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6-12-14 10:10am Scoot: on Iraq

Jun 12, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about what the U.S. should do about removing troops from Iraq.

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Good morning I'm screwed in for Carling leisure Wear this on this Thursday getting very close to the weekend it'll be another very warm day today. I game four tonight NBA final spurs and heat in Miami spurs lead the series 221. You know on floor. For the spurs. Me not only -- like the spurs. Of course pelicans Stamford if the delegates are playing like disbursed. I don't like the heat. They're -- -- and LeBron James has I don't know I just don't like him thought I hope it spurs. Went tonight it really just totally destroyed. The Miami Heat in game three the other night in Miami. Happy birthday today to former president George H. W. Bush. He's in Kennebunkport Maine where he spent every summer of his life except when he was a naval aviator in World War -- George H. W. Bush. Is ninety years old today. As a private dinner tonight to guest list of the little low for a 200 people friends and relatives. And the president is still is still dealing with a form parkinson's. So he's lost control of his legs he's he's in a wheelchair but a golf pro and friend said that to George H walker bush. May have lost the ability. But hasn't lost his heart. I always like that. Effect that's the only president. That I talked one on one with. That's at the reason I like him but I remember Lawrence on W -- -- early -- -- through the campaign of 1992. And the president where it was in San Antonio that was on the year here in New Orleans and to be WL. And I had arranged for a phone call and President Bush called me aboard Air Force One. From San Antonio to to New Orleans and we just a really great conversation. And and he defined and you defined it in -- -- it may still be in storage and in Denver but I'll I'll have to get there and played it in the year that was one of the great moments in in my career never forget that moment. Wanting -- really stands out is that he was just such -- such a natural kind person again this richest. To a phone call it. I always liked him and you know he called me -- And the White House called me -- And they did have a problem with that and I remember when I went to one market. They said well. What do -- -- sister program director I mean I was I was hired to -- but the sister program director said you know you don't have a last name. You need to have a last name. -- -- -- If the president of the United States. Can call me -- that he's OK with that. Then I really don't adolescent. I have -- to talk about this the last two days for the thing to come up we will talk about this at noon today. We're -- finally get to this topic about every generation talking about how hard they had it. Compared to do young generation. In my parents thought my generation were spoiled and pampered baby boomers now the establishment. Tell young generation that they're spoiled and pampered but we'll talk about this -- wrote a blog about this last night and really had fun writing this blog. If you're a baby boomer or if you're if you're younger you might enjoy this -- blog is titled what young people need to know. About how we grew up. And it's not really complaining it's just kinda talking about things that we used to have to do that kids don't have to do today in interestingly. Young people today at some point you're gonna reach this point in their lives. When they're gonna telling young generation when you're talking to believe we had to do I can't imagine what it would be but there will be new conveniences in new technology. That will just make it seem as CF what they're dealing with today that it is old fashioned. So the -- blog what young people need to know about how we -- -- -- it was fun to write this it's on our website at WWL dot com you can read it and share with others. Shock waves continued to reverberate through the Republican Party after house majority leader Eric Cantor from Virginia was beaten by -- Tea Party supported candidates in the primary Tuesday. Tea party's forty Kennedy's son Steve -- What does this mean for the Republican Party. There's a report -- that Democrats campaigned to get their votes. Get their voters to vote for Eric Anderson opposition to vote against him. I support the Tea Party support Canada because the strategy is the Tea Party candidate. Will be easier to beat in the general election. And Eric Cantor. Would you vote for candidate from another party is that might help your party win. The general election. So we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. This has been in the news a lot the last couple of days and I think it's something we need to talk about. Should the US give military support. To the new government in Iraq. The Iraqi prime minister. Is pleading with the US. To large airstrikes against this powerful militant group. It is now controlling. Some cities and continuing to take territory in in Iraq. So far the Obama administration has not offered air strikes but they consider some kind of military aid. The US went to Iraq to get rid of Saddam Hussein. And so look for weapons of mass destruction. We get rid of Saddam Hussein but. We didn't ever really find the weapons of mass destruction. Before leaving we equipped and trained. The Iraqi military to defend their country. Well. This group which is made up of of two different groups this is a terrorist militant