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Jun 12, 2014|

Congressman Ted Poe from Texas is calling on President Obama to make a deal with the Mexican government to trade five Mexican prisoners for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is currently being held in a Mexican jail. Sort of like the trade we made with the Taliban for one American soldier. Do you think his analogy is correct? PLUS: for years nutritionist and moms have said to “EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!” Now a new study suggests “the most important meal of the day” is not really so important especially for adults trying to lose weight. Do you eat breakfast every day? And as a kid what was your favorite breakfast cereal and do they still make it? ALSO: The Powerball jackpot is again getting above a quarter of a billion dollars. Everyone always says money can’t buy you love or happiness. Do you really believe that’s true? What would it buy for you? AND: Donald Sterling now says he’s not selling the Clippers and is going to fight the NBA. He says the NBA now stands against privacy rights and freedom of speech! Do you think he’s really fighting “the good fight” for his rights or does he just want to raise the price tag for his team?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well probably no surprise it is me Bobbitt shall be real Robert Mitchell filling in for -- do tonight I'll lay out what's on our WWL talked table. And and just the second. But if you guys heard about this. Researchers in Australia. And you hold please nobody was in the second -- got to give me the story this this. Really strange researchers in Australia. Are -- for what they call a mystery at sea monster. That divide -- 89 foot long great. White -- I'd like I'd like monsters and weird stories a tracking device. Previously planned and on the chart was found washed up on the beach and after analysis that showed that -- suddenly underdog. A rapid increase in temperature in -- with 19100. Foot dive but meet the blades because -- tracking devices. It was on the shark and it lets people know where the -- goals and how deep shark -- though the war of the question that come to everyone's mind is. What did that it was obviously -- what in the world to eat a nine -- Shark what's going to either shark that big. A nine foot shark researchers think that it was. And I'm never heard this before -- Tutan. Colossal. Animal -- College Park but animal short. Hop scene. -- a lot of the anywhere near that of average goes scuba diving again all right welcome to the show. Here's what's on our WWL talked table powerball. Powerball boys and girls getting up to close to a quarter of a billion dollars. Quarter of a billion awful but more than that right now. Everyone says that money can't buy you love and money can't buy you happiness but. Good that much money bring you some fond of that which -- bring you some happiness that for you single guys out there. You'd think you got a better shot of getting a girl -- a good looking girlfriend. A good looking young girl program with money. -- -- -- They don't care. And again commonly young women have you seen. On old -- dollars. All which god is yet to 6017866889. Only seven were also talking about. -- ultimate breakfast the breakfast that you just absolutely love we're talking about them this marine. That's in a Mexican jail right now that we still haven't gotten out of prison and we're talking about Donald Sterling who now is fighting the sale of his team are right. That's what I Henry Henry thank you so much for waiting so long. They're probably your two and you still don't sit so he shouldn't sit out if it were bombing by. I -- center of -- you know keen. -- -- -- Appropriately but I mean. Back then he was really practiced earning. Up bought them so. -- -- right but if you format shall I open it right up pinkie. -- it statements and that's somebody you and who. Well that's the -- Aaron Carter right you know if you you Brigham a good point there there are things that I've said in miles especially if if I'm having a heated discussion of that we don't argue we have heated discussions in my house. There are some things that the that I have said to my wife that probably worked to respectful toward her that I would not want played only year. And this guy -- -- them some dirty pretty bad things and because of that. He did tarnished the image of the India. I don't know if you were listening in the beginning but that the problem here is win the NBA first let him by the team. He was the same person then as the is now you know you don't become a racist overnight he was the same person -- and things like this have happened. During his ownership. He still pay all the bills still trade at all the players. But now that has become public it's an embarrassment to them and in essence. They're giving him two million dollars in hush money -- go wait a rule that we're talking. I threw it all red tape but then. You're right and so. Are