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Jun 12, 2014|

Bob talks about breakfast; it has been known for years as the "main" meal of the day. Experts are now reporting that dieters will loose weight whether they have a "hearty" breakfast or not.

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All right. Just so you understand. I'm filling in -- dude I'm Bob Mitchell this is this -- show. Judge him by some of the text such as no -- normally doesn't show buddies is filling in for. Garland right now so I'm filling in sports you -- beer probably. Four. A couple weeks OK but you're stuck with -- Padilla next couple weeks here is what is on our WWL talked table. Congressman Ted -- from Texas calling on President Obama to make a deal with the Mexican government. And what he said is that we should. Trade five Mexican prisoners for marine sergeant Andrew. Tom I have a hard problems limiting -- -- tomorrow sleet or whatever. They should have simple name should Alex Smith and Jones who is currently being held in the Mexican jail. -- like the trade we made the Taliban promote American soldier. Now do you think this. You think this is is is right thinking going bye -- -- going. Similar text messages that. What what some people are saying. Is that we're we're talking about apples and oranges here the fact that you know one guy was -- was a Prisoner of War even though. We have every indication that he walked away provision he was still considered a Prisoner of War this is being held on a criminal charge but. You know it's it's really it's really not not much of a charge. At all he he said that he. Did not intend to cross the border. He was trying to probably trying to turn round and stopped -- the bottom line is we have a marine in the Mexican jail. On what appears to be collecting bogus charge and our government is not doing enough to get him out. Which -- like -- would you like to see the government do more a couple of the congressman. Are actually calling for President Obama did that directly involved and make the phone call or -- We're talking about breakfast new studies suggest that as people used to called the most important meal of the day. Is not really so important for adults trying to lose weight. Note you eat breakfast every day and I thought it would be just of a fun thing. -- to a couple of text messages in this for the conference Marsha. No it's not the time it's more show were just talking about Brooke I wanna know. I want to know your ultimate -- someone know your absolute power breakfast and speaking -- power. The powerball jackpot is getting in again a bubble over a quarter -- billion. Dollars everyone always says money can't buy you love or happiness. Do you really believe that's true if you won that much money. Come on. What's gonna happen disorder Britain would come out. Fun things could you do it. Everybody's sale and text masters I would take care of my family of -- take care of loved ones I would take care of -- yes. I would too but what you have a lot of money left over you double Lotta money to do some really crazy things with and so what would you do what would you block. What things would you do this or -- yourself Donald Sterling. Now says he's not selling the clippers and is going to fight the NBA. He says the NBA now stands against privacy rights and freedom of speech do you think he's really fighting the good fight for his rights. Or does he wanted to raise the price tag sports team. And here's a guy that paid if if if I can recall I don't have the numbers in front -- me but I -- paid something like. About twelve million dollars for the team back and I think it was 82. If someone has the correct figures that I am wrong either call me or send me a text message. And Mel -- because. A private recordings were released. Which showed how we fell about African American people. That's now win the NBA says you'll you have embarrass the league that we have an older white Q. Of course this is the same owner that bought the team and you and both though if you know any people who are racist they don't become a -- overnight this -- didn't become a racist two weeks ago three weeks ago. He had had -- in this type of person when he bought the team the owner -- the the NBA approved of by the team and you know if if today. -- really investigate people you know instead for you know while they feel so I'm quite sure the NBA knew that then. So now it's kind of like they're giving two billion dollars to grow one -- we get a portion to sell the team and we're gonna give you two billion dollars. You know that's that's a pretty darn good profit my thought all along has -- don't do a thing. And let's see what's his attitude how many people he can get to play for him let's see how many. Good players but he did sign the contracts let's see how many of these really. Quality players will play for men like that some might say hey. You know money is money is money. A lot of on -- And then let's let's see if if the fans continue to support the team let's see what happens with -- team doesn't have. While the players and they start to lose let's see the team was worth to me. That's much warmer penalty than portion of the -- of the two billion dollars but that'll never happen because it's about money. The