group. It's made up of the Islamic State of Iraq. And also a group known as ice it's that's an acronym for Islamic state of Iraq and Syria you're hearing a lot of talk about nicest guy in the news. That's one of the groups well actually it's it's it's one group but that's part of the one group. It took over Iraq's second largest city Mosul and Saddam Hussein's hometown. And they're continuing to take over there cities and more territory. Soldiers that we trained. Soldiers in Iraq. Or abandoning their posts. They're taking off their uniforms. Because these groups are so brutal. With what they do to you if they catch. So brutal that. These soldiers are not standing up for their country they're running. And hundreds of thousands of people were fleeing cities I think I I I read and I half million people were -- Mosul. That's how brutal this group it's here's the problem. The group is taking over the military. They're taking over when they go into a city they're taken over military headquarters. They're taking over the military equipment that we gave the Iraqis. To protect themselves. And so when the military fleas. And the new militant terrorist group takes over they have. They have the equipment they have the weapons. Today the militant group is expected to take over two cities in southern Iraq they have two of the holy shrines for Shiite Muslims. The Iraqi parliament -- expected to vote today I don't know if they had -- or not. To request a prime minister to declare a state of emergency throughout the country. So what -- we do. We freed Iraq. And there were warnings at the time. That we've -- have to be different for. We're out of there now. And is this not. Perhaps. A prediction. Of what's gonna happen when we finally get out of Afghanistan. I think we need to. Be very careful about how we enter into military conflicts. It's not like it used to be. Today in the ninetieth birthday of -- George H walker bush. You know we remember the the the first gulf war desert storm. That was. That was different than getting involved in a civil war which we essentially you've got involved in in Iraq. And Afghanistan. The goal of our military in the first gulf war was to push the Iraqis. Out of Kuwait. Was to secure Kuwait. Well that's what our military -- That was in the civil war percent. Now. With our troops gone and it is just in a matter of time and there were predictions about it as a matter of time. Before really bad group's takeover and -- one group ice as the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. Iraq and Syria -- a very very big border. What it -- serious not -- What's to what's to stop this group. From taking control of Iraq and Syria. So what should we do. And if you would deployed. During the the war in Iraq. What do you think we should do. If you enjoyed Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. I've stood in for Garland on this Thursday morning and we're coming right back on -- VW well. I love writing -- blog for the show today. Part of what brought up his serve ever listened to music years ago it it's really about how generations always tell the younger generations. I you know we had to deal with you you haven't made your your spoiled and pampered. But actually my parents' generation thought that -- my generation the baby boomers and now with that may be movers on the astonishment. -- will talk about some things that we would like younger generations to know about what we had to deal with. And I'm seeking about listening to music. You know most out of them had some bad songs that you want to skip over. And -- younger generation can't even imagine this we used to have to get up. Walk over to the stereo picked up the needle that was tracking on the vinyl record and move it to the track we wanted. Hopefully not scratching the vinyl. And that was not always a precise maneuver because more often than not you missed the beginning of the track you want it so it would take if you try to get to the right starting point. Today young generations ages hit a tiny -- touch screen to advance precisely to the beginning of the desire track. We'll talk about what to we bought a young generation to note out of things that we had to deal with it will be fun doing -- in the -- blog is about this it's titled what young people need to know about. How we grew up -- that's on our website every W -- dot com also coming up in the next hour we'll talk about. The shock waves that continue to go through the Republican Party after house majority leader Eric Cantor this hasn't happened since nineteen since 1880 night. He was beaten by a Tea Party supported candidate Dave branch in the Virginia primary on Tuesday. What does this mean for the Republican Party this was sent a secure incumbent at least he thought prosecutor. Who was kicked out of office. And this could. Mean this is the message to incumbents. I don't know if this is as much about. The Tea Party taking over the Republican Party as some people want you to believe -- was small voter turnout and it would talk more about this coming up in the next hour. Here's our Dhabi to do a pretty -- opinion poll we're talking about it's right now. Should the United States -- military assistance to Iraq to help secure the country. From militant terrorists. 