Two billion dollars you can make a ton of money. Isn't that rewarding him. -- Maria. It didn't take away his speech in our yeah he's used to say it just. Like. You know when -- nor should. Like center. It's in this country and -- -- Not like where you want I would. However when workers in the you know organization your job. Whoever it may be. There -- cheap to make rules and rules or don't speak up speak up now we have a king public. You know personally I think it's ridiculous he's gonna make that money -- -- -- -- -- and just. Say. Well what I would do I don't know if you heard in my solution is. Do nothing. You dinner. Earlier just solid play out that's an option to write an outlet and you never know might play he may get players by the -- that he's great in May talk on money still are they just take. Well enough they can do that legally probably not you know probably not but if but but think think about that while that if if they deflated ego. Here is eventually what would happen. Some players would play form. And some what some players would say. Well you know what I will do I will play. Advantage of -- but not everybody wants to play for him and I'll get even more money. I'll I'll pay is out take his money and main hit it the money you. Earlier and more right -- the well it is their right to the -- dump the money is still green. And if if if enough people do not play for him the team will not. Put people in and halls he will lose money and then he will have to sell the team at a much lower price. Wouldn't that wouldn't that be a better example than -- say. Hey you'd order a racist rant for the company and you be useful the company name and we're gonna give you a lot of money to get out. It reminds that thing with. It would TV news network world order where he got you know it came down right and there is the sort of life. The legacy should be able to dislike. Whoever whatever reason you either you know you that street of this country you have that right don't voice is -- its engagement troubling problem. So -- mr. What do you think about the marine in Mexico. That's a shame. You know -- -- for too much and you should come back home you know matters. All of the military. Big ergo our. Horrible people on shall. You know and and personally epic edition and that they can just get the hammering in out of Mexico. When he argues there earlier that you know the congressman offered to treat our prisoners are Mexican prisons well. Wanna watch freedom is actually start dropping off the most horrible. Up next in -- we have in the country on the front doorstep and on the at least sub industry visionary. Well the -- and also says I mean we give vote we give Mexico for and they just and I can depend on auditor. You know and you know someone. Called the -- I think the guy's name with Ron was was basically. Defending the president. I'm not you know this president has done some good he he he -- he did get Osama bin Laden but now. We're talking about one of -- -- we're talking about one of one of our Marines. That's sitting in a a Mexican jail and I've got a text message that says. Heidi you know the marine was going down there sells weapons. There's no proof there's no proof of that nah -- If he had legal. It legal right to have those weapons and someone needs to step up so we can weaken I'm a bottom line person. The bottom line here is we have a marine has been sitting in prison. For two months and he still there Andy and he's their -- absolute bogus charge. Something should be -- whatever whatever our government is doing whether it's wedges whether it's the president or not whatever they're doing they are not doing enough. Yeah. Mean you wanna do the -- no -- got all these guys you know Kabul on Amal. Right right. Right one more thing though what -- ultimate brought us. Great where ovaries. Still in Tokyo which in sugar and on the side like. -- -- Well 120 late pop pop out where is the Chicago -- the Chicago -- accurate in every year. Next hole laid everybody shot their grit and try sugar now they're eager. I start I start putting just a little drop of heavy cream and migrants. Not. Not a like my -- the same way of that as you do a lot of election much crisp bacon but my my ultimate breakfast I mentioned earlier. Is going to the Camellia grill and eventually. Outsource its shores here. There's no better place now -- home. -- -- -- and appreciative voting in are no real all right 2601 late seventy. 8668890870. You know we're talking about if you don't on compile come back and oh really outlook shot on our WWL -- -- also talking about the powerball my goodness gracious getting to be. A little over a water couple billion dollars. What would you do with all that money how would it change your life. Here's an ultimate breakfast on line a text message my homemade apple further and takes. Who that does -- let's see any more breakfast is on here. Moon. No all I'll come back with a rookie Jack in jeopardy hang on I'll be right back with you on bomb that jewel in pursuit on WW well. I'm Bob -- in -- today it always something new WWL dot com date to have had minicamp. The safety brought the heat get recaps from Deke Bellavia Kristin Garrick in -- they -- Plus analysis from a resident pros -- a -- and -- garage on plots. Totals of all the action from our main man Chris Bennett plus a legislative Dujail in mills was suspended. It definitely from the team after being arrested and facing charges. For allegedly punching. The woman all right here's what's on our WWL. Talked able tonight. Remember being told you brought the solid time Britain's most important meal. You'll lose weight they treated good notes that at. But it it is. It is absolutely amazed at how we go to lives and something bad for coffee