NBA. Of course does not want this embarrassment the NBA doesn't want to lose sponsors. I I agree with Donald Sterling on the standpoint that it was private conversations. That were released that should have not been released. You know I'm sure. I'm surely you've probably said things behind closed doors. That you would not released so give me your thoughts on these have got a whole bunch Alonso but if you call in right now John pitcher ready to go. All open line to 2601878866889. OH seventy and what about. A big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question. Knowing the lack of good health care for our vets would you rule out joining the military or dissuade your kids. From joint you can go in a bid to WW dot com and -- a book right now 64% say yes. 36% say no what I'd like to know is that many of view and I know we have a military people that listen to this show. If you are in the military. Knowing now. That with the the way we have treated our vets would that keep you. Promo re upping if you're thinking about joy and joining the military. Would this keep you from from joining because in oh I don't know about you but I feel that what we. Did to these vets and in some of them had to wait like three months before they can even get an appointment. The -- doctor. I really think that that is the national disgrace. All of the way we have not taken care of our vets. So give me your thoughts at all -- 26018788668890870. Would dole loves to talk to you about it and get your opinions. Let me go and and dip in. Some of these text messages. Let's that he the if I hit the powerball. But not to let up at the. If I had the powerball on him real butter. Every day. Instead of margarine. Alexi. Powerball powerball horrible. The screen jumped on the so what have you have to give -- chance to get caught up here Bob if I won the lottery a lot of jazz. Brunch on my lunch every Sunday. Except -- football season the -- should be served in my superdome sweet but for the saints game. Monday through Saturday will be traveling shopping. And exploring is that you see. I liked that. He would be broke but so -- -- that's that's someone who who is being honest every once somebody people say. Well I won the powerball it wouldn't change my life at all. It would change my life. One of what what are my powerball Tennessee uses. That if you know if it depends upon while whole bunch of money. Wouldn't it be great. To come on the air and say. And remember how we used to say you will give the fifth caller of the hundredth cholera but what would you -- to -- on the year and say. Okay this is 87 lead -- of the 807. Of caller a million dollars to buy powerball money would blow the phone system. Totally. All right -- 6017866. 89 point seventy while woody for your phone calls while cocoa and read to support text messages. Let's the she's grips with Korea it's meat sauce. Or smothered chicken to scrambled eggs chief Paul Boyd rushed three scrambled eggs from Belgium waffles for crawfish tales of what. The gulf crawfish omelet with -- for a all right but city. That the whole bunch of negative text. Mean. We had talked about the vets signs of our future and health care under the Affordable Care Act. You know you may you may be right about that. Anyway. We have someone's open I would love to hear from -- I'd mentioned earlier what what mama idea what my ultimate breakfast is not my favorite breakfast. Is going to the two million grow the debt. The village a that chili cheese on what they do that the take a whole bunch eggs and would come up in a blunder and the report on the grill and put some cheese and pulled that together. Little French Fries from the plate. Put some -- over that and sure grip with -- what I like that allow it to get an orange freezes which is more like an orange orange juice ice Greenland. And it it and and it takes a place like a they well look like a green -- or heard about this. The man was arrested. By Prescott valley police I forgot to write down the state I think. I think it's Colorado -- short after he shot his handgun. And claimed he was shooting at the moon. Cameron Reid had to be taken in the custody by force according to the cops. He later told opened labels and trying to harmony one. He wasn't. Giving people the movie was shooting at the moon he also admitted to smoking a little marijuana. 26 year old late 7866889087. -- -- -- the the opinion poll which is knowing the lack of good health care for our vets would you rule out joining the military. Or dissuade your kids from joining at this point. 