now. We will sit being at peace at Arco -- and in it would shouldn't. Torrealba. -- I'll watch out kid brought it to be. ROP. Ideas though and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In my life and move market problem a lot of good things didn't. Burn out. Well and when you get in when you did in two of -- the radio and music profession. You learn real quick that there is that you know. Everybody is like it and I got a radio at at at a very young age dog grew our our our. I grew up or. -- while I got it I was I was fortunate I got in a radio right out of high school. My dead you know my dad was Archie Bunker -- -- mud but that some that at some pretty. Nasty things and raised me a certain way but once I got into the real world and god and let the the music in the radio business realize that it's it's not that. And you can't think that and I can't say things like that. So tell me about your ultimate -- missed. Follow him -- well triple Iraq. Welcome -- 08. Take ago got him in entry. We're a couple of slightly so so -- narrower -- Are you you you like to run the played. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now let me ask is -- when you eat breakfast out. I have the hardest I'd like my legs either based did. Or over easy -- to be able to stick the toast bread in there and have a lot of Jews below what a hot. I find that's the hardest way to get eggs -- that your water on the way and they always seemed overcoat. I agree to work it into my outlook that I looked at a lot of it like it's -- I mean and yet right. And when you ought to Ramon not my wife doesn't perfectly I mean that's the electric. When you order a -- some work. No matter you can tell him I just want them lightly based on them over easy. And you get them and -- you put that fork and at at at her credit and there's nothing there. -- -- -- an -- -- -- talk about. All they -- The are. It on and give our kids worker at. Now. Well I mean I blitzes out what went out when. I would. Still like to ship. -- out to -- -- people. Like I'm -- little look -- -- otherwise or -- the order and I don't know why -- -- Well he he said he didn't mean to cross the border. Oh well -- -- -- our -- -- He here's what I would do I have a fantasy about -- winning the powerball I would tell you and. I would gets them some briefcases. Would probably put somewhere around a 100000 dollars cash. In each one and I would give them some people. And give one to John who was my producer and keep me -- -- totals well. I'd give him one but it would be one of these things here they would have to signed. An agreement. That it just might become a cruel bit to sign an agreement that they wouldn't tell anyone. Not even their mate. Where the money came from and that have to sign an agreement that have been -- out. I'd get the money back but wouldn't you love to be able to go to some live right under the give you opened his briefcase there's a 100000 dollars fashion there. And it's yours. But you can only tell anyone working program. Law up to it -- a portrait. I shared an Olympic respect great -- yet. You can take minded and real OK if you win but I'll make you -- deal. If I win I'll give you a briefcase if you win you give me one all right. -- I am at one over on it yeah. Okay our. I mean. At which -- -- being out. Well we grew up together begin I got in the radio and all the high -- I I think I was there in nineteen. Villanova 67. Yeah yeah. What are that we PIX. -- want to operate its so that yell out and out run. Well it wouldn't let me tell you Sunday interest in it it shows you how -- radio is -- and I were talking about that earlier tonight a bank -- that time. I did the morning show on one station and spewed I think was on off what was a public are no -- one of anyway. -- not -- its partner a little. -- A social skill and competed against each other in the morning for years and years and years and years now we both work PlayStation. That's great thank -- Our partner -- -- you are on the -- it. All right. In. Are all right Jerome and keep you guys hang on on -- take a break and then I'm gonna come right -- -- -- -- -- late seventy. 866890870. If you did win the powerball which -- -- you know. Almost a quarter of billion dollars a noted that money can bring you ability to bring you happiness. But it can sure make you smile on what would you do with that know how much happiness or bring you know wanna hear from some human. You'd think that if you won that much money. If you're single right now it would help get you a good looking girl Oprah and -- that they're 178668890870. Bob Mitchell coming right back in the big gates seventy WWL AM implement dot com. And the phone number to take part the show is to figure of one point 78866. -- nine point seven Leo I'm Bob Mitchell and for student. After listening to left commercials and but I know I want perform Tuesday. Can't wait to be. At the restaurant. That in a room leading. And in my little box and open up and to my surprise. You