is bad for copies Bedford and coffee is good for good or bad for eggs now eggs are good for well now they're saying. It really does not matter at all in trying to lose weight so I thought we -- -- upon tonight. I wanna know. What is your ultimate brought us -- -- when you when you doubt what is your apple will -- ultimate brought us. -- and I want to I want to. Couple months ago. And I saw this guy remain. It looked like he ordered everything on the menu we have three of pancakes with. With whipped cream and strawberries and eggs bacon. And he had he had French toast on this I. -- thought was the out of the real. Heart attack waiting to happen but it sure looked good so well what is your ultimate -- also the powerball jackpot is getting. Above a quarter of a billion dollars. Everyone says that money can't buy you love or can't buy you happiness to you really believe that's true what would it by for you. And how many guys listing right now thing. You would have a better shot. Of having a good looking girlfriend. If you have the bucks. In other words. Do women. More attracted to men with money. Or two of -- doesn't meet -- -- missiles early by disliked. I know you have to know the personal -- did have you ever seen anywhere in have you ever seen a poor old -- With a hot looking woman known -- all know -- look at Donald Sterling. It's always. The rich old guys that have the good looking women by their sides and if you guys think. You would stand a better chance. Of getting a good looking woman if you won the power ball and you have all that -- and we'll talk about that were also talking about. The marine in the Mexican prison we need to do more of three and we're talking about Donald Sterling let's go to Jack in Latvia power to Jack. I am doing fine I'd like to see our government do a little bit more to get that marine on a jail in Mexico. You cannot understand you know -- bank in. You know. Campbell -- army. It Booker. Would become its structures of the car in -- -- -- -- Well they should've been doing it all alone -- right. And in -- look at Obama opened -- warm -- -- a lot of people think about what it. It included this arts and we can it is -- -- or. Not not this guy this guy though has been in the news for the past couple multi he hired an attorney and then needed like the attorney so -- hired. A second. Attorney. But it it's things like what happened to this poor guy he'd he'd he'd just made -- must lady act accidentally crossed the border he had some some guns in his car. And he told the Mexican police when they stopped in the they had the guns the guns were legal. In the United States but illegal there and that's the that's the charge that they arrested him on and you would think. -- -- he's been there for two months you would think that they could do more and getting out of jail. -- Well you know you mentioned about the powerball lot of running in about about one are these company and a ticket to the Mexican government. Well he's Laura holt in the Marines -- -- you know he -- all it needs -- called in the -- a good day. -- Jack you'd go over there and bribe them. The Jack what do you think about. The powerball being. A women or women more attracted to to Richmond if you won the powerball you that you get a good looking woman with that. But it tickets where -- got married sixteen years and expect more of my life and I six according admirably you know looking for a woman to correct -- And about the which it. -- -- there might as well how close. -- -- coming out here and it. You know that the agent in the church. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Genetic that say that again like that and power speaks more. Okay yeah I but it -- They have been ordered a long story short -- -- something like that. I would in -- in Albany a sports complex and what. Yeah has. You know it. Little ranch can't. Art school football team all -- yeah well you know you call -- Look at. Our open up shop there which our -- Well below that -- several you -- you know but -- -- And it. Are keen on how to do -- -- -- -- Good idea you know everyone says the money can't buy you love and money can't buy you happiness. Well -- tell you one thing. If I were to win the 260. Million dollars I did do a lot of happy things of that money I'd be smiling premiered here. Absolutely absolutely you know it is way. -- -- -- you can't your -- well -- -- -- -- -- -- And so well at. All. -- -- -- -- -- It -- money money money you -- you know all these material being at what happened well on the art you know are -- in order. It is not bear market is it a lot about it -- all want not what else. Well if if I got that there a lot of things in my bucket list that I can't afford. I'm I would go ahead and I would fulfillment but let's -- I would I would give if if I won that much money. I believe on on one of these space shuttles are simply not I think you can match. I like ten or twenty million dollars. App I've I would do that I've been mumbling something like that. -- Would do for and most importantly all -- -- later right and that -- that would bring you some happiness. All right well being hampered the -- yeah you know he knows how and I mean. -- -- -- Period chair. You know not -- -- somebody else. -- That in desperate need the -- You know -- been. And I would I would like the look on my church pastors space when I would walked in with -- of with the -- -- from getting. 