33%. Say yes. And 67% say no. You can give your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com as I have seen this and dominate the news the last couple of days. I think it's. It's it's a good topic to to to us to discuss. The Iraqi prime minister. Melky is pleading with the US to launch airstrikes against the powerful militant group that's taking control of cities and territory in Iraq in fact their close to taking. Once city that has the the largest oil refinery in Iraq and I heard earlier that oil prices were up so that could be an indication of -- prices -- of course you know. The oil companies always looking for an excuse. That's a race oil prices so if anything gets threatened that's their excuse in the race. They raise fuel prices. The other two groups that make up this militant group that is ticking over the cities in the territory and Iraqis. It's made up of ice it switches the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. And the Islamic State of Iraq these two groups. Especially if you were deployed during the war in Iraq. What do you think we should. If you had family who was deployed during Eric what do you think we should do. And this could be. A -- of what's gonna happen in in Afghanistan when we finally leave Afghanistan. We train the Iraqi military we equipped. To defend themselves. Once we left. Now we left in there were a lot of people. Who just didn't think that we are going to be able to depend on. The the Iraqi military to defend themselves. Against will organized. Militant terrorists. And so we're seeing this does happen. If you -- join -- show with the comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points early Saturday. In a -- oversee 7870. Here's a text that read stay out of Iraq here's a text the same thing will happen with the good war in Afghanistan. Also I'm afraid of that the administration the United States right now. Pulled us out of a bad war in Iraq not too very long ago I say send them over there to protect. The country. Here's a text that reads fill the Airways. Which Droughns finished the job we started we don't need another Vietnam. And here's a comment to. But the but first the president has to read about it in the paper to figure out. He might need to do something policy I don't believe that if you were to join us our numbers 2601870. Which of redemption we should be go back and finish the job. Until free 8668890870. In a text ever is 877. From Baton Rouge Crist -- VW well. Yes you do as far as Iraq goes and out whether or not we should have gone there or not we made a huge investment. And from the standpoint of giving especially as fast as we good. I don't sending one debating the issue of how long all cherries in them not South Korea -- Germany Japan what 6060 years. So I think if your gonna talk about. Quickly getting out of the -- you got a question no. US military personnel have been dying in -- -- -- people cared about leaving so fast. -- you've got a race issue why aren't we and all these other countries. That just because it's no one has darling. But I think the US military in about a 120. Nations world why do your -- The Chris and I wouldn't do you don't know. Would it be fair to say that in those countries and there was a solid peace agreement you know war which differed in Korea war was different during World War II. It's if it's quite it's quite different today and we have been involved in essentially what has been a civil war in Iraq in a civil war in Afghanistan. And what you lead to civil war. There's no there's no old hardcore peace agreement like there was said during the Korean War even Vietnam and World War II. Well I think is Colin Powell -- a few you break it you buy it. As as the chase and Iraq but they give you invade that country accidentally. And they've been brought on by dictator. You can expect in a matter -- few years. Or any -- of democracy or any kind of stable. Government to take all if you think of how. Germany was ruled under Hitler. Certainly we have gone and left after three years. West Germany would not have been all the way it did. Certainly Japan would not accounting rule. Out part of world war since thought that you could make the case. Dating in those countries -- dissented in the civil war war -- taken over from me. Governing standpoint by you know the Soviet Union at the time. Or you know what have you in Japan. I just think if you invade a country. That's been ruled by dictator and you should enter and exit real quick. In their gonna figure out how to govern themselves I just think it's got careless. And president going to -- the -- are -- to get to a -- trick here I do remember talking about this on the year. When we talked about going into it take Saddam Hussein. I was reading experts say what piece of bad guy he's a terrible person he's a dictator he's doing horrible things in his country. But he has control of his country. And if he goes it's gonna create a political vacuum. It's gonna allow other entities militant terrorist entities to come in and perhaps take control. And when they take control of these cities in Iraq. And the the the military that we trained and we equipped. They flee. Now the terrorist have bad equipment. That we gave him. If you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668890. Point seven text him receipts and it's him. I stood in fort Garland here's a WWL news updates -- -- collect. Welcome back to the show I'm stood in for Garland here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion -- we're also talking about it right down to show. Should the United States -- military assistance to Iraq to help secure the country from militant terrorist. 46% say yes. It's every 4% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot count. I wanna mention to those of you who have called and sent text about. 