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6-12-14 11:10am Scoot: on Iraq and Eric Cantor

Jun 12, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about what the U.S. should do about removing troops from Iraq as well as Eric Cantor's stunning primary defeat.

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According -- -- -- for garlic Don Dubuque will be here tomorrow as he has every Friday in the think tank. And -- for Angela hill tomorrow afternoon from one -- -- -- Mitchell continues to a feeling now on discussion and appreciate offered to a net. We've been talking about the United States. And military assistance to Iraq. Is this something that really needs that to happen. The prime minister of Iraq is fleeting. We if the United States government President Obama. To watch here strikes against these terrorists that are now marching toward Baghdad. So we train them we give them equipment. And the soldiers of -- so called earlier and made a really good point -- saying this for somebody who it's -- fifteen months in in Iraq. He said. The militant terrorists. Are dedicated to their -- The Iraqi soldiers or not. They don't trust the government. So they're not willing to give their -- Sid and these these terrorists are absolutely brutal. Leader here. Putting up on a social media. Body parts in it things. Just I've just heard that they're very very brutal not to any militant terrorists are brutal but. These are particularly. Brutal people. And they've taken over a couple of cities and their marching toward Baghdad. So we leave there and look what happens and this is this is not a surprise to a lot of people this was predicted and will this happen when we leave Afghanistan. Here's an update on our -- -- -- property jaguar opinion poll. I should the United States -- military assistance to help Iraq. In this fight against the militant terrorist give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. There's a Republican Tea Party candidate in Oklahoma is name is Scott Hearst. I want to mention that he's running for the state legislature. So you know these these people who run for state legislatures -- the country. They're not release your top flight politicians and the united I hate to say that but it's it's it's true many -- some are some go -- become really. I'm great politicians but many of them are just kind of wacky people and they seem really stupid things the Republican Tea Party candidate from Oklahoma said. That guy it's OK to kill homosexuals. He -- I think. We would be totally right to do. Still homosexuals. Is that I realize this goes against some parts of libertarian is and I realize and I'm largely libertarian. But ignoring as a nation. Things that are worthy of death. Is remiss. Now win pressed on this issue he said I never actually said. Then I wanna put -- -- -- legislation into effect that would put homosexuals to death. But I don't have a problem with it. -- chest but. This is idiotic. And as long as these kind of people speak out. This is the best news Democrats can -- it and by the way Vista start reflect. The majority of the Republican Party but Republicans have to do a better job as a party locally and nationally. Of immediately denouncing this kind of stuff which they did not do during the presidential campaign of 2012 which is why Mitt Romney lost and President Obama want. Because of idiots like this saying really really stupid things. And Texas governor Rick Perry has now said. That homosexuality. Is like alcoholism. It's it's a disorder. That he believes that there repeat he doesn't know how the therapy would work but he does believe that there's a cure. For being gay. He was speaking to the commonwealth club California. And he'd be talking about the Republican Party convention that they just -- in Fort -- and in Texas where they put into the platform language that does embrace. A counseling. To cure people of their their homosexuality something that the medical health community. Mental health community doesn't really embrace. And Terry went on to say that. I may have to genetic coding. That I'm inclined to be an alcoholic. But had the desire not to do that. I and I looked at homosexuals in the same ways of comparing homosexuality to alcoholism. Again these are the kinds of things that of the Republican Party keeps saying this kind of stuff I just can't see them winning the White House. Also one later in the show we'll talk about every generation and I have to talk about this the last two days and other topics really took over the show. Every generation talks about how hard they had eight compared to the new young generation. In our parents thought we had it made it we repair effort think about how we look at younger generations today. So we'll talk about. What young people should know. About the baby boomer generation establishment and what young people should know about how we grew up. Because ultimately they're gonna have that same conversation. With a young generation. When they get to this point. And I wrote a blog about this it's it's titled young people I need to know what don't people need to know about how we grew up. And night I couldn't help but think about things like going to school. In fact I went to the ribbon cutting at the new Bergeron of Volvo. In -- and get a spur short I spent a couple of years together in grammar school. And we went to a school where they were spanky. If you if you misbehaved. You know when we repaired