63%. Say yes. 37%. Say no. All right. I wanted to kind of remind you about something before I forget let me do this and then that'll promise I'll I'll I'll get the phones. Howard like to treat your dead the dead in your life to -- round -- golf. For four including a golf cart at stone bridge country club a golf club -- -- Just play -- WW well. Ford dead weary at -- Thursday can't listen but Tommy -- weekday morning -- between six and 10 AM. Which sports talk between four and 8 PM we'll tell you the name of the golf course the new kills what state of country it's an. First when the call in and get it right wins that's easy. Plus we'll give you another way to win. Go to your WWL. Radio FaceBook page look for Ford dead -- yet at Father's -- contest. Like us and register to win were randomly picked to on line winners. On Sunday. Six that's only the fifteenth at midnight and then -- will go ahead and announce that the next day. All right now go all out of the way let's go to the polls would go to Joseph in Chicago hey buddy how Loria. I'm good battle and -- I'm doing fine. I know what you wanna talk about the U -- conceded on the screen. You have talked about the ultimate brought -- down. The ultimate practiced in the you look -- -- -- and -- or Chicago or -- or. Well what should give them both appear in Chicago what -- -- but he. -- in Chicago at the palace grille round match streak in the west -- stood there about that the years. In between the second and third generation. And the ownership right. On to great place for breakfast lunch. Yeah. They admit it in in the neighborhood. And my favorite thing there. Believer Matt is. Group salami and a. -- -- French rule. Ruled salami and -- all of what is different role like a little piece of French bread. It. Well I mentioned earlier mine here is actually on the that the community grow. Now. That that's not tell you it makes a good simple. It is a half a dozen sliders. And a -- off. Asked -- -- victory. That go ahead. Expect. Right now at a special. You know these things are objects are not you are made up one right Iraq -- on the line. So Joseph the reason -- all the realist in the reason we start talking about practices that. You know for so long him and telling people eat breakfast you know especially to try to lose weight -- in this bill English breakfast. Now -- -- that's just a lot of garbage chute that's it it doesn't matter whether you're eat breakfast are not a as as far as losing weight so we've. The way we've been taking people's. Favorite breakfast are at it in the world is noble butcher paper or Tuesday. -- -- tour -- practice is that active these EU and again it sandwiches. By city. -- -- -- -- Keep it -- -- And shrimp men didn't live that -- And served. Serb a world. I don't know what what's called -- breakdown there. Which make a lot Brit -- The very disparate records okay so it had been disease. People Robert print press. Omar. And the reason they call lost -- and is that grow and when the bread guts they able. At the it was that was lost that you could -- anymore and so then people got the I didn't make this great dish where you scramble you you to a couple of eggs and whip them up and put a little. The mill and a little sugar in and dip. Dip the bread and that and put it on the grill Friday and butter. Can't -- any. That's right by. Effect at at at Joseph one quick thing before you go you know the powerball. Is now. A little over it's it's about a on a little over a quarter of a couple billion. Dollars now they say. That money can't buy you love and money can't buy you happiness. But I don't know if I really truly believe that totally I don't know but you've been -- buy one that much money and have a big smile Obama please. I I definitely. My -- by one of money at you want the money. -- political to -- that he does he still. Call at that I've I -- take your views and into my -- what what what would you lavish his cellphone is there anything that. You you you would figure I've got to -- went to buy a boat or something like the. I I don't do it might vote no power there -- a couple of decades and now. Sold -- about that while also that problem and -- that well. And economic cruising -- I'll say what I would do is that I've -- I've always heard that the one thing better than owning a boat. Is to have friend that owns the boat. Well -- stated that you bet a reporter's life. Great night of vote but he felt. And ever react well might vote I yeah I started hanging on my at a friend's boat and I was not very critical -- only. I would -- another vote -- didn't break room. Now Joseph was Joseph is a buddy of mine in Chicago. Who visited New Orleans several years back and he loves the city so much he comes here frequently and actually thinking about maybe even buying a place down there right. Actually looked at one on the way hammock and there -- French Quarter aspect it. Unfortunately all the wall. I'd go didn't quite pass Muster with. This is a great city Jo-Jo thank you for phoning in -- All right OK Fran and keep LB back Paducah as we take a break and we're gonna come right back a did you phone calls. Read a couple of text messages I'm Bob Mitchell in ports new to the -- seventy WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell in the preschool to about poll numbers to sector -- late 7866889. Point 78. While we're taking your calls on your your apple the labor power breakfast. Talking about that marine that is sitting in the jail. In Mexico. People are starting to say we need to do more. There's the petition sent to the wilds -- over 100000 signatures say we need to do more. To getting out talking about what's going on the NBA. Donald Sterling. Now is gonna fight to the sailed the clippers do you think he's got any case at all do you think he's you know I mean when when you really think about it. The fact that this was a private conversation. I mean he is Julius. The NBA of of course looks at the money standpoint. In the NBA has to do something understand