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WWL>Topics>>6-12 815am Tommy, can we stop mass shootings?

6-12 815am Tommy, can we stop mass shootings?

Jun 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to security expert Tim Dimoff about recent mass shootings and if there's anything we can do

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker the shooting in Oregon earlier this week was 74. Cents the sandy hook massacre guessing -- and the White House -- of public opinion does not demand. Change in congress it will not change President Obama on legislation to prevent gun violence. But can you really stop it and how would you do it. Tandem off Jones right now security expert founder and president of snacks consulting and investigative services and a randomized morning's Emily Dylan. -- Thanks for taking the time witness. And I had a conversation as long time ago about infineon and some of these people do these things because they are so often mentioned. So absent. The news media refusing to mention their names blue whales can you do. -- -- on the normal -- possible to anatomy on. -- convince them. Pray that. -- sure the picture Vietnamese girl we can provide the other. DTL lie -- what happened and still provide preparation it's pertinent. But we. By chance per picture and saying. It would have a tremendous impact on reducing. Shooting in this country. Tell you I would -- and 6070%. Each deep crease area. Now. And it should act. There are other things we -- which include. We need to do security physical security now as the worst school potential targets. And we need firm -- -- physically. Make it difficult to do it. To penetrate. That is. Very important. Secondly yet become a big game player and there's someone decides it is. To have physical inability to delay their ability to move throughout that building. And target their -- Which gives the police additional minutes to get Mercury's spot. Because couple of change their tactics and they are responding faster and better so sharply critical. Physical better physical more delays and and an obviously and enabling police to get there. The last thing it is. Unfortunately we have to change our minds. At that. That citizens of Israel. And that is a mindset that everybody is aware there are and something happened. We -- participate. In diminishing back from happening they're being successful. On the in terms of security and securing a campus. Metal detector is that isn't easily. Avoided or is that nineteen begin now. In some situations. Metal detectors are very effective. Take for example sporting -- of football baseball game are you now. Entrances. Where people can do it and and you go through metal detectors. -- -- -- -- -- And just stopping those kind of things from gonna -- in some cases the metal sectors are buried very fact that. But in in terms of that money comes airport security I don't think I'm given anybody any ideas here anything but it would seem to me. That you just keep moving it backward if he got a line of people holding up held up to try to get and has something with a metal detector and haven't hear -- saints games or. At an airport where heavier than wherever that is somebody's determined on going on a shooting Rampage -- go back to where the people are crowded. I couldn't -- that attention the is this year. By. Some what is -- and so far. We're not -- So at that right now. The target. Want to get into these facilities. Are calm and do your -- -- inside these facilities. And and right now -- That's out there thinking their targeting on the outside -- have to use other means. Additional security. And other things out. Here we start talking about man now and that's a whole -- discussion by. You know the majority of these people have emotional damage. -- and we need to start identifying. And you know -- -- It doesn't allow medical society talked in the law enforcement side. -- -- -- -- Deal -- somebody. Were later signed a law enforcement side might have some mental issues that we need to know about. Out but once again that's a whole another discussion but that's an important piece. What's funny you bring up next half hour to talk about this a -- statement by the American College of Physicians they say gun violence should be treated as a disease. And that's Nancy audience he would you wanna have a conversation about guns with your doctor and with that in any way. Affect gun violence to end a model pleasures OA's thank you for taking the time.

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