Wednesday. There's a box the box and but what I and I can't take. I can't think of some of the -- there while Wednesday captive animal like I don't like. -- All right let's go to manager -- I don't drivers to silly and stupid late Gloria Jerome. -- All right Jerome you win this powerball and it's it's almost a quarter of a billion dollars to to bring you a little happiness. Yes it can be very have. There have been -- -- blues about 11. -- of people want in upstate -- and emanated from my house. -- -- What is that. Because if -- get sick I want I don't know would be a long -- local -- is straight you know. Yeah yeah. And standard of anonymous the group got to watch me about it being my ticket Cuomo family go to -- -- You know I've I've come to the conclusion that the person who made of that line that you know money can't buy you happiness. Well that someone who didn't have money. I'm -- find out too you know. The proper things -- get the revenue goes curriculum in some crop his bid and some previous trip vicious than some. And is wins -- crabmeat diplomats you all of that stuff like that. Not a -- I'm I'd I'd like to do coming I really would today in take care my family. And take care my church and but the -- I think it would just be nice to be able to have. And and of course. You'd you'd have you'd you'd have to take and you'd have to hide you'd have to change. The numbers. The bill and a community disseminated it wanted data apple wallow not a -- not a community set up well. -- any thoughts on. What we should do their there's a congressman. Who is is calling for the president. To place a personal political congressman. Ted hope from taxes. Is calling on President Obama to make it personal phone call to the Mexican government to get this marine sergeant back in -- he says. That we should the bush offered to trade the Mexican government. Five Mexican prisoners or simply tell them you're not gonna get any more for an eight indeed it was a marine that. But they've called in the middle of the -- If it let. Acknowledged that. Make that drug called Dennis Rodman look into it. Yet. Thank you Jerome. All right let's go to let's go to teeth in Harbin power UT. -- -- -- Concerned that that vote in Mexico you. -- -- -- get it and I don't PP yes. They had boy all on. From the Center for Constitutional Rights -- talking about the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay right now -- So -- 140 and it got let out 78 album will be in hell. But they haven't really been charged with -- It would just ought not be that Albanians all outcry. -- actual -- but the problem is making it. Contrary that eight. Okay that's the problem may supposedly that that would be -- So appalling as they wore about constitutional rights away at it and match. Talk about or so in another country we're about -- constitutional. Rights like Allred why is that somebody like that. All may be Amnesty International. Talk about everybody else's constitutional. Rights being violated whereas in the national law. -- -- only -- tell you my opinion on and I'm not I'm not Smart enough to answer the whole thing but I think you know. Since he's in Mexico. That he hit his constitutional rights here. I guess I don't know August he no longer has them but if I I would think. And I would hope that our our our government it it is it. I -- think on government is doing everything but it just seems to me that here's a guy. The pace he he said that he actually made a mistake. That he did not mean to go and it into Mexico. They they showed some video. All in all on when. When you approached the border -- if you really are paying attention that you couldn't go right over the border and I think what happened. He he he was out having the meal and then he got this truck and he he he drove -- before he realized that. That he he went into Mexico he had no intention of going into Mexico and then when they stopped him he told them that he had. A rifles in the car or guns in the car. If you it and try to hide the fact. Today that the weapons were on. -- legal in the United States but not legal in Mexico but they still brought in the jail and he's been their for two months and they can't get him out and that that just. You know like like those guys said. He said that that we can take and we can trade. We can deal with the Taliban. But we can't deal with Mexico that it is really truly doesn't make sense and he's calling. He's calling for President Obama to make a personal phone call to the president of Mexico City today. We want our -- Right yeah because how many bodies hit the common goal will. With no -- report cautions it -- Right right. They keep you have you have an ultimate breakfast that you like. Yes bill would sit. -- -- -- and districts that they you now what do not sprinkle cinnamon on them. And then output be a little smoky it'll -- smile hostages. And I put them on capped an eleven you know bake in the common. In an epic you know like ten of fifteen minute epic amount that's no