in school that we can expect sometimes with a wooden paddle. And we couldn't talk back toward teachers today's young generation they don't fear the dreaded wooden -- And they seem quite comfortable with talking back to their teachers -- would've loved to talk back to my teachers when when I was in school so let's add just one of the other things that's different today. It we'll talk about this coming up in the next hour. The shock waves continued to flow through the Republican Party after house majority leader Eric Cantor was beaten by Tea Party supported candidates gave Brett in Virginia primary on Tuesday. What do you think this means for the Republican Party. There's a report that Democrats campaign to get their voters to vote against Eric -- for the Tea Party supported candidates. Because the strategy wise it is a Tea Party candidate was in the general election it would be easier for the Democrats to beat him. And I think -- right. Would you vote for a candidate from another party if it might help your party win the general election. If you are joiner -- comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text numbers -- of -- having a -- -- to report your text here in just a moment from New Orleans Steven your WW real good morning. Yeah we needed at a we also need to put any equipment that we lead. So we can blow and a wore just eight. And we -- -- take that military. And our border. Saying oh well over the Baltimore deployment date. Back -- but the let me -- in order to speak with the -- Point is this influx of of children that are coming across the border and you you know you've really got to feel badly for these these kids are not just coming from Mexico they're coming from Central America. Honduras. And Guatemala and -- Salvador and there -- now the United States and and me I'm not exactly sure how they physically got across the border. Is that something that should stop but then again from a humanitarian standpoint. What do we do with these kids because we aren't we are human beings and it's it's really just very ugly situation. We need to send them back. I mean why should we be responsible for the rest of the world we police the world we need to get out everywhere. Giving -- arcade and take care of Americans. Are you in favor of more of an isolationist attitude. Yet it's very much and it'll take care are starving children. Being what does that one and five. Children go to bed hungry. Well we need to spend the money here somewhere else. -- Stephen a lot of people agree with Jim logical to show here is attacks that reads. President Obama holds a pastor. That there's evil on every corner when campaigning first term against mr. McCain. And a California church. No there have no no doubt there's evil everywhere and obviously Tex I grew up in the seventies and have never told my kids how hard it was. I was raised. By -- NO PD -- when he five years we struggled but we were happy saint Bernard parish. You must. You must have had advanced scoot 'cause you discuss the topic -- sorry for your hard times -- I didn't have a bad putting it's its just a point now that we are the establishment. It's just the point where OK let's telling younger generations of the things that we had to do actually I think it's fun to talk about it and I really enjoyed writing applaud for the showed today about what young people a need to know about how we grew up and that's on our website at W dual dock. So whether your baby boomer or not I hope you'll enjoy that and -- and others. If you join -- with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Tex is a 78 Stephanie I'm studio for Garland were coming right back on to VW well. And welcome back to show its it's a Thursday were getting very close to the weekend jets arraigned tomorrow we'll have more on -- Jeanne. Later today and of course tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker -- WL first news. I'm -- in for Garland here's an update on our -- -- pretty general opinion poll via separation is not changing very much. The question -- should the United States -- military assistance to Iraq to help secure the country from militant terrorist. They're taking over cities they're getting close to if they haven't already done it taken over the city that has the biggest oil refinery in Iraq. And their marching toward Baghdad. We. Before we left we trained in military and we left equipment -- equip them with our military equipment. And every time -- cities taken over one reasons is a series is that then the terrorist. Have the weapons that we left behind because the Iraqi military. Is Dutch protecting their post their surrendering their post Wendy's. A terrorist and they get close it doesn't mean that that many arts fight. But they're not. They're not they're not fighting back to the point where they can actually secure the city. Here's an update on our WTO pretty gentle people 46% saying we should and should give assistance to I racquet at 74% say. We should not give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here's a text that reads. And scoop what's your opinion of reminding the world of our power. And anatomically cleansing Afghanistan. We hear it takes thousands of years for life to return. But it's. Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Are strong in life in very prosperous. Hiroshima has a population. Of more than 400. And 40000 people. I don't think we should use. A nuke to clean up things in Afghanistan. It seems like very. Surgical way to take care of a problem but. You know once we do that. Pakistan and India. Other nations have nukes. And once. A new -- used. I think it opens the door for this to be. More readily available as a solution. And -- even though we have the weapons I don't think we should go there you think about our attention with the the old Soviet Union Russia right now and Vladimir Putin's. Don't they still have the nuclear weapons that scared all of us we were young. They -- the things that I remembered in in writing a blog today about growing up and when we were young. You know school shootings are really dangerous. They're terrible. And no kid should go to school worry about a school shooting. But think about what we deal with every day we deal with the fear is on the news every day. That the Russians would drop a nuclear bomb on our city. And some schools likely had drills. To practice what to do that if there was a school shooting if a nuclear bomb hit the city. Wear -- to school. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. A from -- -- JD Europe having to be well. Good morning. Opt. -- are heard about. From this market. -- On or near me and all of a sixty. Migrant. Hispanic to. Charge. Of course. And when he went -- on. -- -- -- people where are you about material. Where people were pretty hospitable. -- -- did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good okay but it may -- It. Well when -- voted for Obama. And off. Spent a lot about the keep part of the parties on. -- -- Republican and Democrat. And let them. -- I'm teapot by -- -- ninety and they are seeing this I actually don't. Well we certainly have the freedom to talk about things I've I don't know who garlic voted for hours like it speaks for for Karl. You talk about it -- -- but come -- -- Obama. In the double doors should let you gotten older and that's true. That's true where a lot more that should put that. Well I think if you stack it up I think you'd be surprised at how many presidents that you may have supported used executive orders. Not about -- -- good. They don't they -- executive orders. And a lot of -- -- some people are. It very hard ported across. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In them on the champions. And ultimately the most in the Democrats. And an adult and you isolate do you believe you believe Republicans over Democrats. But of an adult like -- I don't doubt about union. I'm not -- during a labor unions. Well it's always should be Christian unions always support the the Democrat. But I'm not. You mentioned much because you know the text of mandala. But anyway yeah. -- just initial reaction to. Just as it will restore him. I just don't care that I doubt now that -- party in -- -- keep our government keep party. And that's not. When JD and you're entitled to a dog likes to time the caller -- have a good afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hastert other. You have guys that on the subject came up earlier children on the southern border. And the massive humanitarian crisis we have going on down there. Yeah it's and that's what you do with cute pictures are absolutely. But honesty. It's not due to. Unsafe conditions today are part of the reason but the the Border Patrol now releasing information that 90% of these kids are coming across borders and well that's what the newspapers told it -- Go to commitment they make some of the country and the first thing that can force for me so. I mean there's this story in the times about three year old girl choke -- on the company out of the three year old girl come from Central America by -- Fourteen year old girl turned around -- caliber. At a migrant work camp unpaid work in the kitchens. She came across the border were 9000 dollars you got from family members. Shock over the sent by coyote -- on the way totally abuse and start to finish. And the work in Central American now it is that. -- up and don't give you -- And that shouldn't be the case but we do have this humanitarian. Crisis -- it's. Is complicated no I don't I don't know how they got here to the first. Quite honestly where they got the -- they get the money they're they're they got all organization that advocates for immigrant rights. -- all mean has always been about both -- an anchor baby -- nada amnesty. Oh it's not this -- it's not that and everybody on the right and all the conspiracy actual source agreement that this plan. To overwhelm the entire system and there so it's broken so badly that there's not a -- computer systems not broken it's just slow. I mean the same thing happened in New York City with the Welker crisis on the filed bankruptcy in the early eighties the city went bankrupt because. The socialists had turnaround that. Targets Clovis. -- forget what that name and you sociologist from. Columbia University put out papers and the easiest way to start a revolution. Is to turn around and put everybody possible on the world herbal and bankrupt the system in the when all the explode we can ever revolution. Again and again you -- yeah I know it's crazy but that's where I mean that's what these people would do and it got inside the system and destroyed country. And that shouldn't happen Mexico to show our security for girl -- coming right back here's another WW -- updates with state Colin. And it is there has been a lot of talk about what the US should do if anything in Iraq there are militant terrorist at one