1053 FM. They're working on that signal right now so whatever issues -- having that will be taking care of very shortly thanks for hanging in their witness. Market to a more of your text you're just a moment we're talking about the growing crisis in in Iraq and I guess that's the best waited to say it. The this militant group made up off a couple of different groups. Taking over cities particularly over Mosul. The second largest city in Iraq. I'm -- have or they're moving into the city it has the largest oil refinery in Iraq and that could -- up oil prices which I think are going up today. These two groups aren't the Islamic state of Iraq and ices the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. Just look at the map look at the look at the long border -- Iraq and Syria share it's like Louisiana and Mississippi. Mississippi and Alabama Alabama Georgia we share we share borders with these these other states they'd -- big border with Syria. And are also involved in Syria which is an unstable nation. This this is not a total surprise to that is not a total surprise to a lot of people. Did we not finish the job and is their way to finish a job when it comes to a civil war. If you gonna join us with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points nearly seven in a text number is each -- -- have a friend or short and your Adobe WL. Good morning. That's been it's being here our fifteen month and bag that back into doubt very. I again we just need to get out of there. That -- a lot of people don't understand is that the Iraqi military or worse the -- any military. There. Fatal has the body. With the government they don't fully trust them they don't have time or. These guys who were taken over a pool. Your heart or they believe what they're doing and you have now you have one guy -- well -- -- -- Under. That coaches do it for the money. Generally act that would be on the -- so and the police in the call. -- That's a really great points at one of the year one of the really disturbing things is to hear stories about the military taking off their uniforms fleeing their post. And and turning the military equipment that we gave them and their train -- used to turning it over now to the militant terrorist a year you're not really surprised that this is happening. Com I'm not surprised at all. You know -- We went back in the week at -- 2030 years. They don't believe. You know I a lot of good people there. But they don't necessarily trust or believe in the government -- don't trust the week and it or not fight sport. It's a really good point Andy thanks for your service to our country. And Texaco I would especially like to talk to anybody who was deployed in Iraq or anybody who had family or close friends who were deployed in Iraq. At this point it looks like. It looks like the government that we helped put in place the military that we trained in an equipped. It looks like all of that could be lost to terrorist. And again this is not really as because surprises a lot of people might think it is. And then what happens only get out of Afghanistan mean look at -- what's happening in Afghanistan. This is why. It's it's just not so easy today to get our military involved in what amounts to. Civil wars. If you wanna join our show with your comment -- numbers 2601872. All free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. In a -- a -- 77. Here's a text about our Debbie WL pretty general opinion poll the 76% that are saying no. Will be is -- people criticizing. Obama for pulling troops out. Give your opinion on the of the poll it's about whether or not. The US should give military assistance to help secure the country for militant terrorists in our racquets -- DaVita QL dot com. I'm from Jefferson Mike welcome to the show. -- Patient. As well. The war. You ever you know we. Wouldn't. A year ago old. And you'd gain. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- -- billion dollar. Is ludicrous. -- there there were people who felt like the war in Iraq. There that the country was looking for an excuse to go to war because it would make bush look good as a wartime president and that would help with the the election and many people believe that Karl Rove was very high. Looking for a reason to go into Iraq. Oh without question. I don't quite a bit of American music collection on the side -- Elbow problem and -- got -- where. Certainly you'd like. Garland. And -- being held god well they don't. Mike atletico showing a -- -- -- you wanna join us for your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text oversee 7870. Here's attacks that reads -- wants help. Send -- some free oil. And I think there I think they're pretty good in the oil department. Another text reads we had no business going into Iraq in the first place I wonder if President Bush has a conscience after. All the young men and women we lost this year. I'm -- for -- we'll be back right after this spring conservative hero. The prime minister of Iraq is pleading with the United States to. Large air strikes against the terrorists that have now taken over. Mosul and on other cities in Iraq and you know they're they're heading for Baghdad. Should we give them military support that's our WWL party general opinion -- give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com I'm -- in fort Garland. That's a great text to get to posted back to some of your calls for New Orleans Josh welcome to the show. -- -- -- -- It's true that. It's just seeing right now a lot