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6-12 615am Tommy, Bowe Bergdahl swap

Jun 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS military expert Mike Lyons about the hearings over the Bergdahl prisoner exchange

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In terms of bombed precedents and exchanging prisoners from. Hostages for prisons every must say it in this country we've done this before. Yeah sure. I mean that -- -- we have before and I get the concept -- we don't negotiate with terrorists -- ago that the the second went to war with terrorists was the second started negotiating with them. If we wanted to discuss the conflict and now. I'm not sit down and at the Paris peace talks and dragging -- -- into this but at some point. If we can get a couple of hours back and returned home safely again that you would not -- the most soldiers. He really dog eating -- -- using reform we get this guy back. That means the most important. It before let's go in terms of dealing with terrorists there we sobering and brief cases of cash to Karzai and in Pakistan are Afghan separate cars and errors in Afghanistan in Afghanistan yet again and yeah and bringing him brief cases of can cities not. Really accountable anybody about what he does -- that are how he uses it and then he's also given briefcases in the Taliban Xena. Yeah that presidents trying to get out of Afghanistan and incorrect on a platform that you know Afghanistan as the good war he wants to get it out here that has popped one. That that that train station channel will be two years with virtually everybody except a couple of Marines against. But I guess my point is millions for defense not a cent for tribute -- on. You guys to move right exactly -- -- -- just and instead of training troops -- -- We've -- that leaders and some of these places up so thank you major appreciate your time very little -- -- --

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