good with that -- of the -- but it. Now I'd -- tell -- -- what I've done -- what the old grand biscuits. I've taken some crawfish tails and come up a little bit. And sought to -- them and just just a small. Amount of butter. A little bit onion. And looks a little bit on noon -- built -- a little a little bit of green onion. And -- played in in in in just a little butter. And that I take and take the biscuit and a flat Nabisco okay and the that'll put the crawfish. Inside the biscuit fold the -- over and make myself a little crawfish -- Are they you go into -- It is that it is really. Really good. And him Michael's side at all of eggs in the that's that's a real nice breakfast and we appreciate -- -- Appreciate -- calling -- All right. Yes without a bit. But you want to crawfish -- -- -- illness or corpus it would. It really worked it all you do is you take a professional -- of -- maybe a little green onion a little bit of butter. And then take the biscuit news here a couple extra while roll -- -- about plot that out. Put that in some of the biscuit folded over take your fourth and kind of put the edges down engine in the oven and it is really good and has sounds good. -- ready right now well what you want one of these sites I'll I'll have I'll have to bring some included 40 that will be all right bureau I'll make I'll make some crawfish. Okay all all of our listeners heard about these are our plans -- voters Obama I'm going to hold leads to it -- alien -- a camp tomorrow. Next week I think I work. -- thanks boots off vote Wednesday through the end of the week have been following week -- work the whole week one -- if not next week the week after. I'll I'll bring it -- do we have a oven here at the state we hadn't might -- One have been placed those good budget I convict him -- heat them up in the mountains -- easy bake oven. Now on but -- a little light -- right. Is that what you played with as a kid dog though no Malone. House to basically. Touch football freeze to stuff like easy -- here you know it it if it is amazing how much of an our -- -- -- of the same way with the name. My whole thing as a kid. Was to be outside but I mentioned a couple it was last week that. One of the worst punishments I ever again. Is I couldn't I couldn't go outside and play ball until the excellent at a certain thing -- and things like that. And won commonwealth -- my mother and here's how she punishment. She -- done. You can go outside. And -- on the porch. You can't -- off the porch don't know my buddies. Our industry that we played street ball of course and in the -- in the street playing street ball. And I can't play I have watched. The rules a cruel woman I bet you have a mild off again and never -- Erica you know. All right here's our poll numbers and you'll take part of the show it to 601 late 78668890870. And if you just tuning in. Here's what is on our WWL talked table away at all for you. And I'll read a couple of text messages and then get to your phone calls. Congressman Ted -- from Texas. As calling on the president that called the Mexican government. And say look. Wouldn't trade your five Mexican president's marine sergeant Andrew to recede. And by the way he's being held in a Mexican jail has been there for about two months ago. Or maybe just say if you don't letting go were not sending any more money to Mexico why Derek keeping him I I really don't know like against because. They think that I don't know what that they have as far as I've been able find out that if they have not really. So it exactly what to -- -- except the fact that he went in to Mexico and we've got some text messages and saying that he did break the Mexican law. And by the letter of the law he did he had some guns in his car that will legal here but he legal and Mexico. But when the police stopped and he told them that he had the weapons and that that at this point have not played well at all. You know I might be able see this if it were a civilian but it's one of our Marines one of our soldiers and I think that is a different situation if I I think that but the government does mean to do more to get him out so do you agree. That you know if if we didn't get the weakened if we can negotiate with the Taliban. We should be able to negotiate with via Mexican government and if you haven't heard the latest about what's going on. And the NBA Donald Sterling. Senator statement. That is not just fighting for the clippers he's decided he's not going to sell the team. He's taken a stand against it and be he said the NBA wants to take away its privacy rights and -- freedom of speech. Do you see his side at all you know kind of do know look what he says. And the things that he says. Were absolutely disgusting. And and very very racial remember there -- things were said behind closed doors. They were there were things that were sent in private. And if you -- -- ago. I said at the very beginning of the show this man didn't become racist overnight the man was was blows. Said these type racial things when he first bought the team that's the kind of person he was -- I'm sure the NBA news. And so how -- that punishing him. By telling them you're gonna sell the team for two billion dollars -- some people say. Well is to all the money in the world he doesn't need anymore money. If you know and he really really rich people you know what they want they want. Normally so I don't know hall I don't know hall portion in the solid team for two billion dollars in any way it is going to make him say low. I shouldn't do things like I'd like to have your thoughts on this at 2601878. 