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6-12 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jun 12, 2014|

Dave talks about Friday the 13th and a full moon and a heaping helping of What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first visit here it's that twelfth its 2014. -- Ed is maybe more important delegate before. Right now man be the first wish you happy Friday eve here and -- -- WW offers. Thursday the twelve laments -- Friday the thirteenth. Always curious as about that -- in -- moon has been a big big big in the morning. Noticed it yesterday especially. I don't know who is big this morning. Yesterday kind of tournament dollars this side took up its outlook -- yes outlooks that that look like a big pie plate you know huge. And a you know get back with a thirteenth that it scared funniest things summit Texas today it's seventy it's seventy and it must have been last night when Bob Mitchell on dispute. And for Garland keep all players in place but all it -- spaghetti hamburgers and beer yes we love. Clause six Friday and problem. Spaghetti. Hamburgers in and beer yet us we love it. Clause six Friday and talk about I don't know -- question cause I don't know why they think that the Bob. OK guys aren't I want. The news yesterday and me shaking my head. Some shaking my hand and true disgust and disbelief. You know few players accused of punching a woman basin in -- me. -- of the story about a guy who's allegedly confessed. To murdering his pregnant ex girlfriend after climbing -- the -- he was caring with it is. -- -- -- Talk a little later about a story about a woman from jail man who has twice been arrested by Florida authorities was held in jail from them month. And choose the wrong person is. Skip the same name as the person. Looks kinda like the person. You look at had a bad guy you're that woman now -- a picked up on Warren's. In -- Louisiana and take in the Florida. And sat in jail for weeks and weeks. And can work hours that she's in jail to Oman and compare. Because you're making money in -- Isn't that that kind of thing though getting stuck. In a jail where you can't get out that you expect to happen and in a place like Turkey. You know and I mean again I. Yen that Clay County Florida now. -- -- -- that that actually happened and David admitted that yes are we pick up the wrong person left Houston rot in jail for a month when you kept telling you opera that we didn't believe. Now the talk about that that -- me shaken and then there's this one that belongs in the what are. Probably people and had gone on -- that yeah they Gonzales police department says an eighteen year old is charged with terrorize. After allegedly calling it a bomb threat to the Williams all of the plant in guys from last month they say that Trenton Osborne was arrested. This week Tuesday. According to investigators the planet to be have been evacuated on May 22 after getting a call. Which was later traced Osborne's found. Apparently the suspect worked at the plant to the contract it worker. And told police he called -- the threat because it was really hot. And he needed a break. I'll day so the guy doesn't want a war here now is. As and I wanted to work. Too hot for all let's do a bomb threat disrupt the entire day at work in August -- -- out -- the plan the network. I guess to get paid that I'm. I don't know maybe clock then he paid about. Well that's a different -- isn't. Bomb threat on the girl called in the bomb threat because she. Wasn't really enrolled in college anymore and a lot of parents that she was graduating she called in the bomb threat that it wouldn't have a graduate concerned parents -- then I'm okay. That means there's more than one his budget people and one and a lot of it -- file that but they'll. It is however around this building -- worth it. This summit this so much wrong with so many people that we never -- lack of what is probably people's stories it's scary negative effect in fifteen minutes workers here that well him and account Jordan master control with them my screen. Last -- on Friday the thirteenth. 2000 or nine -- out to the -- of -- is doubtful that it looked pretty full but it's good people tomorrow. To have a full and on Friday the thirteenth -- that won't happen again -- when he forty. -- -- -- He just statistical he's a statistical person not a superstitious. -- speaking of statistics will get your forecast coming up next and we'll get sports with Steve Geller by the way. Happy Friday the I hate seeing good morning I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for being a part of the early edition of WWL first news is we had to the weekend he had just pretty much -- Mostly sunny skies today and hot this afternoon 91 later on today now much cloud cover and not much rain Malia 10% chance for just a straight storm. Then tomorrow rain chances increase and it looks like that rain coming in a little bit earlier now 50% during the day Friday with highs in the upper eighties. But with the rain arriving early it means drier weather for the weekend -- hits struck down to 20% and highs will be in the upper eighties. From the eyewitness -- forecast center meteorologist Clark talked. I'll take a little rain on Friday so we don't have it on bothers day on Sunday and Saturday -- flag and -- celebrate that partly cloudy and 74 right now at the airport in -- clear skies 69 degrees. At the National Weather Service office in Slidell line gave count at the early edition of WWL first -- attacks and an 87870. Says when I was in school my teachers would sometimes call and my country. When we would act out. And this month. I was in school teachers with sometimes on -- mom treat when we would act out. That's sports -- now with Steve Geller and -- I have no idea. I don't know why they set this technically I don't know I don't know. But there is -- smiley -- -- and. Yes your whole month the school I would be. Dreading next thing you know you're anti drug usually -- -- gave the order that would work -- -- say hey if you do really well on the -- -- tell how well it has. Maybe get to do about it. You know I threatened to call the -- that negative reinforce exactly right yeah how come that you can never calls momma says hey your kid had a great day they scored and an on their test and they are really well behaved. -- -- It -- to get that come -- your son. He comes home sometimes at the star that he was teacher's helper for the -- -- he's always proud of that since properties it absolutely -- particular calls and says that he got to start. Now deathly diesel and notes in the let me send home at a bad anything is -- ever anything positive. But does my face at the end of the text and -- A mom -- of the correct status yet have a better you know -- entry yet knows the -- and a threat that carries -- way. Sport's time here and a VW I'll let Steve -- Good morning everybody in the crowd noise was cranked up its seats minicamp but it wasn't -- Who detonation. Teams already simulating would be like playing on the road. By pumping in crowd noise during practice. Quarterback Drew Brees says they wanted to address it earlier than usual since the OE road record of six and ten over the last two seasons. Mortgage you can practice about it. More than just becomes second nature where they're just those maybe non verbal cues that are helping to get him out of the huddle. Help get the ball snapped so if you're used to it just becomes automatic it's something you don't stress about. World Cup soccer begins today in Brazil and the coach of the US Jurgen Klinsmann says it's unrealistic to talk about his team winning it all this year. The American to meet Germany and Portugal in group play. After opening against Ghana on Monday Klinsmann says the team will have a hard enough time just advancing out of group play. You know once you make it through that group that being -- that China away from anybody. But first we gotta make you through the group so let's stay involved feet on the ground and say that's let's get that group first. Done and then the sky's the limit. -- trial's been scheduled July 15 in Los Angeles probate court to determine whether Donald Sterling was properly removed as an administrator for the and we trust that owns the clippers. Sterling estranged wife -- sought the trial to confirm that missile trust the heat can proceed with the two billion dollars sale of the team. The former Microsoft CEO Steve -- His efforts won their fifth game in a row by beating El Paso by the court's six to five in the New York Rangers have extended the NHL season by at least one game. They avoided a sweep and force the game five in the Stanley Cup final by topping the LA kings two to one. Today at four on sports talk you from seeing tech coach Sean Payton and players following -- final day of mini camp. -- see the NFC south shaking out this season which team will rise to the top and who will finish in the cellar. Which early morning rocket sports I'm Steve. Geller five point three Dave guy Steve Geller with Daniel radios so would you tell me the saints. The falcons. The Buccaneers. And the Panthers. How does that shake almost the order I have I have saints. Falcons. Panthers books are and which of the three other teams can actually. Threaten the saints of the nastiest I would. Honestly I see the falcons as their biggest threat just because I know they have had abysmal season last year but it was mostly due to injuries. They should be back healthy even though they lost their linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. And there's talk that they might be try to bring in Jonathan Vilma which would I know really get on this -- of saints fans. But I just don't think Vilma is a guy that even pats physical for the team so we'll have to wait and see on that but that. I would think they want Vilma Mort is how to get the radio how the saints function what with the proclivities are I don't know how much he knows because he hasn't been really that involved in the defense for the last. You know years right back I basically think -- the saints will be the only one from the NFC south going to be dancing to the playoffs. That's sounds good I like that back snapped back. I think he was talking about 25 minutes or sports here on WWL I am not coming back down. I I get it now I was talking about calling in bomb threats he was talking about calling and a mom -- My brain just in kick into -- and the over my head kind of thing now I get it it's fun bomb threat to bomb threat yet called a -- Five funny -- take a look at your forecast -- 5:26 good morning I'm Dave Cohen thanks so much for joining us -- the early edition of WWL first news -- -- vaccinated 7870 says let's not sleep on Carolina. Apparently more worried about the Panthers then the falcons. -- today you'd have had up and down the last couple years we'll see if -- eleven up here. And the saints and happier. The forecast around the temperatures up. Another hot and pretty dry day today highs near 