that. But as -- penalty. You sell your team for two billion dollar Japan about twelve million Ford -- let's get to the -- to go to a threaded a pass to -- how are you Fred. -- -- -- -- Talk about the board. Quote -- bottled -- your printers out there well now. And it was interesting you talked about where the body but 40. Yeah he has. And -- network circuitry that is. Mine field and in there early news. Where your goat or for -- -- -- now. And there but now. -- lot of all kind of been you know black people -- -- We got involved with mom and should it wouldn't care but it can't -- about. That word this year come back now dropped about one mole. So it well. What when you -- ago -- -- favor Britain's. Well. Watching careful -- it looked untouchable anybody can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The nets want for breakfast. Yeah I am probably was buried today in that -- got to crichton now now that particular. Which -- -- the outlook on this feel in Mexico. All political that Maureen. -- Work boot back in the and and we. Michael. Susan -- In court for her when Mike -- outline of the younger. Oh like standard shall right now. The shoulder. And back a couple of trips. Up the middle triple I'll outgrow ma. Toward the crowd. Got killed in traffic. United in the old crawl the bull by accident -- -- he would -- right -- social network that. And now. There you slide me in a couple of other than my Toyota. And -- by the law. Quicker recruit could -- public or partners goes out to. But people in -- little -- life. But turnaround and cutting back through the ball. And that that story -- me and they opened the draw among call and call our -- the -- rebel army. In the department my feelings if -- equipment. Like civil war since social norm but it. Well usually get -- discussion over what actually I let go in and we -- able agriculture and pork -- and -- girl -- no color you know. They can get kind of -- on the field and it and here on. Go on with it. If you haven't -- he had three guns -- -- -- legal in this country but not in the and not in Mexico let's hope to do something and edema okay. All right but thank you so much go to teeth and Franklin and keep or you tonight. Good evening and Bob are you. I'm -- and let me read before I get to let me read this really. Quick text message inserting -- Donald Sterling the NBA's trying to force Donald Sterling all of the league to. To keep Al Sharpton. Away from the league. No one would know about sterling comments. If they had not been. Recorded privately keep Al Sharpton a way of I'm a big Al Sharpton dubious standup comedians and it it. Disagree working more on the I tell you why you can't. District you disagree with me that Al -- but I. Grew warm and were well off but are -- NBA. And I in the flow line and it should -- about the that brought it up at the NBA. Held fast to its rule whether it's trying to hold against the owner of the clippers. This year and enforce that same exact rule on ball. Potential customers in the stands. And the players. Are we might have three people on the court. Listen speaking of Al Sharpton if you wanna see something rarely entertaining. Go to YouTube and just type in Al Sharpton teleprompter. Al Sharpton teleprompter. And it's it's some things that happened to him while he's on his TV show where the teleprompter would -- while the teleprompter when it's low or it couldn't read the words. It it it's funny you really enjoy go to YouTube type and Al sharpen teleprompter but are doing now I think we're gonna talk about your ultimate breakfast. Yeah I think Albrecht of the first of all I think people the teleprompters assuming that you can read right. -- That's what that's that's what the flights over the act actually I think it's -- Al Sharpton likes the teleprompter so you'll enjoy it. -- gave my my power breakfasts. And and you know that I'm a New Orleans and by -- and it's -- -- -- -- -- Are on a good cop over the bridge market copy. -- -- From there we go to a dozen. -- -- is an exceptional. For blacklist. Yes indeed and then follow that up with -- -- do. All right where you're going to fine. For breakfast oysters on the -- Chicago. Well both corporate and close you can get it there. In the morning you to get into -- you can look in New Orleans. Obama -- you could find them anytime there. I've never ever thought of eating that for -- of love oysters on the show. Actually accidentally I think that was it is a big gains in the royal announced on weakens their launch. Past. -- -- and oysters on the -- Okay now I'm going to be totally ignorant what is eggs. -- -- -- -- it was like. It was like eggs Benedict okay. The differences that it has spinach. Creamed spinach. Where the book -- Canadian bacon that sounds good -- Absolutely fabulous and it's. You don't get it all in -- if you eat breakfast I guarantee you -- for dinner. Do you think come Canada calls a Canadian bacon. You know it kind of like -- You know it's not an Italian food. But I wonder -- if you go to Canada and you say I want some Canadian bacon or you just what bacon. I think we're getting kinetic in Canada is that the current big department art. At pig lard. But it. All right thank you so much -- All right let's go to Ollie Ollie thank you calling WWL tonight. Now