866889. OH seventy also talk about a couple of funding. You you know -- mom and nutrition people have said for years eat your breakfast. Proposal the most important meal they tell people. Who all want to go on diet to lose weight make sure you you eat a good breakfast well now restricts as. None of that is true it does not matter at all when it comes to weight loss whether you eat breakfast. Or you do not eat breakfast so. I wanna know when it comes to brought us. What if your. Ultimate Brooke you know arguable these people that love to build pomp and show lesion and get. And Kate will with the whip cream and strawberries in the wall pools and a and and eggs in the note that the culprit for -- like or do you like just but simple breakfast to a six year old late seventy. 866889. Point seven it here's a good one when you were growing up. What was your favorite for the sugary. Billy still make it today. Or let me go ahead and get up on a couple of text message of wildly for your calls -- -- your wallets ebony. 8668890870. For the powerball it would make me happy like stay home and a white care from a mentally and physically handicapped down. Syndrome sixteen year old child I'm very appreciative of my -- to -- occasion. Animals over concern for long term health and stability although I'm a good provider will never be able to get what she deserves. But the powerball. Would be a good start. Bullets that if. Looks at the Bob. If I won a quarter of a billion dollars it would make me happy. Most people. Say that they have never been my most people say that they have never -- -- little money on Christmas with kids. I don't know if the money would bombing happened is but what I have. I don't love the money would buy me happiness but I'm sure I would have a young life. After all I'm I'm always on the hunt for my next extra life. As far as breakfast tomato gravy and biscuit with fresh pork sausage. Maybe so but see I'm going for ice cold chocolate milk. Yeah that is good. Kentucky whisky and ice cold root -- six fried eggs onion ketchup. And on that one. Let's city. -- liver and onions. Over courts from the -- need to grow I'd do not like -- -- and all -- can imagine eating liver and grits for breakfast. Nazi. Live near the border that was his decision and he should be accountable is talking about the -- -- ago. Why should Mexico over the -- -- consideration. We offer Mexican nationals here in the states the same thing. Good point. To secure a 17866889. Only seven Olympic break called during the break and Java pitcher ready to go on the air will be a really want to hear your opinions. I'm Bob Mitchell on the big -- it's seventy WWL AM implement dot com and protect part of the show. Poll numbers to secure of 170. Told 38668890. It's simply text via -- somebody it's -- -- really like that's like just above. However for you to call but it can't call and go ahead and and and and -- talked about a couple of leagues and talking about some fun things like. Well what is your ultimate breakfast and old just -- your your favorite your favorite thing for breakfast. Talked about if you were to win the powerball being over a quarter of a million dollars people saying. Can't buy you love. Can't buy you happiness. Do you really believe that. Do you do you not believe if all of a sudden you had about 26270. Million dollars. In your pocket that he can bring you some happiness. Were also talking about on the serious side that marine who was in the prison and Mexico. We want our government do more -- do you think the government should do more Donald Sterling back to the news. Now -- say these doctors fighting for the clippers but he's taken a stand against the Indy which it called a band of hypocrites and bullies. And that's a double. Monsters SA which -- really great Donald. Now do you agree with Donald on any of this to secure -- late 7866. And 89 like so many Mary I'm gonna get three and one minute. I know everybody have a right to there own favor brought us this is a breakfast that I don't know -- -- slice break. Friday and -- hard. Well why would you fry bacon in anything bacon is fat and it already so you know needed that but anyway. I know what -- favorites OK thick sliced bacon fried in big hard. Then fraud the eggs in the same grease over easy and serve on lightly bothered rights. I don't know about that. And I I like my eggs over easy but when when I