250 million dollars on just like the look on his place when you when you put that -- -- -- and Jack broke what like what's your ultimate breakfast. Long or short a -- omelet. You know I've thought about doing that for quite some time and never had taught you how do you make this. You crop this year. It. And it. It pretty crop. -- You know probe. Some onion. Not enough. But also to go -- it. But it did it at all -- felt it cropped ears you -- it. -- Man that's so great you don't have to do what I do at those potatoes. I cut them up and that I take some crawfish tails. And I make I make crawfish potatoes settle with the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Put it to -- it's possible that. All right thank you Jack. And that's a breakfast let's go to Jeffrey in Algiers Jeffrey thank you for calling WWL tonight. All right I'm doing okay Tony mind. Well for -- the that are -- but the goal but it it by an effort to whatever outweighed. Cordoba billion dollars. Well at least not about like one sort of in BP. Where the I don't know that by an injury to him and not a big basketball. And I'm I'm I'm football and College Baseball. Right there weaker than. -- thing about it though about it and we basically like you clearly he really came out without. And -- -- we if you -- the -- of control run that you did do that money. Eight ride in and I I talked to these guys that launch and the that I don't know who they -- and they took a step back and they said you know. That makes it so don't I was I was talking to -- he's he's he's my aboard up during and built a lot more than that and he said you know. -- I never thought about that but. The NBA today. They don't want to lose the money the NBA they don't want to lose sponsors think about it this guy and an option out of a couple of times. Are right. We the are supposed to be nice and not judge medals so we -- calling the races will say he said racist things okay. So here's a guy that that says these these racist things that oh and and what he said it was -- was just terrible. But where does anyone think he became a races in the past couple years would anyone think that. -- this is not been part of his life for years and years and years. It is I'll boot. You could go barrack -- if you want big you already to our house discriminate like. Or right or wrong. On this little surprise. You right now that it's public today with. Listen now that you have really messed up real bad will give you two billion dollars to go away. There. So in other words of course I wouldn't do that but in that type of logic that means that. If I went on the air and said something really really really dumb while but it just farming but that act and get me any money total. But the what do you think about this rain in Mexico what should we do there. Well. You. Get people who root beyond their -- based group. Record record at the Carter brokered by a stroke that. -- At saint -- in here with their Mexican military. Naval war in the coal product. I know you -- acre tree people in that they are go to concurrent. But -- but the two months sitting in the Nixon did jailed for -- terror and -- weapons -- -- it's a pretty long very. -- that is true though. There. -- Years you know people that aren't because. So. And I I don't think the food the Mexican jails that good -- -- I don't know one and only use against Haiti. Burrito breakfast is what's your ultimate breakfast Jeffrey. Oh when the it would probably be. The say they -- Page. -- Meant I was saying some people eat and especially. What would always really cracks me up is that when when you go to some of these places. I don't know on top pass that on notes its war on. That is on top Denny's and what's the other big -- -- and when when they have the breakfast moved plays an all you can eat. -- -- -- use Jolie's right you see some disgusting people born here or we're usually people at. Militants active on the foods so her. Jeffrey. Well over ago. The equipment with two billion outlook on what the maker in the work. Well right now maybe that's it. Maybe a delay -- lakers owner will people learn something from mr. sterling. And -- something really stupid then number five billion dollars the goalie. -- they did Jeffrey. I enjoyed the talk to six year old -- 7866890870. I'm Bob Mitchell get to you spot market like as soon as possible. If you take part of the show -- Talking about Donald Sterling we're talking about the marine that rot away in a jail in Mexico and I wanna know what is your. Ultimate brought us our balls worth a little over a quarter of a billion dollars. Can money really buy you happiness can buy you a lot of fund buy you a lot of joy. Give me a call 2601878668890. At seventy I'm Bob that -- in dispute on the Bill -- seventy WWL AM -- -- dot com. And I'm Bob Mitchell imports do tonight to secure 17866. -- nine point seven if you take part in our conversation tonight. -- look at the polls and in just the second but. Let me get caught up on the some of these. Text -- to drill a quick like we're talking about the marine in Mexico were talking about Donald Sterling. Deciding to play at the NBA. I want to know which were ultimately practices. And can money really. Buy -- and happiness of that power ball that it would be up over a quarter. Almost a corporal billion dollars amazing practices. Groups with Sarah world. Ed creep into your regrets. Alone and -- Indian groups like the for the about the finish and they'll be stingy. Unfortunately when it comes to marine. The guy broke the law by carrying weapons across the -- How out of the marine of all people make such wrongful turn and end up in Mexico. And you've got a good point there. But he is a marine. He is in the military. If that have been a civilian amount of four different. But the he said that he and Monday when Wendy can. Watch where it happened he conceived when when you watch the video and exactly where it happened you can see where you can make a mistake and that and missed the sign. Chocolate no trick for breakfast is extra ice cream and okayed a pro in. Nab this is going to be this is