Ali they say that money can't buy you love and money can't buy you happiness. But what kind of happiness would you feel if you won the powerball when it's over a quarter of a billion dollars. Well that's your question because. Or. You know and so you know -- a moment ago. -- -- -- for an -- And then on to part of the second question that you have one that is perfect breakfast at least try to find the perfect breakfast at some of them on. You does that -- that would be great as you'd you can get a private jet and you could fly all over the world looking for the perfect power brought us. -- court -- look at that I think that's a great idea. Yes you know -- probably. Didn't try to gently this go -- and then maybe have like a an entourage native like you know. Some well known -- that would show -- around shopping were disheartened today. Now Dick do you think being rich. Increases your chances of getting a good looking girl for an. Are. He's at at at at at. But as -- as well as you have the clothes you budget that gold against its okay. -- in the long. -- you know project. You know what that much money you to pick and choose right. -- term as I've said so many times tonight how many times do you see a really good looking woman walking down the street with a poor old man. A lot of these rich July. -- don't know but that he would not pour more but that's that's my point if he's rich. You see a good looking young woman -- on the arm of a rich old guy but not only on mobile world. All right Ali thank you so much OK on a problem all right let's go to gene in the rural Jeanne thank you calling WW well -- warrior tonight. Don't want Molly the top that you I'm excited. And -- for not a bit back and -- -- -- meet but it would help. -- He. Stopped to -- and -- And -- meant. Copy but the bottom. All right may get to throw -- sausage. Grits. Hot off to a among missing it would come -- deal like. Ramblings. And coast. All right Jeanne what are what about the power ball and it says everybody says that little thing that. Money can't buy you love money can't buy you happiness but it view word -- that powerball and you were to get over. A water -- billion dollars. Would -- bring you happiness. -- -- -- look at outdated powerful than that my mom and I live and learn not. Dubai new policy -- you buy a bigger house. Well now the what would do with all that money did so on the need to. Now Vietnam but my -- my. Well and it's you know that they we have something but -- -- in the truck -- -- especially struck on but especially people like me. God that's a lot of money you can do a lot of good with money like. And yet not and I was my life so finally return stuff like that I think what it traveling you know. I liked it less guys -- city get a private jet and go all over the world looking for the best breakfast. Who do not -- dropped a -- it. So all right Jeanne appreciate you calling today. And I doubt that she's done. God bless you -- Gary you going to be first up what we don't come back we have a couple of lines overview -- the take part of the conversation that's 26 year old -- 78. 8668890870. I'm Bob Mitchell tonight filling in for astute and that's the big -- seventy WWL AM at them and dot com. Your phone number to contact the show as to secure a 187866889087. -- know it's late. Not just thought about this maybe we can take a couple of quick phone calls -- caller right now. Well what about any -- -- Who eat really -- usual Brooke you know something and other most of the stuff we've had to -- traditional Brecht was food as. Anyone of any of you eat any. Untraditional. Food for breakfast I pretty much. I'm I'm traditionally played either eggs and bacon or maybe a shake and some -- Here's what and drinking beer now and enjoying your show. Six fried eggs for breakfast in the morning -- At -- some big per six Friday and any anyone you know. Eat anything stranger anything. Out of the ordinary for breakfast if you do. -- probably at home is quicker potential of oil a lot of time to secure one late 78668890870. The WWL. Is just absolutely. Thrilled to Angela hill. As part of our radio friendly and as always. If you haven't heard -- show you what you'd just doesn't -- a great show those that really. I don't know how to describe what it's just it's very interesting and just the refreshing to listen to. Father's Day is Sunday and will honor several closed including around Jim Anderson a what are the lessons you learn from your father. That made you -- today and things that naturally your children what is your favorite memory of your father. What with the things connected to our US hands on -- -- involved. Where you and your kids' lives like coaching sports teams taking them camping what advice would you give to your child about. Becoming a father that's 1 o'clock to 2 o'clock who's gonna pay for the lights on the CCC but decorative lights from the Crescent City connection or -- rest. A billion shot off again the young leadership council donated enough money to keep the lights running through June 30. But with that quick date approaching who should pay to keep the lights on in that three. How to handle the loss. Although that there are Fareed children members of the friendly losing a -- concerned family in the grief and sadness and -- you