91 this afternoon rain chance is just -- low 10% but that changes tomorrow. As we are look at that rain arriving a little earlier now Friday looking a bit wet 50% chance for scattered showers and storms with highs in the upper eighties. But with the rain coming earlier that means some drier weather for the weekend so right now just at 20% rain chance over the holiday weekend with highs in the upper eighties. For the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologist -- Now like 80% chance of sunshine on Father's Day report Tuesday partly cloudy 74 now the international reporting -- 69 -- we here at the National Weather Service office -- slide out some -- junior said -- cops come knocking at your door. And you open the door on this excuse me -- won -- we need to arrest you. For why it. I did two things well that's what happened to a 28 year old single mother from -- Matt why it's. Because she has the same name as someone wanted by authorities. In Clay County Florida. So twice they arrest her and throw her in jail. Because actually Shas song was want it but it was the wrong -- Nassau. She said in jail for like six weeks. Could work. Lost her home. And you know what they did for. They said sorry. Now she's -- Yes sir again cut -- happy right ET and to celebrate we're gonna dig deeper into the it's people file to or coming up 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this Thursday that well. Of June 2014. Good Gaby for a Friday yeah happy Friday eve and happy full moon Friday the thirteenth the road boring we worked out out our crack research department yet to work on now that -- -- -- and -- look at the crack. But now full. On Friday the thirteenth won't happen again -- 2849. According to Jordan master control I'll believe them because the Internet and accuracy get in must know everything -- -- thanks so you've got a right there. Speaking of the moon and I just wanna warn people early because Dallara superstitions and you worry about that things a full moon out Bryant 38. Human wanted to call in sick tomorrow on to say it. I I don't think this and I think doing anything discount need ya I'll be here. Here Yahoo! will be true blood I don't know I think may be out of the corner of and I yelled -- Just keeping a closer watch and so it was through that way but the guy in Arizona. Prescott valley -- Who has been arrested for unlawfully discharging a firearm. And told authorities he was trying to shoot the shoot tomorrow and that's what he's -- Press at valley police responded to the home after a woman reported that her boyfriend had fired several shots from and -- and still was armed. The woman and her teenage son told -- that the 39 year old. Cameron Reid was talking about seeing haley's comet and fired around out of the wind. They heard several more shots. Then be volatile led police they created just been booked into the yeah -- -- county jail on suspicion of felony counts of unlawful discharge of a firearm resisting arrest disorderly conduct and new endangerment laws misdemeanor criminal damage. It's huge it in the government. And then he was shooting at the -- -- sure absolutely had one and then the other. You better get that -- I know there's more room. And you know but. I don't think that there's any gun on earth that can shoot a bullet are adopted the I don't think so and yet. Man. Imagine your neighbor -- what you thought. At at a year crap that what are you don't wish that the and you can't make this. Afghan thank you David and I are right and it's our first days here on Debbie WL I am not an attack now all medical weight debate at City Hall today -- more on that -- up. Well the civil service commission go along with the mayor's suggestion that the city of new Portland to raise the minimum wage. And in doing in the state and the legislature of the governors again that he says it should be a federal thing. -- ego ahead without the state do it. Hello god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast center and -- meteorologist. Laura but now. All. Happy day before Friday. You know we'll celebrate Friday together now -- Are all four and I. Am tomorrow Friday the thirteenth with a formal. I just realized that what they realize tripled in part that adds even forced it yet but when -- welcoming ever by that says this morning Ali -- -- -- -- and it's June 12 and like oh man that makes thirteenth right in the U superstition I'm. Really now I got out I can add pay attention to that stopped and you know I I like the look for patterns in things that. Now -- -- I don't worry about such. People say a couple crazies come out at people just cut it with the -- yeah I subscribe to the theory that people are not all the time here and we just noticed it more when there's a -- unemployment I agree if they're crazy on the thirteenth -- fifteen cats and bunny if they do it on the fifteenth you don't blame it on the fifteen. They do it when there's a new moon no one blames an argument or some other reason why they're right well figure stuff out well I thought it. We've had already two out of the is wrong with people filed today I'll give you a third one later and not let that happen not a full -- or Friday thirteen -- proves -- point -- people are crazy year round half the that's out -- of rain is coming but not today. And even earlier it's come into tomorrow. Which we. Really it was going to be more Saturday but it looks like it's speeding up a little -- at today's still dry 10% chance for just -- straight