not to be made up listen of this. Chocolate milk shake for breakfast -- extra ice cream and throw in sick Friday at the garlic. And onion in butter and cinnamon raisin oil will be on the side note there are right. Actually went of two we have -- It's the law doesn't matter. If it's in Mexico or the United States you might have a permit to carry -- weapon into the US but you don't have the right to carry them in the Mexico. Favored breakfast three eggs over easy to Naples south of counties and buttered grits and with all that money from the powerball. You would not only have a pretty girl -- -- But just have a chance of -- much younger one. Six that. That's that's something that that that you can beat John let's go to Scott. Dot. Scott what is your ultimate. You are correct state Marco -- today. -- -- David requisite that you -- pick -- open street actually you know it is. I've I've I've had practice for a couple of them Jewish. Yeah. I liked it has been what you get like a good -- air Arabia alone. And now I try and try on this -- it at that very they're. What about like about -- here at all that -- absolutely no attention you can say look a year. In my right my my son in my son and I used to eat there. What wanna work more and he likes his milk ice cold like that with a bright and so he would. Oh. Right so so he would he would tell the waitress it's it looked. I want don't bring milk I'll tell you bring the broad street there his first and then bring them attitudes say. Right and -- go back to Britain took that note down and and it would after it happened two or three times and said son. -- Auto the -- after after you do Brooke I think a lot of those waitresses that Betsy which trained rocky and Carl stone apparently. This picture and I it's gotten you when you win the powerball and over to -- -- portable billion dollars. And bring you little happiness may keep our you'll hear Mickey I gotta put the but the women. I know it may not light tap in Monterey boys are chirpy happy America. I guess I'd be happy terrible. Yeah you know one what one thing. Especially with the generation we have right now I have a feeling. And if you could either you or. One that powerball the first wolves to congratulate us -- to have their hands out would be who. It did that's. That's an erratic. All right god and I need this we'll talk about -- at about it all right thank god all right -- -- right. Acted Jason and -- Henry and we have ruled for your calls at 26018788668. At 90870. What is your. Ultimate brought us you know that breakfast that you just absolutely. You can needed everyday but your ultimate breakfast. If you won the powerball little over. -- over a quarter of them on a billion dollars. What would you do go to buy you a little joy and happiness. It's a good looking woman also we're talking about the Marines. In Mexico and got to get that guy out in -- Donald Sterling Bank the news is now fighting the and he. If he's got a right to do that. Think he's just a crazy ailment may be a Smart romantic universe can get two billion now to walk away -- -- -- give me more. 2601 late 7866889. Awaits them Leo Bob Mitchell and for its code on WWL. I'm Bob excellent dispute put that at the song which -- -- open and that's that's the theme. From -- I saw. The Isaac Hayes orchestra perform one time -- and they did it's. And it was absolutely just incredible -- get to Jason -- -- can anyone before news Jason thank you for calling WWL. Don't you you haven't ultimate breakfast straighten. Our -- -- alike Albrecht who -- mean. I can Eli. They can and often knee and and you know on the night being omelet would be great. -- like I mean any combination of those and that I'm a happy guy you know from one cues on -- on you got. I am too well I love -- present to look -- I can. I I can just I can I can drink it like a beverage. And not a -- not not just for breakfast leader. On awarded to -- about that now there ruling that there is any indication. He is incompetent. And he instructed that flip flopping. On in court that I -- one -- east violence neat and back off its okay. And eight while he. I think a clear indication magnet mine is not where it should be blunt talk about that kind of money. Right but. But can they force him to sell the team. -- our ticket office complete. Okay. But -- Jason -- giving him the -- my point all along has been. What he said was despicable greed. So all right but again in two billion dollars to go away. Two billion dollars. Two billion dollars. It's a lot of money on that to him you like you know what it's two billion mean. Pete Pete fighting on this year principle that is a closed -- rights taken away and I don't know I think you. -- -- I'm I'm running out of time and you'll talk about the marine in Mexico so go ahead give me your thoughts on this. All -- that's exactly what I. Will operate -- black hat and when she when President Obama negotiated the release -- the guy you know for the talent on. That's exactly what people were going to do because you're putting them out you won't want older and I hear that parents of soldiers that they -- -- -- -- in -- -- not able to negotiate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- heat -- -- -- leading to. That's like you tend not under any circumstances. Opened pandora's box and -- President Obama did negotiated. Personally with our work force. -- -- Mexico Mexico is not our enemy. Well -- saint that. When -- -- a practice on Portland's -- or sworn enemy. Negotiating for -- terrorists who have been high ranking officials won't kill either soldiers or civilians such an advantage and important Carter. -- I gotta go Jason thank you so much appreciate your calling. Henry and -- hold on I'll get to you guys after the news -- WWL.