of waste wise and all that and yet so that it there and it's stretched and strained this comes right what were our. Straight -- some base in the way it -- be. Already -- and they've been huge Christmas person did not light on the situation. When you -- -- propaganda being used to mean the the big. -- Smart on the part of the the so what worries. And there. And that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Keep it. It. -- -- -- So. What. It. It. Josh you're going to -- on thanks for Flexilis and here's attacks that reads. It does not really matter what we think. As we do not have a real voice in what happens in foreign affairs anyway. We can fool ourselves into believing it's our choice but it's not we drive around eating fast food and drinking. -- and drinking nights away in -- and listen to music while our -- here real heroes defend our right to do so. Every one in the Middle East hates us the -- we understand that. They do not want the same things as a better life. Night our text jumper rubber gets some audience on a regular jumps around and so they believe so we -- evil that that that's true I mean they do believe we are. Very evil and we're never gonna change -- not everybody. But there are many factions in the Middle East that -- with. Everything about the United States everything that is is. What makes up in defines our country they hate and will never change their minds are from Harvey Keith you're under the W well. Yeah -- used to. It might not just a couple of points one is when president -- went to war he went to congress and congress voted on yes. If you remember cool and I'll read it out at the U it and it took a vote. Okay and they that they acting and law -- do so -- rail congress and who knows that beatable now not -- like that. So that they wanna complain about president quit school to award the Chernobyl and what men they ought be objective. Possible and maybe we need people like that in congress OPEC could not only did that -- I can't believe that. I don't think carry any stupidity that comes from Capitol Hill should surprise anybody keep them I'm going to call. How long did it take Colin Powell to divorce himself from the administration. After he made that passionate plea before the United Nations. To go to war in Iraq. I think the administration. Under the direction of Karl Rove it's just my impression. I think they conjured up a reason to go to war because there was talk that. The the strategy would be to make President Bush wartime president. To help with the election. I'm scooter for -- grown if you got a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. Semi -- state Seve -- will be right back. There's a lot of talk about the US giving military aid to Iraq -- should we wash military strikes. Against the terrorists are now taking over key cities in Iraq and and their ultimately trying to Parse their way to Baghdad. You know we train the military there to defend themselves we gave them equipment. And now that equipment is going into the hands of of the terrorist. As -- this really brings up I guess a debate about that the reason we went to Iraq in the first place. We went there. To seek weapons of mass destruction at the time Colin Powell secretary of state made that passionate plea before the United Nations which was -- passionate plea before the world. He was the most trusted man in America according to polls. And I believe the administration fed him information that was inaccurate. And he went along with it wasn't long after that they Colin Powell divorce himself from bush and Karl Rove. And it took hold your text you're just a moment here's an update on our -- -- you a pretty -- opinion poll the question is session the United States give military assistance to Iraq to help secure the country for militant terrorist. 26% say yes. And -- 4% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site at WL dot com. Here's a Texan -- I lost two Brothers and I reckon many friends how many more Brothers will have to be lost. If we go back. It's a good point here's a very interesting text. Our our soldiers' lives more valuable than the ones we're trying to help liberate. On a purely philosophical view. I have struggled with his thoughts while trying not to picture ourselves as war hungry and being the sugar daddy to the military industrial complex. But rather seat tyranny. Merger human rights violations. As something that needs to be stopped. Whether the mass murdering of people are happening in our backyard or halfway around the world we shouldn't disassociate ourselves from the rest of humanity. And think that American lives are somehow more valuable. Then others. Here's attacks that Reid says the Iraq problem is a direct result of Obama's foreign policies he appears to be advised. By incompetent people. And in all fairness it certainly seems as if George W. Bush. -- Advised by incompetent people as well. Because as convinced as most of us war that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They didn't find getting which which really truly an embarrassment OK so we got rid of Saddam Hussein. Now watch. This was a strong prediction. And could this be a prediction of what's gonna happen in Afghanistan we leave and ultimately. The militant enemy. Takes over. Coming over the next terrible talk about the continued conversation about Eric Cantor the house majority leader. Losing to a Tea Party candidate would you vote for the candidate of another party to help your party win -- duty for garlands and will be back on WW well.