thunderstorm at hot later -- 91 -- that's -- kind of yeah and I guess feeling I have heard near 100 right yeah 101 -- to something like that this afternoon but tomorrow we start off with some clouds around and then kind of as we get toward the mid day afternoon hours showers and storms -- -- and he typical kind of downpours. The thunderstorm activity were not expecting severe weather -- -- some heavy spots of rain possible tomorrow. OK so tomorrow we get the -- that means that for. Saturday Flag Day and Sunday father's today that we have less chance of -- That's right it's a silver lion at that if it rains earlier you know it's a Friday means drier weather for Saturday Sunday to right now lowering its chances of rain for the weekend at 20%. And we're gonna say hi is about 89 or ninety those days. Given the choice Celtic my rain on Friday. Saturday that the people. And that while they were gonna go out on Friday thirteenth and palpable I don't babies and maybe won't see the moment now to maybe go ahead keep -- -- -- may be in a minute crazy things in their home. But it may if you can't see the full moon doesn't make you do crazy things yet to this cloud cover. I don't know I'm not. I'm not an expert on how the -- high -- rate. But I do know that people are crazy year round as I -- I really thought of view when I read this story because I know you go to bed it was like 7 o'clock and I yet and and you've told us before that if your husband's watching gamer of them gets kind of -- You get that evil guy right you know right and it stumbled hauled away. Your corner. And empire it's amazing the volume goes down the mouth goes -- that he's -- -- story a story that America. Well a woman in Seattle took a step further than just the evil lie when her asleep with interrupted. They scheduled a run through her neighborhood to raise money for a local cancer chairs. And it was she lives right along the route. And apparently she was napping. And apparently. Runners and their fans and everything else make a dollar and I -- those 21 year old woman. Got up according to police and started pelting supporters and runners with trash. Used cat litter and frozen chicken. It's our president whatever his -- fine ever with close. At charging papers say she tossed a bag of trash out of her fifth floor window on his supporters cheering for the Susan G. Komen foundation race for the year. I'm June 1. The report goes on to say she found that with a load of kitty litter full of DC's right -- large piece of road and shaking and then hit a thirteen year old girl. And a bottle of juice that nearly hit a disabled man. She told officers she worked thirteen hours today and needs to sleep. When she has the opportunity. Attempt to locate her lawyer were unsuccessful so we don't. Have her -- -- which she did it well not right OK but I have to today. Cut it out reference that people don't you ever a point. Thrown out cat litter but here's the deal -- -- obviously that print -- -- taken -- after. And so I'll leave it on the doors for EPS in the -- and you know whoever they please -- not bring themselves to whatever I. -- that. And evidently they will adore about -- course and my dog or. Street and -- Get them like no it's right. Maybe but it over the door. They can't. Pushed the doorbell without moving minute maybe -- can I tell -- Nearly makes a postal not -- that it has now -- that -- there now by yet but that doesn't understand people have weird pattern. He kind of bad situation. You know -- -- -- early trouble justifying this woman throwing cat litter you can -- to keep at it and understand her. Her you know people who work shift work like we do when you know overnight nursed it back -- They kind of understand. Now I'll tell -- that -- at about it but throughout that having been said I'm still put her in the white. People viral YouTube for Q -- are people like totally agree or trash man or frozen chicken like it's hit she hit that place. It's been slowly begin make you do crazy -- and really plan. We immoral this story is yet what -- gentlemen do not wake up -- but talent you will regret it will regret it. -- but -- thank you Laura again -- like. -- -- from Eyewitness News forecast to invest in nuclear science wing grass. I don't government and drumstick doesn't say what kind of what piece of project. Just a as a matter. Maybe it was a -- it would want -- I include myself sports Steve -- I won't boo him. In reference to the guys trying to shoot haley's comet one person tax and 8787 aces didn't he know that comets aren't in season now that the Derek comet season. And that adds an even when they are they're not that case. Oh well another present does wish me luck I'm having my baby showers tomorrow night. Melanie from Slidell. Well -- it is Friday the thirteenth that it will be a full moon but do you care. It was the only data available she says when I booked it now I see why -- may be about it wouldn't want to have their baby shower on. A full moon and for it to thirteen am guessing most people went into that prime knew about the rioted in the prime not the former. Galleries silly superstitions. -- worry about performance and try to thirteenth happening on the same day. If tomorrow. Very rare now that you bring it up I might be concerned. And January about crazy silly things like if you don't watch you're team plays they're gonna lose and it's your fault yes. -- mean. I was definitely more of a maybe -- game back in the days. But you most electable is what you Wear and