was growing up you know my mom without the world's greatest -- -- John -- -- -- -- flooded out in large part. And it takes pride in that mark right and placed over lightly Bart. Kills lightly buttered. Like I write the yeah yeah it's a good point you're gonna put bacon in pig -- Which is putting Greece in Greece. But but I've got to cut out about -- -- nobody here on what I wanna clog up our regardless of that -- and I have yet. I'm gonna I'm I'm gonna I gonna cut back on the but oh well don't go heavy on that but right now -- It on my mom mom and my mom was not a good. And and she would -- bacon and -- the bacon -- would get real hot. And you just cracked to exit poll you know it turned brown. And nasty. So that's why I like my eggs over easy. Let me seed and yeah I go to Mary before the break a married I'll orient. You ready for a little bacon front and -- light on the butter though. In this under that's ominous than this the Tom Fitzmorris until the put it this. I didn't happen there. Acting with the way it contamination and the thing I want -- -- He's got to do it took a usable. One at that there -- back into the work combinations and looks after being -- What's your perfect. -- it would only happen the way it -- you in the we have up and -- but don't give it to -- the man but wake and it can't be tracking. And wait let's let's backed up their use in bulk -- yeah B eight K we I have no idea what that is. Are now they nearly Buckley on who was the one on the little rascals but the you know. Now that you haven't had this health food door that you could be a cost. Well they'd just say that makes a bad already I mean. Old reckless and should not be a healthy food. It now being batted back. And and but you haven't app that'll happen anymore and then them -- -- yet. It has to have that scene at the giant and they -- backhand. Came. It's -- kind of a -- yep. Yeah a note that is well like like cancer and torture me. And you put that like bananas and man in them. -- you know and management. And a lot that. But two things enjoy eating out when they -- the best thing that my night mine. Like to have my can't just let this it might quit that Mike and Molly and that the -- and it. Don't have raisins and roots -- love it. OK I love it let's say. I can get life and then to light up just like I. And so anyway that they have won the powerball. One half that they can't a couple of things I'd like I've made in my family and stuff like that I'm trying to get to what would really make. Are you married married. That are now. But that it until you unmarried so were you married I'm I'm not asked how. I'm not asked to -- on the date believe me. I was gonna say if you in the -- me you might attract the young man. -- -- well in any way. Not my interest. But -- -- -- what made it that I have a marriage ended right now a lot of agenda. A man is not your interest. Not at this point blank at one time. -- Paula you know I'm okay but down. Oh I thought maybe. Maybe you didn't like man that's I -- I don't know I didn't want to offend you if you don't know and the pride and play. -- -- -- -- we'll send you if you didn't want to mess and to that idea offensive thought that you didn't like that I was on the -- you have had wanted to set them back. Yeah I wasn't assuming that you handle that and not a not a president not that there's anything wrong with okay. That I had been on the market right now I get that might -- like that may dictate what I really. To do with the money after Emma I am partner uneven and I happen. They've got my stuff from all the people want an advocate money at top of Islam you but after that the law that. I'm really would be happy to give my money out the people in need like the lady who had done you invalid child that the many people -- know that it needs like that. That the crime you know giving money to the use not duties but people that can help Pete -- used in the in any event. That would make me so happy I could contribute. Thank Mary and thank you will be in court okay all right. I'm Bob Mitchell coming right back and WWL AM implement dot com I'm Bob Mitchell on WWL filling in for -- Right before the break room reading one of our listeners of favorite breakfast this -- for talk about. And I missed part of its so in -- in respect to be Lester I'm gonna re read his favorite breakfast. Thick sliced bacon fried and pig -- Then fried eggs in the same -- Over -- -- -- -- lightly buttered writes. -- got to cut back somewhere right and then I missed this part. Two slices of generously buttered toast to mop it up but got to keep. -- -- butter on the right is light I just did you -- heaven on the cameo on the toast so. You know something. Wherever you -- big pig -- and I'm I have to try and whatever -- has ignored them in every thing else -- At at at at our I tell you -- We -- bright produced would come back now reset the talked table for Leo last hour toll were talking about. Mr. dutrow and I'm Bob Mitchell and WWL AM FM and dot com.