group made up specifically of two different groups. That are trying to take over there at that the government and so far they seem to be doing him a good job and they're. Attacking the military that the United States trained and equipped and the military's fleeing. And so now they have they had that equipment. If you enjoy pressure with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. A -- numbers a 7870 here's a Texan reads admittedly Saddam was evil but he put the fear of -- in both his military and the terrorist. Unfortunately he mistreated people as well -- is in no wind. I agree with that. Saddam Hussein is fantasy -- was stabilizing force in that region and look what's happened since we. Get rid of I don't support Saddam Hussein but he was a stabilizing force. And this has been a concern all laws and one of the groups that is very involved in taking over Iraq right now. -- is also involved in Syria. And they've Syrian. Iraqi border is very long and who wouldn't take much. To maybe take over both of those countries and that what happens we finally leave Afghanistan. So this really isn't a very very difficult situation will be talking about that. On the shorts and all the prisoners. Also were -- talking about Republican on Republican House majority leader Eric Cantor being beaten by Tea Party supported candidate gave Brent. -- says there's talk that it did the Democrats actually campaigned to get their voters to vote for -- candor. To vote against -- care because they thought the Tea Party candidate. Would be easy to beat in the General Electric would you vote for a attendant from -- of the party if that would help your party win the election. Eric candor. Was part of something that was really wrong. With the Republican Party from the very beginning. It was a meeting. At a nice restaurant in the DC area. The night of Barack Obama's inauguration. In January 2000. And Eric Cantor which which part of this group. Their goal. Was to block everything Obama did. Now this. Totally explains. Something that we talk about a lot and daddy is that politicians are more interest it. In advancing their agenda and their party. And controlling the White House and Capitol Hill they're more interested in that. Then they aren't doing what's good for the American people. If the goal from the very very beginning. Was to stop everything that Obama does. Before he had done anything. How was that good politics. How is that doing what's in the best interest of the American people. So I think Eric Cantor got what he deserved. He also was an incumbent who took his position for grant. And assume that he was gonna win. And you can't do that. And I think it was really good debt. This voice of just eco issue and incumbent doesn't mean you're gonna win has come out in Virginia. And I don't expect this -- to win that the general election so maybe the Democrats planners has worked. Also there was a very low voter turnout. And we have a low voter turnout. It tends to be controlled by. The more dedicated members. Of of of the movement the more dedicated members of of an ideology. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points or seven tech's number -- 7870. And from Baton Rouge docked here -- have a WL. -- A lot on the greens in any you know. You -- for our league and that might mean. Here. Because will be in. People and you know our our other border right now. Hundreds of -- -- all know. -- I'll order a question for screwed. The short picture here oh. -- -- -- All. All -- on the wall shall the group well. -- it totally walked. What you want. You know more. Sure more domestic old. Who. Well here. To old. Who I report and and radio. -- country. And great. -- for a Republican could be elected president. There's no there's that there should be little doubts that this was an organized effort and that these kids were were bring marched and they were told what to do. And they're they're pawns in a political game. But put your right is a human tragedy because they're human beings and it's it's not their fault. Not so it's that's why it's it's it's you know we wanna punish them but it's really not they don't. No no we don't. Know -- your ideas out of here. Ordinary border control. Well I don't yeah. Everybody get across our I'm not exactly sure how that many people can cross the border is so obviously there's a problem at the border. Well but it it appeared. The more -- -- your last night and yet it is a little. Old -- right now. I don't. Think you bring up good points than they are currently one you know what. Turned it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Out on the glacial law. And they -- I -- not the people involved Ford. Credit what Scott trouble. Interesting point doctor -- -- -- -- they would decide student for Garland will be right back with your comments. And it W -- paid that did read it Wal-Mart finally open up a -- -- each yesterday. I mean there's a -- -- Dora -- continues to come back which is really great because there was a time and it was a a thriving part of the city and I remember when I was married living in Kenner there were times we actually went too early forced plus. Actually went to the middle public to -- -- in New Orleans east. Two to do stuff and that's something that people haven't done in a long time and I textures is get out the Google Earth map. -- there's a little something in between Iraq and Afghanistan hint big troublemaker. Well my recollection is