what you do -- -- what happens on the field on important though but I doubt. Way back I -- idea I don't one point at maturity beyond that what I'm telling you I still and deeply affected by the Yankees -- in the World Series. Through the Arizona Cardinals the year I was. The saints vs jets game it's bill that would still sticks them and you still blame yourself. For now watch in the game and -- place yankees view and I and I blame my entire. Extended family for buying -- tickets in my Berkett negotiators say that's like how could you and dean said that. -- that down here we don't we -- -- -- the pride in another World Series has gone on that the new war ones I was eight at the thought I was at the state game in my -- eaters -- Kazaa really was all jazzed up produce evidence like. Here's the tickets were going surprise and -- -- The -- sports. Good morning and happy Thursday everybody will what are the saints' big issues last season was winning games on the road. -- the team decided to address that already in mini camp by pumping in simulated crowd noise quarterback Drew Brees on the benefits of practicing at this early on. It drives the point home that this is more on this is a sense of urgency we're not happy with our road record last year or the year before where what went through five each of those years last. It's not good enough as. Us US soccer coach -- includes been maintained that the United States shouldn't be expected to win the World Cup even if that stance is upsetting to some fans. Back home I think you know all for us now talking about it of winning a World Cup in all of this says stuff. It's just not realistic. Klinsmann wants the focus to simply be on getting out of group play while the games begin today the United States opens Monday gets Ghana. And please Portugal and Germany and one of the more difficult first round groups. Well look horrible determine next month whether Donald Sterling was properly removed as an administrator for the and we trust that owns the LA clippers. An attorney for Shelley sterling went to probate court Wednesday to request that trial. The car firm that she is the sole trustee and -- proceed with that two billion dollars sale of the team. Donald Sterling oppose the sale and is suing the NBA for one billion dollars. The US. Open is set to begin at Pinehurst the par seventy course covers more than 7500 yards and has been renovated since the US open was last played here in 2005. Justin Rose one the first major championship in last year's US open finishing two strokes ahead of Phil Mickelson and Jason Day. His efforts have rattled off five straight victories now after beating El Paso by the score of six to five. And the New York Rangers aboard a four game sweep in the Stanley Cup final by doubting the LA kings two to one. Today before and sports book different saints head coach Sean Payton and players. Following the final day of mini camp. Do you see the NFC south shaking up this season which team will rise to the top and who will finish in the -- I'm Steve Geller -- early morning in the exports to the same. Have that swagger you've been around him the last couple of days and -- camp another minicamp session today -- public can go out to him today eleven it is -- final -- open to the public -- well today is that folks if you haven't gone to -- -- wanna see the saints on the practice field maybe science -- grass and stuff. Eleven to two -- drew took 45 minutes of time yesterday signed out and about everybody that was there anybody want an autograph yesterday -- -- the group absolutely was amazing -- -- man he really years demand. Anyway do that that swagger that we look for at this time of the year this that the real that they are coming together they can do and they feel really good and there are real shot at make in this thing mark now. And you definitely I say yes and I definitely feel that from the defensive side of the ball everybody is looking to. Build off of last season finishing fourth overall and you know you for African -- Karl talked about hey you know what. ESPN national media nobody spoken about us and we kind of wanna drive that point home they understand they haven't done on a consistent basis. But wanna be considered one of the top defense is in the NFL. Steve you know back with more sports and fifteen minutes here -- WWL and -- them and now. We got to forecast some more text messages and little confusion from the control room commitment. Written text -- -- 7870. Says you don't. It doesn't need to be the thirteenth for the created them I agree discussed about friends thirteenth doesn't mean crazy things will happen crazy things happen all the time. You forecast now today hot 91 very little chance of rain tomorrow a 50% chance of rain that bring temperatures down just a little bit. But that means that those guys will clear in time for Saturday and Sunday the weekend but not. But with only 20% chance of rain Saturday. For Flag Day and 20% chance of rain Sunday for Father's Day and Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news Jordan master control says. I thought you were supposed to shoot for the moon. Now prepositions are important you are supposed to shoot for them that's a -- At the moon like this for them and yes I -- to trying to achieve at the mound and -- With Netflix for what is wrong with people's stories today I'll add this 1315. Year old on the North Shore broke into a church cops say. And stole 2100 dollars from the war box. Have a happy Friday.