cope. Will the loss of your opponent don't miss Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill weekday afternoons when the four on WWL. And a lot of lost. My left -- man that post that was just apple -- up if you're tuning in. And you're saying. Why in the world or you're talking about breakfast. At this time of night. Well that's because. We hear over and over again. And have heard over and over again but breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Especially. If you want to lose weight what they tell you make sure we -- -- good practice because of you don't need a good breakfast. And that's gonna make you get hungry later Ron. Annual it will lose weight will now like so many things they say is one way now they say and enters apple blew me. After all day this year there's no proof of that. At all that a debt it is not gonna help you lose. Or gain weight if if if if you eat if it if if you don't -- really a a -- -- so we ought to be on the since though you know you can be what you want -- -- -- -- ought to be great to take. And -- do what. What type of power practices. Do you -- and now for the last couple of trying to get people to give us. We heard practices here's one right now law cold pizza at my favorite breakfast -- -- -- Hello thanks for calling WWL -- us. -- -- Yes hello this is here hi Gary. -- -- -- There are all. Just for a couple questions about both the Donald Sterling. In Erie right. Situation which includes. Well -- read several. Sources online order -- -- and I certainly would never call and in the and the racist or -- anyway but that's not acceptable in Europe. All. However. It quite honestly I'm having a hard time finding. What he says it wants so -- And and -- open. And you know beyond. -- remained the main thing he he said he was talking to his book girl Oprah and and he kept asking her of why this why did she hang out with black people. And why would she embarrass him by bringing. Black people to his basketball games. That the that was something that made him feel uncomfortable so it than that that's that's basically what he says. OK but he never I mean they're and that's. That's not accept or certainly not -- that. Maybe he'd never use of these right lower. Nobody. Can provide that right. But it and it it's embarrassing for the NBA I mean the the NBA's as far as I can tell off the top money that is probably. 75%. African Americans and you know the the NBA was embarrassed by this now. Like I quite frankly think enough and -- senate all night long that I don't think they should force him to to sell the sell the team. I would let nature take its course and those players who want to continue to play for him would play for him because what's the color of money grain. Those players who wants to play for him would continue to play for him those who wouldn't would not and if if the team goes down the tube. Because he has said these things even though there were in the privacy of his own home. If he couldn't get good players and and the record one down and and that the and the team would drop in value right now. And basically they're willing to pay him to a billion dollars to go away. And that's great. That is I agree with Europe Communist completely. I didn't have one quick will play I don't breakfast that I'm not sure you heard Norman or not weak labor -- Alabama. And that he has biscuits with tomato outbreak. Someone text me that early -- just this -- with tomato gravy that's it no legs or anything. Well a little bite -- to go. But they enjoyed your show they're a great job on their push their. Thank you Gary I'm Bob Mitchell coming right back after this break on WW with one more thing. Our report to be the final thing that but he. Real quick some strange breakfast of shrimp a two year old special qualities like being so off -- for breakfast. There's been told pretty good peanut butter jelly and bacon. On a biscuit -- had one more. Spaghetti and hamburgers and beer for its. Pizza cold pizza my favorite breakfast of all time. Usually -- sure ought to try to give you something. Something of interest of some conflict for weird things but I've found something that. I don't know whether it's weird. I don't know whether it's sick but I know it's. Let me just read to you. -- bitch of archbishop Robert Karlsson and claimed to be on certain. That he knew sexual abuse of a child by a priest constituted a crime. When it was -- until Laura Bush troop in the archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. During the deposition when asked whether he knew it was a crime. For an adult to engage in sexual -- child he responded I'm not sure whether I knew it was a crime or not. I understand it's a crime today. Carlson for and suddenly at the end of this month. Was auxiliary bishop in Saint Paul and Minneapolis from 1980 for the 1994. The attorney asked him whether he knew in 1984. When he was an exit Laurie bishop. If it was a crime -- priest to engage in sexual the child he responded I'm not sure. If I did. Or I didn't. How do you even believe. Something like that. Thank you John predicting care -- night. As always Jack Harris pops and some time and those are -- shot for about twenty minutes and principled thing to Jack Bob Mitchell denied -- -- I'll see you tomorrow night.