correct that would be I -- Between Afghanistan. Anti Iraq. If you what did you ownership of the -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points or seven Texas a 77 here's attacks that reads. We can know we'll look forward to be the world police. A forbid city mark you are inevitably you well. -- -- What you -- The people column because it you know one of the Democrat but. You must not be aware that oracle -- more illegal. Activity on the president does I mean it's just -- the the presidency at this stage at the law. -- wait. Controllable that the children -- watch because they're right next to all of it would make it simple people opposite it would be able. Wait -- that the president because if people -- -- if it's so good seat. You know like get to. You know he's put. -- -- -- -- -- -- It bought the troubled Middle East Utley -- we aren't you know those at the you know people is that the President Bush. Quote about. So -- -- stable country we get out. Of that but for the and we should look at oil. Market which we are trying to get out while young -- that we get. -- -- -- -- Well we do definitely have some serious problems and yeah it does what what's happening in Iraq is not a surprise to me and I'm concerned about what's gonna happen in Afghanistan are seeing signs of the Taliban. I retaking their areas of of Afghanistan and is still being I'm being act hitting and killing our soldiers. This is not a surprise that the terrorists take over once we leave and if we're if we're not gonna stay there forever and I guess you really have to ask ourselves should we go. Well I mean we definitely -- -- you know a couple people. So well. We'll try to make could be marketed that -- -- the -- sure person did it all PP it would be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it all that it would be brought to -- -- so why. -- it is noble. Sure people because they want it to. Remember I remember that debate market gonna have to get to break it really -- -- to -- show if you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a text number is a 7870. If you if you ever wonder about the initial content. For Barack Obama as president. Just look at Eric Cantor. And a group of about fifteen Republicans admit the night of his inauguration January of 2009. At a very upscale. Restaurant they met in the caucus room of an upscale restaurant in DC. And their plan was to block everything the president did. That's not doing what's in the best interest of the American people. Coming up next Angela -- at 1 o'clock Father's Day is Sunday what lessons did you learn from your dad also. Who's gonna keep paying for the lights on the Crescent City connection amigos decorative lights are so pretty. And also at 3 o'clock how he handled the loss of -- -- I don't know what the -- of that but I I -- because I need to get another pet but I have a hard time dealing with it. Notice Angela an open mind with a legendary Angela -- from one to four -- and a bit of -- are excluded for garlic and we'll be back. I really like this a local band there from Louisiana and is called royal teeth this is a song called weakened analysts on that day Jazz Fest and I think this is one of those bands that are. And I talk about -- representing. A new young generation and it's a band that sounds very much like. Eighties real -- Very very good -- local -- And in a local or national now but there from the Louisiana. I'm stood in for Garland here is attacks that reads good afternoon mr. scoot Leisle -- and Greg here from the French Quarter were enjoying WWL this morning sipping cold beverages we love you. You know what you to wish I was there are -- in North Shore Bob your WWL. Pace group condolences by the way yeah we didn't win the powerball. You know I didn't even playing OOK I didn't either. I'm sorry you lost hope -- -- to disappointment it's OK to play as long as you don't build it up so big in your mind you're really crushed the next day. That's true don't benefit you keep referring to these guys in Iraq as. Militant terrorist and I agree our vernacular that's what they orbit. Probably they don't refer to themselves so anyway probably more in the line of the Islamic Nationalists. So we're here and rule book -- widening gulf. We're back when we just so -- being in Vietnam. And observed that that's one thing superpower Altman overlooked. Is nationalism. And I think that's what we're looking -- whether we describe it as civil war. For a national war whole world. Whatever. But we had a caller earlier who had spent fifteen months and directing he brought up earlier the state police at the reason they're winning is because they're more dedicated to their cause. Then the Iraqi soldiers are dedicated to their country and their government. All obviously and you know being. You know what we left behind in the government. As being puppets of the United States there on -- -- -- our equipment. There is you know talking the talk of democracy and so what. And you also mentioned. Effective we left a lot of weapons there and that's true -- you have to realize. -- generation ago it was Campbell Courtney now their own to go with machine guns. And they're really not equipped to make or take advantage of the weapons -- left behind. While there's a lot of truth in that Bob I'm glad to calling gonna get to news break Obama has now said today. He's not ruling anything else when it comes to military help for Iraq I'm -- and we'll be right back.